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Submitted by cummy on October 16, 2021

she pointed out my boner LMAO

(21yo, m)

guys i fucked up lol

i recently started on nofap so i had no idea, and i chose my comfy sport pants... what a bad idea...

first date at the park, cute girl, all going well until i had a barely hidden boner and she wanted to go with me to the drinking fountain... "come with me, drink some wataaa, hydrate yourself" she said as she stood up. i tried to say no but then she literally just looked at it and said "oooh you have a boner"... man i wasn't trained to react to that.. i just said "yes i do" like a true gentleman and she just laughed a bit about it and crossed the bike track alone to drink some wataa... as i sit awkwardly at the bench... when she came back she called me "boner man" once and that was pretty much it... honestly it could've been worse. 3/10

i'm sure this is gonna haunt me now but feels great to share this with the world.