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Submitted by cummy on January 18, 2022

The real question is: If I fap to this am I gay? The answer is both yes and no, If you fapped to the part where he was a girl getting fucked by a man it is gay because you could hear his thoughts as a man. If you fapped to the parts where he was a man getting fucked by a man then thats 100% gay he had manly thoughts he was a man and he was getting fucked by a man. So when he was fucked in a womans bodys its only like 50% gay but whem he was fucked in a mans body it is 100% gay. This was a pretty nice story i think it really needs a second season to find the girl who can gender bend. Although it had a prettu weird plot it was alright. The animations where really good thanks Suiseisha! Something to make this better would be if there was more beach scenes Overall alright hentai its not really my thing because im not reallt into dudes but it was good 7/10