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Open Society Hacked! - New info about Soros and global meddling.
DNC LEAKS - Important spreadsheet in the section + MANY best emails compiled.
Correct The Record - One very very interesting section.
How To Rig Elections - Try not to want to move to another planet after reading!
John Podesta And The Podesta Group - FARA reports and registry documents galore.
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Added Sections:
10/3: News section condensed to a pastebin - we can’t keep up anymore! :), Save The Day
PAC, Alicia Machado aka Miss Piggy, Reuters,
9/24: Colin Powell/DC Leaks - HUGE section, New York Times,
9/19: Paul Combetta,
9/17: Kongsberg
9/16: Unverified Info (under Tim Kaine), Selling White House Dinners, Brookings, Birther Movement,
9/14: EVERYTHING under Patrick J Kennedy, Latest Guccifer Leaks,
9/11: DreamWakers, Collapse At The 9/11 Memorial,
9/8: Grameen Bank, Yunus
9/7: Victor Pinchuk, A Note On Fiat Currency, Yalta European Strategy, Douglas E Schoen (may have to move this section if it’s
relevant elsewhere)
9/5: Hillary’s Odd Schedule moved to under Speeches Never Made, Norwegian Document Search, Bonus Details renamed to Flight
Tracking, Verizon
9/4: Hillary’s Racism, Central Banks, CNBC,
9/2: The Email Server, Hillary’s Odd Schedule,
Updated Sections:
10/3: Media Collusion (MSM, Polls), Boeing, A Note On Fiat Currency, Drugs, Videos, How To
Rig Elections,
9/24: Meme Division, David Brock, Paul Combetta, Refugees, 2016 Ad Campaign Money, Open
Society Hacked! - MASSIVE UPDATE, China,
9/20: Mindmaps added to Victor Pinchuk and Yunus, Birther Movement, Brookings Institution,
The Email Server, Latest Guccifer Leaks, Correct The Record, Terry McAuliffe, David Brock,
Paul Combetta,
9/19: Videos added to Haiti, News, Paul Combetta, The Birther Movement
9/16: Latest Guccifer Leaks, News, Norway, Victor Pinchuk, Yunus, DNC Leaks (Money), Jeffrey Epstein, Extra CF Info - Norwegian
Doc Search, Videos,
9/14: Mysterious Deaths, News, CF Donor List, The Alt-Right Speech,
9/11: Collapse At The 9/11 Memorial, Yunus,
9/10: 9/11 and 28 Pages, Open Society Institute, Victor Pinchuk, Terry McAuliffe, HSBC and Comey,
9/9: News, Black Lives Matter and Soros, Media Collusion (MSM, Voting), Hillary’s Health, Clinton Emails, Clinton Presidential
Library, CF Donor List (State Dept. Discussion subsection), Money Laundering,
9/8: Victor Pinchuk,
9/7: Jeffrey Epstein, How To Rig Elections, Collusion and Super PACs, Victor Pinchuk, Libra and Logothetis, Media Collusion
(polls), Clinton Emails, Yalta European Strategy, The Email Server (now moved under Email Leaks), Blood, AIDS Relief, Collusion
and Super PACs, CNBC,
9/5: News, database added to CF donor list, Proof of Bias [+ slight reorganization], Hillary’s Health [some reorganization], How To
Rig Elections, doc images moved FROM old Bonus Details to Counterterrorism Efforts, Rajiv K Fernando, Clinton Emails
9/4: Hillary’s Health, Clinton Emails, Videos, Blood, Donors And Money, Meme Division [overhauled section, we’re also using
imgflip], Rothschilds,
9/2: Rothschilds, News, Hillary’s Health, Videos, Clinton Emails,
Document theme:
>FBI anon AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread archives:
Brief encounter (happened before a lot of leaks went public):
An archive of that picture can be found on 4plebs:
>Updated Clinton Foundation General (/cfg/) thread archive links:
>Miss Piggy Admits to Driving a Getaway Car:
>Haitian President Goes After CF:
>Maddow Loses It:
>Hillary’s Earpiece/transceiver:
>YouTube vs Free Speech:
>Loretta Lynch Lies Like It’s Her Job:
>Bill Clinton’s many girlfriends:
>Which Hillary?
>Dr. Drew is even concerned about Hillary’s health:
>Operation Taco Bowl:
>The Truth Behind Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech:
>How to deal with CTR shills:
>Hillary in black history:
>Clinton Workers Caught Committing Fraud:
>”Do Your Job”/”Tell The Truth” @ CNN cameras
>Trump Triumphant
>Correct The Record short info video:
>The Muslim plan for America:
>Islam by the numbers:
>Joe Biden on Europeans becoming a minority:
>The documentary the Clintons don't want you to see:
>Where are the Hillary supporters?
>Hillary’s Health:
>The Media’s Struggle to Hide Her Health Issues
>4 Reasons to NOT vote for Hillary:
>Progressive Echo Chambers:
>#NeverHillary at the DNC:
>Taking the Russian bait:
>the Clinton tapes:
>Hillary is Evil!
>The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Mental Illness
>"We came, we saw, he died! LAUGHS" (Gaddafi)
>Did Hillary Clinton really say she wants war with Iran
>Hillary laughs maniacally about war with Iran
>Whitewater Scandal:
>Bill Clinton lies about drug trafficking:
>Biography of Bill Clinton:
>Mena coverup:
>Bill Clinton denies extramarital relations:
>More on Bill’s Affairs:
>Hillary Clinton wishes for silence on Bill’s rape cases:
>Hillary Clinton: The Career Criminal:
>Hillary’s College Sued for Using Black Magick:
>Hillary Clinton - a real wicked witch:
>Their best friend, Warren Buffet:
>Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees:
>Hillary Clinton mocking stay-at-home moms:
>The Tragic Ties of Hillary Clinton
>Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey: Email Scandal Supercut:
>Sanders Supporters Throw Convention Into Disarray:
>Sanders Delegates Revolt After Roll Call - DNC:
>Bernie Sanders On Money In Politics:
>(Soros brought up!) Campaign Finance Reform Battle:
>Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton Will Be Indicted:
>Susan Sarandon: Clinton scarier than Trump:
>Former Secret Service agent exposes Hillary Clinton:
>Former Secret Service agent: Why video of Clinton scares me:
>Chaffetz grilling Comey:
>Leaked DNC Document Reveals Clinton Foundation Scandal ‘Vulnerabilities’ for Hillary Clinton:
>Obama in a Nutshell:
>Obama and ISIS:
Hillary info: ORIGINALLY 7.5 GB, NOW 215 MB!Ac4yVY5A!YtX63kI12ZRIWjEiMWSAWqSuDkHi4-9iQGFqUzXd6IA
Image assortment:!qUNUWDLL!FSltLp_jqztpqwrbt0cOAg
Images + extra documents:
These are hundreds of pages of information about the people involved in the corruption under Bill
Clinton's presidency - amongst these, one can find my favorite rabbit hole, Marc Rich's case.
For the content preview of "PDF.rar", see pic:
HANDLE WITH CARE: Mysterious surprise file dumps:
Screenshot of what exactly got dumped:
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Jill Stein memes:
Advanced Meme Warfare:
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Social media tactics:
Connecting Social Media and Pushing Content 101:
>Godwins Law (Revival of memetics in Usenet)
>Book collection on radical bottom up activism
>Links says it all (There is more out, it makes sense looking for the earlier versions, will post if i find them)
>Nice easy readable introduction to cyber warfare
>Finkelsteins Meme Compendium!7pcRjLrY!K2dCLXsawbnk71B8-NYXag
>/pol/ Book collection!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg
>Step by step how to manipulate narratives
Extra: What Trump DIDN’T do!
Trump did not steal your money and run the debt up to what it is right now
Trump did not raise your taxes
Trump did not quadruple the price of food
Trump is not starting a race war
Trump did not leave U.S. soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by filthy Muslims
Trump did not send the U.S. Navy to fight for Syrian al-Qaida
Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East
Trump did not betray Israel
Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran's nuclear weapons program
Trump did not pay ransom to Iran
Trump did not give our military secrets to China
Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia
Trump did not shrivel our military and betray our veterans
Trump did not cripple our economy
Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion
Trump did not ruin our credit, twice
Trump did not double African American unemployment
Trump did not increase welfare to a record level in 48 years
Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute and imprison Americans
Trump did not free all of the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay
Trump did not steal your rights or violate the U.S. Constitution law, or commit treason hundreds of times
Trump did not increase the amount of mobs and riots across America
And yet CNN ABC NBC MSNBC call Trump worse than Hitler.
>Chinese ties, all of them
>More on The Bonner Group. State charity financials can be important to catch cases where
solicitors do not actually send much of the revenue to charity at all.
>USAID - suspected human trafficking cover-ups
>FDI and South Africa
>Henry “Hank” Paulson - Which bank went under as a result of his actions?
>Where did TARP come from?
>Who does the accounting for Haiti?
>Why is China investing in Africa?
>”gold and oil flow in the opposite direction” - think OPEC
>The Obama Foundation and all foundations similar to it
>Aid going to Africa - food, drugs, etc.
>John Poindexter and Cibolo Creek Ranch
● India specifically, the ties to central banking between them and the Clintons
● Sant Chatwell relates to human trafficking - Singh Chatwell? - but they use a larger
component in the people recently leaving the Indian central bank
● Sudan should be examined closely
● Cheryl Mills is an important person of interest
The families you must look at are:
● Royal
● Gates
● Buffet
● Underpinned by Soros
● Are Helge Traasdahl's Muhmud
● Tapad (company)
WHEN IN DOUBT: SPREAD MEMES (refer to Meme Division on where to get said memes)
>include a picture in any tweet about the crimes Hillary & associates have committed
>include a picture in any online article
>include them in any website feature!
Not sure how to help? Time for everyone's favorite game, Clinton Email Mining! In the link below
there are 23,035 emails that Clinton had a part in during her time as SoS. To play, simply match a
random number to one of those emails, read it, then report anything you find that might be
relevant or juicy.
NOTES FROM RECENT AMA (similar to above, just more misc info)
relevant notes from AMA:
>CF is heavily tied into Chinese interests
>HRC will sell out weapons, favors, intelligence, and people to anyone willing to pay.
>"The Bonner Group, warm or cold?" Hot.
>FDI in South Africa by China is no accident, and the Clintons are always tied up in the mix. As is
>Why did George Soros make more moves in the markets?
>Henry Paulson: past corporate affiliation? Where did he get the idea of TARP from? What major bank
went under as a result of his actions?
>USAID = human trafficking
>Africa is a hotbed for investment by the Chinese and other organizations. The question is, how is HRC
benefiting from the investment deals? Why would she want to engage a war over the African plains?
>Why are Haiti's financial records spotty? Who does the accounting?
>It screams shady because it is shady. Who is affiliated with the BoD for M Partners, and do they have
ties to the CF?
>high level insider is misinformation but there is some interesting philosophy
>Q: "I found it rather odd the people who write the reports on issues like human trafficking in Haiti are also
the group that award mass aid grants to Clinton foundation members like Muhammad Yunus" A: Be
>"gematria": Purely coincidental.
>Monsanto, GMO's, HRC
>"gold and oil flow in opposite directions": but typical rules for commodities are muted by OPEC's
>"obama foundation/the foundation run by his brother": Definitely dive into it
>food and minerals in africa
>john poindexter and cibolo creek ranch
>scalia was murdered for something more sinister than trafficking
>2% discrepancy between actual vote and exit polls is fraud
>"child trafficking": Is it an integral component of elite circles? Yes.
Reading list:
One thing missing from all this analysis that is indispensable in knowing is the finance and economics of
all this. This will put a lot of the political side in place.
The world currently has more debt than any time in history. Since the great financial crisis the world has
$57 trillion MORE in debt (what the real number is, is a mystery, safe to say it's much more). Most of the
developed world's governments (basically the OECD) are insolvent (bankrupt/ broke). Nation states
collapse under this debt load. Got the picture? Good.
On to Soros.
Soros, through his political connections and his numerous philanthropic endeavors have supported the
overthrow of governments. This is much easier to do with an over indebted populous and government.
Debt up to a certain point strengthens if used properly, but beyond that point it's devastating to the
business, the economy, and therefore societal structure. Once beyond the horizon, the more debt that
exists the more devastating it will be when everything hits the fan. We, in the developed world are way
way way beyond the horizon. All we are waiting for is the spark.
This is where Soros comes in. Soros has a history of destabilizing a country and is very effective at it. He
is actively doing it now with BLM and other organizations. If you want more details see the original thread.
His MO in a nutshell -> destroy a country -> companies and resources get really cheap -> buy up
companies and resources for cheap and bail out governments for favors and even more money -> sell
when things recover or use as assets for another takeover. Rinse and repeat.
What I don't understand is what he's doing in the US. It is a change in his pattern. His ability to profit on
destruction requires the ability to move his winnings to a stable nation. The US is starting to unravel at a
very fast pace (not to mention the EU). There aren't many safe havens left.
Let's put our tinfoil hats on even tighter. Soros broke the English pound in 1992. He made $1 billion in a
single day by selling it short. Right before the Brexit vote, Soros came out and stated britian should vote
to stay. We know he has inside information, if he wasn't already involved in rigging the vote (see OP
threads for more). You can see where this is going. He publicly states they should stay, manipulates all
the polls to show that staying is winning thereby dramatically increasing the payoff for Brexit. The pound
is down 14%, just as he predicted. In 1992 he caused it to fall 15%. He made a billion in 1992 and
probably many multiples that from Brexit.
The greatest irony in my opinion would be if England welcomed him with open arms, provided he invests
in their economy. The way things are going over there, he's going to be able to buy London for dirt cheap.
While I despise him as a person for what he does and is involved in, as an intellectual and strategist, I
don't think there is anyone better.
Back to global macroeconomics.
It has become common practice for central banks (CBs) to bail out and prop up failing companies and
governments. Since CBs create money out of thin air, there is no limit to how much they create, except for
the fact that the currency becomes worthless.
Think supply and demand. If you are hungry and you had 3 hotdogs to eat, you would value each hotdog
a lot as long as you were hungry. If you only have 1 hotdog, that 1 is more valuable than if you have 50.
After 3 hotdogs I'm full and couldn't eat another bite. The remaining 47 are worthless. This is what CBs
have been doing, except instead of hotdogs it's money. They are devaluing money. The way to protect
against this is to change your dirty money for quality money, ie money that isn't being messed with... or
precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium).
Back to Soros.
He just bought $264 million worth of Barrick Gold mining company. If gold goes up $1, the stock of
Barrick goes up $5. Needless to say, he is going to easily make billions on this deal alone. Gold will only
go higher because all of the world's CBs are destroying their currency.
Things to Remember
Collapsing countries are weak countries. Anyone with money and big guns can take over easily. They can
rewrite laws. This ties in with the globalist POV. Collapse the world, the power that's left will be the one to
take over.
Research Anons Tasks
Light bulb just went off. Gold and other Precious metals will be the means with which to carry the elite
through the collapse. The value of the gold will increase exponentially. They will literally be able to buy
the world.
Need to look into the precious metals angle. The safest and cheapest place to store gold, is in the ground
(ie unmined). We need to look for countries or areas where the CF or Soros have done work that are rich
in gold reserves or mining.
We should also look into if there have been purchases of farm land. Control of food will become a source
of power. It will be how they get the local population to work.
- Jerome Corsi
- Charles Ortel
- Quick Links
- Hillary’s Racism
- Ongoing Scandal List
- Hillary’s Health
- Collapse At The 9/11 Memorial
- The Alt-Right Speech
- Birther Movement
- U.S. Code Violations
- The Panama Papers
- HillRaiser/HillBlazer
- Flight Tracking
- Sidwell Friends School
- Saul Alinsky
- LSC and 1992
- Harold Ickes
- John Podesta and the Podesta Group
- Hunter Foundation
- The Rendon Group and Highlands Forum
- State Department Drama and SEAL Team Six
- Bowe Bergdahl
- Clinton Presidential Library
- Karl Rove
- Joseph Estrada
- Teneo and Huma
- CAIR and Huma
- Zain Endeavors, LLC
- Islam
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- Social Media Influence
- Soros Fund Management
- The Democracy Alliance
- Facebook and the Democracy Alliance
- Van Jones and Color of Change
- Mormons, Utah and Soros
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- Open Society Hacked!
- Music
- Teva Pharmaceutical
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- HSBC and Comey
- 100 Resilient Cities
- Pharmaceuticals
- General/Corporate Information
- Link to the Federal Reserve
- Recent IRS investigation
- FBI investigation?
- Young people and jobs
- Money laundering
- Espionage patterns
- Cheryl Mills and BlackIvy
- Colombian Private Equity Fund
- General Services Administration
- Copresida
- No Ceilings
- Healthier Generation
- World Vision and One Campaign
- Greg Abbott
- Clintons and Global Business – Misc
- CGI Shutting Down?
- Private Fundraiser, Infrastructure Bank
- Palantir Technologies
- Areva LLC
- Irwin Redlener
- National People’s Action (NPA)
- Terry McAuliffe
- Collusion and Super PACs
- CF Donor List
- Selling White House Dinners
- Campaign Finance Unease
- 2016 Campaign Ad Money
- Jeffries LLC
- Gilbert Chagoury
- Claudio Orsino
- Rajiv K Fernando
- Leland Yee
- Clinton-Bush Katrina Fund
- The Day We Heard That Something Happened
- Energy Pioneer Solutions
- Ken Starr
- Melinda Walker?
- Email Evidence?
- J-1 Visas
- Atlanta
- Pedophile Networks
- Minnesota
- Salt Lake City
- Sandusky and Penn State
- Company Listings
- London Bombings in Tavistock Square
- Tavistock Institute
- Lake Nona Project and Urban Development
- Medical Cities/Sustainable Living
o Thad Seymour
- Tavistock and Central Banks
- Booz Allen Hamilton
- Proof of Bias in the Mainstream
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- UN Scare Tactics
- Crisis Actors
- FUCKH8 False Flag
- MKUltra
TO-BE-SORTED (misc articles at the end of the doc, will be filed correctly soon)
...and down the rabbit hole you go
manipulation, sudden death
ropes in Obama's AG nominee
And these two from the last week I thought were rather interesting:
>No prosecution 'ensures Hillary case won't go away'
>Comey has long history of cases ending favorable to Clintons
My guess is that over the last few years his research has been focused solely on the shady dealings of
the Clintons. On the WND store website there's a nice promo video for the book:
'Partners in Crime:
The Clintons' Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit'
Amazon link -
The book only has two reviews, which is odd, more people should be discussing it.
What stuck out the most to me were things mentioned in the description:
>"Jerome Corsi presents the detailed research and expert testimony proving beyond a shadow of a doubt
that the Clinton Foundation is "a vast, criminal conspiracy," "
>"several "shell corporations" and "pass-through" bank accounts Bill Clinton has established in secret to
hide what amount to kickbacks from Clinton Foundation donors and sponsors."
>"In Partners in Crime, Corsi provides readers the names and addresses of state attorney generals
throughout the country, explaining that any one state in the Union can get a temporary restraining order
from a state judge to place the Clinton Foundation in receivership and launch law enforcement
examinations of Clinton Family philanthropic fraud accomplished on a global scale."
Recent article on Jerome Corsi talking about his Clinton Foundation book -
Here is a probe by a Wall Street Financial Advisor into the Clinton Foundation. He has found much illegal
“There are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave to the Clinton
Foundation to do, and what the Clinton Foundation said what they got from the donors and what they did
with it.”
Last year, the Clinton Foundation was forced to issue corrected tax filings for several years to correct
donation errors. But Ortel said many of the discrepancies remain.
Ortel said his reports in the coming months would also provide evidence that the foundation is not
complying with state laws on fundraising, financial disclosure, and audits.
“I’m against charity fraud. I think people in both parties are against charity fraud, and this is a charity
fraud,” he said.
Ortel said he hoped the reports would encourage investigative journalists to follow up on his findings.
>Ortel said his reports in the coming months >would also provide evidence that the foundation >is not
complying with state laws on fundraising, >financial disclosure, and audits.
Charles Ortel contributed to this series:
> The Clinton Foundation finds itself under new scrutiny, this time pertaining to its financial disclosures.
Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel is uploading a series of reports showing what he alleges is fraudulent
activities by the Foundation.
Someone please investigate this lead.
He's already been tracking Hillary down, and he's pretty far down the rabbit hole.
>State, federal, and foreign laws bar public charities from being run for private gain in interstate
commerce—which means, by using the mail, telephones or the internet. The Clinton Foundation’s
complex operations (it is not just one entity but a web of them) do not comply with this requirement. Nor
does the Clinton Foundation ever seem to have submitted its financial records to an independent,
properly certified audit by a qualified accounting firm.
The Clinton Foundation, directed by certain individuals and together with numerous affiliates, has been
part of an international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale (counting inflows and
outflows) approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from
1997 forward.
As many are starting to appreciate, Clinton Foundation documents omit crucial facts, include false and
materially misleading statements, and exclude legally required audits of financial statements for each
year of operation, that must be prepared on a consistent basis
In short, close review of the Clinton Foundation record shows clearly that it and related entities have
operated illegally since inception to serve private interests under the cloak of charitable
The Clinton Foundation steadfastly resists making proper accounting for its inflows, so it is difficult to
discern who actually provides support without studying reams of material issued by donors that is
available in the public domain.
Meanwhile there is little, verifiable evidence that all the “initiatives” and projects discussed in
Clinton Foundation reports actually have served validly authorized and truly charitable purposes, as these
are strictly defined in state, federal, and foreign laws.
and this:
and this:
LOL if it’s true:
>House GOP Seeks Federal Scrutiny of Clinton Foundation
>An FBI leak revealed that Clinton pleaded the 5th Amendment to every question during her 3.5 hour
interrogation on Saturday 7/2/2016. “On the advice of counsel I invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege
against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question”
Ten inconvenient truths:
Hillary’s policies in Latin America:
22 Biggest scandals ever:
Is Hillary Clinton America's Most Ambitious Sociopath?
A vote for Hillary is a vote for endless, stupid war:
A Superb Article Introducing Hillary Clinton the War Hawk and Her Neocon Views:
How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk:
Hillary Clinton: the Queen of Chaos and the Threat of World War III:
HuffPo Yanks Hillary RICO Indictment:
Hillary Clinton Is 'Safe' Candidate for Establishment - Unsafe for Everybody Else:
President Hillary? If you think Russian-American relations are bad now, you ain't seen nothing yet
Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump. No Surprise—They’ve Always Backed Her
18) ‘Hillary: The Other Woman’ by Dolly Kyle
19) ‘State of a Union: Inside the complex marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton’ by Jerry Oppenheimer
>Private server - Huma access without proper clearance
>Private server - risk to national security
>Private server - risk to lives of human sources and colleagues
>Private server - risk to exposure of other sources and methods
>Private server - lying to public and perjury
>Private server - discovery of 15,000 new emails
>Private server - destroying evidence (emails)
>Paid Speeches - Audiences, Wall Street and others
>Paid Speeches - Fees/rates per hour and demands
>Paid Speeches - Not releasing transcripts to public
>Paid Speeches - Clinton Foundation collusion
>State Department - Clinton Foundation pay-for-play
>State Department - destroying evidence (calendars and email)
>State Department - Huma and her Muslim Brotherhood connection
>State Department - Rajiv Fernando, donor/no experience appointment
>State Department - 18 USAID grants to donor and disgraced banker
>Huma Did It - Huma forgets top secret information; leaves it in car
>Huma Did It - Huma previously served as assistant editor for radical Islamic pub
>Huma Did It - Willfully accessed above-top-secret info without proper clearance
>2016 Elections - DNC fraud and collusion against Bernie Sanders
>2016 Elections - Avoidance of unscripted press conferences and questions
>Foreign policy - Benghazi, Failure to secure consulate, security and deaths
>Foreign policy - Benghazi, What difference does it make comment
>Foreign policy - Benghazi, Videos not terrorism response and lie
>Foreign policy - Libya, policy and general incompetence
>Foreign policy - Failed Afghanistan policy and strategy
>Foreign policy - Iraq premature exit, creating place for ISIS
>Foreign policy - Cuba embargo signed by hubby
>Foreign policy - ISIS and failed strategy
>Foreign policy - Iran and nuclear deal
>Foreign policy - Russian reset
>Older Legal - Rose Law Firm, papers hidden in the White House
>Older Legal - Chinagate, China influence on American politics
>Older Legal - Watergate, fired for lying and unethical behavior
>Older Legal - Travelgate, firing of White House Travel Office
>Older Legal - Whitewater, failed real estate investment
>Older Legal - Whitewater, removal of documents (Vince Foster)
>Older Legal - Whitewater, other documents hidden in White House
>Older Legal - Cattle Futures, mysterious $100,000 deposits
>Older Legal - Filegate, improper access to security-clearance documents
>Personal Pinocchios - Lie about name from Sir Edmund Hillary
>Personal Pinocchios - Lie about hot sauce in her handbag / racist pandering
>Personal Pinocchios - Lie about sniper fire in Bosnia
>Personal Pinocchios - Lie about going "door to door"/New Bedford, MA/disabled children
>Personal Pinocchio's - Picklegate - Lie about opening jar to show healthiness on TV show (was already
>Women's Issues - Blaming rape and abuse victims
>Women's Issues - Concept of voting based on sex or gender
>Women's Issues - Monica, the Blue Dress, and Stand-by-your-man
>Health Issues - Past and present
>Leadership Issues - Not thinking through consequences; Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997
>Leadership Issues - Not thinking through consequences; Superpredators/support 1997 Crime bill
>Leadership Issues - Army confirms training materials list Hillary as insider threat
>Leadership Issues - Married to a guy who sold Arlington Cemetery plots
>Hillary Hospital signs pop up around LA
>Timeline of Hillary's WORSENING Health using her own emails
Decision fatigue:
Hillary Clinton refuses to release her up-to-date detailed medical records
#HillarysStools: The woman is so crooked, that she can't even stand up at this point.
Coughing fit:
Losing her patience with Greenpeace:
Biden’s house:
Bizarre behavior:
>Provigil is used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder
(sleepiness during scheduled waking hours among people who work at night or on rotating shifts). It is
also often prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and multiple
>excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's
Infowars was right:
The doctor: Lisa R. Bardack, MD
Director of Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System at CareMount Medical
Awarded Top Doctor
Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine
Mount Kisco Office: Mount Kisco Campus - 90
Undergraduate & Graduate Education
University of Pennsylvania: 1986
Medical Education: New York University School of Medicine: 1990
Internship: New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center: 1991
Residency: Chief Resident, Primary Care Internal Medicine
New York Hospital- Cornell University Medical Center: 1993
Internal Medicine: New York Hospital- Cornell University Medical Center: 1993
Board Certifications: Internal Medicine: 1993
Hospital Affiliations: Northern Westchester Hospital
Specialties: Internal Medicine
Chairman of the Department of Medicine, CareMount Medical
Director of Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Health Systems
Awards & Recognition:
Best Doctors in America: 2011- 2016
Castle Connolly Top Doctor: 2016
Further concern for her health:
There is also a massive difference between the rallies they both hold - (does not include livestream
viewership, it’s all venue numbers).
>Through August 25th, Trump has held 29 campaign events in August with an estimated 168,000
participants. Clinton on the other hand has held only 11 campaign events attended by an estimated paltry
>Trump averages 5,800 people per event in August while Clinton averages less than 1,000.
- Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, said Hillary was “often confused” and needed constant reminders of her
daily schedule. The biggest revelation being that Hillary’s closest ally would describe her as being
confused often.
- Google, the world’s biggest search engine, is actively censoring search results about Hillary’s health.
>Google has gone out of its way to censor these damaging reports about Clinton. The tech company is
suppressing stories about Clinton’s health in its search bar.”
- Hillary Clinton not doing many scheduled events. She is only scheduled to do 8 events from August 30th
to October 19th. That’s 8 scheduled appearances out of 50 days which is basically one event every 6+
Paul Joseph Watson’s viral video on Hillary’s health
>In “Unlikeable,” an exposé of the Clinton campaign written by Edward Klein and published last
September, the former president is described as so concerned about Hillary’s health that he requested a
famous cardiologist review her records and subsequently ordered a full-time physician who would “keep
her under constant observation.”
Edward Klein - the former editor in chief of New York Times Magazine and a contributing editor to Vanity
Even Tim Kaine is concerned:
>Tim Kaine thinks voters should know everything they can about a candidate’s health.
>Yes, that Tim Kaine — as in Hillary Clinton’s running mate.
>The Democratic vice presidential nominee made the remarks during a prepared speech in Erie,
Pennsylvania on Tuesday.
FBI outs the corrupt Hillary's health. She got no memory!
>CLINTON stated she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of
records from State during the transition out of her role as Secretary of State in early 2013. However, in
December of 2012, CLINTON suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot.
Based on her doctor's advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall
every briefing she received. CLINTON did not have any discussions with aides about turning over her
email records, nor did anyone from State request them. She believed her work-related emails were
captured by her practice of sending email to the email address of her staff. CLINTON was
unaware of the requirement to turn over printed records at that time. Her physical records were boxed up
and handled by aides.
Dr Drew and David Seaman:
- Anyone in the liberal media that questions Hillary’s health is fired, and the original news stories are
taken down. Two examples are Dr. Drew Pinsky and David Seaman (Huffington Post writer).
>Drew Pinsky’s six-year-old HLN show, “Dr. Drew On Call,” has been canceled by CNN, effective Sept.
22. In a statement, CNN executive vice president Ken Jautz said he and Pinsky “have mutually agreed to
air the final episode of his show on September 22″ but gave no specific reason for the cancellation…
>But the decision came eight days after Pinsky’s comments on a radio show on Aug. 17 questioning the
health and medical care of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.
After looking at bits and pieces of Clinton’s health-care records she made public in 2015, he said he was
“gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care…
>Pinsky’s views, which he said were shared by another physician with whom he had consulted, aired on
KABC’s “McIntyre in the Morning.” The episode has been removed from the station’s website, but a
transcript was published …Based on the information that she has provided and her doctors have
provided, we were gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”
>In a video posting late Sunday night, then-Huffington Post contributor David Seaman complained that
HuffPo, a news aggregation site founded as a liberal counterweight to the Drudge Report, had deleted
two of his articles completely, and blocked his ability to publish his work.
>His offense? Linking to another YouTube video that documents Hillary Clinton’s occasionally bizarre
behavior on the campaign trail and discussing the possibility the woman has brain damage that renders
her unfit for the presidency….
>”I’ve never had anything like this happen,” Seaman said on the Sunday night video. “I’ve honestly never
seen anything like this. This is happening in the United States in 2016”
David Seaman’s YouTube video about incident -
Also, worth checking out -
David Seaman got fired from Huffington Post for mentioning Hillary’s health in his articles
>Is David Seaman (the journalist Huffington Post fired) really fine, as he claims?
Doesn't sound like he is to me...
I'm Fine (Hillary Clinton May Not Be)
Dr. Drew Asked To Retract Hillary Health Comments - Received "Scary, Creepy" Phone Calls
>Eight days after Board-certified medicine specialist and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed his
grave concern over Hillary Clinton’s health and the healthcare she was receiving, his popular show on
HLN, the sister channel of CNN, was cancelled.
Can't have doctors telling the truth, now can we?
>“CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a
source told Richard Johnson of Page Six. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he
>But according to a spokeswoman for Pinsky, the show’s cancellation had been decided weeks before
Pinsky’s comments, as part of a HLN revamp that includes the end of Nancy Grace’s show.
>“I know the timing is suspicious, and I know it’s hard to believe, but the two things had nothing to do with
each other,” Pinsky’s rep Valerie Allen told Page Six‘s Richard Jones.
