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Submitted by cummy on October 19, 2021

So my son has recently hit puberty and his behavior has changed quite a lot, i raised him as a god honoring well behaved Christian but he absolutely refuses to listen to me and does everything i am trying to protect him from.
Recently his porn before bed routine has turned into a porn ADDICTION. I have found suspicious stains in places like on the sheets, on his desk, and i even found one of his drawers full to the brim with SEMEN (that is DISGUSTING)

Due to this is have been monotoring his activity more and what i found SHOOK ME TO MY CORE AND MADE ME VOMIT. He has moved away from simple porn, AS IF THAT WAS NOT SINFUL ENOUGH. And has moved on to something so demonic and disgusting you will vomit.

2 weeks ago i peaked through the keyhole and saw something that made me faint. He was watching 2 Satanist. The practice was absolutely fowl and it involved putting a traffic cone into the anus, shitting, pissing, ejaculating and vomiting into it and shoving the concoction into the anus using a plunger. I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK.

I confronted him and he said it was called slovakian traffic cone or something. I WAS APPALLED. He promised not to do it again and i believed him. But he started watching it AGAIN. And he has been watching it for the past 2 weeks every day!

so what do i do?