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Description: List of follow bots that steal IP addresses using faulty Twitch extensions
Submitted on September 7, 2021 at 12:55 PM

New Paste 1 (Text)

More info: https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/904711-extensions/suggestions/44106444-extensions-prevent-ip-leaking-and-ddos-blackmail
/ban hoss00310 
/ban hoss00311 
/ban hoss0312 
/ban hossoo312 
/ban hoss000312 
/ban hoss00312_ 
/ban hoss00313 
/ban hoss00314 
/ban hoss00315 
/ban hoss00320 
/ban hoss00321 
/ban hoss00322 
/ban h0ss003122 
/ban hoss00323 
/ban hoss00812 
/ban not_hoss00322 
/ban hoss00132__ 
/ban h0ss00313 
/ban hossoo_420 
/ban hossooo900 
/ban bj5aqwrz3 
/ban rryz4dnm 
/ban 8po68h 
/ban hoss000952 
/ban bossh0ss 
/ban hossmafiamerda 
/ban hoss692690 
/ban hoss00275
/ban hoss20 
/ban hoss000759 
/ban hoss00813 
/ban h0ssh 
/ban hoss00685 
/ban hoss00391 
/ban bigh0ssman 
/ban hosseintsh123123 
/ban hoss22148 
/ban hoss2002 
/ban hoss10868 
/ban exhoss 
/ban thehoss23 
/ban hossgamers 
/ban hossinferno 
/ban hoss0321 
/ban h0ss_00v2 
/ban hoss_sheeshers 
/ban hoss0031 
/ban h0ss00312 
/ban h0ssoo3124
/ban hoss00312____