MSNBC Cuts Live Coverage As Hillary Has "One Of The Worst Coughing Fits Ever"
Imagine the debates…
>according to AAPS, over 70% of US doctors and surgeons are absurd right-wing tin-foil hat-wearers...
>Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health are "serious—could be disqualifying for the position of President
of the U.S.," say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).
More than 78% said the health concerns had received "not enough emphasis" in the media, and
only 2.7% that there had been "too much emphasis."
New angle of Hillary’s Collapse -
Hillary’s aid Huma Abedin e-mailed her of "life threatening" Sinus Thrombosis -
Clinton's collapse shows her foot dragging and unresponsive suggesting lack of consciousness -
Twitter timelines of Hillary’s 9/11/2016 collapse -
Weekend at Hillary’s, or any Hillary Meme Related to Hillary Collapsing on 9/11:
*News Articles:
New York Times: Clinton falls ill during 9/11 memorial service in New York -
New York Times: Hillary Clinton Is Being Treated for Pneumonia, Leaves 9/11 Ceremony Feeling
‘Overheated’ -
New York Times: Secret Service appears to have broken protocol with Clinton’s early departure from
Sunday 9/11 event -
Washington Post: Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign -
>”Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty
minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen," spokesman Nick
Merrill said. "During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter's apartment
and is feeling much better.
>What that statement leaves out is that a) it came 90 minutes after Clinton left the ceremony b) reporters
— or even a reporter — were not allowed to follow her and c) the temperature in New York City at the
time of Clinton's overheating was in the low 80s. (A heat wave over the eastern United States broke last
night/this morning.)
>She later left her daughter's apartment, saying she was "feeling great" and waving at the crowd, per the
Associated Press.”
>Whereas Clinton and her campaign could laugh off questions about her health before today, the
"overheating" episode makes it almost impossible for them to do so. Not only has it come at a time when
there was growing chatter — with very little evidence — that her health was a problem but it also
happened at a 9/11 memorial event — an incredibly high-profile moment with lots and lots of cameras
and reporters around.
>Her campaign may well try to dismiss this story as nothing more than an isolated incident, meaning
>But the issue is that Clinton kept reporters totally in the dark for 90 minutes after her abrupt departure
from the 9/11 memorial service for a health-related matter. No reporter was allowed to follow her.
>Clinton may well be totally fine — and I certainly hope she is. But we are 58 days away from choosing
the person who will lead the country for the next four years, and she is one of the two candidates with a
real chance of winning. Taking the Clinton team's word for it on her health — in light of the episode on
Sunday morning — is no longer enough. Reasonable people can — and will — have real questions about
her health.
>Sunday morning changed the conversation in the race about Clinton's health. Or rather it will force
Clinton to have a conversation about her health in the race.
Washington Post: Clinton falls ill during 9/11 memorial service in New York -
CNN: Video shows Hillary Clinton leaving 9/11 event early -
New York Times: Clinton Loses Balance at 9/11 Memorial -
CNN: Doctor Says Hillary Clinton has pneumonia -
MSNBC: Doctor's statement: Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia (also mentions little girl Hillary hugged) -
*Source Material:
Hillary collapsing on 9/11/2016 while being escorted into van (original video that went viral) -
3 angles of the #ClintonCollapse (Sept 11, 2016) -
The house they took her to that was suppose to be Chelsea’s home used to be a medical center
>Chelsea and her husband own one of the three floors (10 million dollar units). The 4th floor was the
health center and it was turned into a "$22.5million duplex penthouse." What do you want to bet that
Hillary bought one or both of those penthouse units.
>Inside Chelsea Clinton's $10m 'luxury fortress' that stretches over an entire New York City block - and
has one full-time doorman to just four units
Chelsea's apartment complex was an assisted living/home care facility before the Clintons bought
the building.
It used to be called "METROCARE HOME SERVICES, INC."
Google maps that address and what do you know? Chelsea's apartment complex! Same place she went
to rest before declare she feels great!
A random anon decides to disrupt the rally:
His tweet:
Periscope stream:
MSM perspective (desynced audio):
Roger Stone discussing her speech:
Full video:
Tinfoil Hillary:
The venue ONLY seated about 200:
>Pennsylvania’s former deputy attorney general and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter Philip J. Berg
has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania accusing presumptive Democratic presidential
candidate Sen. Barack Obama of lying about his U.S. citizenship, which would make him ineligible to be
>Mr. Berg is one of a faction of Clinton supporters who haven’t heeded the party’s call for unity, filing the
suit just days before the opening of the Democratic National Convention, which will nominate Mr. Obama
as the party’s presidential candidate.
>The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia last week, also names the Democratic National
Committee and the Federal Election Commission and says Mr. Obama´s mother went to Kenya late in her
pregnancy and ended up giving birth there. It also claims that later in life, Mr. Obama declared himself a
citizen of Indonesia.
>The Obama campaign has firmly said the Illinois Democrat is a natural-born citizen. Last month, the
campaign posted on Mr. Obama’s Web site a copy of his “certification of live birth.” It says he was born in
Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961, two years after Hawaii was named the 50th state.
>Mr. Berg said he was contacted about filing the lawsuit by a member or associate of the group PUMA,
which was formed to support Mrs. Clinton shortly after she withdrew from the race. Its mission includes
denouncing the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama’s nomination.
Found an article back in 2008 about the start of the birther movement -
>lawyer Philip J. Berg, a Democrat from Pennsylvania and an undisguised Hillary fan. Last August, Berg -
a former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania and one-time candidate for both governor and senator -
filed a lawsuit in Federal Court (Berg v. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083) seeking a Declaratory
Judgment and an Injunction against Obama, alleging that the first-term Illinois senator did not meet the
qualifications to be President of the United States.
>Berg's suit was based on Obama's failure to answer satisfactorily the question of where he was born.
Was it in Hawaii, Kenya, or Indonesia? Was his legal name Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro (his
stepfather's surname), Barry Obama, Barack Dunham (his maternal grandparents' surname), or Barry
>Among the other questions Berg raised were the authenticity of the name Obama used on his Illinois Bar
Application and his possible allegiance to other countries.
Details of the case, including direct quotations, are found on Berg's website:
Orginal 2008 article -
This is why Obama refused to have Blumenthal have any direct connection with his administration.
Obama hated Blumenthal for what Blumenthal did to Obama during the primaries.
>Former journalist Sidney Blumenthal has been widely credited with coining the term “vast right-wing
conspiracy” used by Hillary Clinton in 1998 to describe the alliance of conservative media, think tanks,
and political operatives that sought to destroy the Clinton White House where he worked as a high-level
aide. A decade later, and now acting as a senior campaign advisor to Senator Clinton, Blumenthal is
exploiting that same right-wing network to attack and discredit Barack Obama. And he’s not hesitating to
use the same sort of guilt-by-association tactics that have been the hallmark of the political right dating
back to the McCarthy era.
From July 2008, CNN -
>some of the PUMAs accuse Democratic leaders of rigging the primaries to favor Sen. Barack Obama,
while others feel that he is not qualified to be the party nominee, let alone competent enough to lead the
>Kim Mann said she thinks that Obama is too liberal. Webster Tarpley said the senator from Illinois is too
conservative. But Mann, a 52-year-old project manager from Manassas, Virginia, and Tarpley, a self-
described 62-year-old "controversial author," agree on one thing: Neither wants Obama to be the
Democratic nominee. Video Watch why some Democrats oppose Obama's nomination »
>Even though Sen. Hillary Clinton conceded the Democratic presidential nomination to Obama in early
June and urged all of her supporters to vote for him, not all of her backers heeded the call. Hence, the
beginning of the PUMA movement.
>"What we are really organizing about is to reinitiate Hillary back into the presidential race," Mann said
during a recent interview at a Washington bar, where she met with fellow PUMAs for kinship and to
strategize about how to make Clinton the Democratic nominee.
Conclusion: After June 2008, when Hillary conceded to Obama, a faction of Democrats that supporter
Hillary banded together and tried to start a movement to overthrow Obama. They called their organization
PUMA (Party Unity My Ass).
PUMA is the group that started the birther movement. PUMA was a faction of hardcore Hillary supporters
that convinced Philip J. Berg to file the lawsuit in federal court saying Obama was not a citizen of the US
and couldn't run for office.
PUMA thought they could have Obama suspended from running for president, so Hillary could step in and
run instead.
Hillary's supporters started the birther movement.
Tons of sources:
Hillary Clinton Started the "Birther" Movement and Even Brought Up the Specter of Obama's
18 U.S. Code § 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information
18 U.S. Code § 1519 - Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations
18 U.S. Code § 201 - Bribery of public officials and witnesses
18 U.S. Code § 219 - Officers and employees acting as agents of foreign principals
18 U.S. Code § 1962 - Criminal Racketeering
18 U.S. Code § 1621 - Perjury
18 U.S. Code § 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees
18 U.S. Code § 1509 - Obstruction of court orders
18 U.S. Code § 1510 - Obstruction of criminal investigations
18 U.S. Code § 595 - Conspiracy to Interference of Election by administrative employees
18 U.S. Code § 597 - Expenditures to influence voting
18 U.S. Code § 610 - Coercion of political activity
18 U.S. Code § 211 - Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office
18 U.S. Code § 600 - Promise of employment or other benefit for political activity
Hillary’s connection to Deutsche Bank:
Little to find in the database:
>When the recently leaked “Panama Papers” exposed the existence of thousands of offshore bank
accounts of the politically high and mighty, Hillary Clinton quickly decried them as “outrageous tax
havens” for “the super-rich.”
>But it turns out that the Democratic presidential front-runner and her husband have multiple connections
with people named in the papers — including staffers and major donors, McClatchy Newspapers revealed
Saturday night.
>Among those named in the papers as using the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca to set up
offshore entities are Gabrielle Fialkoff, who served as Clinton’s finance director during her first campaign
for the Senate in New York, according to a report published online at
>Fialkoff is also a senior adviser to Mayor de Blasio and director of the city’s Office of Strategic
>Another name from the papers is billionaire Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate and longtime
crony of Bill Clinton who has donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation.
>Yet another name from the paper is The Chagoury Group, an international developer based in West
Africa that has pledged $1 billion in projects to the Clinton Global Initiative.
>Additional names include Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who was at the center of a Democratic fund-
raising scandal during the Clinton administration, and Marc Rich, the notorious international fugitive
pardoned by Bill Clinton in his final hours as president in 2001, McClatchy reported.
>McClatchy Newspapers and some 350 other reporters under the umbrella of the International
Consortium of Investigative Journalists have been pouring over a massive dump of more than 11.5 million
Mossack Fonseca documents, revealing their first findings earlier this month.
2008 HillRaiser List:
2016 HillBlazer List:
PROFILES (requires more digging):
>Imaad Zuberi profile <lobbyist>
>Bruce Zoldan
>Jeremy Zellner profile
>Lawrence Yanovitch profile
> Steve Tidrick profile
discrimination-blacks-older-workers-article-1.1154992 <prosecuting attorney>
>Ursula Terrasi profile <Jewish chronicle> <fictitious
>Susan Swecker
>Smita Shah <business owner> <H-1B>
>Miriam Sapiro <Trade>
>Ken Salazar
> Julissa Reynoso
>Phillip Polakoff
><connected Nancy Pfund>
Diplomatic visa number: 5010213628
Passport number: 910086093
>#HillaryClinton campaign jet revealed: Xtra Airways 737-800 N881XA
AerSale is a successor company of AeroTurbine Inc.
>The three main offices of AeroTurbine Inc are:
>CEO: Nicolas Finazzo
>COO: Robert B. Nichols
>Secretary: Amanda B. Cutler
The company has been the registered owners of 49 aircraft between 1999 and 2005. They exported 5 of
them between 2000 and 2005, to Venezuela, Brazil, and France. It appears that they are using the
majority of them to strip for parts and engines. Interestingly enough, there is one DC-8-71(F) that is
parked in storage that has a valid registration as of the current date. What makes this particular plane
interesting is that it was previously owned by a known CIA front company, Southern Air Transport.
In April of 2006, AeroTurbine INC was bought by the AerCap Group of Ireland. The three main officers
will remain in place. Shortly after this deal, AeroTurbine deregistered 43 of their remaining 44 airplanes
with the FAA. It is unknown why these planes were still showing valid registrations as it appears that they
were in the process of being or were already stripped for parts. There are verified pictures of several of
these planes destroyed in the Airline Storage Facilities at Roswell or in the Mojave.
In other words, the plane Hillary is using now is owned by a CIA front company.
According to the transcripts of the White House's first Ramadan Dinner in 1996. Hillary Clinton states that
she learned everything about Islam from 14 year-old Chelsea Clinton who got such knowledge from her
Islamic Studies class in Sidwell Friends School.
Almost every major figure of the last century, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, has a familial
relationship to this creme of the creme school.
Oh boy, that's a CIA/spy training school if I ever saw one. In looking for info on the school, I found this:
The article itself is nothing terribly new, but the excerpt at the end is pretty funny:
>One day, according to Payne, he was walking through the second-floor private kitchen when an agent
walked in behind him waiting to escort Chelsea to Sidwell Friends, the private school she attended in
northwest Washington. Chelsea was on the phone.
>“Oh, I’ve got to go,” she told her friend. “The pigs are here.”
>The agent turned “crimson,” Payne recalls. “Ms. Clinton, I want to tell you something. My job is to stand
between you, your family, and a bullet. Do you understand?”
>She replied: “Well, that’s what my mother and father call you.”
From the RNC:
Rules for Radicals basics:
In her thesis Clinton compares Alinsky to Martin Luther King:
"In the first chapter it was pointed out that Alinsky is regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous
socio/political philosophy. As such, he has been feared – just as Eugene Debs or Walt Whitman or Martin
Luther King has been feared, because each embraced the most radical of political faiths — democracy."
Let's listen to Alinsky himself:
"The Have-Nots of the world, swept up in their present upheavals and
desperately seeking revolutionary writings, can find such literature
only from the communists, both red and yellow. Here they can read
about tactics, maneuvers, strategy and principles of action in the
making of revolutions. Since in this literature all ideas are imbedded
in the language of communism, revolution appears synonymous with
"We have permitted a suicidal situation to unfold wherein revolution
and communism have become one. These pages are committed to
splitting this political atom, separating this exclusive identification of
communism with revolution."
>We need a communist revolution, but let's give it another name, because nobody likes communism.
LSC AND 1992
Here's an oldie, but maybe it has some people we overlooked. The Spectator wrote an expose on Hillary
in 1992 that might prove useful now.
>By the morning of June 5, four top Clinton campaign aides — David Wilhelm, George Stephanopoulos,
Eli Segal, and Stanley Greenberg — had had enough of Susan Thomases and Harold Ickes, two ultra-
liberal campaign aides who had fastened themselves to Hillary. According to a Clinton insider, the four
had concluded that “Susan Thomases is running this campaign with Harold Ickes through Hillary,” and
gave Bill Clinton this ultimatum: “Either [Thomases] goes, or we’re all going and she can run the
campaign.” Ever the Conciliator-in-Chief, Clinton managed to avert a mass resignation by the top echelon
of his campaign staff. “They papered all this over for the time being, but it won’t last,” says the insider.
>When the spunky, young Hillary Rodham left Park Ridge, Illinois, for college in 1965, she was by all
accounts a Goldwater conservative. Four years later, as Wellesley’s first-ever student commencement
speaker, she took her leave of the school in a valedictory cloud of disjointed sixties rhetoric. What
happened to Hillary at Wellesley? “What happens to everybody at Wellesley,” says her close college
friend, Eleanor "Eldie"Acheson (granddaughter of Truman Secretary of State Dean Acheson). “They
become right-thinking.”
Names to research.
>Susan Thomases
>Harold Ickes
>Eleanor "Eldie" Acheson
She also stated really weird things about children's rights.
>But Hillary’s advocacy of massive and immediate expansion of federal child-care programs was relative
tinkering compared to the radical redefinition of the relationship between state and family that she called
for as a champion of the “children’s rights” movement. In “Children Under the Law” (a 1974 essay
reprinted by the Harvard Educational Review in 1982) she proposed three measures for obtaining
“children’s rights”: (1) the immediate abolition of the legal status of minority and the reversal of the legal
presumption of the incompetence of minors in favor of a presumption of competence; (2)the extension to
children of all procedural rights guaranteed to adults; (3)the rejection of the legal presumption of the
identity of interests between parents and their children, and permission for competent children to assert
those independent interests in the courts. (In effect, when parents and their teenage kids don’t agree on
who’s the boss, a judge steps in.)
>I prefer that intervention into an ongoing family be limited to decisions that could have long-term and
possible irreparable effects if they were not resolved. Decisions about motherhood and abortion,
schooling, cosmetic surgery, treatment of venereal disease, or employment, and others where the
decision or lack of one will significantly affect the child’s future should not be made unilaterally by parents.
Children should have a right to be permitted to decide their own future if they are competent.
We might want to look into the LSC. It was a shady charity she headed back in the 1970s.
>In 1978, Hillary Rodham was appointed Chairman of the Board of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC)
by Jimmy Carter. Established by Congress as a federally funded, independent, private, non-profit, and
non-political corporation to provide legal assistance to the poor in non-criminal cases, the LSC
degenerated under Rodham into what the late Warren Brookes called “a $300 million liberal political
action committee,” rife with illegality. During her chairmanship and later tenure on the board, the LSC
published a political training manual showing “how community organizations and public interest groups
can win political power and resources,” a sequel to the earlier “Tactical Investigations of People’s
Struggles.” They even made a contribution to a mayoral campaign in Georgia, rationalizing it as “a project
to educate clients about their rights in the legislative process.”
>In January 1980, the LSC funneled taxpayer money into something called the Proposition 9 Task Force,
a campaign to coordinate the efforts of thirty LSC grant recipient groups and 500 attorneys in California to
defeat Proposition 9, a ballot initiative to cut state income taxes in half. The LSC is explicitly barred by its
charter from providing this type of assistance to defeat a state ballot initiative, and in a September 19,
1983 report, the Comptroller General of the United States (GAO) nailed the Rodham LSC to the wall.
"Ickes joined the Clinton White House on January 4, 1994, and would serve for three years as Deputy
White House Chief of Staff for Political Affairs and Policy.
Ickes would later surface at the center of the so-called "Teamstergate" scandal -- a complex money-
laundering scheme in which several high-level Democrat leaders and union bosses who were directly
implicated in the case mysteriously escaped prosecution. Among those major players were Service
Employees International Union (SEIU) head Andrew Stern; American Federation of State, County and
Municipal Employees (AFSCME) chief Gerald McEntee; Terry McAuliffe, who then headed the Clinton-
Gore reelection campaign; and Harold Ickes himself."
"Insiders have long noted Ickes’ special loyalty toward Hillary Clinton. The Boston Globe called him "a
special favorite of the president's wife." In the Clinton White House, Ickes quickly gravitated to Hillary's
end of the operation. He served initially as "health care czar," charged with rescuing the First Lady’s
floundering Health Security Act. Mrs. Clinton later placed Ickes in charge of a special unit within the White
House Counsel's office, dedicated to suppressing Clinton scandals. It operated, in effect, as a Counsel's
office within the Counsel's office. In his book The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, David Brock refers to
Ickes' special unit as the "Shadow Counsel's Office." Its operatives included Mark Fabiani, Chris Lehane
and Jane Sherburne. Ickes reported directly to Hillary Clinton on all matters related to the work of this
special unit.
Because so many of his duties involved damage control during Clinton scandals, Ickes wryly referred to
his role as "Director of Sanitation." "Whenever there was something that [Bill Clinton] thought required
ruthlessness or vengeance or sharp elbows and sharp knees or, frankly, skulduggery, he would give it to
Harold," former Clinton advisor Dick Morris told Vanity Fair in September 1997."
"Ickes also headed the Clintons’ fundraising apparatus, collecting record-breaking quantities of soft
money -- much of it through such means as labor racketeering; soliciting payoffs from U.S. businessmen
seeking inside access to overseas trade missions; and -- as Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II
document in their book Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton and Al Gore Compromised U.S. Security for
Chinese Cash -- cutting deals with Chinese intelligence agents eager to loosen up U.S. export controls on
military technology.
By 1996, federal investigators had begun zeroing in on Ickes' involvement in numerous Clinton scandals,
including Filegate (the illegal commandeering of more than a thousand secret FBI background files on
potential Clinton foes) and Chinagate (the selling of military secrets to Red China in exchange for
campaign contributions). Thus Ickes was becoming a liability to the Clinton White House; two months
after Bill Clinton's November 1996 reelection, the President fired him."
"Following Mrs. Clinton's successful election, Ickes played a central role in creating the Democrat Shadow
Party. After passage of the McCain-Feingold Act of March 27, 2002, Ickes helped put Shadow Party
architect George Soros together with activists Andrew Stern, Ellen R. Malcolm, Steven Rosenthal, Gina
Glantz, Cecile Richards, and other leftwing Democrats who were seeking ways to circumvent McCain-
Feingold's soft-money ban. Working closely with Soros, Ickes personally helped launch six of the seven
organizations that formed the Shadow Party’s core during the 2004 election, including America Coming
Together, America Votes, the Center for American Progress, Joint Victory Campaign 2004, the Media
Fund, and the Thunder Road Group."
Ickes lobbied for Supreme grp. shortly before it got busted for defrauding the Pentagon. 434 mil fine.
Swiss/UAE/Bahrain food supplier to military.
Perkins Coie are DNC lawyers from DNC leak. Lobbied for 13th regional corporation (Alaskan natives.)
Shortly after it became a "ghost corporation" and inquiries and freedom of info act r's blocked etc.
Stephen Orenstein:
Is linked via Harold Ickes and overcharging the US for supplies through Supreme Group UAE shell.
Do we have any info on what he did in Sudan? Liberia?
Is he still working with the RAF and Mongolia? Banned for 5 years from US contracts.
The press is suspiciously lean for such an influential international billionaire.
John Podesta is Hillary's Chief of Staff and Chairman of her campaign.
Official group site:
Open Secrets:
Muckety maps:
John D Podesta:
Anthony T Podesta:
Podesta Associates renamed Podesta Group.
Lobbied for Sberbank, Troika Dialog Group Ltd (Sberbank in the Caymans,) SBGB Cyprus Ltd.
West African Real Estate Holdings to Mr. Rademaker (State Department Arms Control and Homeland
Security). Coeue d'alenes Mines Corp (has uranium). National Mining Ass. Geothermal Exchange Org.
Even Trump has addressed the issue around Podesta:
We have confirmed terrorist support and terrorism funding banks, and have tied these organizations to
the Podesta brothers. John Podesta is the CHIEF OF STAFF FOR BILL CLINTON AND OBAMA'S
This is the entity that has the stake in Lagardere. It has confirmed terrorist financing ties with the following
bank, run by Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi and his sons Saleh, Sulaiman, Abdullah and Mohammed. We need to
check donors to see if any are donors,
Podestas were hired to lobby on behalf of banks, including the Qatar Fund Authority that got the largest
foreign influence in the company that bought the bataclan, which were shown to have ties to terrorism.
Qatar Authority is tied with the Arab bank that owns the Islami bank.
>Jordan's news agency says they have funded over 1/5th of Clinton's campaign this election
>Podesta Group talks to Jordanian news agency, Jordan news organization then reverses and says "they
were hacked"
>More “hack” claims
>Leading us to Podesta Group founder John Podesta, Center for American Progress chairman and Bill
Clinton’s Secretary of Staff
>DoJ launches probe
>Corrupt Ukrainian ties
>MILLIONS bagged out of Russian government connection
>He could be the thing that costs her the election
>Russian Gov Initiative gave millions to the Clintons
>Corruption will catch up with the Clintons
>Tie to the Panama Papers
>News archive on the Podesta Group
Tried to find financial reports - this is oddly sparse:
>If I told you that Democratic Party lobbyist Tony Podesta, whose brother John Podesta chairs Hillary
Clinton’s presidential campaign, is a registered foreign agent on the Saudi government’s payroll, you’d
probably think I was a Trump-thumping, conspiratorial nutcase. But it’s true.
FARA report, 2014
>Podesta Group, Inc. #5926
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 1000 West
Washington, DC 20001
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$266,261.35 for the six month period ending June 30, 2014
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$150,233.50 for the six month period ending June 30, 2014
Republic of India, Embassy
Nature of Services: U.S. Policy Consultant
>Finances: None Reported
Republic of Iraq
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$567,823.86 for the six month period ending June 30, 2014
Embassy of Japan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$90,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2014
Republic of Kosova (t)
Nature of Services: U.S. Policy Consultant
>Finances: None Reported
Republic of South Sudan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>Finances: None Reported
Federal Republic of Somalia
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$123,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2014
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$180,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2014
>Podesta Group, Inc. #5926
Embassy of Japan , JAPAN
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan , AZERBAIJAN
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , VIETNAM
Federal Republic of Somalia , SOMALI DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC
Hong Kong Trade Development Council , HONG KONG
Republic of India, Embassy , INDIA
Republic of Iraq , IRAQ
Republic of Kosova , KOSOVA (t)
Republic of South Sudan , REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN
>Podesta Group, Inc
Amsler, Andrew
Anderson, John
Antelo, Cristina
Baierlein, Daniele
Billings, Erin
Bohlen, Will
Brathwaite, Paul
Dyer, James
Gerard, Randall
Hardin, Trey
Hatch, Erin (t)
Holly, Josh
Kauders, Andrew
Kirsch, Steven
Lawrence-Vaca, Jessica
Lewin, Andrew
Moore, Riley
Morgenstern, David
Olson, Zach
Podesta, Anthony T.
Podesta, Heather M. - Heather Podesta + Partners, LLC - not sure if related
Rademaker, Stephen
Ramirez, Oscar
Rought, Cathy (t)
Tavlarides, Mark
>Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A. #5976
12505 Park Potomac Avenue
Sixth Floor
Potomac, MD 20854-6803
71 Federal Republic of Somalia
Nature of Services: Public Relations
The registrant advised the Federal Republic of Somalia in conjunction with the Federal Republic of
Somalia's retention of the Podesta Group to coordinate public relations outreach.
>Somalia's retention of the Podesta Group
>$123,580.00 for the six month period ending March 31, 2014
FARA report, end of 2014
>Podesta Group, Inc. #5926
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 1000 West
Washington, DC 20001
Transformation and Continuity (through Roberti White, LLC) (t)
Nature of Services: Public Relations
The registrant provided public relations support to the foreign principal on developments during
and after elections in Afghanistan
>$50,000.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$366,404.32 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$149,778.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Republic of India, Embassy
Nature of Services: U.S. Policy Consultant
>$291,665.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Republic of Iraq
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$405,827.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Embassy of Japan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$90,000.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Republic of Korea Embassy (through Porter Gordon Silver Communications, LLC) (t)
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$21,200.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Republic of Korea, Embassy
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$221,980.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Republic of South Sudan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$119,915.33 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Federal Media Partner (t)
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$199,896.40 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
Federal Republic of Somalia (t)
Nature of Services: Lobbying
Activities: None Reported
>Finances: None Reported
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$180,000.00 for the six month period ending December 31, 2014
>Podesta Group, Inc. #5926
Embassy of Japan, JAPAN
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, AZERBAIJAN
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, VIETNAM
Federal Media Partner, ROMANIA (t)
Federal Republic of Somalia, SOMALI DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC
Hong Kong Trade Development Council, HONG KONG
Republic of India, Embassy, INDIA
Republic of Iraq, IRAQ
Republic of Korea Embassy (through Porter Gordon Silver Communications, LLC), KOREA, REPUBLIC
OF (t)
Republic of Korea, Embassy, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
Republic of South Sudan, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN
Transformation and Continuity (through Roberti White, LLC), AFGHANISTAN (t)
>Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A. #5976
12505 Park Potomac Avenue
Sixth Floor
Potomac, MD
20854-6803 71
Federal Republic of Somalia (t)
Nature of Services: Public Relations The registrant advised the Federal Republic of Somalia in
conjunction with the Federal Republic of Somalia's retention of the Podesta Group to coordinate public
relations outreach.
>Finances: None Reported
>Roberti + White, LLC #6065
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 250
Washington, DC 20004
Republic of Cyprus through Podesta Group (t)
Nature of Services: U.S. Policy Consultant
Activities: None Reported
>Finances: None Reported
FARA report, 2015
>Podesta Group, Inc. #5926
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 1000 West
Washington, DC 20001
Transformation and Continuity through Roberti White, LLC
Nature of Services: Lobbying
The registrant provided political consulting and public relations services to the foreign principal
on developments during and after the elections in Afghanistan.
>$200,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$411,594.95 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$164,778.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Republic of India, Embassy
Nature of Services: U.S. Policy Consultant
>$349,998.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Republic of Iraq
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$482,762.85 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Embassy of Japan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$77,500.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Republic of Kenya
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$90,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Republic of Korea, Embassy
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$36,990.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$210,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Republic of South Sudan
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$120,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Nature of Services: Lobbying
>$180,000.00 for the six month period ending June 30, 2015
>Podesta Group, Inc. #5926
Embassy of Japan , JAPAN
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan , AZERBAIJAN
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , VIETNAM
Hong Kong Trade Development Council , HONG KONG
Republic of India, Embassy , INDIA
Republic of Iraq , IRAQ
Republic of Kenya , KENYA
Republic of Korea, Embassy , KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
Republic of South Sudan , REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN
Republic of the Union of Myanmar , MYANMAR (BURMA)
Transformation and Continuity through Roberti White, LLC , AFGHANISTAN
FULL FARA DOC LIST (refresh the page if it says it can’t be reached - it can)
Any of their databases are searchable:
** primary is most important, as well as foreign principal: image
>click any link in the list
>search “Podesta”
The woman (Kimberley Fritts) signing off on many of these reports is NOT in the FARA database
whatsoever, as far as I can tell. No matter how much searching, I can’t find her.
She does exist:
However, Anthony Podesta signed off on a few reports, notably from agreements over Albania.
Anthony Podesta’s short forms:
Arab Republic of Egypt
Hong Kong Trade Development Council,200:P200_REG_NUMBER,P200_DO
C_TYPE,P200_COUNTRY:5926,Exhibit%20AB,INDIA (blurry)
National Security Council of Georgia
Romania (Federal Media Partner - ?)
Saudi Royal Court,200:P200_REG_NUMBER,P200_DO
Socialist Republic of Vietnam,200:P200_REG_NUMBER,P200_DO
South Sudan
Swiss Confederation
Transformation and Continuity (Virginia)
More on Transformation and Continuity:
Afghanistan dealings:
>Roberti-White LLC operates as a government relations services firm. The Company provides clients with
policy analysis and development, legislative and regulatory issues monitoring, and coalition and
association management services. Roberti-White offers multiple offices in the United States.
>To date we have invested circa $20m in this initiative with the predominant aim of building sustainable,
profit making businesses whilst enabling an environment that supports every child’s full development.
>Currently our focus is solely on Rwanda where in partnership and with guidance from the Rwandan
people and its Government we aim to deliver import substitution and export enablement. In essence we
aim to retain as much value in-country and to distribute the benefits of that retention throughout the
supply chain maximising returns to farmers providing crops to the businesses.
>Even more telling, Pentagon documents obtained by Bamford for his Rolling Stone story revealed that
Rendon had been given access to the NSA’s top-secret surveillance data to carry out its work on behalf
of the Pentagon. TRG, the DoD documents said, is authorized “to research and analyze information
classified up to Top Secret/SCI/SI/TK/G/HCS.”
