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Submitted by cummy on August 23, 2021

A reason why annoying ornage fucked himself is that if we look it’s a youtube thumbnail 
But first this video was realeased 
Jun 27, 2013

Means we must look at all the old videos before 2013
Aka 3 years before the making of this video. So lets go Feb 6 2010 Annoying Orange saw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6IeASZZf1c Annoying orange is willing to destroy his insanity because he got captured by jigsaw with it we was with eggplant and since his sanity is crippled he will of course annoy saw and in that his insanity was destroyed but not to the extent to fucking himself. And in the next video he was seen with a pumpkin. He is powerful to call in a knife and of course like any type of powerful person they are going to turn insane at some point. Like fucking his peel aka skin. Next video gets intresting he is seen with another orange which means that he has its own kind and they can reproduce. And it seems like all other oranges are insane like him,
 the orange he meets is so annoying then him his insanity is crippiling and you know what that means? and then like the crippiling sanity that annoying orange does he squizes  him because nobody should interrupt him like that he is clearly more powerful then any other orange. Furthering his insanity he laughs at his own kind get squished like the monster he is but then more oranges appear his sanity downwards even more which will be reason on super orange fucking his peel. 

Next one is pacman he is in there eating the pallets that are drugs which is the downfall of a say super hero leading to him fucking himself. It should be know he fucks himself. Anyways annoying orange terrorizes the ghost and pac man doing the annoying this ever in the way he because high on pallet drugs.and since fruits can love other fruits like lets take the example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InhbSdcNBZw1 annoying orange and grape fruit are in love with a passion fruit which means if their in love what does that mean? Sex. It means that they wanna sex that person and since that’s the case it means that fruits can have sex and like the thumbnail of super annoying orange MAN of peel it means that he is a human and means they have a pp, 

Now lets look at video called annoying orange back to the fruitcure. It looks like a parody yes? Well what if it isn’t what if it means annoying orange is so powerful he can go to present day orange aka the past aka the present aka the future it clearly means that he is so powerful he can do that and with great power comes great depression but you might say “but he is annoying and it dosent show he is sad” well lets look at your ordinary class clown they may look they are funny and always so bright and shiney but in reality they are say and live in a sad home. What does it mean? Where does he live? Why is he annoying all the fucking time?
Well we know he has a family like mama orange and what about the dad? Well there are multiple versions of his dad one who was seen in meet the oranges who wasn’t annoying and wanted him to be better. Means that annoying oranges dad hates him for how annoying he is and how that in reality he is actually more annoying the only reason in this episode he isn’t is because it’s an ongoing prank war with the annoying ornage family. It must be annoying to have a annoying dad isn’t it? It must take a toll on annoying orange and the mother of his. It is unsure who is the canon dad which means annoying orange has to deal with so much with different dads so we for this essay make a conclusion that annoying orange has 3 different dads since it is unsure about the canonicity who is the real father what if annoying orange had to deal through the hardships of have 3 different dads which means he will he annoying in the long run and since in the video he gets a super power of “peel” it means he can fuck his peel meaning that for how sad he is he will fuck his peel due to it