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Broadly speaking, the site was created to help people share snippets of text or code. We don't mind if you submit 100 pastes/hour, but anything excessive is frowned upon. This applies to bandwidth as well, please don't abuse this service, it's not your own personal file host!

Please do NOT post:

  • email lists
  • login details
  • stolen source code
  • password lists
  • personal information / data
  • spam links (this includes promoting your own site)
  • illegal content, or anything that could get us in trouble
  • malicious code, payloads, or scripts

Failure to follow these simple guidelines will result in your account being disabled/IP address banned. If you upload malware, it will probably automatically be flagged and forwarded to malware researchers.

What this site IS NOT

  • A file host
  • A backend server to manage licenses
  • Hosting for your malware payloads or other nefarious scripts
  • Any sort of file provider or service provider
Last modified on April 19, 2021 at 3:53:03 am