>‘SCI’ means Sensitive Compartmented Information, data classified higher than Top Secret, while ‘SI’
designates Special Intelligence, that is, highly secret communications intercepted by the NSA. ‘TK’ refers
to Talent/Keyhole, code names for imagery from reconnaissance aircraft and spy satellites, while ‘G’
stands for Gamma, encompassing communications intercepts from extremely sensitive sources, and
‘HCS’ means Humint Control System—information from a very sensitive human source.
>In Bamford’s words: “Taken together, the acronyms indicate that Rendon enjoys access to the most
secret information from all three forms of intelligence collection: eavesdropping, imaging satellites and
human spies.”
Seems like Hillary got the top secret docs from someone involved, look into The Rendon Group and
Highlands Forum.
> $6 billion in contract mismanagement, fraud and incompetence that happened under her watch at the
Department of State.
Audit document that uncovered mismanagement
>State Department officials lost contract files and maintained incomplete contract files, thus exposing
taxpayers “to substantial financial losses.” Federal law and State Department policy requires maintenance
of all files required to document a government procurement from start to finish.
Hiding all the corruption, no doubt
>the IG alert said such failures create “conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt
to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file. It impairs the ability
of the department to take effective and timely action to protect its interests and, in turn, those of
taxpayers. Finally, it limits the ability of the government to punish and deter criminal behavior.”
Modifications and task orders were awarded to a company owned by the spouse of the State Department
official managing the $52 million contract.
The contract’s file was missing documentation reflecting those modifications and task orders, an IG
investigation uncovered.
A State Department contracting officer on a contract valued at $100 million falsified technical review
information and provided the contractor with advance pricing information.
Forty-eight of the 82 files the IG reviewed related to $2.1 billion in contracts supporting the U.S. mission in
Iraq lacked required documentation.
The State Department got in trouble for deleting video and transcript mentioning a trip that Clinton took to
Iran (at that time visit to Iran were not permitted due to sanctions - was before talks were "officially"
During this time, Clinton's plane crashed at Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport . I think this is what caused
her concussion (not the stomach flu).
What's also worth noting: this plane also had on board one of the Seal Team Six members, who died in
that plane crash. Remember how all those "heroes" except the hagiographer that put out the book with
the official story, just coincidentally happened to die months after Osama's death was announced?
So the trip made to Iran was illegal, one of the Seal Team Six dudes dies during this time, the story has
obviously been scrubbed from the media and state dept. records. And Hillary was Secretary of State
during this time.
(to those unfamiliar the No Agenda Show is a media deconstruction podcast. They have no advertisers or
underwriters and are completely listener supported. Great source of information)
>A new Foreign Military Intelligence (GRU) [LINK IN ARTICLE] report circulating in the Kremlin today is
saying that United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was injured, and a top US Navy Seal
Commander killed when their C-12 Huron military passenger and transport aircraft crash landed nearly 3
weeks ago in the Iranian city of Ahvaz near the Iraqi border.
>GRU report confirms that the aircraft is still in their possession in Ahvaz, but will only admit that the
plane was “forced to land because of technical problems.”
>The US Navy Seal member reported killed in this bizarre incident... was identified as Commander Job
W. Price who as a leader of this highly specialized American Special Forces unit protects high-ranking
diplomats traveling in Middle Eastern and Asian combat zones.
>Curiously, US media reports on Commander Price’s death say it being investigated as a possible suicide
as he died from what the American Defense Department describes as “a non-combat related injury.”
>Equally as curious, US media reports state that Secretary Clinton will return to work next week after her
having suffered what they describe as a “nasty bout with stomach flu” and a “concussion” which have
kept her missing from public view the past three weeks.
>Within minutes of leaving Bahrain airspace... the C-12 Huron carrying Secretary Clinton and her US
Navy Seal protectors... deviated from their assigned flight path heading, instead, directly towards Iran’s
International Airport where, coincidentally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously
landed on an “unscheduled” visit.
>Within seconds of the C-12 Huron crashing, this report continues, Iranian emergency and security
personal responded freeing the victims, including Secretary Clinton who was reportedly unconscious and
“bleeding profusely.”
>On the fourth anniversary of the worst one-day loss of military life in the war on terror, families of the
dead say they are aghast that the government will not honor basic requests under the Freedom of
Information Act.
>“It has now been four years since Extortion 17 was shot down,” said Doug Hamburger, whose Army
aircrew son, Patrick, was one of the 30 Americans killed. “I find it quite disturbing that the government is
not willing to give us the answers we deserve. I find it very irritating that we will not question the Afghans
about their knowledge of what took place that night.”
>At the end of Dec. 2012, several sources from many countries, including the AP, Reuters, EU Times,
and many others reported that Hillary was injured in a plane crash in Iran. That same crash killed US
Navy Seal Commander Job W. Price yet the State Dept. claimed he died of a non-combat related injury in
Afghanistan and were investigating a possible suicide. All of the sources speculated that she was on a
secret mission to Iran to possibly stall a ME war or to talk about Iran's nuclear bomb program.
>The inevitable Hillary is vulnerable due to her lack of credibility. This is a common theme with her and
her husband and won't end for good reason; she can't be trusted as a CEO that leads by example or
"plays by the same rules"*. So if someone might be a serial liar, isn't it fair game to question her past
actions? The fact is, she owes Americans the truth if she expects to be the next president. Some may
ask, at this point, what difference does it make?
>Is Iran holding this secret over America's head as a hostage in the nuclear talks?
>Is this why Hillary deleted all her emails so we don't know the truth about her trip and her involvement in
secret Iran talks?
>Why did the NYT report she was home alone during her accident, yet Hillary said the email server is
guarded by her and Bill's Secret Service protection at all times?
>Is she healthy enough to be president?
Well, here is something sketchy. We found some info regarding the unauthorized (ILLEGAL) and secret
trip that Hillary made to Iran as secretary of State. This trip involved a plane crash in Iran - a sudden
emergency landing at the International Airport in Iran, where Hillary was injured and a former SEAL team
6 member died (whose death was reported a SUICIDE btw). This trip is likely where Hillary developed her
blood clot, necessity for speech rehabilitation, and concussion (not a stomach flu as the reports said).
Anyway, I digress from my original point...
Recently, two people have died from Tesla's self driving cars. One of them (you guessed it) was a former
SEAL Team 6 member Joshua D. Brown.
>He was killed May 7 in Williston, Florida, when his car's cameras failed to distinguish the white side of a
turning tractor-trailer from a brightly lit sky and didn't automatically activate the brakes, according to
statements by the government and the automaker. Brown didn't take control and brake, either.
>Brown's family said in a statement that it wanted to help the government and Tesla so that "information
learned from this tragedy will trigger further innovation which enhances the safety of everyone on the
roadways." Brown served more than 11 years in the Navy, including as a master explosive ordnance
disposal technician with Naval Special Warfare Development Group, commonly known as SEAL Team 6,
according to his biography on the website of the company he founded, Nexu Innovations.
>"While deployed numerous times overseas, in both warfighting and non-combatant roles with SOF
(Special Operations Forces) units, it was my pleasure to work with the most intelligent, innovative, and
independent patriots I have ever met," it states.
>Proposition 9 Task Force
>New World Foundation
>Wal-Mart when she was on the board.
Where the $6 Billion dollars she "lost" from the State Department went. All of these matter. Some of the
organizations are old, but we might be able to find info they haven't sanitized.
Child soldiers approved by Obama and Clinton
>Rebel forces in southern Sudan began using child soldiers long before seceding from Sudan in 2011.
The United States, on the other hand, passed a law in 2008 that banned providing military assistance to
nations that use child soldiers. The law was called the Child Soldiers Prevention Act, or CSPA, but after
South Sudan’s independence, the White House issued annual waivers that kept aid flowing to the world’s
newest nation despite its use of child soldiers. President Obama stated in 2012 that the waiver that year
was in “the national interest of the United States.”
>Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state when the first waivers were issued, was apparently never
asked to comment on them, and the State Department never provided any explanations about its role.
Clinton had spent years vowing to defend the rights of children worldwide — in 2012, she railed against
“modern-day slavery” in the introduction to a State Department report on human trafficking that took aim
at the “unlawful recruitment or use of children” by armed forces. Yet she does not appear to have publicly
explained her role in allowing South Sudan and other countries to receive military support despite using
children as combatants. In fact, the State Department played a central role in issuing the controversial
waivers, according to two sources, including a former State Department official.
BOWE BERGDAHL - See also QATAR, information overlaps (aka, sorry for the reposts)
Relevant pastebin:
So apparently there's really important information that needs to be dug up regarding BOWE BERGDAHL
and bad stuff that happened in india and pakistan which is somehow related to him.
>Look at the timeline for Bergdahl, and for everything that happened in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India
during that timeline.
>Look up just bad things in India and Pakistan that would likely cause them to retaliate if things got bad.
Isn't he the guy that got kidnapped?
For more information on Benghazi, please read this:
>In July 2013, the Joint Chiefs found a more direct way of demonstrating to Assad how serious they were
about helping him. By then the CIA-sponsored secret flow of arms from Libya to the Syrian opposition, via
Turkey, had been underway for more than a year (it started sometime after Gaddafi’s death on 20
October 2011).[*] The operation was largely run out of a covert CIA annex in Benghazi, with State
Department acquiescence. On 11 September 2012 the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens,
was killed during an anti-American demonstration that led to the burning down of the US consulate in
Benghazi; reporters for the Washington Post found copies of the ambassador’s schedule in the building’s
ruins. It showed that on 10 September Stevens had met with the chief of the CIA’s annex operation. The
next day, shortly before he died, he met a representative from Al-Marfa Shipping and Maritime Services,
a Tripoli-based company which, the JCS adviser said, was known by the Joint Staff to be handling the
weapons shipments.
Clinton Connections
>When Republican members of Congress learned in November 2011 that the Obama administration was
contemplating a swap — Taliban terrorists for captured ArmySgt. Bowe Bergdahl — they wrote to then-
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of their fears.
>Mrs. Clinton wrote back that they had nothing to worry about. The White House would follow the law
requiring a 30-day heads-up.
>“I want to make clear that any transfer from Guantanamo will be undertaken after consultation with
Congress and pursuant to all legal requirements for transfers, including those spelled out in the FY2012
[National] Defense Authorization Act,” she said of the law signed by President Obama that December
requiring that he notify Congress ahead of time.
>Fewer than three years later, Mr. Obama freed five hard-line Taliban commanders from the prison at
Guantanamo Bay. As the five left Cuba, U.S. specials forces troops rendezvoused with the Taliban on
May 31, 2014, at a remote location in Afghanistan to pick up Sgt. Bergdahl. The Army would later charge
him with desertion.
>The White House neither consulted with Congress nor gave proper notification for the “illegal transfer.”
>The Clinton letter remains secret to this day. The committee could only disclose the sentence that ended
up in a nonclassified letter from then-Sen. Saxby Chambliss, who led the intelligence committee and is
one of those who sounded the alarm on any swap back in 2011.
>Noori and four other prisoners who were known as the Taliban five were released from Guantanamo
Bay and flown by U.S. military C-17 aircraft into Qatar on June 1, 2014 where they were set free. Their
release was in exchange for that of U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl who had been captured in Afghanistan
five years earlier. The exchange was brokered by the Emir of Qatar. Noori, and the others, were required
to stay in Qatar for 12 months as a condition of their release
>Six soldiers died on missions seeking intelligence on the whereabouts of or actively intending to rescue
Bergdahl: Private First Class Morris Walker, Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss,
Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, Private First Class Matthew Martinek, and Staff Sergeant Michael
>Due to resources being diverted to find Bergdahl, the closing of Combat Outpost Keating was delayed,
which may have led to eight American soldiers being killed on October 3, 2009, after 300 Taliban
insurgents overran the base.
Vet who served with Bergdahl :
>Specialist Cody Full had another reason, saying that her treatment of the Benghazi victims’ families
demonstrated her duplicity.
>“The reason why I’m voting for Donald Trump is because Hillary Clinton came out and told the mothers
and widows of the Benghazi victims that their sons were killed over a video.
>Well, when those same mothers and widows came out and said that’s what Hillary told them, she
proceeded to call them a liar.
>If a person is willing to call a Gold Star mother or a widow a liar, there is no lie she will not tell the
American public.”
>Full also said that electing Clinton would bring more of “the same kind of bad deals, as opposed to the
Trump Administration, who I think values veterans and the VA more than Hillary would.”
>how specialized were they? What did we give them back?
> Abdul Haq Wasiq was deputy chief of the Taliban regime's intelligence service.
> Norullah Noori served as the governor of Balkh and Laghman provinces in the Taliban regime. He was
a senior Taliban military commander in Mazar-e-Sharif.
>Mohammad Fazl served as Chief of Staff of the Taliban Army.
> Khairullah Khairkhwa was the interior minister under the Taliban. He helped found the Taliban in 1994.
He was directly associated with Osama Bin Laden and Taliban Supreme Commander Mullah Muhammad
Omar. Likely involved with militant training, he was also "a narcotics trafficker and probably used his
position and influences to become one of the major opium drug lords in Western Afghanistan", and
probably used profits from drugs to promote Taliban interests.
>Mohammad Nabi Omari was the Taliban's chief of communications. Nabi had "operational ties to Anti-
Coalition Militia (ACM) groups including al-Qaida, the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, and the Hezb-e-
Islami Gulbuddin". He also "maintained weapons caches and facilitated the smuggling of fighters and
Bergdahl was a big deal
>At the time Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was killed under suspicious circumstances, he had
recently written a huge exposé on Bowe Bergdahl, revealing that he had deserted his unit and actively
sought out the Taliban. Hastings had also revealed Bergdahl’s anti-American sentiments, publishing the
emails to his father that so shocked America: “I am ashamed to be an American…The horror that is
America is disgusting.”
>After this (the expose), the Obama administration actively sought to keep the lid on Robert Bergdahl and
Michael Hastings’ reporting of Bowe Bergdahl, as secret FBI documents now reveal.
>A 22-page secret FBI report dated June 11, 2012, obtained by investigative reporter Jason Leopold,
shows that both Hastings and former Afghanistan war veteran and co-writer Matt Farwell were under an
intense FBI investigation in early 2012. The document is highly redacted; but it appears Hastings and
Farwell were under direct FBI surveillance, including when they met with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents in
>Keep in mind, at the time of Hastings’ death, the FBI had denied they had ever investigated Hastings,
despite Hastings sending out a frantic email hours before his death with the subject line: “FBI
Investigation,” stating that he was being investigated. Also included in the body of the email was a
reference to a “big story” he was working on. This “big story” turned out not to be about Bergdahl, but an
investigation of then-terrorism czar—now CIA head—John Brennan, per Hastings’ widow. After Hastings’
death, all of his notes and documents on Brennan were suppressed—and this “big story” never appeared
in Rolling Stone.
More on the Taliban:
Qatar’s role in the Obama administration’s negotiations to swap Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in May 2014 for five
senior Taliban commanders is well known, and President Obama spoke with both Qatar’s Emir and
Father Emir in the week before Bergdahl’s release.58 What is not so well known is that “a private $10
million cash ransom deal was in the works” through other channels before that swap was implemented,
according to BuzzFeed News’ Aram Roston, although it may not have involved the Qatari or American
governments. Roston also reported that the Taliban previously demanded $25 million and $15 million
ransoms earlier in the process, along with the request for a much larger prisoner release involving fifty
individuals.59 Rep. Duncan Hunter (R, CA) wrote a letter to the Pentagon later that year raising concerns
that some money in Bergdahl’s case may still have been disbursed: “I recognize the reluctance to
describe a payment as ransom, but regardless of how the transaction is described, it has been brought to
my attention that a payment was made by an Afghan intermediary who ‘disappeared’ with the money and
failed to facilitate Bergdahl’s release,” adding that “the payment was made in January-February 2014,
according to sources, through Joint Special Operations Command.”60
>Just days after U.S. Army Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl went missing from his base in Afghanistan
in 2009, the men in his platoon were ordered to sign papers vowing to never discuss what he did or their
efforts to track him down. Many of those men were already exhausted, searching endlessly in the hot dust
and misery of the Afghan desert for a guy they knew had chosen to walk away. More than six months
later, long after Army officials learned Bergdahl’s captors had smuggled him into Pakistan, commanders
still had a sweeping gag order on thousands of troops in the battlefield. Some were told they could not fly
home until they signed the nondisclosure agreements.
>And even now, six years later, as America’s most notorious prisoner of war faces an August court-
martial that could put him in prison for the rest of his life, the Army is still hiding the truth, refusing to let
the public see critical documents in the case.
>The Pentagon finished its formal investigation, known as an Army Regulation 15-6, more than a year
ago. That report, led by a two-star general and a team of 22 investigators, includes interviews with
roughly 57 people, including Bergdahl. In 371 pages of sworn testimony, he told General Kenneth Dahl
what he did, why he did it and what he endured during his five years as a hostage of the militant Haqqani
network. The 15-6 is not classified, and at a September preliminary hearing on the case, Dahl testified
that he does not oppose its release. But the Army won’t budge.
August 30th, 2011
>Featured prominently in the talks was the whereabouts and eventual release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe
Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, who was captured more than two years ago in eastern Afghanistan, according
to a senior Western diplomat in the region and a childhood friend of the Taliban negotiator, Tayyab Aga.
>The U.S. negotiators asked Aga what could be done to gain Bergdahl's release. The discussion did not
get into specifics but Aga discussed the release of Afghan prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and in
Afghanistan at Bagram Air Field.
>Published reports about the clandestine meetings ended the talks abruptly, and sent Aga into hiding.
>At the time of the leak, Washington had already offered small concessions as "confidence-building
measures," a former senior U.S. official said. They were aimed at developing a rapport and moving talks
forward, said a current U.S. official on condition he not be identified because of the sensitivity of the topic.
>A member of that High Peace Council, who asked not to be identified by name so he could talk candidly,
told the AP that the leaking of the talks reveals the level of mistrust and the lack of coordination among
the key players in any eventual peace deal.
>The United States, for example, has also held secret talks [who?] with Ibrahim Haqqani, the brother of
Jalaluddin Haqqani, who heads the notorious Haqqani network considered by U.S. and NATO troops in
Afghanistan to be their biggest threat.
>A month ago, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. John Kerry and Pakistan's
Army chief of staff Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani met for a marathon eight hours in a Gulf country. Peace
negotiations with Afghanistan's insurgents featured prominently, said both Pakistani and U.S. officials
who would not be identified by name because of the secret nature of the meeting.
>This “big story” turned out not to be about Bergdahl, but an investigation of then-terrorism czar—now
CIA head—John Brennan, per Hastings’ widow. After Hastings’ death, all of his notes and documents on
Brennan were suppressed—and this “big story” never appeared in Rolling Stone.
Bergdahl is back in the news and in court.
The gov't has extended his duty until 2022 instead of giving him the option of re-enlisting or leaving the
military in 2014. WTF
Bill gave a speech in Miami Florida on February 7, 2002 to a group called WIZO, some women's Zionist
organization. Afterward, he was picked up by Epstein and flown back to New York, but on January 31,
2002, Bill gave a speech to a group called The Educational Institute of the AHLA - the American Hotel
and Lodging Association. The Clinton's financials list the address of the AHLA as being in Santa Barbara,
But there's just one problem with that: the AHLA's HQ is in Orlando, FL.
According to the AHLA's website, they started in Lansing, MI, then moved HQ to Orlando, and the office
of educational sales, publication, and fulfillment stayed in Lansing. (
So why would Bill be giving them a speech in Santa Barbara? He had to have been in Orlando for the
speech, but why didn't he say so on his financials?
According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited children, a 13 year old girl named Uma
Sewpersaud went missing on January 28, 2002, from ORLANDO, FLORIDA.
That is 3 days before Bill's speech to the AHLA. About a week later, Bill shows up on Jeffrey Epstein's
flight logs headed to an airport in Westchester County New York, near Bill and Hillary's home. Also
appearing on the flight log are 4 secret service agents, Jeff, the initials GM,
SK, and AP, as well as "2 males and 1 female." (
All 3 of them disappear from the flight log, as do Bill Clinton and the secret service agents, when they
land in Westchester. Haven't found anything on 2 males, yet.
Here's another one. Bill flew with Epstein on May 22, 2002, this time with no secret service agents.
He was picked up at Atsugi Naval Air Facility, along with Doug Bands - Clinton's former personal
assisstant - Pete Rathgeb - at the time Head of Risk Controlling & Credit Rating at Siemens Financial
Services, currently CFO of Siemens Bank
- Ghislaine Maxwell, and Sarah Kellen - both madames - and two girls - Janice and Jessica.
They traveled all over the place.
On May 22, they left Atsugi Naval Air Facility and arrived at Hong Kong on the 23rd. From Hong Kong
they went to Shenzhen, China and then to Singapore, all on the 23rd. They stayed in Singapore for two
days before leaving for Bangkok, Thailand on the 25th (I wonder what there is to do there). That same
day they left Bangkok and went to Brunei where Bill, Doug, Jessica, Janice, et al, were dropped off. Jeff
stayed until May 27th, and then he and the madames.
According to Pagesix, before the end of 2002, the Sultan of Brunei donated between $1 and $5 million to
the Clinton Foundation.
Bill Clinton was really big on handicapping the US intelligence agencies during his presidency as well. A
lot of this is what allowed AQ/OBL to get as big as they did, and possibly part of what led 9/11 to be
easier for them to pull off. And a lot of stuff recently as indicated Saudi government directly funded the
The William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park is the presidential library of Bill Clinton, the 42nd
President of the United States (1993–2001). It is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and includes the Clinton
Presidential Library, the offices of the Clinton Foundation, and the University of Arkansas Clinton School
of Public Service.
The library has been criticized for not including much information about the pardons Clinton issued just
before leaving office.
Clinton pardoned former financier Marc Rich, a fugitive who had been charged with multiple counts of
racketeering, wire fraud, income tax evasion, and illegal oil trading
Rich's wife, Denise Eisenberg Rich, was reported to have made three donations totaling nearly
$1,000,000 to Clinton's presidential library fund, as well as multiple other contributions to the Democratic
Party and Hillary Rodham Clinton's senate campaign. It was later found that she only made three
payments totaling $450,000 to the fundraiser.
Clinton has also been criticized for the library's lack of coverage regarding various scandals during his
presidency, including the Whitewater scandal.
Clinton Foundation Deceived IRS On Tax Exemption From The Start.
>Clinton Foundation officials repeatedly skirted or ignored federal laws and regulations while converting
the non-profit from its tax-exempt purpose of building a presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas, into a
$2 billion global machine selling political influence and access on an unprecedented scale, according to
documents reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.
"Bill Clinton's early days in the business of tax-exempt business.
Interesting letter and interview of a lawyer in Ohio. Links:
While some of the letters are a bit conspiratorial, it does bring leads to plenty of names.
1)Karl Rove- Why would he help a democrat? His Super pac is Crossroads america.
Lets look at their donors this year.
One million from Stephens Inc?! Jackson T Stephens does show up in the list of donors for Clinton
Foundation(500k-1mill) An investment banking firm out of Arkansas. The Stephens family was integral in
funding Bill Clinton’s first campaign.
Crossroads America gave to Rubio's campaign, no other presidential donations. Rubio was out of race by
the time Ohio came along, seems to be where Rove has been able to have direct access to voter fraud.
This was only time Kasich won
2) History of SmarTech
Hired in Ohio to provide an election server.
3) R doug lewis is executive director of Election Center and a mentor to Karl Rove . From Sourcewatch
"Critics of the organization contend that it acts as a front group for e-voting machine vendors."
Repost of the mysterious facebook post:
Dear Messrs. President Obama & Vice President Biden:
Connection to former Filipino president Joseph Estrada?
Huma Abedin Timeline
1976 - Born in Michigan
1978 - Moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
1994 - Returned to US @ George Washington University
1996 - Interned for Hillary Clinton @ White House
1997 to 1999 - Was an executive board member @ GWU's Muslim Student Association
2000 - Full time HRC personal aid
2009 - Became an employee of CF and Teneo
2012 - Started her own private consulting firm 11 days before leaving the state department; Zain
Endeavors, LLC
2013 - Left state department
Noteworthy: Starting in 2001 Anwar al-Awlaki was the Muslim chaplain at GWU's Muslim Student
Association. He was the spiritual leader for some of the 9/11 hijackers. He had personal contact with the
Fort Hood shooter. He was killed in 2011 in a Yemen drone strike (the one that caused the controversy of
targeting an American citizen)
Another chaplain at GWU's MSA (from at least October 1999 through April 2002) was Mohamed Omeish,
who headed the International Islamic Relief Organization, which has been tied to the funding of al Qaeda.
Omeish's brother, Esam, headed the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Brotherhood's quasi-official
branch in the United States. Both Omeish brothers were closely associated with Abdurahman Alamoudi,
who would later be convicted and incarcerated on terrorism charges."
(IMPORTANT) Pretty large paper on her:
-married to Anthony Weiner, NYC politician, critics have attacked Trump for describing Weiner as a
“perv”, Weiner was caught up in the sexting scandal under Carlos Danger, Weiner resigned from
Congress on June 23, 2011.
-Abedin has served as vice chairwoman for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign for president, & continues in
her role as personal assistant to Clinton, currently #3 position. Republican presidential candidate Donald
Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, Abedin wrote an open letter to Clinton
supporters calling herself "a proud Muslim" & criticized Trump's plan as "literally (writing) racism into our
law books." Worked at a journal that promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology, founded by one top al-
Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef ran the Rabita Trust, foreign terrorist organization under
American law. Ms. Abedin & Naseef overlapped at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA) for at
least 7yrs.
-Syed Zainul Abedin, her father (died 1993), Huma was two they moved to Saudi Arabia. According to
Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, now a peace activist, writes, “The Abedins
for decades were actually serving a foreign entity, the government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic
Affairs, and not American Democracy as President Obama stated.”
-Saleha Mahmood Abedin, her mother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s female division the
“Muslim Sisterhood” Hillary's aide's mom is law professor in Jeddah Saudi Arabia
more info on mom gold mine wants
strict sharia
-Abedin family business, the journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, related to Institute of Muslim Minority
Affairs. The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs is an organization founded in Saudi Arabia by al Qaeda
financier Abdullah Omar Naseef. Huma served as an assistant editor for 12 years.
image from the .pdf:
Huma Abedin and connections to terrorist orgs
State department issued a subpoena to CF in Fall of 2015, asked for records "related to Huma Abedin,
longtime Clinton aide who for six months in 2012 was employed simultaneously by the State Department,
the foundation, Clinton's personal office, and a private consulting firm with ties to the Clintons."
Huma was involved in simultaneous employment with the State Department, the CF, Clinton's personal
office and a consulting firm close to the Clinton's. Seems really strange that someone would hold 4 jobs at
once, no? Could be wrong but I think Huma's involvement goes much deeper than we thought.
Abedin was granted "special employee" status at state dept. with Hillary so that she could simultaneously
retain a position with, of all orgs, Teneo (See sections on Teneo).
>Huma had access to classified info and worked with Teneo and the foundation
>The whole company is just CEOs looking for influence
>Teneo works with FIFA which we all know how corrupt that is
Now she started her own company to shield her while she started working with these groups right after
leaving Clinton’s personal staff:
Huma's Teneo ties are widely documented, this from of all places Vanity Fair for example -
>The next step was to sign off on Abedin’s 2012 request to become a “special government employee,” or
S.G.E., at the State Department. This would allow her to continue to get paid while working from home, in
New York City, as a consultant with expertise that no other person could supply on a “myriad of policy,
administrative and logistical issues,” according to her application for S.G.E. status. At the same time she
could care for her new baby son, Jordan, born on December 21, 2011. She became an S.G.E. in early
June 2012 and was paid $62.06 per hour.
>By then, Abedin was also acting as a consultant to Teneo Holdings, a global strategic-consulting and
investment-banking firm co-founded by her old friend Douglas Band, who did the same thing for Bill
Clinton that she did for Hillary. For the seven months she worked at Teneo, she was paid $105,000.
More information:
Shows her as a member of the Muslim Student Association, the Muslim Brotherhood’s North American
Student Arm.
>In it, al-Noman provided a remarkably detailed description of the history and mission of the Muslim
Brotherhood in America, beginning with the establishment of the first front groups, such as the MSA, and
proceeding according to the Ikhwan Bylaws to expand the network in a methodical, organized
> Annual Report of the Board of Trustees, which unequivocally show that Hassan Abedin—Huma’s
brother—held a fellowship for several years under the supervision of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual head
and its international liaison Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, along with Abdullah Omar Naseef, the founder of
“Rabita Trust”, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity by the U.S. Naseef has been the Chairman
of the Board and Qaradawi a Board member
>Courtesy of Internet Archives, we were able to learn that Huma Abedin served as an Assistant Editor
with IMMA from at least December 2, 2002—September 24, 2008. Her name fails to appear on the
IMMA website some time before February 14, 2009. Presumably, Abedin left IMMA to accept her
current position as Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton.
On Huma, have direct evidence that her and her immediate family are directly tied to the Muslim
Brotherhood and the Saudi government and have been since the beginning.
Huma, her brother and her mother were directly employed and associated with Saudi government officials
and organizations indicted in terrorism funding schemes.
Was able to find the following alternate address listed:
254 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010
Huma M Abedin
Previous locations
922 24th St NW Apt 8 Washington, DC
254 Park Ave S Apt 12a New York, NY
20 Walnut Dr Pine Brook, NJ
Also random stuff on ?tax evasion.
Random donation of $550 lol
Letter to Secretary of State Kerry suspecting Huma was selling secrets for money.
Actions have been taken to purge our govt agencies & FBI guidebooks of terms linked to radical islam, or
even islam.
Read this PDF from Judicial Watch, provides a great amount of useful info for us to find intersections and
connect dots etc
Huma worked for a radical muslim journal for a decade:
>Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff
to the first female US president, for a decade edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s
rights and blamed the US for 9/11.
>One of Clinton’s biggest accomplishments listed on her campaign Web site is her support for the UN
women’s conference in Bejing in 1995, when she famously declared, “Women’s rights are human rights.”
Her speech has emerged as a focal point of her campaign, featured prominently in last month’s Morgan
Freeman-narrated convention video introducing her as the Democratic nominee.
>However, soon after that “historic and transformational” 1995 event, as Clinton recently described it, her
top aide Huma Abedin published articles in a Saudi journal taking Clinton’s feminist platform apart, piece
by piece. At the time, Abedin was assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs working under
her mother, who remains editor-in-chief. She was also working in the White House as an intern for then-
First Lady Clinton
>Headlined “Women’s Rights are Islamic Rights,” a 1996 article argues that single moms, working moms
and gay couples with children should not be recognized as families. It also states that more revealing
dress ushered in by women’s liberation “directly translates into unwanted results of sexual promiscuity
and irresponsibility and indirectly promote violence against women.” In other words, sexually liberated
women are just asking to be raped
>Hassan Abedin
"Huma’s luck seemed to know no end when Hillary Clinton personally signed off on a controversial deal in
2012 that allowed Huma to simultaneously work for the State Department and a private New York firm
with deep ties to the Clinton family foundation. Mrs. Clinton personally signed a title change from that
approved of the transition from being her Deputy Chief of Staff, to an SGE (special government
employee), the equivalent of a contractor with special privileges. This allowed Huma to work for both the
State department and for the Teneo Group. Some of you might remember the Teneo Group as a top
consulting firm run by Bill Clinton gatekeeper Doug Band. Bill Clinton was also on the payroll of Teneo.
From June 2012 to February 2013, she held four jobs. She was Hillary’s State Department aide, a
consultant at Teneo Group, she worked and was paid a salary at the Clinton Foundation, and she worked
as Hillary’s private personal assistant."
