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Submitted by cummy on December 5, 2021

You know what, fuck you and your dumb ass self, I’m gonna get straight with y’all. 

I do not ship Sea Fairy X Moonlight, Sparkling X Herb, or Madeleine X Espresso, that shit’s the most generic thing I saw in my whole damn life. 

Y’all only ship MoonFairy because “IT’S cAnON” or “dA MooSiC vidEo”, like, tell me  instead of spitting out bs

Madeleine X Espresso? WTF. Y’all shipping mfs that don’t even like each other like. “huRr DuRrr they gay” when Espresso probably that’s Madeleine with every fiber of his being.

Sparkling X Herb? Okay what? Now y’all doing bs. Just because they we’re together in ONE, ONE official art doesn’t mean you have to go like “ThEY a CouPle uwuuwuwowiwowoow”

When it comes to ships, y’all are unoriginal and just ship anything.

Almond Cookie isn’t hot, mf be looking like my grandpa with a cool coat. Eggnog looks like an ugly-ass Santa on Herb’s secret stash. Y’all acting like ugly mfs looking like a snack, like damn, y’all got no taste. You’re basically high for simping on deserts 

Speaking of Herb, legit hate that guy and his hoo hoo bs. Annoys me. Sparkling? blander than tofu. Vampire? Can’t do shit. Mint Choco? Boring ass mf. 

Changing the subject, I legit do not like Red Velvet. “Ooohoohooh LOok aT dA tImE cHiFfoN cOmE herE boY tIme fOR a WAlk”, that’s what that edgy mf be acting like, but always gets treated like a GoOd BoY aNd a PuRe UwU bBy. Like stfu, get off of TikTok, and go outside. 

I legit hate CRK, boring ass gameplay and makes me wanna stomp on a beet. The fandom is full of people who have Dream on their walls and kiss him everyday. Ovenbreak is boring as hell and I stopped playing after 3 days. Same shitty mechanic and shittier story. Y’all really want a good Gacha game, then go play Genshin Impact like based chads instead of asking your mom for gems. 

Lime Cookie’s theme hurts my ears, I don’t get why y’all like that shit, it’s bland and doesn’t slap. The lyrics are just “LiMe LiMe LimE”, so unoriginal and hurts my ears.

Why y’all praising some shark? Is it because of the “OooOooOoooO”? News flash incel, that’s old as hoo hoo. Get better jokes like a good boy instead of posting it on YouTube or someshit.


In conclusion,

Go touch grass