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Submitted by cummy on November 9, 2021

It's fapping time, so went on browsing different porn sites for the perfect video and ended up finding a hot video of some dude ramming a really hot ass girl, and so I thought "I can work with this" and started fapping and as I was getting close to the finish I zoom on the girl's face and stopped fapping and paused the video, took a closer look

"Holy fuck!.... that's my friend's mom!"

I'm 100% sure of it too, I can tell by the voice and the face, and I've seen younger pictures of her around his house as well. He had told me before that she did some "Modelling" when she was younger, but it's all long gone now. I always suspected it was porn because she's that hot as fuck, but Anyways I went on with it and finished.

I devise a plan to prank my friend as revenge because he had pranked me by moving my car and having me think that it was stolen for hours, so I downloaded the video, cut out all the parts of face close-ups, and distorted the audio slightly so the voices will sound different and send it to my friend via email, the thanked me right away and 5 hours later he told me that he used it and was a great video, I was dying of laughter but kept my mouth shut.

I went over to his house the next day to break the news to him, he told me that the video was awesome (It was actually a really hot video tbh) and he used it again, at this point I was literally crying of laughter. He asked me what it was so I went on and opened the original video and showed him the face close up,

"You just fapped to your own mom bro"

and started laughing my ass off. He froze in shock but ended up coming to terms with it and ran to the bathroom and puked, he was really pissed at me, but I'm laughing uncontrollably.

To add insult to injury I jokingly said that I found his dad (His dad actually left before he was born, he has pictures of him but never met him) He laughed a little to lighten the situation

"Oh very funny \*insert my name\* fuck you"

I went to the video and said

"See dude, it was made in the same year you were born" (It actually was.... a strange coincidence I thought)

He said

"Fuck off dude, it's not funny"

he froze again, and walked up to his computer, and fast-forwarded to the male face, the male is Hispanic, and my friend was half Hispanic, and it was a "Creampie" video. He ran out of his room and grabbed the picture of his dad (the picture is from when his mom was pregnant, and he left on the 8th month of pregnancy) He held the picture next to the screen and started to cry.

Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!! It is his fucking dad, the resemblance was too close to not be....same hairstyle same looks, same color skin, WTF? I immediately felt like a complete piece of shit, I just revealed to my closest friend that his birth was a porno gone wrong! He was crying uncontrollably and left the room and grabbed his mom, pulled her in to show the video, she was shocked and got pale and started crying.

It was true.... he just fapped to his own conception, I apologized and left, I didn't even know what to say.