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Submitted by cummy on November 24, 2021

 I did it.

After yesterday's response to my question in r/sex, I decided to go through with it and have sex with the pizza dough. In short, it was one of the best things in my life.

I'm having some Internet problems again, so I'll be on infrequently for the next hour. After that, I'll be going hard answering all your pizza questions (or any other questions.)

>I was laying in bed before I had to head to work. I don't normally think about pizza dough when I'm not at work, but today was different. I knew that I'd be able to do this that that had been tempting me for the past several months. I was going to be by myself for a couple hours, so all I had to do was steal a ball of dough and lock myself in the bathroom. I was getting turned on just thinking about it. I masturbated.  
I cleaned myself up and went to work. I go in the back door. My boss isn't there, which both surprised and relieved me. I say hi to a coworker. He's the only one here right now, and he's making the dough as we speak. "It's right fresh." I think to myself. I walk into the freezer. There sitting before me is several boxes of freshly made pizza dough. I pick one up in my hands. It's still warm. I reach into my pocket where I've hidden a large Ziploc bag and a condom. I stuff the dough into the bag and hide it in my jacket pocket. I intentionally wore a large jacket today, knowing that I'd need to smuggle the dough ball home. I didn't ever mean to fuck the dough at work. That would be unsanitary. If anyone found out, I'd probably be fired. So I get to work, trying not to think about what I've hidden in my jacket. But it's too much for me. I start to get an erection. I grab my jacket and go into the washroom.  
I take off my pants and open up the bag. I poke a hole in the dough and massage it with my hands. I'm rock hard now. I open up the condom and put it on, before I go to town on the dough. After a few minutes, I cum. Not quite as hard as I was expecting, but considering I had just gotten off an hour prior to that, I was satisfied.  
I realize that I don't know what to do with the dough. It weighs about a pound and a half, and it's too big to hide anywhere. Plus the night time staff would find it, and that would be some awkward explaining. There's a knock on the door. My manager is here and needs into the washroom to get changed. I quickly stuff the dough into the bag and back into my jacket before washing my hands. I then went over to another sink and washed my hands again.  
For a few hours after that, I stood there, making pizzas, talking to customers, taking orders. No one that I talked to knew that I had fucked a pizza dough just before talking to them. Someone came in who was getting pizza for a birthday party, someone came in wanting a job, someone came in to talk about how good our pizzas always were. None of them knew. It made me feel dirty, and kind of turned on.  
At the end of my shift I ran home into my bedroom. I grabbed the dough out of my pocket while looking for a condom. I didn't have any more. So I went without. Lying on the bed, moving the dough up and down on my dick. I came again. I then wrapped the dough up in a bag and threw it in the garbage so that no one would accidentally come across it.

So yeah, ask me anything.

Edit 1: I have better internet now (I think) so I'll be able to answer questions quicker. I'm just updating the story right now and uploading the pictures.

Edit 2: I just put the full story up. I'm working on the pictures now. I"m having a bit of trouble getting them off my phone and onto the computer. But they'll be up soon.

Edit 3: [Here are the pictures.](http://imgur.com/a/t0diP#0) It's 2 very artistic shots. One of the dough, laying there peacefully, not knowing what it had in store. A virgin dough. The second shot is the aftermath. After all that pleasure and all that pain. The result of months of fantasy.

Also, in my comments or in the story, I might come across a bit odd. Writing is a hobby of mine, so when I write about what happened, I write it creatively. But every bit of it is 100% true!

Edit 4: Just to clarify, you can not see my genitals in the pictures. Just the dough and the condom. I've had a couple people request videos of me with the dough, or pictures of me fucking the dough, or [/r/gonewild](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewild) things. The pictures that I uploaded are not those. I'd be up for that. I'm just going to ask my boyfriend first, to make sure that he'd be comfortable with it.

Edit 5: I've loved answering talking to everyone in these past couple days. It's been a lot of fun. The thread has pretty much died off now, but if anyone drops in I'll still be around to talk to and answer questions.

**Also, because I've gotten a few requests, I'm going to continue having sex with things. I'm going to be starting a subreddit, and would love some people to help me either run it, or have sex with weird things.** If you'd like to be involved in that, send me a message or post on here. If not, then just be ready for my next update!