I think Huma is one of the key players in all of this. Huma also worked for Teneo Group, probably
leveraging her Clinton connections.
“As The Only Official Channel To Clinton Over The Past Year, Abedin Also Became The Go-To Phone
Call For Longtime Donors Looking For Information And Access.”
(Annie Karni, “Hillary’s Shadow,” Politico, 7/2/15)
Abedin’s “Special Government Employee” status allowed her to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff at the
State Department while simultaneously accepting private sector clients, including the Clinton Foundation
and Clinton-tied Teneo, both of which had a stake in projects directly impacted by State Department
decisions—presenting a clear conflict of interest for Abedin. The arrangement, which shielded Abedin
from having to disclose her private earnings, reportedly earned Abedin more than $350,000 from Teneo
while she simultaneously earned $130,000 in a taxpayer-funded salary from the State Department. Her
deal shielded Abedin from having to report her private earnings.
“As part of the elevated role, Abedin is scheduled to begin headlining fundraisers and speaking in front of
donors in the coming weeks, and will likely do more afer that, campaign operatives said.”
(Annie Karni, “Hillary’s Shadow,” Politico, 7/2/15)
In August 2015, Grassley Asked The FBI To Confirm A Tip The Senate Judiciary Commitee Received
That The State Department IG Opened An Investigation Into Abedin For Criminal Misconduct Having To
Do With Her Special Arrangement.
“Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is asking the FBI to confirm a tip the panel received that the
State Department inspector general has probed Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin for criminal
misconduct. On Wednesday, the Iowa Republican sent a letter to FBI director James Comey, obtained by
POLITICO, asking him to confirm any investigation of Abedin, who’s currently helping run Clinton’s 2016
campaign. ‘The Judiciary Committee has learned that the Office of Inspector General for the Department
of State (State OIG) opened an investigation involving potential criminal conduct by Ms. Huma Abedin
while she worked for the Department of State under then-Secretary Clinton,’ the letter says. … While
working for Clinton as one of her closest staffers, Abedin was given a “special government employee”
status that allowed her both to serve Clinton and to work for the philanthropic Clinton Foundation and an
outside firm called Teneo. The matter became a big to-do when it was originally reported a couple years
ago, particularly because she was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.”
(Rachael Bade, “Sen. Chuck Grassley Asks FBI For Clarification On Huma Abedin Probe,” Politico,
>The new status made her a “special government employee,” which was tantamount to being a
consultant, according to the source, whose information was confirmed by two other staffers familiar with
the matter. Multiple sources told POLITICO Abedin did work for other clients, which a friend of Abedin
said totaled four, including the State Department, Hillary Clinton, the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation
and Teneo, the firm co-founded by former Bill Clinton counselor Doug Band...
>It’s similar, in many respects, to the way many Clinton aides were paid for years while she was a
senator. They were compensated partly through work on her government staff, and partly through her
political action committee. Other loyalists, such as longtime Clinton aide Kelly Craighead and other
confidants, later went on to lucrative work with Clinton-allied organizations.
>News broke days ago that the State Department inspector general had opened a “criminal investigation”
into alleged overpayments made to Abedin at State. The Justice Department failed to take up the case,
which is now being handled administratively.
In An April 10, 2012 Email, Teneo President Doug Band Asked Abedin To Help Get A Teneo Client
Nominated To The President’s Global Development Council, Mentioning That She Was A “Huge
Foundation/CGI Supporter And Close Pal Of WJC,” As Well As A Teneo Client.
“In the April 10, 2012 exchange, Teneo president Doug Band — a close confidant of Bill Clinton— asked
Abedin to help him get Rodin nominated to The President’s Global Development Council. The Rockefeller
Foundation at the time was both a Teneo client and Clinton Foundation donor — and Band made that
point in his email to Abedin. The email subject line read: ‘She is expecting us to help her get appointed to
this.’ ‘Judy rodin,’ he wrote to Abedin in the shorthand email. ‘Huge foundation/cgi supporter and close pal
of wjc[.] Teneo reps her as well[.] Can you help?’ ‘Wjc’ is often used as shorthand for Bill Clinton. And
‘foundation,’ likely means Clinton Foundation.”
(Rachael Bade, “Emails Show Huma Abedin’s Ties To Private Consulting Firm,” Politico, 9/23/15)
Abedin Reportedly Collected $355,000 As A Consultant To Teneo While Also Receiving $135,000 In
Government Pay.
“She reportedly raked in $355,000 as a consultant to Teneo, while simultaneously pocketing $135,000 in
government pay. The arrangement raised eyebrows because Abedin failed to disclose the exact nature of
her work for Teneo, which represents a long list of foreign clients and has offices in Brussels, Dubai,
Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Munich and Zurich.”
CAIR has defended Huma on a couple issues, CAIR has ties to terror orgs:
>Zain Endeavors, LLC
Current Entity Name: ZAIN ENDEAVORS, LLC
DOS ID #: 4249270
Initial DOS Filing Date: MAY 23, 2012
County: NEW YORK
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
Selected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted
on behalf of the entity)
>Hillary is often confused.
The above is from court records.
He is a mini Bill Clinton, and their marriage is the biggest BS ever. There is literally no info on them
meeting and interacting, and get this Bill officiated their wedding.
>In June 2008, Weiner sponsored a bill that would increase the number of O-visas available to foreign
fashion models, arguing that it would help boost the fashion industry in New York City
>Weiner sent a link to a sexually explicit photograph of himself via his public Twitter account
>On July 23, 2013, following allegations that Weiner (using the alias "Carlos Danger") had continued
sexting after his resignation from Congress, he acknowledged that he had continued to send explicit
messages to at least three women in 2012
Anthony Weiner (Huma Abedin's husband) has a non-profit registered at his address. (146 W 28th St Apt
5 New York, NY 10001-6123)
Listing this alternate address for Weiner's company: 146 W 28Th St Apt 5 New York, NY 10001
>So where does Huma fit into this profile? There is a precept within Sharia called, ‘maruna’ that
advocates lying and false impersonation as a valid doctrine of faith. This doctrine is widely accepted as a
means of sowing division and confusion – by The Muslim Brotherhood. Hence, Huma’s very odd marriage
to a jewish man, in complete contradiction to the values instilled by her Sharia Law mother. Perhaps he
was the unwitting shill, the man who followed his lust instead of his values and morality. He was easy.
And perhaps the vow Huma has for Hillary, knowing that her innate’ confused mind’ will ultimately lay the
table for a Huma dictatorship. As she is really the ‘man’ in control.
>Is the abdication of the ‘confused’ Hillary simply a precursor to the potential rule of Abedin as her most
trusted and loyal advisor. Is Hillary the real pawn and the betrayal a play waiting to happen? Is Abedin
raising her child to be the new messiah within the lineage of Muhammad? Is that her coronation? IS that
what gives her and her mother the ability to reign within Saudi Arabia despite their Muslim Brotherhood
Proof Soros was directly instructing Clinton on what to do as Secretary State
Soros, Alarmed by Trump, Pours Money into 2016 Race
Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come
Pro-Hillary PAC Spending $1 Million to Hire Online Trolls
Leaked Doc: Soros Open Society Seeks to Reshape Census, Electoral Districts
Hacked documents show George Soros' foundation 'tried to influence the Supreme Court justices on
immigration case'
Why would the Open Society be sent an outline of 2012 State of the Union before its delivered?
>ban profiling
>weaken law enforcement
>import illegals & Muslims
Soros started the entire process of "redefining gender" in 2009. This has been years in the making.
Soros pressuring Obama to take in more Syrian/Middle Eastern refugees
After doing so, Obama agreed to the 100,000 more and announced it in Sept. To be implemented starting
before 2017.
Religion as a propaganda tool for "open society values”
Responsible for all those children crossing US borders in 2014. There is more on this.
Leaked George Soros documents reveal plan to flood European cities with Somalians.
Oh no Europe is getting another migrant crisis - North Africa now. Heads up
Soros worried about public's perception of him & how the OSF should work anonymously
Merkel threw Germany and Europe under the bus, not out of compassion for refugees, but on orders from
To help this search along Here is a snapshot of his holdings. As of Dec. 31, 2015, funds at Soros Fund
Management, run by George Soros, were valued at $5.4 billion.
During the quarter, Soros Fund Management had 235 total holdings. Adecoagro S.A. 5.9% of portfolio.
Synchrony Financial 4% of portfolio.
Level 3 Communica...3.2% of portfolio.
Zoetis Inc. Class A 3% of portfolio.
Dow Chemical Comp... 3% of portfolio.
Cypress Semicondu... 3% of portfolio.
Endo International... 2.5% of portfolio.
Allergan plc Ordi... 2.1% of portfolio.
Polycom, Inc. 2.1% of portfolio.
PayPal Holdings 2% of portfolio.
Delta Air Lines, ... 1.9% of portfolio.
eBay Inc. 1.8% of portfolio.
Facebook, Inc. 1.6% of portfolio.
American Airlines... 1.4% of portfolio.
LyondellBasell In...1.4% of portfolio.
EQT Corporation 1.4% of portfolio.
iShares iBoxx $ 1.4% of portfolio.
Columbia Pipeline... 1.4% of portfolio.
DISH Network Corp... 1.4% of portfolio.
Time Warner Cable... 1.4% of portfolio., Inc. 1.3% of portfolio.
Marathon Petroleum... 1.2% of portfolio.
Viavi Solutions Inc. 1.1% of portfolio.
Qunar Cayman Islands... $1.1% of portfolio.
MCD McDonald's Corp... 1.1% of portfolio.
See: Qatar
>Adecoagro was heavily invested by Soros when it started its IPO in 2011. And of course there is QATAR
connection to the ipo. "
Qatar Holding LLC, the investment arm of the Qatar Investment Authority, the Persian Gulf state’s
sovereign wealth fund, agreed to buy stock equal to about 25 percent of proceeds.
Share in gold was recently dropped:
General sources for Democracy Alliance Mindmap - big players (anything in yellow + more):
>“There is no single group that dominates the Democrats’ informal network, but the one that has the
greatest reach, due to the power of its purse, is the Democracy Alliance. It was founded in 2005 by Rob
Stein, a venture capitalist who had worked for master political operative Ron Brown at the Democratic
National Committee and Commerce Department.”
>Stein went on a mission to grow the Democracy Alliance into a powerful infrastructure to promote their
ideas of Income Redistribution, Climate Change, Federal Government Saturation, and Organized Labor
Power. He won the confidence of billionaires such as financier George Soros, insurance tycoon Peter
Lewis and labor leader Andy Stern among others. He assembled more than 75 individual donors. This
group, Democracy Alliance, would pick about 25 groups for its donors to fund.
>Over the next decade, they would put over $500 million into these progressive organizations. You can
accurately refer to these donors as the “Billion Dollar Club” who want to change our nation upside down.
Many have their money through inheritance with a good portion coming from the 1960’s style of street
activism. The few Republicans have left and the extremist continue to join in.
Peter Lewis, founder of Progressive Insurance:
Rob Stein, the brains behind the Democracy Alliance:
Ben Miller, one of the founders of the Democracy Alliance now works for the US Chamber of Commerce.
Keith Mestrich:
-President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank
-Amalgamated Bank, The Democracy Alliance, Roosevelt Institute
>Roosevelt Institute:
-Founder: William vanden Heuvel
-Daughter: Katrina vanden Heuvel
-writer for The Nation
Additional Articles:
After the meeting, Stiglitz held a private dinner with three Clinton aides at the restaurant Poste. Clinton
was represented by speechwriter Dan Schwerin and Anne O’Leary, a senior fellow at the Center for
American Progress who also works on a Clinton Foundation-related initiative. Roosevelt President and
CEO FELICIA WONG was also in attendance."
-Clinton gets in with Roosevelt Institute
Posted: 04/10/15 01:53
"Fang joins us to discuss Clinton’s Wall Street ties along with Ellen Chesler, a senior fellow at the
Roosevelt Institute and longtime Clinton supporter."
-Pawn of Roosevelt Institute: ELLEN CHESLER tries to defend Clinton
-Posted: FEBRUARY 02, 2016
AMALGAMATED BANK is actually my focus of attention as they appear to be the bank of choice for
anything revolving around Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
So if you guys got anything on them drop it here.
Eg. from their "clients website:
>Ready for Hillary
>With more than 2.5 million supporters and over 100,000 grassroots donors, Ready for Hillary is a
political action committee that encouraged former Secretary of State Clinton to run for president in 2016.
Ready for Hillary assembled a national grassroots network of supporters that is ready to help Hillary win
in the 2016 presidential election.
Yet the FEC records from the Ready PAC show only about 3000 contributions in total, once you filter it
down to actual grass root contributions ($1-$100) you end up with a list of less than 1000 transactions.
There's nothing grassroots about it.
Archived version:
>Democracy Alliance, a private group of wealthy liberals that includes George Soros and Facebook co-
founder Chris Hughes. Over five days, they swapped ideas on how best to promote a progressive agenda
and took in pitches from leaders of the most powerful liberal and left-leaning groups in America, including
Organizing for Action, the rebooted version of Obama's 2012 presidential campaign. Since the
Democracy Alliance's founding in 2005, its members have given $500 million to various causes and
organizations. At the Laguna Beach event alone, its members pledged a reported $50 million.
>I hope it just shows up at 430 S. Capitol in the next day or three. But it's possible he sent it to us c/o
Amalgamated at 275 Seventh Avenue because that was the address on the wire instructions I gave him.
Some of his groups listed:
Color of Change directly accepts money from the Democracy Alliance and is a coalition member of
Americans for Financial Reform.
>Last year, Lee joined Sen. Jeff Flake in voting against Sens. Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz, helping to
pass a Democratic amendment, which would essentially codify the idea that Muslims living in foreign
nations have a global right to immigrate to the United States.
>Both Lee and Flake come from devout Mormon families. Many have pointed out how the Mormon
church seems to have aligned itself with big business interests in efforts to open America’s borders. In
2010, church and business leaders signed the Utah Compact.
>As The Salt Lake Tribune reported last year, Ali Noorani, the executive director of the Soros-funded
National Immigration Forum, has described the Utah Compact as the “gift that keeps on giving.”
Tides foundation is the lynchpin between Soros, Clinton foundation, and many other orgs and people.
"Between 2003 and 2011, NoVo (Buffett's foundation) donated $26 million to Tides Foundation, which in
"Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City,
N.J.,Wednesday .... were funded by the Tides Foundation, another recipient of Soros cash."
"Frank E. Loy, Environmental Defense Fund's chairman of the board, served as Clinton's Under Secretary
of State for ... The Tides Foundation has a history of making donations and grants to every..."
Here's the 2014 IRS 990 for The Open Society Institute.
Lots of good info - full records of contributions and grants. May be something here.
Here's an Open Society (George Soros) publication on US Rendition (ghosting people):
Related articles:
Could lead to more about Norway, Facebook, or Oracle, but not much right now.
Extraordinary rendition, also called irregular rendition, is the government-sponsored abduction and
extrajudicial transfer of a person from one country to another.
>DC Leaks announced a new leak called “SOROS INTERNAL FILES – BIG DATA“. The leak was
published on August 13th and announced via their social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.
>We can confirm that there are a total 2,576 files totaling 1.51GB in total which includes the following file
>1,413 PDF, 550 Docx, 225 Doc, 98 XLSX, 37 XLS, 20 PPT
>The Soros subdomain is also broken down by the following sections:
>USA – 967 files, 559MB / Europe – 651 files, 425MB / Eurasia – 224 files, 86.9MB / Asia – 26 files, 26.0
MB / Latin America – 84 files, 7.57 MB / Africa – 85 files, 38.1mb / World Bank – 42 files, 219 MB /
President’s Office – 365 files, 114MB / SOUK – 81 files, 42.4 MB
>The data itself contains a vast range of internal documents which includes scans and copies of funding
reports, funding agreements, contracts and other similar internal documents. There are also image files
and rich text files as well.
Official leaks site:
DOWNLOADS/Mirrors (in case the main site goes down):
Asia -
Africa -
Eurasia -
Latin America -
Europe -
World Bank -
President's Office -
DDDC Leaks -
>George Soros organization by hackers broke, and they were released documents that show to whom he
gives his money and for what purposes the country against Israel.
The website also has files on:
The Soros files - He Really is Dr Evil
Just wanted you to see some of the stuff that I have been finding.
Congressional districts created by soros.
>1. "redistricting special cross fund initiative"
>2.6 million spent. (2010 and 2 year project.)
>California, Louisiana, Florida Texas and Virginia
>3.Secure local and state redistricting plans with an increased number of Latino majority districts.
>4. Fair redistricting collaborative
>1.9 million over 14 months
>#blacklivesnmatter ($650,000) - per Board consensus at our May board meeting US Programs
supported a series of convenings across the country over the summer organized in response to the
immediate outrage and the escalating community mobilization to save black lives following the numerous
killings of men, women and children by police. Etc...
>We asked these questions (and continue to ask) most recently in our support of teh #blacklivesmatter
movement to end racial violence and enact police reform. Recognizing the need for strategic assistance,
the US programs Board approved $650,000 in Opportunities Fund support to assist in technical
assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #blacklivesmatter movement.
>Baltimore Response to the uprising $1,000,000,000 - OSO- Baltimore request $1,000,000,000 to use
the recent uprising in Baltimore to accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and
maintained by local law enforcement and to engage residents in shaping and monitoring reform, Building
on our existing networks and programs, we will focus investments on:
From Soros as all of the above:
>Mr Zuckerman expressed the view that OSF is in a good position to develop an overreaching
communications strategy around the upcoming election cycle on the national and local levels.
Why would the Open Society be sent an outline of 2012 State of the Union before its delivered?
>ban profiling
>weaken law enforcement
>import illegals & Muslims
Soros started the entire process of "redefining gender" in 2009. This has been years in the making.
Soros pressuring Obama to take in more Syrian/Middle Eastern refugees
After doing so, Obama agreed to the 100,000 more and announced it in Sept. To be implemented starting
before 2017.
Religion as a propaganda tool for "open society values
Responsible for all those children crossing US borders in 2014. There is more on this but I need to find it
Leaked George Soros documents reveal plan to flood European cities with Somalians.
Oh no Europe is getting another migrant crisis - North Africa now. Heads up
Soros worried about public's perception of him & how the OSF should work anonymously
Merkel threw Germany n Europe under the bus, not out of compassion for refugees, but on orders from
George Soros Foundation Enemies List: Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, et al -
Memo: Soros Group Funded ‘Opposition Research’ On Critics Of Radical Islam.
OSF: We overreached in West by flooding it with migrants, need new ways to force open borders upon
Soros hack begins to reveal the puppet strings
George Soros was Hacked! — Thousands of Files Expose Election Manipulation & More
State of Union speech sent to George Soros BEFORE it’s delivered. MSM SILENT. #SorosLeak
Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online.
Leaked Board Documents: Soros Organization Tried To Buy Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal
>Memos Show Soros Invested Heavily In Senate “Gang Of Eight” Immigration Bill…
Left-wing billionaire George Soros’ non-profit network, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), is confident
about the future success of its work in the field of immigration activism and may embark on a massive
campaign on immigration issues in the near future.
>That’s according to a candid 62-page document reviewing OSF’s work on immigration reform discussed
in May at the group’s board meeting in Montgomery, Ala.
>The document, which is one of 2,500 stolen from OSF in a massive hack and released over the
weekend, shows that the Soros group believes that its $7.7 million investment in groups pushing for
immigration reform was responsible for the passage of the Senate’s 2013 comprehensive immigration
reform bill.
>The bill, which was introduced by a bi-partistan group of senators known as the “Gang of Eight,” passed
the upper chamber 68-32.
(More George Soros Shenanigans [Dr. Evil])
The money behind the transgender movement.
Billionaire George Soros opens his wallet to transform America.
Soros Hack Shows Billionaire Tried to Buy Supreme Court Ruling on Immigration
Leaked Memo Proves Soros Ruled Ukraine In 2014: Minutes From "Breakfast With US Ambassador
US Ambassador Pyatt hands over full control to George Soros, and point blank asks him, "what USG
should be doing and what the USG is currently doing." Soros’ response is stunning, "Obama has been too
soft on Putin."
George Soros funded software to find islamaphobia Twitter posts. Soros cramming islam down the
western world throats at will.
If you or someone you know has been banned from any online forum for posting anything critical about
the sick religion of peace you can now thank george soros for your ban.
All Germans, people of the U.K. and the rest of Europe who have been thrown in jail or have paid fines
you now know who has manipulated your leaders to abide by this insane idea that your words against
muzzles will not be tolerated by the sociopaths that have been taken over.
>Leaked Soros Docs: African-Americans Worried Their Children Receiving Less Attention Than Syrian
>Progressive activists have had trouble getting African-Americans to support bringing in more Syrian
refugees due to concerns that refugee children will receive more attention than poor African-American
children, according to a leaked memo between top officials at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations
and members of the organization’s U.S. advisory board.
Panama Papers Reveal George Soros Had Offshore Business Investing in Arms Manufacturing.
George Soros’ NGOs exposed manipulating EU elections in 2,500 document hack from DC Leaks.
Leaked Doc: Soros Open Society Seeks to Reshape Census, Electoral Districts.
George Soros and His Minions Target the Middle East Forum
George Soros Leaks Reveal Direct Evidence of Global Elite Using Islam to Achieve International
>...According to at least one document the foundations has been calling for the censorship of language in
the European parliament they term as hateful and have been actively working with various socialist
members of the European parliament to train them on how to combat “xenophobic populism.”
Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018
Soros has bankrolled efforts to challenge voter ID laws, register minority voters.
>Research George Soros history. His first movement in America was trying to get Doctor assisted suicide
legal, but the concept was too radical. He funded the research, collected the right professionals of the
field, and lobbied to have the medical industry establish hospice care and implemented it across the US,
taking end of life care out of the doctors hands where it was prior to hospice. This was a huge
undertaking, and yet he managed to change the face of America's end of life care. Soros's vision was
officially called "Project on Death in America" but critics call his end of life care plan, stealth euthanasia.
George Soros: ‘Donald Trump will Win Popular Vote’ in Landslide – But Clinton’s Selection as President a
‘Done Deal’ (VIDEO)
Guess what Soros Open Society foundation's Africa office is called? Just guess..
You can't make this up if you tried!
>From page 8 of a document titled "Shared Frameworks in 2014-2017":
>Africa Regional Office (AFRO)
>AfRO is the OSF unit convening the shared framework on Food security in Africa in the context of
climate change on behalf of OSF
Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police
CLINTON FOUNDATION HAS INVOLVED IT'S DONORS IN FRAUD .....proof of fraud on Hillary already
admitted and prosecutable
Leaked Soros Document Calls For Regulating Internet To Favor ‘Open Society’ Supporters
>The call for international control of the internet is part of a 34-page document titled “2014 Proposed
strategy” that lays out OSJI’s goals for between 2014 and 2017.
>The leaked document was one of 2,500 documents released by “hacktivist” group DCLeaks.
"this is his plan for Ukraine but written after the troubles began
with analysis"
This may define a link between George Soros and the manipulation of music entertainment pre-2010
> $16 million funneled from Mexico Media Empire to nightclubs & high-end car dealerships
The Derboghossian family, Armenians (Serbia/Kosovo) was also indicted in the ensuing charges: 102
felonies; state dropped charges on Mario De La Fuente, but kept the seized $12 million. Derboghossian’s
were charged with low-level felonies also dropped.
Several Americans owned shell businesses used to launder the Mexican money, Jodi Upton only one
named never charged. Her nightclub was actually ran by Swizz Beatz who did charity work with the UN to
“unite entertainment industry for peace”. Organized fundraisers for other entertainers also. Big player in
the Gordon Parks Foundation, a George Soros open society foundation.
> Swizz Beatz helped promote and sell over 280 million records in the US alone.
Swizz Beatz also listed as CEO of MegaUpload when KimDotCom got busted, Swizz claims he gave 90%
of proceeds to the artists
So it wasn't entirely surprising when the fund began to dump its former largest position, Teva
Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE:TEVA), last year as the generic and specialty drugmaker was
staring down an imminent threat from the entry of generic Copaxone, the multiple sclerosis drug that
tends to make up around 20% of the company's quarterly sales.
Living up to its reputation, however, Soros Fund rebought about $25 million or 423,308 shares of Teva in
the second quarter
>Copaxone contains amino acids and is used to prevent the relapse of multiple sclerosis (MS)
>George Soros was funding Teva Ph. --> Hillary has MS confirmed? If my memory is good, didn't an FBI
anon / insider predict it?
> Why did he sell every share then rebought a portion later? Change of plan? (((acceleration of plan?)))
Also : Teva was reportedly pursuing a $40 billion buyout of generic drug rival Mylan earlier this year to
help offset any revenue losses from Copaxone
And then Teva surprised most of us with its somewhat out-of-the-blue deal for Allergan's generic drug unit
that was resoundingly cheered by the market. (Pic related)
>Conclusion : this is fishy
>Still no deal with the $40 billion buyout. It is expected for June 2016
>[alarm?] looks like the $40 has never happened because every link I find is a ''Teva planning to
buy/Teva buys in June.. So what made Teva's value go so high in this graph?
Supreme Group war profiteers
Found guilty of fraud and fined hundreds of millions by the US in 2014. Not slowing down their business
Not paying taxes in Afghanistan:
Still supplying fuel and overcharging hundreds of millions 2015
Sponsored 2015 Munich Security Conference with 20 heads of state.
George Soros attends:
It is a big deal
Some Munich attendees from 14. Soros went in 15 and 16. Everyone at these things is worth a dig:
Forester de Rothschild, Lady Lynn.
de Rothschild, Sir Evelyn Robert
Al Assi Jarba, Ahmad .- President, National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
Al Bahra, Hadi .- Chief Negotiator of the Syrian Opposition Delegation, Geneva II Negotiations
Abdul Aziz, Mohamed Emhemed - Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Libya, Tripoli
Achleitner, Dr. Paul. - Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Member of the Advisory
Council, Munich Security Conference, Frankfurt a.M.
Al Hussein, Prince Faisal bin. - National Security Advisor, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman
Al Saud, Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdul Aziz.
Journalist and Columnist, London
Al Saud, Prince Turki Al Faisal bin Abdulaziz. Chairman, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic
Studies; Member of the Advisory Council, Munich Security Conference, Riyadh
Al Zayani, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid. Secretary General, Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the
Gulf, Riyadh
Alasania, Irakli. - Minister of Defence, Georgia, Tbilisi; Munich Young Leader 2010
Al-Attiyah, Dr. Khalid Mohamed A. Minister of Foreign Affairs, State of Qatar, Doha
Albrecht, Dr. Hans - Managing Director, Nordwind Capital, Munich
Allen, Michael - Managing Director, Beacon Global Strategies LLC, Washington, D.C.
Al-Nahyan, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Minister of Foreign Affairs, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Altmann, Gerhard, - Senior Director, SAS Germany, Heidelberg
Arad, Prof. Dr. Uzi - Former National Security Advisor and Head of the National Security Council of the
State of Israel; Founding Director, IDC Herzliya's Institute for Policy and Strategy, Herzliya
Ban Ki-moon - Secretary General, United Nations, New York, NY
Basescu, Traian - President, Romania, Bucharest
Bildt, Carl - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Sweden, Stockholm
Blair, Bruce - Co-Founder, Global Zero, Washington, D.C.
More Munich notables:
Blair, Tony - Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Quartet
Representative on the Middle East, London
Blauwhoff, Dr. Peter - Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH, Hamburg
Bonino, Emma - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italian Republic, Rome
Breedlove, Philip M. - General, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO Allied Command Operations,
Brende, Borge - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Norway, Oslo
Craig, Gregory B. - Partner, Skadden Arps LLP, Washington, D.C.
As you remember, Jesse Williams was one of the people FBI anon suggesting looking into, and I have
found multiple distinct connections between Jesse Williams to the Clintons/Soros.
>Pics Related
Rough timeline:
1)October 2011 - August 2011: Founded FarWord Inc (Can't find any info on this pls halp, might be
related, only mentioned because Question Bridge was produced under this company).
2)June 7, 2012 - "Honorary Ambassador" at Clinton Foundation event - The Millennium Network [1][2]
3)June ?, 2012 - Works as executive producer on Question Bridge:Black Males - documentary which
released sometime June 2012. First listed donor on website - Open Society Foundations. [3]
4)October 11, 2014 - Participates in ferguson BLM protest - funded by Soros [4]
5)Unknown date/year - Jesse Williams joins advancement project. Unclear when this affiliation started. [5]
also - Gerald Torres - Senior Attorney in the Justice Department during the Clinton Administration - is a
member of the board of directors for the advancement project. [6]
6)June 27, 2016 - Jesse Williams BET Award/Speech - generated massive media coverage
[2] [2]
[5] [5]
[6] [6]
>FarWord Inc
>Creation Date: 2011-05-19T02:00:10. 00Z
>Registrant Organization: KELDOF ID
>Registrant Email: [email protected]
Soros also heavily funding the advancement project. Jesse Williams is newest board member for
advancement project.
Also - gerald torres + bill lann lee esq have ties to Clinton.
2006 - received $150,000 from OSF
2011 - received $1,000,000 from OSF
2013 - received $500,000 from OSF
Jesse Williams + Laurens Grant produce documentary called "Stay Woke" - focusing on BLM protestors
(pro BLM propaganda).
Funded by BET - owned by Viacom - Soros may have stakes in Viacom.
Lauren Grants - produced/directed the black panthers: vanguard of the revolution. Movie funded by PBS,
CPB, ITVS, Justfilms (Ford).
Produced by Firelight - which has funding from ford foundation, clients of OSF.
Basically all BLM propaganda/docs are being sponsored by the same organizations. If you check the
OSF, the amount of different projects and funding for programs for black men in America is staggering. (Jesse Williams executive producer - funded by ford foundation & OSF)
describes their goal is: In essence, we want to represent and redefine Black male identity in America.
If any other anons want to look into the Advancement Project there is probably more. Basically it seems
as though many pro-black organizations and BLM propaganda is heavily sponsored by Soros.
>Locally, we provide direct, hands-on support for organized communities in their struggles for racial and
social justice, providing legal and communications resources for on-the-ground efforts, while assisting in
building their own capacity and power in their communities.
Look at the entry for Bill Lann Lee, Board Chair --- he's from the Clinton Administration:
>Shareholder, Lewis, Feinberg, Lee, Renaker & Jackson, PC
Mr. Lee is a 40-year veteran civil rights lawyer. He served as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in
the Clinton Administration from December 1997-January 2001. He was Assistant Counsel in the New
York office of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the law firm founded by the late Justice
Thurgood Marshall from 1974-83. He was co- head of the NAACP LDF’s Los Angeles office from 1989-
97. He prosecutes civil rights and disability rights actions with the Oakland, California firm Lewis,
Feinberg, Lee, Renaker & Jackson, PC. Bill graduated from Columbia University Law School in 1974 and
Yale College in 1971.
JUNE 7 2012 - JESSE WILLIAMS - Event Info[email protected]/7366375800/ - Photos
The official event page is gone from the Clinton Foundation website, however:
Still remains.
In the eventbrite page you can see ticket pricing. According to the facebook event, the event capacity was
500 and they almost sold out. There have been multiple Clinton Foundation's Millennium Network events.
No idea what the Millennium Network is supposed to do. Looks like they raise lots of money though.
I know there's some controversy with Rahm Emanuel as well, and he's mentioned in Clinton's emails.
Why are him and Jesse Williams doing a public fundraising event for the Clintons?
