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Submitted by cummy on October 23, 2021

i used to be a dolphins fan. i've been one since ever. i think since 2012 i've missed less than 10 games and that's over 130 games. i could sit down and watch every single dolphins game, lose or win. ive been through false hope and everything, but nothing ever this bad. the miami dolphins were 10-6 last season, i expected something much better. i didn't expect to beat bufallo, but i didn't expect to lose 35-0 either. then no tua, lose 3 straight. tua comes back and plays one of his best games ever(the cards game last season was better), and we still lose coz noah igbonogene is a bust. did you know that guy is a first-round pick? yeah i luv chris grier too with his awful draft picks. austin jackson? bust. everyone besides waddle and tua? bust. brian flores isn't a bad coach, but he has to do something right now to flip over this team. i was almost at my boiling point last week, but now im fr done. losing a historically bad team isn't fun to watch, and i've decided i'm not going to watch this team anymore. We lost to the worst team in the nfl. for christ's sake, WE ARE the worst team in the nfl, and i will not stand by that anymore, as i am not a dolphins fan anymore.