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Submitted by cummy on January 20, 2022

Don’t ever insinuate that I am not a prime defender of your freedom; don’t ever question my societal position.

Don’t ever insinuate that I am not a highly-trained warrior, and/or that I am not a 10-year+ academic.

There are gentlemen in society who eat little cock-sucking pussies like you for breakfast: people like me, who can and do “do it all.” You forget that the military takes an oath (I’ve taken two) to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Financial terrorists at the highest level, and those who have correlated themselves with our federal government, are the enemy; I would sacrifice these things to fight against this violation of the constitution.

Not only that, but this is personal. As an investor for over a decade; I have been a part of more conspiracies than just the GameStop fiasco. Y’all are just rookies in this fight. This has been ongoing for me, since before the great Recession.

If you want more time (if you think you are even deserving of more of a response from a tyrannosaurus rex like me) then you are ever-more revealing of your position as a SHILL. Inflation is the enemy here, and with an egregiously-low interest rate, hedgies are beating retail two timers over. Inflation AND the decline in the GME price.

If you want my transcripts, fitreps, and/or pictures, all you had to do was ask. Instead, you have made yet another enemy for yourself.