Someone was looking for more Jessie Williams info:
>FarWord Inc
>California Secretary of State
>Filing Type: Articles of Incorporation
>Status: Active
>State: California
>State ID: 03229377
>Date Filed: Monday, September 14, 2009
>Registered Agent Aryn Drakelee-Williams
Company Number: C3229377
Status: Active
Incorporation Date: 14 September 2009 (almost 7 years ago)
Company Type: Domestic Stock
Jurisdiction: California (US)
Registered Address: 5850 W 3RD ST STE 157, LOS ANGELES, CA 90036, United States
Agent Address: 5850 W 3RD ST STE 157, LOS ANGELES, CA 90036
Directors / Officers: ARYN DRAKELEE-WILLIAMS, agent
Registry Page
Company Number: 201315710170
Status: Active
Incorporation Date: 28 May 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Jurisdiction: California (US)
Registered Address: 5850 W 3RD ST STE 157, LOS ANGELES CA 90036-2983, United States
Agent Address: 5850 W 3RD ST, LOS ANGELES CA 90036
Directors / Officers: ARYN DRAKELEE WILLIAMS, agent
Source California Secretary of State,, 17 Sep 2015
FARWORD, INC. branch
Company Number: 16058894
Status: Active/Compliance
Incorporation Date: 17 June 2016 (about 1 month ago)
Company Type: Foreign Profit Corporation
Jurisdiction: Georgia (US)
Branch: Branch of FARWORD, INC. (California (US))
Registered Address: 5850 WEST 3RD ST, SUITE 157, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90036, USA, United States
Agent Address: 2985 GORDY PARKWAY, 1ST FLOOR, Cobb, Marietta, GA, 30006
Directors / Officers:
JESSE WILLIAMS, W, secretary
Registry Page
>5850 WEST 3RD ST, SUITE 157, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90036 (location of the branch)
This is obviously a servicing company designed to set up, among other things, shell corporations.
Company Number: P95000064633
Status: Active
Incorporation Date: 22 August 1995 (almost 21 years ago)
Company Type: Domestic for Profit
Jurisdiction: Florida (US)
Directors / Officers
LUIS A URIARTE, president
>Like so many other things Bush did, this appointment made it easier for his successor to not only
replicate the move but to replace Cumber with someone like Rashad Hussain, who has memorized the
Qur’an and has been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.
> Already serving as a high officer of the administration, Hussain is now Obama’s chosen envoy to the
Organization of the Islamic Conference. He is also a fan of Sami al-Arian, the convicted head of
Palestinian Islamic Jihad in North America. According to Hussain in 2004, al-Arian was the victim of
“politically motivated persecutions.” Hussain also reportedly asserted that al-Arian was being “used
politically to squash dissent.”
>In August 2008, Hussain published a paper (for the Brookings Institution) titled “Reformulating the Battle
of ideas: Understanding the Role of Islam in Counterterrorism Policy.” A number of the paper's
recommendations were consistent with the agendas and worldviews of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. For
> “Policymakers should reject the use of language that provides a religious legitimization of terrorism such
as ‘Islamic terrorism’ and ‘Islamic extremist.’ They should replace such terminology with more specific and
descriptive terms such as ‘Al-Qaeda terrorism.’”
AND this shows that the Muslim Brotherhood was welcomed at Yale
>While attending Yale Law School, Hussain was a member of the organizing committee for an April 2004
conference held by Critical Islamic Reflections, a student group sponsored by the International Institute of
Islamic Thought and the American Learning Institute for Muslims (ALIM). Among ALIM's instructors were
such prominent Muslim Brotherhood figures as Tariq Ramadan, Jamal Badawi, and Taha Al-Alwani.
In February 2015, President Obama appointed Hussain to take over (in April) as director of the Center for
Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, an office within the U.S. Department of State.
>an office within the U.S. Department of State
Dem VP Pick close ties to Muslim Brotherhood Founder, Jamal Barzinji, October 24, 2011 Article from
Front Page Magazine - Maybe close friend of Huma Abedin family????
See Wikipedia:
Also, Tim Kaine was a Jesuit missionary in Honduras......
priests started "Liberation Theology" in South America. Same as Black Liberation Theology. "Bottom Up
Involved with the DNC fundraising and Clintons for a very long time. He happened to be the previous
DNC chair 2009-2011.
Clinton’s VP pick Kaine: Promoting jihadist in America, in exchange for cash. Breitbart has reported that
Clinton’s V.P. pick, Tim Kaine, is among the top anti-Israel senators. He is the top recipient of PAC funds
from George Soros’s anti-Israel group, J Street. He distinguished himself as one of eight senators to walk
out on Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic speech to a joint session of Congress warning against the so-called
Iran deal. Kaine’s record on the Islamic threat here in America is far, far worse than that.
In exchange for campaign contributions, he appointed a radical jihadi to the Virginia Immigration
Commission. Esam Omeish runs a group described by federal prosecutors, in a 2008 court filing, “as the
overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” Omeish is the V.P. of a radical mosque, that had the al-
Qaeda operative Anwar Al-Awlaki as its imam, and two of the 9/11 hijackers and Nidal Hasan, the
perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting, in the congregation. Omeish is still a board member, even as he
serves on the Virginia Immigration Commission.
Omeish was also chairman of the board of a New Jersey mosque, with terrorist ties, including an imam,
whom the Department of Homeland Security wants to deport, for having links to Hamas. As if that weren’t
enough, Omeish pledged in a video, to help Palestinians who understand that “the jihad way is the way to
liberate your land.”
When a state delegate wrote a letter to then-Governor Kaine, warning him that the MAS has
“questionable origins,” a Kaine spokesperson said the charge was bigotry. Kaine also has close ties with
Jamal Barzinji, whom the Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch describes as a “founding father of the U.S.
Muslim Brotherhood.”
He first came on to the FBI’s radar, in 1987-1988, when an informant inside the Brotherhood identified
Barzinji, and his associated groups, as being part of a network of Brotherhood fronts, to “institute the
Islamic Revolution in the United States.”
The source said Barzinji and his colleagues, were “organizing political support, which involves influencing
both public opinion in the United States, as well as the United States Government”, using “political action
front groups with no traceable ties.”
(snip) Barzinji was nearly prosecuted, but the Obama Justice Department dropped plans for
indictment.Barzinji played a major role in nearly every Brotherhood front in the U.S., and was vice
president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), which came under terrorism investigation
What is truly chilling about Kaine’s association with known terrorists, is that the indictment of Al-Arian
says the jihadist’s strategy was to “seek to obtain support from influential individuals, in the United States,
under the guise of promoting and protecting Arab rights.”
The quotes about Brotherhood operative Barzinji’s aspirations to use civil rights advocacy, as a means to
influence politicians, are especially relevant when you consider that video from the event honoring
Barzinji, shows Kaine saying that it was his fourth time at the annual dinner, and thanked his “friends” that
organized it for helping him in his campaign for lieutenant-governor and governor, and asked them to help
his Senate campaign.
Like Hillary, Tim Kaine’s affection for jihadists, is a quid pro quo: he gives them cover and appointments
to positions of power, and they give him money.
(snip) The Barzinji-tied New Dominion PAC donated $43,050 to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign …The
PAC has very strong ties to the Democratic Party in Virginia, with … almost $257,000 in donations. This
likely explains why Barzinji’s grandson served in Governor McAuliffe's administration, and then became
the Obama Administration's liaison to the Muslim-American community.The Middle East Forum’s Islamist
Money in Politics database, shows another $4,300 donated to Kaine’s Senate campaign in 2011-2012, by
officials from U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities
…. Another $3,500 came from … Barzinji’s IIIT organization.The New York Sun sees Kaine as one of the
few senators who fully backed the Obama-Hillary Middle East disaster, including the open disrespect and
hostility, to our ally, Israel.
Can it be a coincidence that of all the millions of Americans Secretary Clinton could have picked as her
running mate, she chose, in Senator Kaine, one of the eight Democrats who boycotted Prime Minister
Netanyahu’s address last year, to a joint meeting of Congress? Not a chance. It’s one marker of the fact
that, for all Mrs. Clinton’s protestations of support for the Jewish State, it would be a fool’s wager to count
on her when the chips are down.
Hillary’s choice of Tim Kaine, reveals her intentions as president, to continue the Obama policy of
promoting the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, and betraying Israel. The choice of Kaine also reveals
Hillary’s reckless disregard for homeland security. She has chosen a man who is willing to cozy up to
well-known terror-promoters, here in America, in exchange for cash.
The media wants us to think Donald Trump is dangerous. This is the face of danger: Clinton-Kaine,
importers of jihadi terror to America.
Here's a possible lead for you guys with the whole pedophile sex cult/Jeffrey Epstein angle of the
Clintons. Perhaps this could involve Tim Kaine as well, since he would have to know about this and be
OK with it.
I think you all have noticed that Tim Kaine seems like a homosexual. Just watch this if you haven't seen
him yet:
Often people are "turned" gay after having been sexually abused as a child or teenager. I have some
evidence that this may be the case with Kaine:
According to his bio, Kaine graduated from the Rockhurst Jesuit Highschool in 1976. So he would have
presumably went there between 1973-1976. The thing about the Jesuit order is that it is infested with
homosexuals and there are innumerable cases of Jesuits sexually preying on young teenaged boys.
Here is one Jesuit priest, Chester "Chet" E. Gaiter (1939-2010) who was accused of sexual abuse. He
worked at the exact same school that Kaine went to from 1968-1973 as the school nurse (easy access to
teenage boys to prey on):
So maybe Kaine was the victim of sexual abuse?
Oddly enough this was a black priest, and one of the nearest churches to the school is St. Elizabeth's in
Kansas City, MO.
Kaine has attended a black church in Virginia for 30 years...St. Elizabeth's.
Official site, Twitter, and news:
>La Quinta, CA - Patrick Kennedy recently served as a panel member for the Clinton Foundation's 2014
Health Matters Conference in La Quinta, CA. The panel ...
>La Quinta, CA - Patrick Kennedy recently served as a panel member for the Clinton Foundation's 2014
Health Matters Conference in La Quinta, CA. The panel ...
(related to One Mind)
>One Mind sponsors groundbreaking new research and creates portals to shared scientific data, leading
to improved diagnostics, more effective treatment, and,…
Co-Founder of One Mind, possibly a CF tie
On a few boards:
>Maggie Williams is a Trustee of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She is a director of the
Scholastic Corporation, and a board member of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Eli
Segal Citizen Leadership Program at Brandeis University. Williams serves as a U.S. Commissioner to the
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
>Why Hillary Clinton's Mental Health Care Plan is Just What America Needs ... levels to reverse the tide
of overdose deaths, while expanding access to treatment, ...
>La Quinta, CA - Patrick Kennedy recently served as a panel member for the Clinton Foundation's2014
Health Matters Conference in La Quinta, CA. The panel ...
>“Health care is at a historic time of change. By convening these partners and friends – a diverse array of
thought leaders and change agents – in an intimate environment, we aim to put innovative thought into
action that improves health, wellness and sustainable living at home and around the globe,” said Thomas
J. Graham, MD, who leads the Impact Forum this year as the new Chief Health Strategy & Innovation
Officer of Tavistock Group and Global Chairman of the Lake Nona Institute.
>Tavistock Group
>Lake Nona Institute
>Speakers and panelists include:
>Patrick J. Kennedy, Co-founder of One Mind for Research, Founder of the Kennedy Forum, and former
member of the U.S. House of Representatives
>image related:
>Earlier this month, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative’s (CHMI) Community Health Transformation
program in Northeast Florida, in partnership with the Kennedy Forum, hosted the Integrated Health
Workgroup, which is focused on integrating mental and physical health systems to improve patient
>an invitation!topic/city-connections-inc/_-_Qytztd_g
MORE DEAD LINKS:,68,95/149
>Articles Related to Videos, Kennedy Forum, Discussions | Patrick J ...
>kennedy forum. October 24, 2013 - Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, participates in
Community Approaches: We're All in This Together.
>Panel Discussions | Patrick J. Kennedy
>May 5, 2014 - Panelists at The Kennedy Forum ... October 24, 2013 - Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the
Clinton Foundation, participates in Community ...
>To highlight one of the most poignant moments in the campaign for the ADA -- the ... Statement of
Patrick J. Kennedy on the Obama Administration's Plan to ...
>huge citation list
>his book about addiction
>My dad thought I was a loser
This is not the first time Comey has come to the aid of the Clintons…
Comey, Clintons and Clemency
>During the final days of his presidency, Bill Clinton opted to reduce the prison terms of the New Square
offenders, and after 9/11 that sparked an investigation. As Anderson notes, “Hillary received an
unexpected gift in late June when, without explanation, U.S. Attorney James B. Comey closed the New
Square clemency case.”
Who were the new square four?
>New Square, a Hasidic enclave 30 miles northwest of Manhattan, had voted as a bloc in previous
elections and campaign workers urged Hillary urged to stop there. In New Square, four members of the
Skver (Jesus Christ, that name) sect had been convicted in 1999 of bilking government aid programs for
some $30 million. During her visit, Hillary denied that any pardon was discussed.
More fun I was unaware of from the article I posted
> “At Hillary’s urging,” Andersen writes, “the President granted clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists
who have been sentenced to prison following a wave of bombings from 1974 to 1983 that took the lives of
six Americans and wounded scores of others. Incredibly, the terrorists had not even asked for clemency.”
The worst attack was the January 24, 1975 bombing of Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan. The Puerto Rican
FALN exploded a bomb during the lunch hour, “hurling body parts into the street and killing four people.”
>The terrorists accepted President Clinton’s offer of clemency but expressed no regret for their actions.
Former U.S. Attorney Joseph Di Genova went on record that “the Puerto Rican terrorists were pardoned
because they were a political benefit to the president’s wife. Make no mistake about it.” As Anderson
notes, FBI director Louis Freeh opposed the pardons, as did New York major Rudy Giuliani, senator
Charles Schumer and former Puerto Rico governor Carlos Romero Barcelo who, says Andersen,
“pleaded with the president not to release the bombers.”
>Time reports that 20 years ago, Comey was a deputy special counsel on the Senate Whitewater
Committee, looking into the conduct of then President Bill Clinton and the first lady.
>Several people involved with the Whitewater corporation (including Clinton’s successor as governor)
ultimately went to jail, but the Clintons never faced criminal prosecution.
Guess who else was involved in the Clintons getting away with pardoning Marc Rich??
>Comey parlayed the Whitewater job into top posts in Virginia and New York, returning to Manhattan in
2002 to be the top federal prosecutor there. One of his first cases as a line attorney in the same office 15
years earlier had been the successful prosecution of Marc Rich, a wealthy international financier, for tax
evasion. But on his last day as President in 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Rich. “I was stunned,” Comey
later told Congress. As top U.S. prosecutor in New York in 2002, appointed by George W. Bush, Comey
inherited the criminal probe into the Rich pardon and 175 others Clinton had made at the 11th hour.
Comey seems to be the go to guy for all Clinton related scandals, yet never quite seems to pin anything
substantial on them…
Remember former senior Clinton advisor Sandy Berger?
>On July 19, 2004, it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating Berger for
unauthorized removal of classified documents in October 2003 from a National Archives reading room
prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission. The documents were five classified copies of a single
report commissioned from Richard Clarke covering internal assessments of the Clinton Administration's
handling of the unsuccessful 2000 millennium attack plots. An associate of Berger said Berger took one
copy in September 2003 and four copies in October 2003, allegedly by stuffing the documents into his
socks and pants. Berger subsequently lied to investigators when questioned about the removal of the
Well turns out Comey had a big hand in that investigation too :
>Deputy Attorney General James Comey told reporters Tuesday he could not comment on the Berger
investigation but did address the general issue of mishandling classified documents.
>According to The Hill, this is not the first time Comey has dealt with the mishandling of classified
information. In 2004, Comey played a large role in investigating Sandy Berger, former President Bill
Clinton's national security adviser.
>"As a general matter, we take issues of classified information very seriously," Comey said in response to
a reporter's question about the Berger bind, adding that the department has prosecuted and sought
administrative sanctions against people for mishandling classified information.
>"It's our lifeblood, those secrets," Comey continued.
"It's our lifeblood, those secrets"
Boy, is it ever!
In more fun Comey news :
The Martin Armstrong case
>James Comey was the chief prosecutor in the Southern District of New York between 2003 and 2005.
He had no problem keeping me in Federal Prison on contempt of court without any charges, indictment,
or a civil complaint describing any crime whatsoever that they even admitted openly in court. There were
never any charges or complaint filed, and they publicly stated, “[T]here is no description of criminal
liability.” Yet, Comey allowed me to be held in prison, entirely arbitrarily, with absolutely nothing
whatsoever; Comey completely violated my civil rights, those of my family, and all 240 employees. So he
is not someone who upholds the Constitution when it goes against government or the banks. As they say,
the Department of Justice is really “Just Us” in reality. He has proven that once again.
>Comey also allowed a LIFETIME GAG ORDER on me to prevent me from providing any assistance to
my clients in Japan to sue the bankers. Now the State Department has asked for a two-year stay in
turning over any of Hillary’s emails. Why would they do that if there is nothing criminal? This only proves
that this is a cover-up, as always, because the Democratic Party cannot allow Hillary to go down for they
would lose everything. Sorry, but Comey has a track record of defending the banks even when they stole
billions and pleaded criminally guilty before having to pay them back. He kept me in prison on contempt to
turn over assets for a “possible” restitution, but when I got into the Supreme Court, I was released and no
such charges were ever filed nor did I ever have any restitution. They then tried to prevent “The
Forecaster” from being shown in the USA.
Seems like this the Comey character is very selective when it comes to handing out justice.
Another interesting strand in the Clinton-Comey connections was that James Comey, fresh off a 2 year
stint as the deputy attorney general, worked for Lockheed Martin as "general counsel and senior VP" from
Lockheed Martin was heavily involved in funding the Clinton Foundation as well as one of the 3 main
beneficiaries of the much lauded foreign government CF donations to arms deals that have been brought
up before. Many around the same time Comey was working there.
>Boeing was one of three companies that helped deliver money personally to Bill Clinton while benefiting
from weapons authorizations issued by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The others were Lockheed
and the financial giant Goldman Sachs.
>Lockheed is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton
$250,000 to speak at an event in 2010. Three days before the speech, Hillary Clinton’s State Department
approved two weapons export deals in which Lockheed was listed as the prime contractor. Over the
course of 2010, Lockheed was a contractor on 17 Pentagon-brokered deals that won approval from the
State Department. Lockheed told IBTimes that its support for the Clinton Foundation started in 2010,
while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
>“Lockheed Martin has periodically supported one individual membership in the Clinton Global Initiative
since 2010,” said company spokesperson Katherine Trinidad. “Membership benefits included attendance
at CGI annual meetings, where we participated in working groups focused on STEM, workforce
development and advanced manufacturing.”
>Federal records show that ethics staffers at the State Department approved the payments to Bill Clinton
from Goldman Sachs, and the Lockheed- and Boeing-sponsored groups without objection, even though
the firms had major stakes in the agency’s weapons export decisions.
>Stephen Walt, a Harvard University professor of international affairs, told IBTimes that the intertwining
financial relationships between the Clintons, defense contractors and foreign governments seeking
weapons approvals is “a vivid example of a very big problem – the degree to which conflicts of interest
have become endemic.”
James Comey Lockheed Martin General Counsel and Senior VP (2005-10)
employment history :
Relevant to Comey’s time:
>The Advanced Multi-Role Infrared Sensor is a targeting pod that is mounted on the weapons station of
the CF-18. It is a state of the art electro-optic and infrared sensor, which includes a laser designator, a
laser marker and a tactical data link capability.
>“The AMIRS pod will provide the CF-18 with enhanced targeting as well as intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance capabilities that make it an invaluable asset for the Canadian Forces’ air, land and sea
operations,” said Lieutenant-General Steve Lucas, Chief of the Air Staff. “The modernized, combat-
effective, multi-purpose and globally deployable CF-18 fleet will continue to play an important role over
the next decade as the Air Force transforms to meet the 21st century security needs of Canada.”
>The contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin following a competitive procurement process. The total
contract value is estimated at $126 million, which includes $101 million for the acquisition of 36 AMIRS
pods and $25 million for in-service support through to 2020. Canada will take delivery of the first AMIRS
pod in the spring of 2007, with an initial operational capability delivered by April 2008.
FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A "Very, Very Unusual" NDA In Hillary Email Case
Comey is a leftist involved with a criminal bank
>Columbia Law School
>HSBC banking institution accused of money laundering for drug cartels-Comey on Board of Directors at
the same time-paid out $1.9 billion in fines to DOJ–no charges brought against anybody-Lynch heavily
Commey Connection With Clintons
Comey was involved in different positions in 4 clintons scandals where they got away scott free.
That really makes you think...
>Comey declined to elaborate on other cases, but among the most publicized pardons was the one
Clinton gave to fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich. Rich's ex-wife, Denise, was a major donor to the
Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Clinton library foundation.
Lynch fumbled the investigation.
Comey covered for the Clintons on multiple occasions.
Lynch and Comey have been tag teaming to protect Clinton Interests.
The HSBC Connection
>HSBC Mexican Drug Money in Obama's 2008 Campaign?
Loretta Lynch crafts a soft-touch deferred-prosecution deal for HSBC,
after being caught in the largest drug-money-laundering case in history.
Loretta Lynch helped negotiate a settlement with HSBC in 2012 that saw the bank avoid criminal charges.
>New FBI Director President Nominates James B. Comey at White House Ceremony 21 June 2013
Loretta Lynch becomes Attorney General of the United States 27 April 2015
>Recent Info: Justice Department Overruled Recommendation to Pursue Charges Against HSBC, Report
Note HSBC has strong clinton ties too. So it is in everybody's mutual interest that nothing happens in any
investigation in
the foundation or the Clintons.
Here is an article referencing Pulitzer winner Seymour Hersch...he exposed My Lai massacre in Vietnam,
huge deal. Hillary and her State dept. sent WMD Sarin gas to Syrian rebels.
>Clinton, Comey, Lynch All Guilty of Concealing Money Laundering for Terrorists and the Cartels Says
Senior VP at HSBC Bank
>HSBC Names James Comey to The Board
(died of a stroke in 2013) - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SETH RICH
>Marc Rich & Co AG renamed Glencore after a management buyout in 1993
>Founder was on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.
>He enrolled at New York University but dropped out
>Pulled off first Middle Eastern corporate coup in 1973.
>Miraculously he predicted OPEC countries oil export embargo, and the threefold price increase that
accompanied it
>Future trading was the norm in the crude oil market, but realising a price hike was imminent, Rich
started buying and selling on the spot market.
>Allowed him to sell on demand as the embargo took effect and and price rose catastrophically.
>In 1974 Rich resigned from his employers who didn't approve and founded Marc Rich & Co AG
>From 1979 to 1993, his company imported 50,000 tons of oil to the heavily sanctioned South African
apartheid government
>Rich purchased crude through a maze of front and shell companies in the midst of the 1979 Iranian
hostage crises and oil trading ban.
>It was a crime that was only picked up in 1983 by Rudy Giuliani (God Emperor knows everything).
>Amid more than 51 counts of tax fraud, $48 m in tax evasion and a 300 year prison sentence, Rich fled
the US.
>After nearly bankrupting the company in 1993 through zinc trades, the company dropped the founder’s
name, along with his notoriety, to rename itself Glencore.
>Bitter at being forced out of his company, Rich founded another trading company called MRI Trading
>In 2003, with a $7.5 billion turnover and 240 employees, MRI was sold to Russian Crown Resources.
>Pardoned by Clinton in 2001.
>Rich’s ex-wife, Denise, was a close friend of the Clintons.
>They had made sizable donations to the Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton Foundation.
>Through ‘The Rich Foundation’, he donated large amounts to Israeli causes received honorary
doctorates from Bar-Ilan and Ben-Gurion Universities.
Marc Rich, whose foundations have donated some $100 million over the past two decades, 80 percent of
it to good causes in Israel."
We sent over 100 letters to the White House, some of which were addressed to me and contained
appreciation of Marc Rich's philanthropy, and others addressed directly to [Bill] Clinton
Azoulay, who has headed the Tel Aviv arm of the foundation for six years, said it had given the hospital
about $1.2 million.
''We often get requests from donors to write a letter stating that they have given us money, so we didn't
think it unusual. But we had no idea it would be used for getting a pardon."
The book of appreciation to Rich has not yet been published (is it now?)
TL;DR Rich and his foundation were friends with the Clintons since forever and Rich used a simplistic yet
forethought dupe: he donated random millions to hospitals and such and when he needed a pardon he
asked them all to write a letter telling good things about him.
He also gave massive amounts of cash to Israel and jewish foundations.
check this out, just screening for info at the moment:
Anons here is a translated version of this email from the Turkey wikileaks put all info in a pastebin. it was
a wall of text so might not flow well:
Choice excerpt:
>FBI can not find a kind of castle Rich living in Switzerland. Former federal prosecutor for organized
Gueliani R. Rich, 1982 51 crime investigation files in the summary, it will not miss the $ 48 million tax
evasion and the arms trade. US history is the largest smuggling. Wanted list of the top ten most important
people Richer. Rich is a quick trader. Soros, due to the US bombing of Serbia and Kosovo, stirred up,
Rich has sold oil embargo drilling Serbia. Hostage crisis period, selling arms to Iran in exchange for oil
Rich still has penetrated markets in the Iraqi oil embargo. Rich is the most important actors on the metal
exchanges. Rich's refineries in Romania with offices in Spain, factories Australia, Sardinia and West
Virginia. Rich, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, chromium, magnesium, copper and coal dominate the market. When
the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, said Rich are donated, the telephone Clinton twice. The Mossad
chief Shavit, in his letter, with Rich's extensive relationship indicates that achieve important things. the
foundation of Israel, they sent a letter to the President of the United States. Israel "Marc Rich Foundation"
has the foundation and "The movement For Quality Government" has organization, is managing Michal
Herzog. Michal Herzog, was the wife of Ehud Barak's government secretary Yitzhak Herzog. Yitzhak
Herzog, the former president's son Chami Herzog. Chami Herzog is enough to make the trip through
China and Kazakhstan Shaul Eisenberg private aircraft is in intimate relationships. Although the details
are a bit overwhelming, until come to our country, 'openness' and 'moral' terms should be important to
know the nature of management suggests. We need to add a little more detail
>FBI and Interpol's most wanted man on the side of the position her husband Marc David Rich, famous in
the US. Denise (Eisenberg), Rich Sister Sledge one hand, Bette Midler, when writing lyrics for singers
such as Celine Dion, on the other hand has cut the legs from Akev. Manhattan Akev (USA Presidential
Palace, Whitehouse) elite of society Mrs. Rich, over $ 500,000 to the Democratic Party, Hillary Rodham
Clinton Presidential Library while the project was $ 450,000 in aid. Hillary Clinton, to thank Shortly after
he won the senatorial elections and had gone to Tel Aviv to show their support for Israel. On the other
hand, MD Rich's attorney and lobbyist Jack Quinn, before Akev consultant and later, Clinton's deputy
chief of staff has made Al Gore. After all these positive relationships, and Spain, as well as Swiss
nationals, Marc Rich and accomplice David Pincus (Pinky) Green are among the 141 people donated by
Clinton. What the Rich, is neither the first nor the last person that donated the president.
Leads (?) :
- Marc Rich Foundation (Marc Rich?)
- Mossad chief Shavit
- Ehud Barak's government secretary Yitzhak Herzog
- Chami Herzog
- Shaul Eisenberg private aircraft
- Marc David Rich (ah-ha!)
- Denise (Eisenberg)
- Bette Midler
- Jack Quinn
- Manhattan Akev (USA Presidential Palace, Whitehouse)
- Clinton's deputy chief of staff has made Al Gore
- Marc Rich and his accomplice David Pincus (Pinky) Green are among the 141 people donated by
That's a lot of leads boys. All of them sound shady and remember the Clinton Foundation is huge.
We need to look into every lead.
>Rich and Green have had extensive trade with terrorist states and other enemies of the United States
despite clear legal restrictions on such trade. (commodities trading with Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and other rogue
states that have sponsored terrorist acts)
>Marc Rich and Pincus Green attempted to obstruct the criminal investigation of them in every way
imaginable, including attempting to smuggle subpoenaed documents out of the country. They fled the
country rather than face trial.
>Marc Rich and Pincus Green attempted to renounce their United States citizenship. It demonstrated that
they had no loyalty to the United States, and viewed their citizenship as a liability to be discarded at will.
>Marc Rich hired Jack Quinn after a recommendation from Eric Holder. Jack Quinn’s work on the Rich
pardon was in apparent violation of Executive Order 12834. That executive order was enacted as part of
President Clinton’s promise to create “the most ethical administration in history,” and it prohibited former
executive branch employees from lobbying their former executive branch agencies within five years of
their departure
>The “letters of support” in the pardon petition were used in a misleading manner
>Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak spoke to President Clinton three times about the Rich pardon. Barak
had met with Rich personally, and told Clinton that the Rich pardon “could be important . . . not just
financially, but he helped Mossad on more than one case.”
>President Clinton has failed to answer any questions about the Rich and Green pardons.
This report is huge and it ties Rich and Green with a lot of stuff we've already been putting our nose in.
Everyone should try to find clues. All this was from the first few pages out of a hundred.
READ THIS (also slight commentary/summary)
We have found Marc Rich in the Turkey Wikileaks emails, having ties to Clinton, Gülen, his institutes in
America, and his followers. This short article gives us a lot of connected names and we also got a new
institute to search for - but we all know what it really is about, from its name: "The Marc Rich Foundation
for Education, Culture and Welfare " in Luzern. If one of the Swiss could look into this, and Marc Rich
(moved to Switzerland after Bill Clinton pardoned him), it would be a huge help. I am certain this Rich guy
had a lot of dirt on him, and had very close ties with the foundation.
If you do not know by now, Gülen was the leader of the recent coup attempt.
He is an Islamist (much more "extremist" than Erdogan himself) who fled to America, and the Clintons
and all the other usual suspects are very friendly to him. He has several institutes and schools all across
the USA and gets a lot of money injected into these straight from American officials connected to the
Out of all the institutes Gülen has recently sent money to as "charity", it was the Clinton Foundation who
received the biggest amount.
From the Comey And The Clintons section:
>Comey declined to elaborate on other cases, but among the most publicized pardons was the one
Clinton gave to fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich. Rich's ex-wife, Denise, was a major donor to the
Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Clinton library foundation.
Quick news search:
>Marc Rich traded illegally with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and made deals with Libya’s Moammar
Khadafy, Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milošević and North Korea’s Kim Il Sung — earning him a spot on the
FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.
>Days after it was revealed that a senior UBS executive named Pierre de Weck had written a letter to
Clinton “to support his request for a pardon,” the Swiss banking giant cancelled its discussions with
Clinton about a lucrative post-White House speech, apparently “worried that a large speaking fee would
create an appearance of impropriety.”
>The United States indicted Rich in 1983, hitting him with charges—tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering,
trading with the enemy—that could’ve brought life in prison. Rich fled the country.
>On Jan. 19, 2001, Holder advised the White House that he was "neutral leaning favorable" on pardoning
>In interviews with journalist Daniel Ammann for his biography, "The King of Oil", the normally
obsessively secretive Rich admitted to bribing officials in countries such as Nigeria and to assisting the
Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.
PDF text about Marc Rich's pardon by Bill Clinton on his last day has been copied into this pastebin:
Rich has close ties with the Clinton Foundation, Gülen and his movement (leader of the recent Turkey
coup), MOSSAD, and has an institute in Luzern, Switzerland called "The Marc Rich Foundation for
Education, Culture and Welfare".
This lead started as his name came up in the recent email leaks from Turkey, in connection to the coup.
