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Hi, thank you for contacting me.
If you are coming here as a web developer, please let me know.

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let me know what you can do with web programming 
such as working with API's, front end / back end development, js,nodejs,php .. else that you can.

here is how we pay out :

We have huge monthly users for our websites(traffic); also our teams expert in seo to grab organic visitors.
we earn money from showing advertisements (ads) for users in our projects. and selling various subscriptions on those projects.
If we choose a developer, he will have to finish his project(in big projects with his experience we can add more developers to finish the project)

next, we publish it for users and with earnings; we pay from revenue as a share for the developer. (paying weekly ~70% share for developer).

DO's: send us a message about what you can do, work with and if you have any portfolio or old projects you finished send us them.

DON'Ts: never ask money upfront before you finish the project ( we know who is scamming who isn't - so we will never pay you upfront before you complete the projects)

We are currently working with 15-25 good developers already.
Don't miss your chance.

Join our family ||| Work with us and become richer ||| 

Thank you! We are waiting to hear from you.

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