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Submitted by cummy on October 13, 2021

My classmate's feet

I'm new here so I've never posted on here. I've worshiped several pairs of feet in my life but this was probably my favorite story because it's like a foot fetish fantasy for everyone that loves feet haha. I'm 19 and in a community college. The girl in the story is also 19 and this happened last week.  
So I was sitting in class and in the corner of my eye I see a pair of feet literally almost next to my face! The girl behind me had her legs up on the desk with her feet kicked up like it was her house, and I was just in front of her praying my professor didn't say anything to her about it haha. Honestly I wasn't really attracted to this tunisian girl until she did this, but I just knew I had to have them, and I knew I could. They're thick feet like most of middle eastern girls or arab girls in general but they're beautiful. So I like to think that I'm a pretty attractive young kid and honestly I'm pretty confident. I'm 5"8 and I work out a lot and this girl isn't crazy beautiful, she's like a 7.5/10 tunisian girl but her feet were in my face so I'm wanting her more by the second lmao. So, I just turn my head to the direction of her feet and to the point where I know that she knows I'm checking them out and just stare, literally pretty much all of class. I wanted her to know because I didn't care haha, only benefits for me if she knows. 

The next day I sit behind her and now I can take pictures of her feet up on the desk because she's sitting the same way as she was the day before except now nobody is behind me. It's hard to describe this pose I guess but I will have the pictures of how her feet were up on the desk after I find out how and everything. So she turns around to me and starts talking to me and I take that as a sign of her thinking I'm cute. She introduces herself, we start talking about how I just moved there and all the basic small talk stuff. And I just decide to tell her that I like her feet because idc who knows in this class... It's full of some weird ass kids to be honest lol. So she just goes aw thanks! And we talked about her feet for like 2 more minutes and she told me about how she's always barefoot and hates wearing shoes. (my kind of girl). Eventually I mention I have an apartment near campus and say that she should come by because it was my last class of the day and I'd like to make some new friends and she's all for it. 

We get to my place and I live by myself so it's just us and she's barefoot the second she walks in. My mouth is watering over these soles I mean they're all I've been thinking about for the last two days... We're just chilling telling stories watching tv I let her eat some food and shit and I make it obvious that I'm staring at her feet (again, purposely) and she just sits criss cross to the point where you could see her soles and toes like right under her legs ( I love when girls do that pose ) and I make it even more obvious I'm staring now and just tell her again " your feet are so cute haha they're so thick. " she tells me " haha yeah , but I can tell you like them hahah. I've never really had a compliment on my feet before but thanks " and I just get even more confident because I'm getting so horny staring at these feet and say " Yeah you're welcome.. I wouldn't mind rubbing them if you want" well thank goodness she said yes and I without hesitation grab them and rub. I was so fucking hard because I mean these feet were the opposite of my dick (super fucking soft...) and while I'm rubbing one foot the other one touches my boner and she's like "omg you really do like feet hahaha! This seriously turns you on?" And I'm reply "Yeah, I don't know why haha I know it's weird but whatever I mean at least I'm not into super weird stuff like getting pissed on or my ass ate or something." And she laughed even harder at that and just replied"So do you just invite girls to your place to rub their feet all the time instead of the normal guy thing of inviting them too hook up?" And I say " Well no, I mean I still like hooking up but if I rub a girls feet and get nothing else it's still a success for me. But for me it's really a success if I suck their toes AND get the hook up" And she's just dying at this point and says "Oh really, so that's what you want to do to my feet? Go ahead show me what you do.

So I know she wants me now, I have precum all over my dick just from rubbing these feet and now they're in my mouth. I'm sucking every toe, licking her feet from top to bottom sucking her heel licking her soles. God damn they tasted amazing and smelled great too. They didn't have that natural perfume smell girls' feet usually have, they actually smelled like feet but they weren't dirty and they were really soft. She's just relaxing giggling while I'm doing this and after about 15 minutes I straight up just pull out my dick lmao and I say "you see? I love feet a lot." And she laughs again but I can tell she likes it and I say " alright you're staring at my dick like I was staring at your feet so it seems like you want it...." and she starts giving me head... Well I'm getting head on my couch while staring at her feet and holding them and I cum in like 5 minutes... Probably one of the quickest I've ever came... And she swallowed but I had about a pound of cum if I had to estimate. Definitely one of the hottest situations of my life. She let me rub her feet afterwards and I tried to do it all again but she said no but said "next time... hope you liked my story!

Finally, I have some pics of her feet. Dm if you are interested.