>Then, on Jan. 20, 2001 — Mr. Clinton’s last day in office — Mr. Rich’s name appeared on the
presidential pardon list. It immediately became the most debated White House pardon since President
Gerald R. Ford gave one to Richard M. Nixon in 1974, and speculation about Mr. Clinton’s motivation was
>It was soon learned that Mr. Rich’s former wife, Denise Rich, had made large donations to the
Democratic Party and the Clinton library, and that Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Ehud Barak,
had lobbied Mr. Clinton for the pardon. Rabbi Irving Greenberg, chairman of the United States Holocaust
Memorial Museum, also pressed Mr. Rich’s case, on museum stationery.
Lynn Forester de Rothschild has a close personal relationship with the Clintons.
(Lady Lynn Rothschild knows well and I am sorry say that I supported the McCain/Palin ticket the final
weeks-I truly believed Sen McCain was more likely include you his cabinet).
And shows Clinton/DNC collusion as far back as 2009:
BTW, would like your campaign staff for the 2016 election!
Godspeed and tight hug,
Prameela Bartholomeusz
DNC Platform Committee Member
The Rothschild and Rockefeller families come back again and again in the major scandals we are trying
to uncover. It is no longer a myth that they have been involved in a lot of wars, where they funded both
There have been many people who tried to openly tell the world about this conspiracy, but nobody
Today, we are going down the rabbit hole together.
What we will find at the very bottom of this rabbit hole is explained pretty seriously in the 3 following
''documentaries'' :
I would recommend watching them in that order, and the vimeo ''could'' be cut out altogether, but it
contains precious information on this affair. So do the two others.
What you think cannot possibly be connected will often be by means of secrecy and non-transparent
fundings. Hence the existence of very powerful secret societies.
The two wars over opium involving Britain and China was “their” doings. It's one of the ways they got
mighty rich in the first place, this and by creating false flags and using the following panic as a way to
invest in something, then they'd provide the solution.
It's been around for centuries.
Here's a movie on one of the subject of our investigation for your entertainment and knowledge :
The house of Rothschild 1934.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
David Mayer de Rothschild
Edmund Leopold de Rothschild
Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild,_4th_Baron_Rothschild
Amschel Mayer Rothschild
Anthony Gustav de Rothschild
The Rothschild Bloodline
Rothschild banking family of England
Rothschild banking family of France
Rothschild banking family of Naples
N M Rothschild & Sons
The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the
majority of their wealth to philanthropy.
You see the connection?
Not for Profit Foundation, Philanthropy, Globalism, Wealth.
Recent Q&A:
>Quicker read:
He's a relative of the Rothschilds, but that's not his surname. His family is more of a branch off the
Rothschilds so he's lower on the foodchain. Owns a card that pays for anything he wants, usually has
100k-250k on the card a month, but since brexit only allowed 100k. He had a rough childhood and is
depressed, shitposts on /pol/ because the freedom of speech found here is unmatched. Rothschilds
speak to each other in a strange language derived from hebrew (similar to Aramaic) which he is fluent in,
hardly knows english. Taught how to rule govts from a young age in Britain, but mainly US based. He's
basically a 21 yr old Neet. Claims if he were in our place he'd hate globalism as well. Absolutely did not
want this info screen capped and wanted to delete the thread, which ended up happening. You can
contact him apparently at [email protected]
>Info he revealed:
There are multiple rich Jewish families around the world, not Jewish like your coworker but on an entirely
different level. They consider themselves to be highborn so thus highborn Jews. They have their own
language and currency system. Most are hidden but some decide to make themselves known to attract
attention i.e Soros and Rockefeller. Families are what control the world's govts and are the major players
when it comes to war and peace. Globalism is their end goal where they will reveal themselves and rule
the world, not by force but by "reason to fear war". All world wars have been caused by them especially
WW1 and the upcoming WW3 in 2020. All govts in the world have individual pawns and controllers
placed within, such as HRC and David Cameron. All elections are rigged to a degree, he claims trump is
a plant who doesn't know it in order to make nationalists demoralized when he loses. Clinton and NATO
will start WW3 by declaring war on Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, China, and a bunch of smaller Asian
countries: all countries where the controlling families oppose globalism. Clinton is lined up to take a third
term from their political auction. Our "generation will suffer but our kids will prosper". Society under
globalist regime will be communistic but you will choose your career path. Guns will be confiscated or
destroyed after WW3 to prevent any uprisings. Brexit won't be allowed, something will prevent it.
>Additional info:
No family controls bitcoin, bitcoin actually threatens the families. All cryptocurrencies will be deleted after
WW3 along with sites such as 4chan due to no more freedom of speech. Australia has something big
underneath it (didn't specify). Antarctica and Area 51 are both weapon testing and storage facilities, thus
restrictions. The families have their own language and currency system so no outsider dealings. Invest in
a company called Calico once the IPO drops to be rich by 2022, the middle of the war, or invest in
Northrop Grumman before they merge with Lockheed martin. ISIS is a pawn created by the US w/out the
families help. Rio will have a revolution staged after the next war, Mexico is a shithole on purpose, and
Canada has no major family so their govt sucks the dick of the families for money. I live in california so i
will most likely die since the west coast may be invaded/ bombed in the next war, but everything east of
the Rockies is safe. Presidents and leaders are usually paid off but most are bought with hookers and
children, which are taken through special circumstances like orphans and prison babies. Alex Jones is a
plant, but actually believes most of his rhetoric. Pop music is culture control made by the Jews, not the
families. Hitler was a pawn by the US based Families and Rockefellers, meaning he was manipulated.
9/11 was an inside job influenced by the families, Dan schneider is a pedo, Moot is not a plant. JFK was
killed by the families. Immortality and magic don't exist. Communication with another galaxy exists. Jesus
was a fraud and although was a real person, was an actor. Never ask what is under the left foot of the
sphinx in public. Humans are too simple creatures for telepathy. Palestine will never be a free state.
>Religious info:
The highborn go back more than 2000 yrs, 300 yrs, and the first world war depending on which family
you're talking about. They used Jesus whose name is actually "Yeshua" and Christianity to overthrow the
Romans who oppressed them. Muhammad was real but Allah isn't, just shows how retarded Muslims are.
"Satan" or what the world has made of the figure is tens of thousands of years old and is as big as a city,
lives in another galaxy. Ultimately no god exists yet the highborn worship an alien: an ethereal being from
another galaxy that was kicked out of his own kind. Communication between the being is made through
gravitational distortions. Their God is the same thing Satan is. Highborn are the same as normal people
but consider everyone else to be ants.
More spooky emails:
Was just watching a video on wikileaks email ID 1601 [
emails/emailid/1606#searchresult], the one where the Rothschild heiress is emailed by HRC. She says:
>Let me know what penance I owe you. And pls explain to Teddy. As ever, H
Definition of penance:
an act of self-abasement, mortification, or devotion performed to show sorrow or repentance for sin
Why is arguably the most powerful woman in the world showing COMPLETE submission to a private
Of course we all know who they are and why, but it might be a nice big red pill to the blue pilled.
She also told Lynn Rothschild the travel arrangements for the prime minister of the UK.
>I was trying to reach you to tell you and Teddy that I asked Tony Blair to go to Israel as part of our full
court press on keeping the Middle East negotiations going.
I'm thinking we could make something that says:
Why was the world's most powerful woman telling a private citizen about Tony Blair's travel
arrangements? Why did HRC feel the need to pay penance to this same private citizen?
Who is HRC working for? The wealthiest people in the world and not us...
David Rockefeller’s 7th heart transplant:
>The Rockefeller Foundation has funded work on resilience that ranges from addressing post-Sandy New
York and post-Katrina New Orleans to rapidly growing Asian cities, and agricultural innovations in African
countries. It has already invested more than $100 million in programs that has resulted in significant
knowledge development, the production of practical solutions, and stronger resilience in these
communities and regions.
Also see “Details” on the CGI website about that ^
>Their primary mission is to develop, engineer, and test the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons.
The primary campus is located on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the other is
in Livermore, California, next to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Sandia is a National Nuclear
Security Administration laboratory.
>100 Resilient Cities
Rockefeller involvement:
Topic: Rockefellers on the Pharmaceutical Front. John Rockefeller Jr, looking for new opportunities,
opened up The Rockefeller Institute for medical research. (serious science, 20 nobel peace prizes coming
from their research) The institute was attempting to find a cure for yellow fever, but screwed up and found
a cure for a different virus strain.
Later a Dr Jordi Casals, a Spaniard who fled the Spanish civil war, came into the employ of the institute.
He discovered a ton of different virus strains including the ZIKA virus. The institute handed over the ZIKA
samples to a non profit lab in the 50's called ATCC, and now they are selling it to researchers. Basically
the Zika virus could be acquired by bio terrorists quite easily right now.
FYI the Rockefellers have been accused of funding the Nazi Eugenics programs in the 20's
Links: l
Frank Giustra/Board Member of International Crisis Group.
People related to International Crisis Group:
Morton I. Abramowitz - board member
Martti Ahtisaari - chair emeritus
Kofi A. Annan - board member
Louise Arbour - president & CEO
Maria Livanos Cattaui - board member
Wesley K. Clark - board member
Sheila Coronel - board member
Mark Eyskens - board member
Frank Giustra - board member
Lena Hjelm-Wallen - board member
Mohamed Ibrahim - board member
Willem Kok - board member
Ricardo Lagos - board member
Joanne Leedom-Ackerman - board member
Mark Malloch-Brown - co-chair
Benjamin W. Mkapa - board member
Thomas R. Pickering - co-chair
Mark L. Schneider - SVP
Javier Solana - board member
George Soros - board member
Lawrence H. Summers - board member
Lion's Gate entertainment: Frank Giustra is Founder and Director.
Yes, that one.
>From an Aussie:
Not really a big part of this, but I saw the FBI anon threads and thought I'd pitch in.
I looked at the board of directors for CF and saw one of them was a CEO for a finance company and
thought I'd check it out (Frank Giustra).
The guy looks incredibly strategic. Being a finance manager, he can pass off as fairly innocuous, but his
past makes him stand out.
According to an interview he did (linking below) he worked with Merriyl Lynch, and then with Yorkton
Securities - launching financing for European resources. He's also an advisor for a gold mining company
as well as connections to other resources (mostly gold though. AND he created Lionsgate Entertainment.
Hell, him and Bill Clinton launched an organisation together and has more ties in Vancouver.
For a man like that to succeed so well several times (he even owns an olive oil company on the side) he
must be connected through the roof. He's connected to Europe, to resources like gold (it may be worth
noting George Soros recently bought a lot of gold) and will have his fingers in the media. He seems like
an extremely advantageous man for any money laundering organisation. Further research would have to
be done though.
Potentially important
>***CGEP - Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership - Canadian CF? ***
Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra and former president Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra
Enterprise Partnership (CGEP), a Canadian charity that is an offshoot of the Clinton Foundation. The
CGEP will become known for many charitable works, including funding relief efforts after a 2010
earthquake in Haiti.
However, investigative journalist Ken Silverstein will allege in a 2015 Harper’s Magazine article that the
CGEP is actually a “slush fund” for the Clintons. He will write that CGEP “has been moving significant
sums of money into the Clinton Foundation’s flagship in New York. There’s no way for the public to know
precisely how much total money the CGEP has taken in over the years—or how much it has forwarded
on to the Clinton Foundation—because, unlike in the United States, under Canadian non-profit law
charities don’t need to report donors to tax authorities.” Nearly all the donors to the CGEP are unknown. It
is also unknown how much CGEP has given the Clinton Foundation, except that it ranks in the top donor
class of $25 million or more.
CGEP Website:
>A Canadian charity called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership—which is run by one of Bill
Clinton’s close friends, Frank Giustra—has been moving significant sums of money into the Clinton
Foundation’s flagship in New York.
"A Canadian affiliate of the Clinton Foundation that has raised millions from mining executives has spent
far more on salaries and administrative costs than charitable programming in the two most recent years
for which numbers are available, according to financial statements from the Canada Revenue Agency."
"The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), a registered charity based in Vancouver, B.C.,
devoted $737,441 — amounting to 78 per cent of its expenditures — to management and administration
in 2014. The amount includes spending on office supplies and expenses, salaries and professional and
consulting fees."
CF under fire:
Muckety map:
Directors / Officers:
CHERYL MILLS, director
CHERYL SABAN, director
DONNA SHALALA, president
ERIC GOOSBY, director
LISA JACKSON, director
RICARDO CASTRO, assistant sec.
>"In July 2013, the board of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation approved a salary of more
than $395,000, plus bonus, for its new Yale-educated CEO, Eric Braverman, who had worked with
Chelsea Clinton at the prestigious McKinsey & Company consultancy. The former first daughter pulled
strings so Braverman could help her impose McKinsey-like management rigor to a foundation that had
grown into a $2 billion charitable powerhouse.
Just a year and a half after Braverman arrived, he abruptly resigned, and Politico reported that his exit
stemmed partly from a power struggle inside the foundation between and among the coterie of Clinton
loyalists who have surrounded the former president for decades and who helped start and run the
foundation. Some, including the president’s old Arkansas lawyer Bruce Lindsey, who preceded
Braverman as CEO, raised concerns directly to Bill Clinton about the reforms implemented by Braverman,
and felt themselves marginalized by the growing influence of Chelsea Clinton and the new CEO she had
helped recruit. What played out over the past two years at the foundation was the story of Chelsea
Clinton’s rise. Now 35 and with the official title of vice chair at the foundation, her power now cannot be
overstated: no major decisions occur without her input."
Possible connections between the Clinton Foundation and Russia, China, the UK, and maybe India:
Whitewater was only a piece.
Raytheon and worse
Follow leads to Other Foundations i.e. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rotary International
Foundation, the latter directly connected to the UN.
Want to find corporations laundering money I suggest checking out Florida Corporations Division
Chelsea Clinton is in over her head as is her husband Marc, who was introduced by his convicted father
and B&H Clinton while at Martha's vineyard.
Guess who Chelsea's father in law is?
>In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 counts of bank fraud, mail
fraud, and wire fraud.After serving less than five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008
and remains on federal probation.
>To this day, he still owes $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.
>Look through to see some names of who they give grants to. Most money seems to be circulated within
their private groups. Don't know how to find out what they are doing with all of the money.
>Clinton Foundation, DNC Donor Appointed as Federal Reserve Official
>New appointee replaces a popular critic of the Fed weeks before pivotal meeting
A donor to the Clinton Foundation and Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been appointed as the
chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and member of the Federal Open Market
Committee (FOMC).
Robert Steven Kaplan, a Harvard Business School professor and former executive at Goldman Sachs,
has also donated more than $100,000 to Democratic candidates and campaigns, according to a
Washington Free Beacon analysis.
Kaplan has donated $147,450 to Democratic candidates and campaigns, including $45,600 to the DNC,
as well as $15,450 to Republican candidates and campaigns.
Kaplan has also donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton
Kaplan was appointed to be the CEO of the Dallas Fed on Aug. 17. As part of his role, Kaplan will also
serve as a member of the FOMC, the group that is scheduled to meet eight times a year to formulate
monetary policy, which includes setting interest rates and open market operations such as quantitative
easing (QE) policy.
Kaplan will begin the job on Sept. 8, 2015, one week before the highly anticipated September FOMC
meeting, where 82 percent of economists are predicting that the Fed will raise interest rates.
Kaplan will replace Richard Fischer, a critic of the Fed and QE policy, the process of large-scale asset
purchases of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities that has greatly expanded the Fed’s balance
>Records Show Clinton Only Candidate to Receive Campaign Money from Federal Reserve Officials
>Thanks to the recently leaked Panama Papers, that public persona is getting peeled back layer by layer.
Yesterday, the Free Thought Project reported on the recently leaked names from the papers that link the
campaign financed-careers of Hillary and the former President Bill Clinton to those who use the offshore
tax shelters. Not only do their financiers use unethical offshore tax-havens, but as we showed, many of
them are outright criminals.
>It seems that the only thing missing from Clinton’s rap sheet are outright admissions of murder and
conspiracy. And, judging from her recent “success” in the widely rigged polls, it is not so far-fetched to
think that she could actually admit to conspiracy and still be President.
>According to federal records, Hillary not only runs multiple shadowy shell companies, and has virtually
unlimited support from an international elite cabal, but she is also in the pocket of the Federal Reserve.
>According to the records at the Federal Election Commission, Hillary Clinton has received multiple
donations from a top Federal Reserve official. Since 2007, when she was at the Brookings Institution,
Lael Brainard has been funneling money to Hillary. In 2014, after serving as a senior official at the
Treasury Department, Brainard was placed on the Washington-based Federal Reserve’s board of
governors and continued her support.
>Since her stint at the Fed, Brainard has made three such donations to Clinton’s campaign, Hillary for
The IRS has launched an investigation into the Clinton Foundation due to a request by Congress.
------------------------Qoute Begins---------------
Time to go /cfg/, let’s see who the head of the IRS is currently.
Oh look, it’s going to be another DEMOCRATS "LOSING" EMAILS AGAIN EPISODE.
>In June 2014, Koskinen informed Congress that 30,000 emails from the account of a central figure in the
scandal, Lois Lerner, had been lost. It later came to light that Koskinen had known about the lost emails
in April and had waited until the information was disclosed in a court case to notify Congress. Koskinen
stated: "We confirmed that backup tapes from 2011 no longer existed because they have been recycled,
pursuant to the IRS normal policy." In September 2014, the Treasury Department Inspector General
reported that it had found 760 tapes from which it later recovered Lerner's emails.[9]
>Those sponsoring the impeachment resolution to remove Koskinen from office accused him of failing to
prevent the destruction of evidence in allowing the erasure of back-up tapes containing thousands of e-
mails written by Lois Lerner, and of making false statements under oath to Congress.[10][11] In a
statement released by the Committee, Chaffetz said Koskinen "failed to comply with a congressionally
issued subpoena, documents were destroyed on his watch, and the public was consistently misled.
Impeachment is the appropriate tool to restore public confidence in the IRS and to protect the institutional
interests of Congress."
Sunita B. Lough is the actual head of the sub department conducting the investigation.
Letter to the IRS.
Response from IRS.
>Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton
Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.
>The investigation centers on New York City where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices, according
to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities.
>Prosecutorial support will come from various U.S. Attorneys Offices — a major departure from other
centralized FBI investigations.
>The New York-based probe is being led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of
New York. Bharara’s prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of
banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.
Colin Powell blamed:
>Her story to the FBI, according to notes turned over the Congress this week, was that former Secretary
of State Colin Powell advised her to do so.
>But that, too, was a fib.
>It seems another email from 2009 recovered by the FBI reveals she had already decided to use a
private email account when she asked Powell about his own practices, the New York Times reports
>Powell did not use a private, insecure email server during his tenure at the head of the State
>Report: FBI Email Probe Now Investigating Potential Clinton Foundation Corruption
>The FBI is reportedly investigating the “intersection” of Clinton Foundation donations and State
Department decisions during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State violated corruption laws.
>Three sources from the intelligence community confirmed the probe’s expansion to Fox’s Catherine
Herridge. “The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the
dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed,” one source
told Fox.
>Another intelligence source told Fox News that there was strong internal pressure from within the FBI to
investigate the possibility of corruption. “…Many previous public corruption cases have been made and
successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging in this investigation,” the source
>While Fox’s report doesn’t make clear exactly which “intersections” are being investigated, the details of
the case bear a striking resemblance to allegations put forward in the 2014 book Clinton Cash. In the
book, conservative author Peter Schweizer noted that foreign government donations to the nonprofit
Clinton Foundation often coincided with positive State Department decisions in favor of those
governments. Clinton herself has strongly denied that Clinton Foundation business had any effect on her
as Secretary of State.
>“Businesses have taken advantage of unpaid internships to an extent that it is blocking the opportunities
for young people to move on into paid employment,” Clinton said at UCLA in 2013. “More businesses
need to move their so-called interns to employees.”
>“The Clinton Foundation makes no promises or commitments of employment after the internship,” the
Foundation says on its website. “No intern is entitled to a job at the conclusion of his/her internship
More evidence of The Clinton Foundation Being used for Money Laundering and a Slush Fund:
tl;dr on The Clinton Foundation Money Laundering:
>1. You create a separate foreign charity. In this case one in Canada.
>2. Foreign oligarchs and governments, then donate to this Canadian charity. In this case, over 1,000 did
- contributing mega millions. I'm sure they did this out of the goodness of their hearts, and expected
nothing in return. (Imagine Putin's buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold
millions to a Canadian charity).
>3. The Canadian charity then bundles these separate donations and makes a massive donation to the
Clinton Foundation.
>4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating Canadian charity claim Canadian law prohibits the
identification of individual donors.
>5. The Clinton Foundation then "spends" some of this money for legitimate good works programs.
Unfortunately, experts believe this is on the order of 10%. Much of the balance goes to enrich the
Clinton's, pay salaries to untold numbers of hangers on, and fund lavish travel, etc. Again, virtually all tax
free, which means you and I are subsidizing it.
>6. The Clinton Foundation, with access to the world's best accountants, somehow fails to report much of
this on their tax filings. They discover these "clerical errors" and begin the process of re-filing 5 years of
tax returns.
>7. Net result -- foreign money, much of it from other countries, goes into the Clinton's pockets tax free
and untraceable back to the original donor
The 21 pages deleted from The Clinton Foundation's 2005 IRS tax-exempt annual return.
Guys, I digged into this mind app that an anon posted (pic related). There’s a lot of interesting stuff, like
Tavistock for instance, but instead I focused on Clinton, Bill especially, since he must have some dirt
Oh boy there's a lot of things that can be sufficient enough to redpill normies.Most of the stuff I will postl is
common knowledge, albeit the puzzle pieces are spread over a large web of CIA directors, President
Advisory etc..
So, beside the money laundering, CIA drug operations, conflict of interests, Whitewater, Lewinsky et al, I
found strange patterns surrounding Clintons & espionage…
Like for instance the Mossad/Lewinsky MEGA operation, or the allegations that he was recruited by the
CIA as a young Rhodes scholar :
>Dr Roger Morris, author of an astonishing new book called Partners in Power, claims that, in the late
1960s, Mr Clinton worked as a source for the Central Intelligence Agency.
>According to the book, the bearded, dishevelled Rhodes scholar was recruited by the CIA while at
Oxford - along with several other young Americans with political aspirations - to keep tabs on fellow
students involved in protest activities against the Vietnam War.
>Morris says that the young Clinton indulged in some low-level spying in Norway in 1969, visiting the Oslo
Peace Institute and submitting a CIA informant's report on American peace activists who had taken
refuge in Scandinavia to avoid the draft.
So I digged some more dirt into wikipedia and I stumbled upon a deep rabbit hole
Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger
-Deputy national security advisor - 1993 - 1997
-Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs - 1997 - 2001
>In 1999, Berger was criticized for failing to promptly inform President Clinton of his knowledge that the
People's Republic of China had managed to acquire the designs of a number of U.S. nuclear warheads.
>Berger was originally briefed of the espionage by the Department of Energy (DOE) in April 1996, but did
not inform the president until July 1997
>A number of Republicans, including then presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander, called for Berger's
resignation. They accused him of ignoring the allegations of Chinese espionage. "For his unwillingness
to act on this serious matter,
>Mr. Berger should resign", Alexander said. "If he does not, he should be relieved of his duties by
President Clinton."
>President Clinton rejected the calls: "The record is that we acted aggressively," Clinton said. "Mr. Berger
acted appropriately."
>On July 19, 2004, it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating Berger for
unauthorized removal of classified documents in October 2003 from a National Archives reading room
prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission.
>The documents were five classified copies of a single report commissioned from Richard Clarke
covering internal assessments of the Clinton Administration's handling of the unsuccessful 2000
millennium attack plots.
>Berger took one copy in September 2003 and four copies in October 2003 allegedly by stuffing the
documents into his socks and pants
>Berger subsequently lied to investigators when questioned about the removal of the documents.
Clinton's National Security Advisor in 1996, knew that China had acquired the designs of US nuclear
warheads…he was just extremely "careless" and dindu inform the president about it.
Notice a recurrence here with recent Hillary / Comey "careless" quid pro quo and also the removal of
classified materials ?
Robert James Woolsey Jr.
-Director of CIA, 1993–1995
>Woolsey was CIA director when Aldrich Ames was arrested for treason and spying against the United
>The CIA was criticized for not focusing on Ames sooner, given the obvious increase in Ames' standard
of living and there was a "huge uproar" in Congress when Woolsey decided that no one in the CIA would
be dismissed or demoted at the agency.
>Woolsey declared: "Some have clamored for heads to roll in order that we could say that heads have
rolled…Sorry, that's not my way."
>Woolsey was forced to resign.
>He is currently a Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton for Global Strategic Security (since July
15, 2002)
>Booz Allen Hamilton, since 2002
Second warning,
The Director of CIA under Clinton administration, knew that a KGB mole spied for decades (the second-
largest number of CIA agents compromised) and dindu nothing.
That same CIA director, then became Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton since 2002, which
means he also knew about Snowden (since Snowden worked at the CIA before working at Booz Allen
Also, he is
-A Board Member and Vice-Chairman of The Jamestown Foundation
>The Jamestown Foundation is a Washington, D.C.-based institute for research and analysis, founded in
>as a platform to support Soviet defectors[…]dedicated to supporting Soviet dissidents, enabled the
defectors from the Eastern Bloc to earn extra money by lecturing and writing.
>Jamestown's board of directors has included Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski
>Jamestown's current board includes Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Bruce Riedel (keep that in
Remember Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger? that guy who let China spies acquired nuclear warheads,
well, he's also :
-Advisory Board member for the Partnership for a Secure America
-Chairman of Stonebridge International merged in 2009 with The Albright Group, a similar firm founded by
former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, to form Albright Stonebridge Group
-He also served on the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Doha Center.
-Berger was born to a Jewish family
William Anthony Kirsopp Lake
-Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
-National Security Advisor under U.S. President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997
-nominated to become the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, but his nomination was withdrawn
due to Republican opposition
He's also
-Advisory Board member for the Partnership for a Secure America (same as Samuel Richard "Sandy"
-ultimately converted to Judaism in 2005.
Bruce O. Riedel
-Special Assistant to the President, and Senior Director for Near East Affairs on the National Security
Council (1997–2001)
-Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Near East and South Asian Affairs, Office of the Secretary of
Defense (1995–1997)
-National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asian Affairs at the National Intelligence Council
-Director for Gulf and South Asia Affairs, National Security Council (1991–1993)
-senior fellow in the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution
There's certainly a lot more people involved into this, but as you can see with only 4 people we have :
-two different National Security Advisor, William Anthony Kirsopp Lake & Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger
who are also Advisory Board members of the Partnership for a Secure America
-We have one CIA director who became Vice chairman of a platform dedicated to support KGB defector,
a platform also linked to the Brookings Institution, who is also linked to Saban Center
-We have a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense who also work with the Saban Center for Middle East
-We have Madeleine "the price is worth it" Albright
>Madeleine Albright is a co-investor with Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild and George Soros, in a
$350 million investment vehicle called Helios Towers Africa, which intends to buy or build thousands of
mobile phone towers in Africa
>She also serves as an Honorary Chair for the World Justice Project to lead a global, multidisciplinary
effort to strengthen the Rule of Law for the development of communities of opportunity and equity
I stopped my research here, but I'm sure there is a lot more to find
This is not really related (or is it ?) to the Clinton foundation, but I found it interesting enough to post it
here, you guys might want to dig more into this if you find it useful.
CIA directors and other Intel agencies are working in unison, with ramifications in Rockefeller /
Rothschilds / Fabian societies.
How does it adds up with Comey FBI Director congress hearing about a shadow gov ? I don't know, you
tell me.
Have fun.
>A review of State Department call logs for Cheryl Mills, the longtime Clinton confidant who served as
chief of staff for the entirety of Clinton’s four-year tenure as America’s top diplomat, reflects at least 148
messages from Laura Graham – then the Clinton Foundation’s chief operating officer – between 2010
and 2012. No other individual or non-profit appears in the logs with anything like that frequency or
volume, the review found.
>One of the messages Graham left for Mills, in August 2011, referenced “our boss” – without further
identifying that individual. Another, from January 2012, appeared to reference former President Clinton,
using his initials: “Please call. WJC is looking for her [Graham] and she wants to talk to you before she
talks to him.”
Clinton Foundation COO called the State Department about "our boss".
More on Cheryl Mills, the Clinton aide turned shady businessmen.
After her departure from the State Department, she was allowed to keep her clearance level to access
classified information. Clinton requested that the she be allowed to keep her clearance, despite her
leaving to found the BlackIvy group. Presumably it was to gain information to help her business and
delete emails that may tarnish the Clinton name. Most likely the ones retaining to the CF.
BlackIvy has been under fire for a multitude of reason, this article will explains why, it has been said
BlackIvy is also under an extreme amount of fire for proposing for a 23 cent minimum wage in Ghana,
despite all the founders and CEOs calling for a 15 dollar minimum wage in the U.S. Here is another article
explaining that and the actual powerpoint used to attract businesses to Africa.
Another fun fact about Cheryl, she is also on the board of directors of the Clinton foundation. She helped
defend Bill in 1999 and has been a retainer goon for Hillary since then.
>tl;dr mills is a terrible at business and still uses her clearance to make money, similar to insider trading.
Also, here is a article about the Tanzania port authorities trying to shut down BlackIvy. It is behind a
Found something about a deposition she gave some time ago. It is quite long though, fyi
Pagliano was Hillary's personal IT guy during Hillary's SOS term. He had an immunity agreement so that
he could participate in a probe. His deposition is indefinitely postponed thanks to judge Emmet Sullivan.
Pagliano also loves to plead the 5th a lot.
^ is also the judge presiding over the FOIA case for the emails.
>Clinton Foundation’s Colombian ‘Private Equity Fund’ Was Unregistered
>Company’s website removed from internet after Thursday report
>The Clinton Foundation’s Colombia-based investment company was not registered as a private equity
fund in the country, which may have allowed it to avoid certain industry regulations and oversight from the
Colombian government.
>Although Fondo Acceso described itself as a “Private Equity Fund” in company promotional materials
and business presentations, it is not listed in a database maintained by the Colombian government of
current or previously registered private equity funds.
>Colombian legal experts consulted by the Free Beacon said that Fondo Acceso did not appear to have
violated any laws by calling itself a private equity fund, as long as it was not doing so while trying to raise
>According to its corporate records, Fondo Acceso is registered in Colombia as a “simplified stock
corporation,” which legal experts said precludes it from doing business as a private equity fund.
There's a current bid for a project that outright says that you have to liaise with the Clinton Foundation.
That's the first of 14 results with the name "Clinton Foundation."
Screencap of search results from “Clinton”:
Associated groups with the CFG mentioned in the bids:
Global Fund, CFG (obviously), World Bank, GFATM, GAVI (See: AIDS section), GAIN
Some more info:
Apparently Copresida didn't exactly donate 10-25 million to the CF, but instead had a collaborative
partnership of some kind in which Copresida bought anti-HIV pharmaceuticals from the CF. So the CF
apparently acted as an intermediate providing the anti-HIV drugs for the Dominican Republic, buying
them internationally and then re-selling them to Copresida. PIC RELATED
it's explained here:
In the screenshot you can see the total quantity. Link here:
>The supply of anti-HIV medications (...) for people with AIDS within the Dominican Republic was made
from the year 2004 until 2009 through the William J. Clinton Foundation as SALES AGENT [or BUYER
AGENT], without any lucrative goal, through the operations and means disposed within the following
juridical instruments"
>Apparently the Clinton Foundation provided the supply of anti-HIV drugs for children, while some "World
Fund" provided the treatment for adults. (Pic related, flow chart)
Also cited along the CF is Unitaid, which I already saw mentioned around (also CHAI, the Clinton Health
Access Initiative). I don't know if there could be anything shady in there, but it looks like a good business
plan for the CF: buy drugs from organizations/partners you own/half own and then sell them to foreign
governments to help fight AIDS in their poor countries (like Dominican Republic or Haiti), while at the
same time making a profit for you and your friends.
