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Submitted by cummy on August 24, 2021

Every single day, I want to scream. I  can't help but feel this way. A million little parameters and variables  perfectly snchronized to create a me who want to scream. I can't sleep  at night because of how much I want to scream. Thoughts flow through my  head like rivers, coalescing into pools of extraneous thought. My  mornings precipitate doubt about the future, my lunch crystallizes  anxieties of the present, and my night constricts me with regrets.  I  can't help but be this way. A million little metronomes synchronize into  loud claps of thunder, beating my head like drums.

Oftentimes,  I find myself unable to expunge  'good' ideas from my head. I'll think  of an interesting solution to a problem, and then I'll be unable to  sleep until I can fully explore that problem. Worse still, being tired  clouds your judgement on what a good idea is, so I will ocasionally wake  up two hours late, only to find an ugly drawing of a bad idea as a  permission slip.

Furthermore, a  lot of these ideas are simply impossible to act on. This typically  happens when I am watching a show that has an awful story that could be  corrected so simply. Even worse are the times when I come up with a new  story that would be perfect for an existing series.

The  other day, I was thinking about portal 2. The portal games are  excellent puzzlers, with great stories, and I just want another one. So I  looked at previous story iterations from the game, and found out about  one where Cave Johnson had successfully transported his consciousness  into a computer, but was simply abandoned once integrated into that  computer. I then remembered the various warnings around the old aperture  about time travel paradoxes and such, and came up with a fairly unique  story that I was proud of.

It  would start in the 50's, when aperture science is at the top of their  game technologically. The player would enter into aperture science, and  opt in to the time travel test track. At this point, AS would be  investing significant amounts of money into this, (for reasons I'll  explain later) and have sidetracked the portal gun technology. The time  travel mechanics are simple, but allow for a large margin of  exploration. You have the ability to sort of 'record' your actions and  replay multiple iterations at the same time, similar to the time travel  mod for portal 2, but in this version you can have direct interactions  between instances. This works by spawning an NPC and replaying the  identical input combinations that the player did. This would allow a  player to walk into closed doors, record  that action, and then replay  it while the present player opens that door, allowing the past self to  walk through. Anyway, once you reach the end of the testing track, you  would be able to opt in to an additional test of F-STOP technology. This  test would end with malfunction, as the player is catapulted into the  future. Once the player arrives, the speakers crackle, and Cave Johnson  can be heard. It's revealed that he used the F-STOP technology to stop  time for himself, and thereby be conveyed into the future where there is  hopefully a cure for moon-rock-itis. Cave instructs the player to try  to find him, because he is locked in a chamber that can only be opened  from the outside.

As time goes on,  Cave discovers that there aren't any humans running AS anymore, and  it's all been replaced by a giant robot. Furious, Cave orders the player  to try and fight the AI that overtook his job, and begins to finally  read a manual on how to use the computers in his little chamber. Cave is  able to direct the player further and further upwards, just as the  player discovers a portal gun, and begins to use that to navigate the  'impossible' chambers. Eventually, The player is able to find GlaDOS,  who was completely distracted by the co-op campaign from portal 2.  Underestimating the player, GlaDOS tries to smash them, only to discover  the player can time travel. Realizing that the player is likely to be a  threat

unless the player is  killed, and also realizing that Cave is helping them, GlaDOS decides to  fill Cave's chamber with goo, and start an epic boss battle in the  meantime. After GlaDOS lures the player into a trap, she is able to take  the player's time travel device, quickly jury rig it into an F-STOP  device, and freeze the player. While GlaDOS is gloating to the player,  Cave Johnson manages to break in, holding a REAL ACTUAL GUN in a portal  game. Johnson shoots GlaDOS, but quickly realizes that GlaDOS is made  out of metal. GlaDOS, rightfully irritated, decides to dump Cave into a  testing track, just with his gun, and realizes that there are records of  the player returning to the past. Being aware of the grandfather  paradox, GlaDOS knows she has to return the player to the past, and she  does.