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Submitted by cummy on November 25, 2021

Happy😜THICCSGIVING🍑🍑 turkey🍗💦ass 💦bitch🐕!! Get 🙉ready😤to🎉🎊celebrate🎊🎉the hoe-liday👅🍆of being 🙏THANKFUL 🙏for DICK🙈🍆🍆💦💦 and remembering💭the pilgrims 😜🍑when they👀🌊⛵landed on🍆🍆PLYMOUTH COCK🍆🍆and🙊started🔥👅sucking that💁native American🇺🇸🌽CORNCOB🌽and 😩 STUFFED 👀💦😩 turkey 🦃🍗ass🍑HOES🍆like you. Send💬📝this👉to💥30!💥of 🍆💦your SLUTTIEST🦃girls👀🍑..get 😂5😂 back💁and you're😆👀 a turkey 🦃thot🙊🙊get 🍆15🍆 back🍗🍑💦and youre🙆 a true✔️💦THICCSGIVING🍑🦃🍗 hoe. Get 🌽💥30💥🌽 back🙊and you'll👀 need some💦tryctophan💦🦃 bc you're😴gonna be 😴🍆🍑sleeping👉👌 with every guy👨‍🦱at 🍆🍗🦃Thiccsgiving🦃🍗🍆, 🔥🔥😩bitch💁💥💦- Now go 🍑get that little🙈👀💦 pumpkin🥧🥧 ass🍑 ready😩 to💦😂 be 🦃🍆creampied!🦃🦃