Not that I found anything illegal, but it's profitable.
>For what it's worth, here's the link between the Clinton Global Initiative and the World Fund:
CGI member list (2007):
Last name on the document is Luanne Zurlo, founder of the World Fund, also member of the CGI.
Also this:
Other names on the pdf might also be interesting to look at.
Makes you wonder why Hillary keeps saying there are “no ceilings” in her campaign. It’s not a callback to
Lil’ Wayne, it’s most likely a direct reference to this project:
>pretty much your out of the mill a lot of talk no action "charity". It's data grabbing and making pretty
This is one of their partners, Droga5:
It appears to be an advertising/media company.
One of the groups they advertise for is also the UN.
>known media company, it's just shills, creating memes (heartbreaking/emotional images) and produce
"that" viral video...
>Clinton Foundation
>$1m or over
First page on the pdf, start googling if you're bored.
World Vision is a massive Christian charity network (2012 income of $2.67b). Their organizational
structure involves creating a separate legal entity in every area in which they operate. NGO Monitor
provides a solid background on them.
According to that summary, World Vision "Promotes a highly politicized and biased agenda, placing sole
blame for the continuation of the conflict on Israel and paying little attention to legitimate Israeli security
concerns or Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians."
The information on that page stuck with me, so when I saw an article from yesterday about how the
President of the World Vision Gaza branch was arrested for diverting charity funds to Hamas it set off
some alarms.
World Vision has undertaken multiple events with the Clinton Foundation. Here is one just to prove the
World Vision was one of 11 organizations to found an advocacy and campaign organization called One
Campaign. Bono is a co-founder with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation serving as a primary donor.
They are responsible for (RED), a marketing campaign for AIDS relief that some may have heard of.
Profits from (RED) are provided to The Global Fund.
There are a ton of leads to follow on that page. Some of the organizations other than World Vision that
founded the One Campaign definitely seem to have a controversial past regarding fund diversion. The
One Campaign also has ties to the Clintons and the Obama administration, as well as various Super
Also they seem to have borrowed their business model from The Global Fund... From the Wikipedia
>In September 2010, it was reported that ONE used only 1.2% of their funds for charitable causes.
However, according to a spokesperson, ONE does not provide programs on the ground but instead is an
advocacy campaign for their funding. It was also stated that the organization does not fundraise or accept
donations and receives most of its funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
One of the primary sources of funding for World Vision is The Global Fund, the overtly corrupt
organization that I covered last time. Unfortunately, since 2008, World Vision's finances are very difficult
to track due to a strange perversion in US tax law. The last page of their final 990 from 2008 states that
the primary legal entity that represents World Vision is recognized by the IRS as a "church", making the
act of filing a 990 completely voluntary.
There are some subsidiaries that I found pretty easily such as "World Vision, Inc", but they just end up
pushing large amounts of money up the ladder until it reaches their hidden tax sanctuary.
>Abbott: Texas to Block Syrian Refugee Resettlement
>Texas Gov. Greg Abbott takes flak for pandering to fringe
>Texas Gov. Greg Abbott already took fire for his perceived pandering to a radical fringe when he called
up the Texas troops to keep an eye on the feds in Jade Helm. Now fresh allegations are flowing.
>An editorial in the Dallas Morning News alleges, "Abbott sided with conspiracy theorists to kill mental
health bill." The charge is based on reporting by the Texas Tribune, which suggested the governor was
again giving substantial government sway to conspicuous perspectives.
>The bill, Senate Bill 359, would have allowed doctors or hospitals to detain mentally ill patients deemed
dangerous to release until law enforcement arrives to take charge of the subject. Otherwise, hospitals are
faced with the decision of admitting a patient, who may seem mentally ill though not medically sick, or
releasing them.
The guy is already on the liberal/leftist blacklist, but clearly he did something else to annoy people.
>Abbott said three of his biggest priorities during his time as Texas governor will be additional job growth,
border security and improving Texas schools
Abbott also signed into the law the Texas open carry legislation.
The big thing to note is the "IMPROVING TEXAS SCHOOLS." Texas is the hub for the Gulen charter
schools. Fethullah Gulen is a terrorist, Erdogan has called for his extradition to Turkey. He is funding
islamist charter schools all over the country, particularly in Texas. They money from these charter schools
are going to dubious causes. Gulen is a known friend of the Clintons and donates to the foundation.
Remember that yesterday Seth Rich, an advocate for fair elections and anti-voter fraud, was shot dead in
Northern DC. There was no robbery. There are no suspects.
Last week TX Governor Greg Abbott was badly burned from his knees down in an "accident" while on
vacation in Wyoming. Let’s take a closer look at Greg Abbott:
First, there's this website:
Then there's this jab he took directly at Clinton:
>On Friday, anti-rights Democrat leftist Hillary Clinton thought that gun confiscation, which goes against
everything America was founded upon, should be “worth considering.” Apparently Rodham Clinton isn’t
aware that America’s Second Amendment has a very clear “shall not be infringed,” provision when it
comes to gun rights, as our brilliant Founding Fathers knew that some tyrant would eventually come
along who didn’t respect human freedom and voters may be duped into voting for him or her.
>And while progressive leftists seem to have taken an oath to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, rather
than the U.S. Constitution, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has a three word answer for
tyrants like Hillary Clinton, and it’s only three words, “NOT IN TEXAS.”
Then there was the twitter battle the two had, which Breitbart reports nicely:
Clinton took a jab at Abbott during a campaign speech in Houstin:
Some more SICK BURNS by Abbott via twitter:
Hello quid pro quo
>Clinton and Thein Sein shared a warm greeting in a hotel courtyard, their national flags and tropical
foliage behind them. Clinton asked about Thein Sein's family and told him "I brought a very prestigious
business delegation to see you. I wanted them all to hear from you tonight about your plans for the
>She met the reformist president last year when she became the first U.S. Secretary of State in half-a-
century to visit Myanmar.
>They were to go together Friday night to meet the largest-ever delegation of American businesses to
Southeast Asia. Those represented include Coca Cola, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Goldman
Sachs and Google.
>The high-profile gathering and meeting reflected the sharp progress the country also known as Burma
has made after years in the international wilderness.
>July 13, 2012
A bit further down:
>We also want to look at ways to develop heavy industries around the country - and further develop
mining potential ...
>The methodology approved by VCS was prepared by Winrock International, under contract to Shell
Canada Energy. Funding for preparing the methodology came from Shell Canada, Gazprom Marketing
and Trading and the Clinton Foundation.
>Shell, Gazprom and the Clinton Foundation are funding the landmark REDD Rimba Raya project on
100,000 ha (250,000 acres) in the province of Central Kalimantan in Indonesia. According to Reuters, the
Rimba Raya project marks “a milestone” in the development of a global market in forest carbon credits.
>Shell’s REDD carbon offset project could be quite a money maker. Reuters calculates that “At about $10
a credit, that means about $750 million over 30 years.”
>Renowned Nigerian environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey, Director of Environmental Rights Action and
Chair of Friends of the Earth International, has a long history of opposing destructive oil extraction
activities. “We have suffered Shell’s destruction of communities and biodiversity as well as oil spills and
illegal gas flaring for decades. Now we can add financing REDD for greenwash and profits to the long list
of Shell’s atrocities.”
>Clinton urges cooperation in resource-rich Arctic
>Arguing for its ratification at a recent Senate hearing, Clinton said the treaty would offer the U.S. oil and
gas rights some 600 miles into the Arctic. She said American companies were "equipped and ready to
engage in deep seabed mining," but needed to join the treaty to take exploit oil, gas and mineral reserves.
>Also, she expressed the wish that: “the federal government could help biotechs with ‘insurance against
risk,’ she said. Without such subsidies, she said, this is going to be an increasing challenge,” because
otherwise, biotech companies might get bankrupted by lawsuits from consumers who might have become
poisoned by their products. She wants the consuming public to bear the risk from those products —
According to liberal media:
The Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down! Or at least making a change of plans...
I'm guessing there is a fire sale going on at the Clinton Foundation - "The usual favors, now half the price!
Get them while you can"
>Leaked Audio: Hillary Clinton Calls at Private Fundraiser for Infrastructure Bank to Resemble Clinton
Global Initiative
>Hillary Clinton told donors at a private fundraiser in New York last Thursday that she plans as president
to create a “national infrastructure bank” modeled on the Clinton Global Initiative, according to a recording
of her remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
>This was the first time that Clinton, who has long supported the formation of a government-controlled
bank to invest in national infrastructure projects, cited the Clinton Global Initiative—the flagship arm of her
family’s controversial foundation—as an investment model for her proposed bank.
>Clinton said CGI’s “public-private” partnership with labor unions has created tens of thousands of jobs,
and argued that a federal infrastructure bank could take on this type of project.
>“Think of what we can do on a national scale,” said Clinton.
>Clinton’s plan for a national infrastructure bank dovetails with the financial interests of some of her most
prominent supporters. Her comments could also give ammunition to critics who say that the Clintons’
philanthropic operations, including CGI, have been plagued with conflicts of interest and financial
>“I want to see if we can create what is called an infrastructure bank,” said Clinton. “It’s like a revolving
loan fund so we can take it out of to a great extent the annual fight over appropriations. If we can get it
funded with a combination of public and private funds, we can do this.”
>Clinton cited as an example a $15 billion project she said the Clinton Global Initiative is running with
labor union pension funds to train people for “clean energy work.”
>The commitment, made through CGI, between Palantir Technologies, Team Rubicon and Direct Relief is
the first of its kind - bringing together volunteers and staff with military, pharmaceutical, disaster relief and
data science expertise to more efficiently meet the needs of vulnerable communities hit by calamities.
September 24, 2009
AREVA, through its subsidiary AREVA Med LLC, announced today that the Clinton Global Initiative has
recognized its efforts to develop innovative production methods to produce medical-grade Lead-212. This
one is used in promising alpha radio-immunotherapy treatments, to combat cancer.
Areva is listed as a partner. This one screams trafficking but who knows.
In 2015, the Elle Foundation continued with its endeavours by supporting six new projects in Algeria,
China, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cambodia and France.
Denis Olivennes, chairman of one of the Lagardere divisions, is a board member of the Elle Foundation.
He also is an alleged guest at Bilderberg in 09 and 10.
Areva is the company that sold Fukushima Daiichi it's MOX fuel.
>After the Fukushima accident, Hillary Clinton signed a deal permitting Japan to continue importing
irradiated fish and other goods to the US, even while other nations are turning them away.
Hillary knew more about the meltdown than she let on about in public
>Leak has been doing since last night. It is still not under control. A US team was flown in to help get this
thing under control, but that is not public record yet. It will come out later, I think.
>Anway, leak from last night means it is hitting us about now. I am not going outdoors for a while.
Irwin Redlener added to call list along with Vali Nasr and George Soros.
Long rapport with the Clintons.
He's cofounder of the children's health fund. And has ties to the Clinton Global Initiative
In May 2009, Redlener was appointed to the National Commission on Children and Disasters.In 2010, in
part due to his research on the health effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil,the National Commission on
the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Oil Drilling appointed Redlener to serve as the
Commission’s Special Consultant on Public Health.
On November 15, 2012, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he had appointed
Redlener co-chair of the NYS Ready Commission, which was tasked with finding ways to ensure critical
systems and services are prepared for future natural disasters and other emergencies.
>Basically socialists who want to radically change the US.
>paper outlining their basic strategy, written by economist Gar Alperovitz
>Gar Alperovitz was one of the founders of the Democracy Collaborative, now is in a "New Economy
Advisor" to the President.
>According to the Democracy collaborative he worked on environmental and consumer stuff as an
advisor on the Council of Economic Advisors.
Co-founder, current President. From their site:
>Ted lectures frequently about community wealth building, most recently at the Clinton Global Initiative-
America, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, the
Co-operatives United World Conference (Manchester, England), various regional Federal Reserve Banks,
as well as at universities including the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, MIT, Georgetown, Oberlin,
Michigan State and the Ohio State University.
>Steve Dubb is special project guy who formerly had "Building Wealth: The New Asset-Based Approach
to Solving Social and Economic Problems" published by the Aspen Institute
>Aspen Institute is evidently some type of think tank, though one that is "bipartisan" according to the site.
It would appear that inequality and environment are key focuses.
>Aspen institute linked to Northwest Area Foundation, evidently a more socialist type of collective grant-
giver, particularly to native populations
From pictures, identified ""
> is the financial loaning arm of Aspen institute
>Aspen Institute locks arms with Chase, JP Morgan, and The Bridgespan Group
>An organization of philanthropists, doing consultations and such. Doesn't seem to do much themselves
other than consult, train, and organize. Former alumni Tara Abrahams now oversees work for Girl Rising
and USAID.
McAuliffe has his fingers in everything. I would not be terribly surprised if he organized the web of dirt
bags and big money that became the Clinton Foundation. Or if he took the Clintons from big time
Arkansas crime to big time global crime with his connections and networking.
Good reading to get started:
>As part of the probe, the officials said, investigators have scrutinized McAuliffe's time as a board
member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a vehicle of the charitable foundation set up by former President
Bill Clinton.
Good news there if this stays alive.
Chinese donor link!
>Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe signed a controversial order into law which restored voting rights to
more than 200,000 convicted felons in Virginia. At the time we noted McAuliffe's close relationship with
Hillary, and opposition comments that his action "doesn't speak of mercy. Rather, it speaks of political
opportunism," and African American support in the state. All of which is by way of background as CNN
reports today that McAuliffe is now being probed over questionable donations made to his campaign
(from a Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang) during his time as a board member of The Clinton Global
Initiative. We have three simple words: quid pro quo?
>Wang also has been a donor to the Clinton foundation, pledging $2 million.
Ties to China:
>Wang Wenliang, a Chinese billionaire and donor to the Clinton Foundation and Virginia Gov. Terry
McAuliffe, has been expelled from China’s top legislature after being caught up in a widespread cash-for-
votes scheme.
>On Tuesday, China’s national legislature expelled 45 of its nearly 2,900 members, all from the
northeastern province of Liaoning, in a huge vote-buying scandal. The move was part of an investigation
into corruption in Liaoning and a much larger national anti-corruption campaign launched by President Xi
>Wang, who made his fortune in construction and running a strategic port near the North Korean border,
also has been a big donor to New York University, Harvard University and the Center for Strategic and
International Studies in Washington.
>Wang’s $2 million donation to the Clinton Foundation in 2013 made waves when it was disclosed last
year because of his ties to the Chinese government. More recently, his name surfaced amid news that
McAuliffe (D) was the subject of an FBI investigation.
>McAuliffe expressed confidence in May that Wang, who gave a combined $120,000 to his 2013
gubernatorial campaign and 2014 inauguration, was a “legitimate donor.” ...
Jerome Corsi's book just came out, and it mentions a group called Davos. Looking them up returns this:
>Chapter 3: Reinventing Davos
>"The [Clinton] foundation... accepted millions from seven foreign governments while Hillary Clinton
served as secretary of state." - Washington Post
>Among the various similar versions of the story of how Bill Clinton got the idea to create the Clinton
Global Initiative, the version with the most credibility was told by journalist Alec MacGillis in the 'New
Republic.' His article, "Scandal at Clinton Inc: How Doug Band drove a wedge through a political
dynasty," was highly critical of the Clinton foundation and, in particular, of Doug Band.
>MacGillis appears to have gotten the story from Paul Begala, the longtime Clinton loyalist who
transitioned from being a key strategist in Clinton's 1992 run for the White House to serving as cohost of
CNN's heavily partisan political program Crossfire, along with James Carville, another top Clinton
strategist from the 1992 presidential campaign.
>"As Begala tells it," MacGillis narrated, "the idea came to Band at the front of grand ideas, Davos." The
reference to Davos is to the World Economic Forum, the high-level meeting of the global business elite.
Literally the EXACT same thing as the CF's little shell:
>Clinton Foundation Initiative
>HSBC and many many more CF and CF Shell Charities and Donors
Proof that the Clinton Campaign is Coordinating with Super PACs.
Spread this like wildfire:
Early findings of fraud:
Proof that Clinton Campaign illegally purchased research from Super PAC.
Clinton Foundation Donations Linked to State Dept. Favors
Posted on August 18, 2016
Entire searchable archived database of all CF donors
Muckety map:
>The following list includes news media organizations that have donated to the foundation, as well as
other media networks, companies, foundations or individuals that have donated.
Carlos Slim (Chairman & CEO of Telmex, largest New York Times shareholder)
James Murdoch (Chief Operating Officer of 21st Century Fox)
Newsmax Media (Florida-based conservative media network)
Thomson Reuters (Owner of the Reuters news service)
News Corporation Foundation (Philanthropic arm of former Fox News parent company)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Publisher)
Richard Mellon Scaife (Owner of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
Abigail Disney (Documentary filmmaker)
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Howard Stringer (Former CBS, CBS News and Sony executive)
Intermountain West Communications Company (Local television affiliate owner (formerly Sunbelt
Bloomberg L.P.
Discovery Communications Inc.
George Stephanopoulos (ABC News chief anchor and chief political correspondent)
Mort Zuckerman (Owner of New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report)
Time Warner Inc. (Owner of CNN parent company Turner Broadcasting)
Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Presenters of the Golden Globe Awards)
Knight Foundation (Non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting journalism)
Public Radio International
Turner Broadcasting (Parent company of CNN)
Comcast (Parent copmany of NBCUniversal
NBC Universal, Parent company of NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC)
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Robert Allbritton (Owner of POLITICO)
AOL Huffington Post Media Group
Hearst Corporation
Judy Woodruff (PBS Newshour co-anchor and managing editor)
Clinton Foundation Donor List - choice findings:
>Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund
>$1,000,001 - $$5,000,000
>Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative - Canada
>$1,000,001 to $5,000,000
>Soros Foundation
>Google Inc.
>$500,001 - $1,000,000
CF Highest paid contractor list:
HRC Paid Speaking engagements:
HRC Private Jet Travel:
Also on that list of donors, is James Murdoch who is Rupert Murdoch son who testified in that telephone
hacking scandal a few years back.
2015: Sudden spike in donations:
General crime/Hunter Foundation:
Wasserman Foundation
"Affiliated Entity" of the CF:
>scroll to the bottom
Interesting Donors list - these can go somewhere
>Some donors to Clinton foundation used the Panamanian law firm for offshores
>Connections come from the more than 40 years Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent in public life
>Clinton criticized those exposed in the Panama Papers, some looking to hide their wealth
One of them is Ng Lap Seng (see sections on China)
>Ng Lap Seng is the subject of an American investigation, and faces bribery, money laundering and other
charges, as he allegedly that he paid bribes via intermediaries totalling US$500,000 to former UN
General Assembly president John Ashe.
John Ashe is the man who had an "accident" with a barbell and died.
>Ng Lap Seng was also part of a Democratic fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was president, and is
mentioned in the Panama Papers.
Saudis and Pfizer donated to foundation in 08 and crashed the site:
Big donations directly to bill for 'speaking'
> "A politician from India donated some $5 million to the Clinton Foundation — which would have
amounted to nearly his entire net ?worth, a new book about the Clintons claims. The Clinton Foundation
in 2008 reported that it had received a contribution of between $1 million and $5 million from Amar Singh,
a member of India’s Parliament and a pal of Bill Clinton. The size of the donation relative to Singh’s net
worth raised questions about whether Singh was the true source of the cash, according to “Clinton Cash”
author Peter Schweizer . The 2008 contribution was made as Congress debated approval of a nuclear
agreement between the United States and India, which then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton eventually
Potential tax fraud via tax reporting and donation reporting
also talks about mexican donor and changing reporting records
> "Clinton supporter Ira Lessfield was listed last year as a $250,000 to $500,000 donor. His Leesfield
Foundation was listed as having given just $1,000 to $5,000. However, the latter’s tax filings revealed it
has given at least $200,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
>The updated donor list merges the two, putting “Ira H. Leesfield and Leesfield Family Charitable
Foundation, Inc.” in the $250,000 to $500,000 category.
>The website appears to have corrected a similar discrepancy with respect to Fred Eychaner, combining
the Chicago media mogul’s personal and foundation giving into one line item."
Hillary Clinton's campaign has received 2.5 mil from a hedge fund called "Renaissance Technologies."
This is run by a man named James Harris Simons. He also runs Euclidean Capital which has donated 7
mil to her campaign. In 2014 a Senate committee found Renaissance Tech had effectively dodged over 6
billion dollars in taxes. I wonder why they're donating to her. Isn't she supposed to be breaking up hedge
funds that do this, not get funded by them.
“The crime was not only corruption – the selling of ‘official acts’ as secretary of state for personal gain
obtained via ‘donations’ to the Clinton Foundation – the crime was also inurement – operating a 501(c)
tax-favored charity for personal gain, at the same time the politicized IRS denied tax-favored status to
conservative, tea-party-affiliated groups,” Corsi said.
>Some experts in charity law and taxes said it was not remarkable for a charity to refile an erroneous
return once in awhile, but for a large, global charity to refile three or four years in a row was highly
>"I've never seen amendment activity like that," said Bruce Hopkins, a Kansas City lawyer who has
specialized in charity law for more than four decades, referring to the CHAI filings
>"No charity is required to disclose their donors," he said. "However, we voluntarily disclose our more
than 300,000 donors and post our audited financial statements on our website along with the 990s for
anyone to see."
>Minassian declined to comment on why the foundation had not included the necessary break-down of
government funding in its 990 forms. He said it was rare to find an organization as transparent as the
Name Drops:
>Maura Daley
CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative) Spokesperson
>Craig Minassian
CF Spokesperson
Hillary Clinton presidential primary race began fundraising program is $ 100 million
2015-04-22 18:11:33
Hillary Clinton is trying to build a small-scale, low-key, localization campaign image: no meetings, no
crowds, close to the people.
But she still needs to raise money at an alarming rate.
Clinton campaign 2015
To create a low-key image of Hillary still a large campaign contributions electioneering
Later this month, Hillary Clinton will attend a campaign fundraiser.
According to his campaign finance director Dennis Chan on Friday sent a message to donors and
fundraisers, April 28 in New York, April 30 in Washington, DC, there were two fund-raising activities. But
the message did not specify the ticket price per game activities.
Program insiders confirmed, Clinton will attend fund-raising activities, the most likely venue for a private
residence. Just last Wednesday, Clinton fundraiser was held in Vernon Jordan couple at home, they had
former President Bill Clinton's personal advisor. In accordance with the recommendations have been
received, the Democratic Party announced that for the first time Clinton's fund-raising activities will not
take large banquet style.
This name insiders, fundraising infancy, Hillary's plan is to come up with a small amount of "the Clinton
campaign's start," the event in line with the plan style.
If you can raise to 10 donors, each contribution of $ 2700, the fundraiser will be led by Dennis
Chen campaign finance team given name "Clinton campaign initiator." $ 2,700 is the upper limit individual
contributions to the early election regulations. They can also donate $ 2,700 for the final election. But in
the primaries, Hillary only accept the basic political cash. This is Obama's strategy in 2008 to take the
same pre-selection phase, and that time, Hillary Clinton is raising money for the general election on her
"Clinton campaign started by" program also predicts a more attractive way of raising money: Clinton last
election its requirements "package" and improve fundraising limit (Note: refers to circumvent regulatory
Federal Election Commission, a where many people raise from donors or political action committee
money, then the money donated to the campaign at once. this is where the candidates from their friends
and family to raise funds might be called "packaged" and usually the company the CEO, lobbyist or some
rich people). Fund-raising more than $ 100,000 "package" and automatically upgraded to "Clinton
campaign ascending."
Chen's message also said that the campaign team opened the weekly "behind the scenes" calls for "help
Hillary Clinton's campaign" briefings. In addition, every call will introduce a different understanding
fundraiser campaign team members. They sent Jennifer Palmieri, director of media and Christina Scheck,
vice president at the head.
Recep Özkan is the Turkish tie to the Clinton foundation. He can be found in the 500k-1m donation list
and donor to the Ready for Hillary PAC.
He was a President of the Turkish Cultural Center Ny Chapter. The center is strongly intertwined in the
Gulen Movement.
>It looks like from 2010 to 2013 the highest paid people were involved in filming and producing some sort
of live event and doing something with the recordings:
The ones that I could dig anything up on, seem to be connected with CGI events.
>Five Currents LLC
The Clinton Global Initiative, a FiveCurrents ANNUAL production, has once again topped BizBash
Magazine’s list of New York’s Top Political, Legal & Diplomatic Events 2010. During the 2009 Annual
Meeting, CGI celebrated its fifth anniversary with a keynote address by President Barack Obama and
attendance by heads of state, government and business leaders, scholars, and NGO directors. The
Annual Meeting encourages these divergent groups of individuals to work together to analyze, discuss,
and debate possible solutions to urgent global issues.
>“In just five years, members of the Clinton Global Initiative have made nearly $57 billion worth of
commitments to world relief—$9.4 billion of which came out of the 2009 >meeting at the Sheraton New
>Lankey & Limey
>this kills the Clinton Foundation
Hillary for America, Top Clinton Bundlers Tied to Foreign Banks, Governments
>Half of non-governmental visits donated to her private foundation.
>Out of the governments that visited at least 16 foreign governments that donated as much as $170
million to the Clinton charity,
>And, the leaks only covered the first half of her tenure in office.
Kuwait ties:
Did Foundation Donor Dow Chemical Seek Hillary "Favor" To Settle $9 Billion Lawsuit With Kuwait?
>Just yesterday we reported on how back in 2009 Bill Clinton pushed for a meeting between Hillary and
the CEO of Dow Chemical, a $1-$5mm donor to the Clinton Foundation (see "New Hillary Emails Expose
Bill Pushing Meetings With Foundation Donors, Requests For "Diplomatic Passports""). As it turns out,
Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical, probably had a lot to discuss with Hillary around that time
including the failure of a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Kuwait (ironically a $5 - $10mm donor
to the Clinton Foundation) that cost Dow $9BN.
Selling list to friends:
>But how anonymous is anonymous? reported that a partial list of donors was sold to
infoUSA, a direct marketing data company founded by major Clinton donor Vin Gupta. From June 2006 to
May 2007, the company offered to sell a list of more than 38,000 Clinton presidential library donors to
foundations and other non-profits. Perhaps it all depends on the meaning of the word “anonymous”
(“Clinton Library Sells Secret Donor List,” Nov. 19, 2007). Under pressure, Clinton now promises to make
public the names of all future donors to his foundation if his wife is elected to the White House.
>Sheila Krumholz of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks the influence of money
in politics, rejects this reasoning. “The fact that they’ve sold the list and then turned around and said that
these names must be kept anonymous completely undercuts their argument,” she said. “The voters ought
to have this information before the election, when it could still make a difference.… We really ought to find
out who his donors are before the nomination is settled,” liberal commentator Matthew Yglesias wrote in
an October 4 Los Angeles Times op-ed. “Because it’s presumed that big-dollar donors to the Clinton
Foundation are gaining access to and some measure of influence with the foundation’s top dog, is it such
a stretch to think that might extend to his White House-seeking wife as well?”
Found a list of thousands of donors.
Link to the DOWNLOADABLE list:
Link to the email:
>Found this. Looks like something about Hillary accepting money from some Bob Glovsky, arranged by
Jordan Kaplan and Naomi Aberly.
>Glovsky appears to have ties to Obama and is one of the heads of:
>So he's some kind of merchant who paid the woman a ton of money so she could do some speaking
>may require more investigation: Phil Munger
Huge contribs to Dems
OFA reports only some contribs. DNC leak reveals he is real largest donor, sits next to Obama at
Alaska Dem party 13th dist
Connected to 13th regional native ghost corporation, which is connected to Perkins Coie?
Son of Charles Munger
Munger, Tolles, and Olson
V. Chair at Berkshire Hath
Daily Caller: Bill Clinton Got Millions from World’s Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm
>Former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from GEMS Education, a Dubai-based
company that teaches Sharia Law through its network of more than 100 schools in the Middle East, Asia
and Africa, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.
>The company’s finances strictly adhere to “Sharia Finance,” which includes giving “zakat,” a religious tax
of which one-eighth of the proceeds is dedicated to funding Islamic jihad.
>The company also contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation
>The Dubai firm has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to
the foundation website. GEMS was an official sponsor of the 2013 and 2014 Clinton Global Initiative. Its
Indian-born CEO Sunny Varkey attended both years.
>And the Varkey Foundation, named after the CEO, contributed $250,000 to $500,000 to the foundation.
[India connection]
>Sharia law on finance also includes money for “zakat,” a religious tax. “And if you read the law of zakat,
one-eighth of that money goes to fund Jihad,” he says. “There are eight categories of zakat you must pay
every year. And one of them is Jihad.”
So WJC took money from an organization that directly funds/ teaches jihad.
Stephen Bing:
Stephen L. Bing: 2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign - fundraiser
2009 humanitarian mission to North Korea - provided plane
American Bridge 21st Century - contributor
Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation - funder
Lisa Bonder - girlfriend
Chelsea V. Clinton - guest at 2010 wedding
Elizabeth Hurley - dated
Stephen L. Bing campaign contributions:
Listed below are federal donations of $3,000+ reported to the FEC.
Treasure State PAC - $5,000 on 7/12/2011
Obama Victory Fund 2012 - $3,700 on 2/1/2012
Kyrsten Sinema for Congress - $4,600 on 1/10/2012
Treasure State PAC - $5,000 on 12/21/2011
League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund - $25,000 on 12/19/2011
Actblue - $5,000 on 7/12/2011
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - $30,800 on 6/30/2011
Majority PAC - $250,000 on 6/27/2011
American Bridge 21st Century - $150,000 on 6/27/2011
Pac to the Future - $5,000 on 6/23/2011
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - $5,000 on 5/24/2011
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - $30,800 on 3/17/2011
Searchlight Leadership Fund - $5,000 on 2/24/2011
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - $9,100 on 6/30/2009
Democratic National Committee - $30,400 on 5/31/2009
Pac for a Change - $5,000 on 4/14/2009
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - $30,400 on 3/31/2009
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - $28,500 on 2/15/2007
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - $27,000 on 3/31/2007
Major contributions to state-level political organizations & campaigns:
2014 Andrew Cuomo (NY) gubernatorial campaign - $19,700 on 2/8/2012
2014 Andrew Cuomo (NY) gubernatorial campaign - $41,100 on 2/8/2012
Contributions to political organizations reporting to IRS:
WESPAC - Non-Federal - $25,000 on 3/31/2009
Democratic Governors Association - $4,000 on 8/16/2007
Heartland PAC - $25,000 on 10/12/2006
Midwest Values PAC (MVP) - $5,000 on 3/31/2006
Fred Eychaner: HUGE CF Donor
Fred Eychaner past relationships:
2009 Barack Obama inaugural committee - major contributor
2011 Rahm Emanuel mayoral campaign - major contributor
2012 Barack Obama presidential campaign - fundraiser
2012 Democratic National Convention - funder
2013 Barack Obama inaugural committee - contributor
Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation - funder
Majority PAC - contributor
Organizing for Action - contributor
Priorities USA Action - contributor
White House state dinner (3/14/2012) - invited guest
State Dept. discussed favor for Clinton foundation donor:
CNN's Drew Griffin explains the connections between Clinton family and aides, donors named in new
emails sent during Clinton's time as Secretary of State.Source: CNN
The Clinton Foundation’s Problems Are Deeper Than You Think.
