Description: DinoCity Notes
Submitted on November 17, 2017 at 01:27 AM

**Tricks and Glitches**

--Floating/Hover Trick--
All you need to do is jump, and while in midair press R every other frame.

--Rapid Fire Trick--
In order to perform this trick, you must press R in one frame, press Y in next frame, press R in next frame, and so on.

To avoid much freeze attack, there's another command:
Press R, wait 1 frame, press R again, press Y, repeating the command, and so on.

--Landing Glitch--
If you land on the edge of a platform, it's possible to walk in the air until to get up completely. It's very useful in several paths.

--No-Invicibility Boss Glitch--
By firing a dino attack along with freeze attack, and both hitting the boss at the same time, cancels the invicibility, allowing the opportunity to attack without waiting for a next cycle.

--Freeze attack with jump Glitch--
To perform this, you must freeze this Boss, then jump on his head. Works only with the bosses of Stage 1, 3 & 5.

--Wall Jump Glitch--
To perform this glitch, you need to be pushed a little to get inside of a wall, allowing you to jump inside.
It's possible to shoot some projectiles during of use of walljump to gain some pixels of vertical position.

*******starting with Tops is better*********
he can throw darts to hit enemies from a distance, and that helps to reduce lag in some parts at the stages of the game.