As I said, [url=]I am a new member[/url] and doing a lot of on forum reading. Yesterday, I noticed [url=]this topic[/url] from one of the admin (I figured out that the forum has two admin: Theymos and Cyrus, please correct me if I am wrong). Excellent Idea but I really do not have any clue that how will you guys eventually implement it on a forum. However, it's obvious that you guys have thousand times better knowledge than me about the forum so, you guys will figure it out. While I was reading other topics and searching for the stuffs that interest me, I figured out that there are actually a lot of good tutorials already exists on the forum however all of them are basically text articles. I still have not seen any video tutorials (please excuse me if I am wrong, may be there are some). I think, visual learning is the best and quickest learning method. So having this "Idea: Courses" from the admin in mind, I thought why not I join with you guys and be a supportive one. I hope this will help a lot of members even guests who are looking for some visual learning. Disclaimer: This is an on going workshop and I will edit update the topic to make it more accurate. Please be with me. I have plans to create tutorials about Bitcoin Wallet (how tos), how tos about PGP encryption/decryption since I am a big fan of privacy, may be some how tos tutorials about the forum itself etc. I will see how it goes. Please feel free to give me your constructive thoughts too. I would love to hear from you. Having that in mind, let's start with few how tos about Bitcoin wallet. [size=13pt][b][u]Getting started with your first bitcoin wallet (Desktop wallet):[/u][/b][/size] We will use Electrum wallet for these tutorials. We have everything we need in an Electrum wallet. Please download it from [url=]here[/url]. Since I use Windows, my tutorials will be Windows version. If you are using a different OS then I hope using the idea of these tutorials, you will figure out how to work with it for your OS too. Thanks for understanding. [center][b]How to Create Your First Desktop Wallet (Standard/Legacy Wallet)[/b][/center] [center][url=]Click here[/url] [img][/img][/center] 00' 02": Install Electrum Wallet 00' 29": Open Electrum Wallet 00' 38": Name the wallet (Any name that you can recognize, it really does not matter) 01' 19": Chose wallet kind 01' 30": Seed type (Standard/Legacy or SegWit) [color=red]01' 36": Copy and keep the seed safe. This is very important for your wallet. If you do not keep the seed safe then your wallet can be compromised and you will lose your BTC.[/color] 02' 20": Confirm seed 02' 35": An optional but important choice for security. Sorry about the "g", figure it out ;D [color=green]03' 31": Successfully created our first wallet. YAY![/color] 03' 36": Change displaying for balance type 04' 14": View some Bitcoin addresses of your wallet. [center][b]How to Reopen a Wallet[/b][/center] [center][url=]Click here[/url] [img][/img][/center] 00' 07": Open Electrum Wallet 00' 27": Find the saved wallet file from your hard-drive 00' 38": Chose the wallet 00' 55": Password if you had one 01' 27": ta-da! your wallet :) [center][b]How to Restore a Bitcoin Wallet[/b][/center] [center][url=]Click here[/url] [img][/img][/center] 00' 32": Open Electrum Wallet 00' 43": Give any name. It does not matter. 01' 11": Chose wallet kind [color=red]01' 25": You need your seed. If you do not have seed then you are lost. Forget about any BTC in the wallet unless you had the private key of the address.[/color] 01' 24": Enter seed 01' 43": Enter any password of your choice. It's an optional choice. 02' 34": Boom! You have just restored/recovered your (lost) bitcoin wallet. 02' 36": Check your Bitcoin addresses. They will be there. Thanks for being with me. [url=]I am still learning[/url] a lot about this forum. I hope you guys will co-operate to better understand the forum environment and the knowledge you have here. PS: It's annoying that you can not see the images because I am a newbie. I hope some day you will be able to see the images once I become a good ranked member. Apology for the time being.