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Submitted by cummy on January 12, 2022

It been 18 hours since I finished Initial D from Stage One to Stage Fourth. I can’t stop shaking and I’m having severe mental breakdowns. I woke up today and I went to Amazon to order Initial D Fifth Stage + Final Stage on DVD because i'm so much a Lonely Driver that I forgot to order it. I check the devilery date, it will take 14 days. I'm panicking again. How I will manage to survive 14 days before getting it ?! Since I finished the First Stage last week, i'm living only for Eurobeat. My dreams contains Eurobeat, everything I do I need to listen Eurobeat or I won't be able to perform like Baby Driver. Since I heard Running In The 90s, I can't pass a day without listening it. I am nothing without Initial D, it is my life, my dream, my way to live. Without Initial D, i'm unreal like a Canadian. Natsuki broke my heart. She’s a hoe after what she did. M.O.V.E. was right with the First Stage Opening. When Natsuki face at the camera, they shout: "hooeee". I got a severe depression because of that. I can’t stop simping for Mako. She’s so hot. I want a body pillow of her. I want all girls to be like her. She’s mine and no ones can took away of my beloved Mako. Initial D and Mako are the greatest things ever made and I can’t get ride of it. Thinking that Initial D have a end makes me trembling and crying. I don’t want it to end. I want to see my waifu again and again. When I go to work and I see a car looking like an 86, i’m screaming "IS THAT AN 86 ?!" so loud that I get yelled "shut the hell up!". It does the same when I see the white Toyota GR86 of my neighbor. They can’t understand how I feel and it makes me sad. At school, my addiction is more intense than at home. I confound my best friend with a brown hair as Mako and I got a massive crush on her. I talk about Initial D to my friends 45 mins per day and I explain to them how Initial D is so underrated and why they must watch it. Recently, one of my friends showed me a small part of the first episode of the Fifth Stage because I was about to go insane. It was a fricking Among Us reference. THEY WERE SUS. This image of these two impostors of Project D is stuck in my head. When I see my Mako-IRL crush, it calm me down a bit. I just want my addiction of Initial D-Lism to calm down until I receive my package…