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Submitted by cummy on October 1, 2021

It’s a college town and the dude I front was driving 10 mph under in a big truck. So the uber driver was pissy saying he was getting fucked with by some daddy’s money frat kid.  The uber driver was riding his ass, he was from Tennessee and said they don’t like that there. So the truck in front brake checked him. And then we got to a red light. The truck took a right on red (legal) the uber took a right from the straight lane and sped right around him.  Now they were playing the racing side by side game. The truck is bluffing by turning into the Uber’s lane (double lane). So the uber speeds up to match speed with the truck, the driver of the truck flicks off the uber driver and then the uber driver reaches over to the glove department (I’m in the back seat btw) and grabs something and shows the other driver who detours off. I said what was that. He said I showed him my gun.  Okay, so my uber driver flashed a gun around. He was like “sorry man, I shouldn’t have done that” —“ nah don’t worry about it it’s a fun uber ride, what kinda gun do you have” he hands me back an empty glock 26. That’s what he said it was.  I think he was faded a bit and didn’t realize how fucked up wht he was doing was. Like that’s an easy felony. But the dude was a real one. I’m drunk and alive so homie is a pimp as far as I’m concerned.