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Submitted by cummy on September 6, 2021

My little brother (10) has always been one for those toxic semi racist squeakers you’d find on Xbox lobby’s.
I’ve walked in on him saying the n word to people in squads and heard him say the word when in a fit of rage.
I’ve tried to tell him that’s hurtful and not acceptable at all but he doesn’t listen to me and insists he isn’t racist and that he’s just saying it because he’s angry. I’ve told my parents and they say the same thing, but they never enforce punishment because he is doing excellent in school due to the incentive of using his Xbox.
Then the mlk event happened and it allowed him to see the history of segregation this country has had. It allowed me to show him the history of the words he used and how they were used to demean African Americans. He promised me he wouldn’t say it again
Thank you epic, while most say the event was tone deaf, it really helped me teach my brother a lesson.