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Submitted by cummy on January 2, 2022

This unnoticed gem aptly titled Garfield Kart - Furious Racing is a fast paced truly furious racing game that is designed to break you down, batter you until your bones break and kick the ever-living shit out of your lifeless body. But then, when you finally get good power ups, clean drifts and a lucky start, you feel nothing else than pure ecstasy. The game features a startlingly deep and complex character and equipment system used to combine special abilities that change the way you interact with certain power ups, and a 3 stat structure that contains Speed, Acceleration and Handling. Speed: This is the most primitive of the 3 stats. It is simply the top speed a character can reach without help from drifts or power-ups. Acceleration: Acceleration is a little bit more complex. It controls both the potency of your boost in the beginning of the game (when timed correctly), how fast you can recover from crashing and return to your top speed, or most importantly, the boost in which you gain from drifting. Handling: while handling as a stat may not seem as attractive as the other two, it can really come in handy when trying to navigate the harder maps that Garfield Kart - Furious Racing has to offer. Essentially. it effects how sharply you can turn and drive off-road. it is best used for new players trying to learn the maps and the game itself. now that the stats have been discussed and sufficiently explained, i will proceed to rank top 3 Furious Racers from best to worst, based on their stats when paired a full colour set (to achieve maximum stats). Odie - Highest acceleration, incredibly good helmet ability John - Highest speed. God-like helmet ability I would just like to conclude this review by saying no mere literature can convey the meaning that this game has to me and many others who have played it. My parents held off on getting divorced because of this game. Garfield made my sister straight again. It has an otherworldly power to bring people together under the guise of a simple racing game. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game and i will continue to for many years. Thank you Garfield Kart - Furious Racing, just hope this review can do you justice.