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Submitted by cummy on January 2, 2022

I have had tinder for over 4 years and this was the first time in a year in a half I had gotten a match. the photo shoot, with a wedding photographer, my parents got me for my birthday had finally paid off. I had just renewed my tinder gold and taken tips from my female friends at the local anti trump and domestic violence rally group.I usually like thicker girls but I was willing to settle for 180lbs. my heart rate went up so quickly and I nearly dropped my kindle from shaking so much. ran up stairs and told my father the news but had to tuck my errection so he would see it. my mother was busy clubbing with my sister so I couldn't contact her.

I asked him what I should say. he told me to send her my favorite song. I sent her "All About that Bass" -Megan Trainer. she then asked me for my social security number and my mothers maiden name (which is silly cause my father took my mothers name). She then asked what university I went to which was strange because I already posted in the bio I work at a hair salon. my father told me she was a scammer. my mother and her boyfriends beat the shit out of me that night. I learned my lesson to never upset my mom after her night out