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Submitted by cummy on November 24, 2021

Holy shit; Fat Cunt Award goes to me. Basically--right, there was a spare sticky toffee pudding at lunch, and it was going begging. And I'm like, "Oh, you can't leave it there, it'll be lonely!" So I scoffed that, and then they're like, "Then let's have some cheese," and I'm like, "Oh, I love cheese!" So I've had a bit of cheese. 
Now out of breath. Not a bad view--check out that bad-boy view. 
Anyway, here we are, massacring small animals. But don't worry people, I can't even fucking hit a barn door at a hundred yards, let alone a small bird at stratospheric levels with 4 small bits of lead, so no harm done by me, I can assure you. But anyway, back to Fat Cunt Radar with sticky toffee puddings all around.