In recent days, large amounts of criticism have been directed at the Clinton Foundation over its
fundraising methods, and purported ethical conflicts of interest arising out of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as
Secretary of State.
Stated most strongly, the allegation is that Clinton’s position as Secretary helped her squeeze foreign
governments for Foundation donations, and access to the State Department was sold to the highest
And while “pay to play” charges remain unconfirmed, it’s certain that the Foundation raised money from
foreign governments in ways that present a troubling ethical problem for a likely future president.
>Erdogan filed papers with the U.S. government seeking the extradition of Gulen, according to Tuesday
>Also attending the dinner was Victor Pinchuk, the Ukrainian tycoon who married the daughter of
Ukrainian strongman Leonid Kuchma, who was considered a corrupt leader during his years in office.
>The email was obtained by Citizens United, a conservative group, under the Freedom of Information Act.
>One of the most notorious Clinton Foundation donors to attend a White House dinner was Rajat Gupta,
a long-time personal friend of Bill’s who was convicted of insider trading. He served two years in a federal
>Gupta was the first foreign-born managing director at McKinsey & Company and reportedly hired
Chelsea Clinton for her first job. Without any experience, he paid her a six figure salary. Gupta attended
the dinner for the Indian Prime Minister in 2009.
>Ortel claims the pattern of awarding government perks to donors began in the 1990s during Bill’s first
term at the White House. At the time, Clinton and his aides rented out the Lincoln Bedroom to 66
campaign contributors and offered seats on Air Force One to 56 contributors.
Donor list linked in the article:
>Marissa Mayer
>Irwin Jacobs
>David Cameron
>Xi Jinping
>Barbra Streisand
>Steve Ballmer
>Elon Musk
>Douglas J. Band, Bruce R. Lindsey, Aaron Motsoaledi, Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg, John A.
Catsimatidis, Ira C. Magaziner (What is with this dude), Natalie Portman, Declan Kelly, John D. Podesta,
Eric Braverman, Madhuri Kommareddi
>Time-Life, Procter & Gamble, McKinsey & Company, Teneo (magaziner), MF Global
>Standard Chartered, a British financial services company that paid a $340 million fine to New York
regulators last year to settle charges that it had laundered money from Iran, is a Teneo client and a
sponsor of the 2012 global initiative.
Hillary blew through $50M last month with essentially no results!
>Much of Clinton's spending has been eaten up by advertising, which is costing her about $10 million per
week. Through August, she blanketed 11 states with 35,714 broadcast television commercials to Trump's
7,457 in five states, according to Kantar Media's political ad data.
>Clinton also has built a robust campaign team of 800 employees who cost a total of about $5 million last
month. Even after an August hiring spree, Trump has a far smaller shop of about 130 employees and
more than 100 consultants.
>Among those consultants: Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. He parted ways with Trump
in mid-June — and was immediately hired as a CNN contributor — but his Green Monster firm received a
$20,000 payment for "strategy consulting" Aug. 11, the same amount it has regularly been paid for
>The Clinton campaign's August fundraising report shows increases in legal and polling expenses, which
appear to reflect those firms' billing cycles. The campaign spent about $450,000 on legal bills and almost
$1.3 million on polling.
>Deep-pocketed Priorities USA spent $20.6 million last month, almost exclusively on Trump-bashing and
Clinton-boosting TV, radio and digital. The group also replenished its war chest with a healthy $23.4
million haul.
On 5/6/14 Jeffries LLC gave $225K to the Clinton Foundation
Just 3 months later, Jeffries LLC was “Sole financial advisor to Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. and
Kinder Morgan Management, LLC in their $60 billion sale to Kinder Morgan, Inc.”
Kinder Morgan Energy and Kinder Morgan Management are both privately owned by their general
partner, Kinder Morgan Inc. So it looks like it was a 60 billion dollar purchase of what they already
technically owned.
I looked more into KM Energy and back in 2007 this was said about them
“The fifty percent leakage in unit holder investment goes to prominent general partners – a Wall Street
House that has furnished two Secretaries of the Treasury in recent years, a Washington leveraged buyout
fund that rewards politicians, and a large insurance company that apparently has used an off-the-books
offshore fund to pay bonuses to its executives. A former chairman of the Securities and Exchange
Commission, whom we have often admired for his defense of individual investors, serves as a paid
advisor to two of the general partners.”
The last part, "The latest declaration of an increase in quarterly distribution to $0.88 a unit from $0.85
amounts to an additional $7 million a quarter to limited partners and an equal $7 million to the general
partner who has put up essentially no capital. When we allocate projected cash flow (Ebitda) in proportion
to the debt ratio we have “equity Ebitda” of $917 million for the next twelve months compared to a
projected distribution of $1499 million. The excess of $582 million is that portion of the distribution we
consider financed by debt and not sustainable by prudent standards."
They bought the company for $60 billion and get to keep half of it, all while not putting down actual capital
since they are buying their own company technically.
To me, it looks like Jeffries LLC paid the Clinton Foundation $225k. In return they were allowed to
"advise" in this extremely shady tax loophole without the government intervening.
Kinder Morgan being able to put 0 physical dollars down and make $30 billion immediately should be
illegal. The government shouldn't allow that to begin with. Having Jeffries LLC pay 225k to the CF and get
a cut of that $30 billion is undeniable corruption.
Kinder Morgan is the largest independent transporter of petroleum products in North America, and it looks
like the government let them create money out of thin air. This is absolute corruption.
The article from 2007 mentions prominent general partners of Kinder Morgan and links them to the
Secretaries of the Treasury. Looking back at the past secretaries of the treasury, some of the names are:
Jack Lew – COO Citigroup
Henry Paulson – CEO Goldman Sachs
Timothy Geithner – President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
John W. Snow — Managed the Chrysler bailouts
Robert M. Kimmitt — According to a classified wikileak, he met with Kuwait Prime and Foreign Minister on
10/30/08 and even discusses the Iran Nuclear deal.
Only 5-10MM Kuwaiti connections:
>Large commitments have been made by foreign businessmen with records of making payments to
government officials to gain influence. Gilbert Chagoury, for example, who has sponsored speeches by
Bill and committed $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative, has a long history of association with corrupt
transactions in Nigeria.
>$1 billion
>friend of clintons
>donated over a billion dollars to various clinton stuff
>basically the bribe-guy/middleman for a brutal nigerian dictator
>involved with halliburton
>convicted of money laundering
>basically looted his entire country
>sold oil rights to china
>for some reason, knighted by the catholic church under the order of st. gregory
so we have a known money-launderer funneling tons of money into the clintons' various funds who
served a dictator and looks to be enabling chinese colonization of africa through resource-exploitation
>The second Clinton/State Department scheme uncovered by NLPC involves Clinton Foundation donor
Claudio Osorio, who now sits in a federal penitentiary, serving a 12-year term for fraud. In 2013, he was
convicted of bilking 10 investors out of $40 million and the federal government out of $10 million.
>In 2010, both Clintons pushed for a $10 million loan from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation
(OPIC) to a company owned by Osorio called InnoVida. The loan was supposedly for building houses in
earthquake-ravaged Haiti, but Osorio instead used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle and to buy off
>The loan was rushed through and Osorio was never required to provide an audited financial statement.
Documents uncovered by NLPC show that Bill Clinton lined up a well-connected law firm to represent
Osorio with OPIC, and Hillary Clinton went to bat for the project within the State Department. OPIC is
technically an independent agency but submits its budget through the State Department.
>InnoVida also hired Clinton insider Jonathan Mantz to lobby for the loan, paying his firm $300,000 in
2009 and 2010. Mantz was Hillary’s 2008 finance director and currently is a key figure in Priorities USA, a
pro-Hillary super PAC.
>Whereas Osorio’s Ponzi-like scams have generated headlines, and even an “American Greed” episode
on CNBC, the Clintons' direct involvement in the OPIC loan had not been previously reported. It was
discovered by NLPC Chairman Ken Boehm and Tom Anderson, director of NLPC’s Government Integrity
Project, while sifting through documents at state and federal courthouses in Miami.
Rajiv K. Fernando is a major Clinton Foundation donor who was placed on a sensitive government
intelligence advisory board, even though he has no obvious experience in the field. This appointment
baffled the department’s professional staff.
Here are links referencing this claim:
Other reference link:
According to this, he'd have TS security clearance for a period in July to August 17th, 2011. If there was
someway to link when the SAP's got on the server, we might have connection.
This guy started a company called Chopper trading
That was taken over by DRW in 2015
>Chicago trading firm DRW Trading Group has agreed to buy a smaller rival in the city, Chopper Trading,
a deal that continues recent consolidation in the industry.
>In 2016, Fernando launched
>serving on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institute
>As CEO, Fernando designed, implemented and managed some of the most sophisticated risk
management, communications, trading, monitoring and source code security systems in the financial
Possible headhunter?
>What is Scoutahead?
>Scoutahead™ is a platform for both individuals and organizations to get confidential information and
reviews from the people they trust. Scoutahead is uniquely designed for both the person providing
information and the party receiving it.
>Obama and the DNC raised over $15.6 million from the financial industry for his 2012 reelection
>Obama’s third-largest source of cash in
>Chicago-based Chopper Trading Chopper Trading’s CEO Raj Fernando held a fundraiser in his home
with Joe Biden
>Chopper Trading raised at least $200,000 for Obama’s campaign and for the DNC
>Chopper Trading employs a controversial high-frequency trading technique
>A federal study of the 2010 “flash crash” placed the blame on high-frequency trading technologies
>Other studies have cited high-frequency trading as contributing to stock market volatility
Found Rajiv Fernando's blog -
He goes by Raj Fernando. My uploaded file has an e-mail where he is referenced. Here is the context I
found - "Not sure why Mills put him (Raj) on that board. Months after he resigned, another slot on the
board opened up. Mills communicates about it to Clinton, referring to Rajiv Fernando as "Raj". He's on a
first-name basis. That's how money gets you a top secret clearance."
Went on Reddit
s/) and used to find any censored material.
No mention of his appointment on the ISAB. They talk up his international financial market knowledge.
Looking at the bigger picture, maybe he sought intelligence on foreign financial markets to benefit the
This implicates Cheryl Mills was the main reason he was able to get the position. Also, seems like media
suspicion was talked about in some of these emails.
Cheryl Mills tie:
Cheryl Mills contacted Hillary Clinton about an opening for Rajiv K. Fernando. Pay-to-play for donors
getting Government positions.
This image proves Cheryl Mills contacted Hillary about Rajiv K. Fernando:
Here is the link that has the e-mail discussions about Rajiv K. Fernando when ABC was investigating why
Rajiv K. Fernando was appointed to ISAB (International Security Advisory Board) -
Here is my original analysis ( of what the ABC News PDF
"-ABC asked the ISAB about Raj, and how Raj got on the board.
-ISAB sends e-mails out seeing if anyone has any information on Raj's background.
-No one has a fuckin' clue about this guy, and his expertise (lack thereof)
-ABC pressures ISAB for a bio, ISAB is scrambling and delaying.
-ISAB finds out that Raj was appointed to the board by Hillary Clinton because Mills added him to the list
of people consider for a spot on the team
-ISAB can't give ABC a reasonable answer, so Raj quits. He fuckin' quits because he's been made public!
-ISAB tells ABC that Raj quit, and ISAB basically gives ABC a bulshit/shortcut answer out of the dilemma
-Funniest thing is that ABC asked about another member (Rep. Naughton) of ISAB, and ISAB was quick
to have a full biography on the guy. ISAB couldn't even find enough info to bullshit their way as to why Raj
was on the team! Raj is completely unqualified, and should have never been on there and was only on
there because he donated money!"
About the PDF - This implicates Cheryl Mills was the main reason he was able to get the position. Also,
seems like media suspicion was talked about in some of these emails.
One Example of Pay-to-Play - “Rajiv Fernando”
*Two Meme Images – “Chopper Trading” and “Rajiv, Big Blue”
*Source Material: ABC FOIA (, and
Mills & Hillary e-mail (see uploaded file)
-Videos: ABC Video “Clinton Emails - Donor Put on Security Board” -
ABC News Video - “How Did Clinton Donor Get on Security Board?” -
Summation from Slate Article:
>You can read ABC’s full blow-by-blow here (ABC link), but the short version is this: The rest of the
International Security Advisory Board was filled with nuclear scientists, past Cabinet secretaries, and
former members of Congress. But the only thing Fernando had to offer the group was, in ABC’s words,
“his technological know-how,” which none of his fellow panelists seemed to find all that helpful.
Fernando was so out of place, in fact, that one board member told ABC that none of his colleagues could
figure out why he was even there.
Days after the network started asking questions about Fernando in the summer of 2011, he promptly
resigned from the panel citing a need to focus on his business interests. He and the State Department
declined to make public a copy of his résumé and refused to field follow-up questions at the time. Which
brings us back to the present.
Via ABC:
>The newly released emails reveal that after ABC News started asking questions in August 2011, a State
Department official who worked with the advisory board couldn’t immediately come up with a justification
for Fernando serving on the panel. His and other emails make repeated references to “S”; ABC News has
been told this is a common way to refer to the Secretary of State.
>The true answer is simply that S staff (Cheryl Mills) added him,” wrote Wade Boese, who was Chief of
Staff for the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, in an email
to [Jamie] Mannina, the press aide. “Raj was not on the list sent to S; he was added at their insistence.”
LELAND YEE (needs research)
Supposedly Leland Yee donated to the Clinton foundation, if we can prove this, we have direct ties to
Hillary and somebody that laundered campaign money and attempted to smuggle Rocket launchers and
rifles into the US from a terrorist group in the Philippines. Right now there is a connection between a
Clinton donator (Hsu) and Leland Yee's crime partner "Shrimp boy" (I wish I was kidding, but that's his
actual nickname.)
So if we can find any campaign donations or donations to, Leland Yee, it could be huge.
>"The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, which may have collected the third most at $110 million, has been
quick at raising money but slow in deciding what to do with it. Not until December 7, over three months
after Katrina hit the Gulf, did it apply for tax-exempt status with the IRS and announce how it will distribute
the bulk of its donations. The former Presidents' Fund said that it will give $40 million to charitable funds
formed by the governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, $30 million for colleges and schools in
the three states, and $20 million for a faith-based partnership, which will decide how to distribute it. It is
surprising that it took so long to allocate these funds since most went to grantee organizations that are
serving as intermediaries in deciding which organizations or people will be the final recipients of these
donations. Also, as of December 7, the former Presidents' Fund has not publicly announced on its
Internet site or in its press releases who will serve on its full governing board. Donors need to know this to
make an informed giving decision."
KASICH: And what happened with that money?
STAMP: That was the problem. Is that they went around the country raising the money and they didn't
really tell people what they were going to do with it. I had a problem then that you should never give to a
charity that's vague or deceptive in what they're raising money for. It's like investing in a for-profit
company without knowing what they are going to do with it.
Today, just three weeks later — just three weeks ago, I'm sorry, William Gray and Pastor T.D. Jakes from
Texas and the Religious Advisory Committee has resigned from the Clinton-Bush Katrina relief fund
because they are not even sure that the charities and churches they are giving to exist.
WJC = William J Clinton
HRC = Hill R Clinton
WJC HOLDS SPEECH 5 TIMES @ Global Artist Co., Ltd -> $250,000 - $500,000
sp-remarks-at-nihon-university.htm) (only 4 of the 5 speeches are mentioned
Checked the website on, seems to have started redirecting to (world of
business) between Feb 15 and Mar 17 2012.
More interestingly, the domain remains registered to an Argentinian subsidiary
headquartered in Mexico. (HSM Domains, HSM Argentina S.A., Paseo de los Tamarindos # 90, Mexico
D.F, MEXICO 05120. Phone: +52.39775210, Email: [email protected])
HRC HOLDS SPEECH @ PUBLIC COUNSEL -> $100,000 - $250,000
WJC HOLDS SPEECH @ PUBLIC COUNSEL -> $100,000 - $250,000
(could possible be related to child-trafficking ideas from earlier, BOTH EVENTS HAPPENED)
HRC HOLDS SPEECH @ UNLV FOUNDATION -> $100,000 - $250,000
WJC HOLDS SPEECH @ UNLV FOUNDATION -> $100,000 - $250,000
Media "outrage" but how could it occur twice?
Extra sources:
List 1:
List 2:
(Does not include any speeches she gave to companies.)
Cisco events seem to indicate she was NEVER there physically. The best that happened was a
telepresence broadcast and a global trade thing last year.
This is completely unrelated to what she got paid for, hilariously.
She was never physically there to say anything excluding a later visit; the ~$450k were probably
campaign contributions or insidious cover-ups.
This Cisco event was the one semi-credible one from the second speeches list (List 2).
>Look how much she got paid for a "surprise visit"
HOWEVER (refer to Sneaky pic):
Evidently the Boston Bombing was earlier that week, and she gave a speech in New York on 4/17 to the
Global Fund for Women anniversary gala. I can't find any mention of a Morgan Stanley speech for the day
after though. And afterward I only see mentions of other speeches and conventions which are entirely
separate from the list.
>As President, she would aim to sign into law a program to provide subsidies from U.S. taxpayers to
Monsanto and other biotech firms, to assist their PR and lobbying organizations to eliminate what she
says is “a big gap between the facts and what the perceptions are” concerning genetically modified seeds
and other GMOs. In other words: she ignores the evidence that started to be published in scientific
journals in 2012 showing that Monsanto and other GMO firms were selectively publishing studies that
alleged to show their products to be safe, while selectively blocking publication of studies that — on the
basis of better methodology — showed them to be unsafe. She wants U.S. taxpayers to assist GMO firms
in their propaganda that’s based on their own flawed published studies, financed by the GMO industry,
and that ignores the studies that they refuse to have published.
Hillary Clinton: Takes millions in speaking fees from Wall Street ...
Was reading this article:
And noticed this:
>Clinton often left the State Department for unexplained appointments
>Clinton's schedule was redacted before it was handed over to Citizens United, and not all of her events
have been released. Some meetings and phone calls are redacted from view, with the State
Department's notation explaining why each one has been withheld. But from the timeline it seems clear
that Clinton left the State Department fairly regularly and went to somewhere that was a five or 10 minute
drive away from Foggy Bottom, returning in about an hour or more.
>For example, Clinton departed the State Department at 4:40 p.m. on Jan. 7, 2010, and it appears she
traveled somewhere five minutes away, where she remained from 4:45 until 5:20 p.m. At 5:25, she left
that location and arrived back at the State Department at 5:30. Clinton campaign officials did not respond
to a request for comment about these off-campus excursions or other details of Clinton's day-to-day
>The State Department said it was withholding the information about the Jan. 7 meeting under a category
that includes "inter-agency or intra-agency communications forming part of the deliberative process,
attorney client privilege, or attorney work product." So it probably wasn't a dentist's appointment.
FOIA Documents of Hillary's State Department Schedules -
CNBC website that has FOIA documents as well -
Why is it important?
We can look for inconsistencies in her schedule, and compare and contrast it to the speeches she gave.
Image related:
>Tanmiah Commercial Group $300,000 1/25/2011
Did bill give the speech? He is listed as being in Davos, Switzerland on the 25th but in Saudi Arabia on
the 24th
Another example of why we need more info on the venue of the speeches
Leaders and Company Ltd (THISDAY Newspaper Group) $700,000 3/25/2011
She was obviously in Washington and Bill was listed as being in Manaus, Brazil that day
Where was the speech given????
“People have a way of dying around her.”
-FBI anon
"James McDougal Dies While Awaiting Parole"
"The man who knew too much? The truth about the death of Hillary Clinton's close friend Vince Foster"
"Victor Raiser, 52, Financial Aide In Clinton Presidential Campaign"
"Paul Tully Is Dead at 48; Top Democratic Strategist"
"'Death by barbell' sparks questions about Hillary 'silencing people'"
Related to what FBI anon said about how people around HRC tend to disappear
Includes a very recent listing
Notable entry from 2010, very relevant:
>Gareth Williams, an MI6 spy who wored on both sides of the Atlantic, engaged in some unauthorized
hacking by breaking into Bill Clinton's database of friends and connections, ostensibly to give to a friend
in the media.
In a previous thread, people were wondering who has donated to Hillary and ended up dead afterwards.
> Mrs. Alix was an active fundraiser for Democratic races, hosting First
Lady Hillary Clinton in her home on two occasions and raising funds for
presidential, Michigan legislative and Detroit mayoral races.
>In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made to the
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation
A Clinton researcher’s apparent suicide:
Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.
1021 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43205
614-224-87 71
[email protected]
July 25, 2016
Offices of the President and Vice President
United States of America
Via Email
Dear Messrs. President Obama & Vice President Biden:
> this guy who devotes his time to 'discovering' and clearing up the same corruption in dem party and
media that everyone knows about
> has a friend called Beverly
> she tells him about her friend 'Mark' who's apparently CIA
> tells her all sorts of stuff like how Obama is under a death threat to keep him in line, 911 is an inside
job, and some other stuff
> also tells her that CIA is monitoring their every meeting
> CIA is also monitoring author of this letter
> Beverly about to sing in court/public
> suddenly dead
> author suspects she was killed as were a few others
> suspects he's gonna (((die))) pretty soon as well, so he publishes letter openly for anyone to read. This guy was killed too:
>In July 2008, the lead attorney in the King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell
case, Cliff Arnebeck, sent a letter [3] to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey seeking protection for
Connell as a witness in the case, saying he had been threatened. Arnebeck wrote, “We have been
confidentially informed by a source we believe to be credible that Karl Rove has threatened Michael
Connell, a principal witness we have identified in our King Lincoln case in federal court in Columbus,
Ohio, that if he does not agree to 'take the fall' for election fraud in Ohio, his wife Heather will be
prosecuted for supposed lobby law violations." [4] Arnebeck claims that months later, his source called
back and warned that Connell's life was in danger.[5]
>He was served with a subpoena in Ohio on September 22, 2008,[6] in a case alleging that vote-
tampering during the 2004 presidential election resulted in civil rights violations. Connell, president of
GovTech Solutions and New Media Communications, was a website designer and IT professional and
created a website for Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell that presented the results of the 2004
election in real time as they were tabulated. At the time, Blackwell was also chairman of the Bush-Cheney
2004 reelection effort in Ohio. Connell refused to testify or to produce documents relating to the system
used in the 2004 and 2006 elections, lawyers said.[7]
>Connell was killed when the plane he was flying crashed on December 19, 2008.
Shawn Lucas, DNC investigator lawyer, found dead
also rumors of an AP journalist dead who was investigating clintons
Shawn Lucas served a lawsuit against the DNC, dies 'in his sleep' last night
No one finds General Rossi's death suspicious? Even after the posts about a general getting killed for
trying to leak Clinton evidence?
Still no cause of death...
U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command.
May relate to Norway:
Nordic Ammo and Kongsberg working on orbital launchers and nano-satellites, fancy stuff, expensive
stuff too.
Here is some more background on his previous assignments:
“Brigadier General John Rossi now has the responsibility of leading our Army’s only organization able to
counter air, missile, rocket and mortar threats on a moment’s notice. This is an enormous task.
Rossi, who comes to the 32nd after serving as deputy commanding general, (Fires and Effects) III
Corps/J-33, United States Forces-Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn, Baghdad, assumes
command from 32nd AAMDC’s deputy commander, Col. Donald G. Fryc, who served as interim
commander following the Jan. 25 departure of Maj. Gen. David L. Mann.
So maybe he learned something in Iraq, or maybe the contentious anti-ballistic missile defense systems
that make Putin upset.
Norway is confirmed bribing the Clintons so that is the strongest angle.
Dead General John G Rossi, the same John G Rossi from Fort Hood shootings?
At the Atlantic Council
So he was a director of the Army Quadrennial Defense Review Office.
Earlier assignment
With Japanese anti-missile missile guys
Was in charge of patriot missiles in Korea earlier in career
The missile defense advocacy alliance has a tribute page to him but google seems confused about any
work with them he did in the past.
Hillary's VP nominee (Kaine) - his aide dies at 47- worked with recently murdered DNC data
director, Seth Rich
Hillary’s VP aide, Joe Montano died at 47 of what was believed to be a heart attack. He worked with
recently murdered DNC data director, Seth Rich. (no motive found)
>Joe Montano, a close aide to Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and a prominent activist in the Washington area’s
Filipino American community, died July 25 at his home in Falls Church, Va. He was 47.
> A somber Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that a top
American Democratic Party staffer preparing to testify against Hillary Clinton was assassinated this past
Sunday during a secret meeting in Washington D.C. he believed he was having with Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) agents, but who turned out, instead, to be a “hit team”—and who, in turn, were
captured yesterday after a running gun battle with US federal police forces just blocks from the White
House. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of
Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]
> According to this report, SVR “electronic specialists” performing counterintelligence
“missions/operations” noted on 7 July an “enormous/gigantic” increase of computer and telephonic traffic
between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington D.C. and the Clinton
Foundation (CF) offices in New York City.
>Upon a “deeper/broader” investigation into this “odd/strange” increase in communications between these
believed to be separate organizations, this report continues, SVR analysts determined that the original
initiating person responsible was a 27-year-old DNC official named SETH RICH.
>What had drawn the concern of DNC official Seth Rich causing him to contact the Clinton Foundation,
this report explains, was his discovery of a “pay-to-play” scheme that involved people seeking jobs with a
new Hillary Clinton presidential administration to funnel money to the Clinton’s through their foundation
with various US federal government positions being designated by the dollar amount it would cost to buy
TL;DR.: Seth Rich discovered a ''Pay to play'' scheme where people basically pay for government
> SVR analysts, while preparing to document the results of their 7 July probe into the Clinton Foundation
concerns of DNC official Seth Rich, became alarmed when they discovered that his “micro computer
system” (cell phone?) had become “infected/virused” by “killers/assassins” working for the Clinton’s—and
who the SVR had previously documented as being involved in the assassination of the husband of the
State of Georgia prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton for child sex crimes and the murder of American pop
singer Christina Grimmie and massacre of nearly 50 gay pride celebrants. Fearing that the life of DNC
official Seth Rich was in danger due to his being “tracked/targeted” by this known Clinton “hit team”, this
report says, SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov authorized an emergency contact between his agency and the
US State Department—but, and shockingly, when Russian diplomats presented the SVR findings to US
authorities, on 7 July, they were immediately expelled from the United States.
> the US State Department thanked Russia for the information stating that it would be “taken care of”, and
then formally requested that the matter remain secret. Seth Rich died 24 hours later at 4:19 am
> SVR intelligence analysts contributing to this report speculate that this latest assassination ordered by
the Clinton’s has enraged FBI Director JAMES COMEY who barely a week ago allowed Hillary Clinton to
walk free from her many crimes committed against her own government and people—and that he had no
choice to do because of his own involvement with the Clinton Foundation while he was the director of the
notorious HSBC money laundering bank that funneled hundreds-of-millions of dollars to the Clinton’s.
TL;DR.: Seth Rich knew too much.
My opinion was that he was murdered by a hit-team after he discovered the DNC would sell important
positions to high payers.
He realized this because he had direct access to that info as he was an analyst for the democratic party.
He wasn't robbed, just shot at 4:20.
The Media is saying he was on the phone with his girlfriend but (and I have researched far and wide,
even getting Rich's dad phone number and address) Rich's girlfriend's name is never mentioned
So I'm asking :
Who was Seth Conrad Rich's girlfriend at the moment of his murder and what were her connections?
I'll add this
Mentions girlfriend of 2 years, but there are no pics on Facebook or any other info on her. It was a hit…
Seth Rich was the key witness in a case filed against Edison Media Research and the alarming
discrepancies between the results and exit polls, and their chummy relationship with John Husted. He
was executed.
This is the story:
>Sunday Morning July 10 at 4:19, Seth Rich, a key DNC staffer in charge of voter databases was
murdered right outside his home in Washington DC. As Fitrakis, Johnson, other election integrity activists
and their paralegals were exchanging final emails prior to filing Seth Rich was murdered. There are no
witnesses, no suspects, his wallet and cellphone were recovered at the scene and the DC Metro police
are “pursuing all possible motives.”
>The official police report states “CIC reports the sound of gunshots at 2134 Flagler Pl. NW. Upon
arriving to the scene, the decedent was laying in the Southwest corner of the intersection of W St. and
Flagler Pl. NW. The decedent was conscious and breathing with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back.
The decedent was transported to local area hospital and was pronounced by attending physician at 0557
>A key potential witness in derivative litigation was shot multiple times in the back 31 hours before this
suit was filed. Only a very bad reporter would not be curious. Fitrakis was not aware of Rich's death until
after the filing, as this reporter discovered the suit had been filed while calling him for comment on Rich's
murder. Fitrakis responded with “Wait what? Who? When?”
>After graduating in 2011, Seth was hired by a national polling company, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, and
relocated to Washington, DC. Once again Seth surrounded himself with a caring community of friends,
including his girlfriend Kelsey
Also, right before he worked for the DNC he worked here:
>Research Data Associate
>Greenberg Quinlan Rosner
>March 2012 – May 2014 (2 years 3 months)
Guess who they are connected with?
>Stanley B. Greenberg
>Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc.
>Washington, D.C.
>Pollster and Senior Adviser to the President, 1991-1995
President Clinton:
>Rich was appointed by DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2014 as Data Director of the
DNC's Voter Expansion Project. He would have had intimate knowledge of the NGP VAN, and its
>D.C.-based NGP VAN, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tech company that specializes in providing
campaign software to progressive campaign organizations, has been working to add a new and important
feature to it's platform: a sidebar navigation bar feature. The update, however, is more significant than
perhaps understood at face value because it represents a larger development trend for NGP VAN ahead
of a complex general election. The move effectively comes at a time when NGP VAN's internal design
team, led by Justin Lewis, is following through on multiple projects that aim to make the platform—which
is used by volunteers, canvassers and campaign staff to run on-ground operations—more user-friendly.
NGP VAN is the front end of
> is hosted on IP address which is located in Dover, and it is owerned by
Incapsula and its ISP: Incapsula
> is hosted on IP address which is located in Dover, and it is owerned by
Incapsula and its ISP: Incapsula
Incapsula used to be Imperva Inc., guess who used to be part owner of that company?
> George Soros Full Second Quarter 13F Filing
> IMPERVA INC COM 45321L100 3,731 142,500 SH SOLE 1
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is employed by the DNC AND the DCCC, both of wich were Hacked. One of
Greenberg's partners worked for Bill Clinton in the Past.
>They showed Clinton a photo of Seth and his girlfriend outside the White House. Mary Rich said Clinton
remarked on what a room-brightening smile he had.
>Joel asked if the candidate would sign a photo for the girlfriend, whom he identified only as Kelsey from
the Detroit area. Tuesday morning, he received the autographed photo, which included an expression of
sympathy from Clinton.
>"We want to find who killed our son," said Mary Rich, on the corner in Bloomingdale where 27-year-old
Seth Conrad Rich was shot to death on July 10.
>Surrounded by her husband Joel, son Aaron, Seth's girlfriend Kelsey, and D.C. Police Chief Cathy
Lanier, Mary's voice filled with emotion as she pleaded for any tips that could lead to getting the person
responsible for her son's death off the streets. "They will kill anybody," she said. "The next time they shoot
and kill, it will be someone you love."
Kelsey is Seth's girlfriend whom he was reportedly on the phone with when he was attacked.
She worked at the same place Seth did just prior to going to the DNC.
Also, Seth was going to be leaving the DNC and working directly for Hillary's campaign.
>Just before taking the stage Monday at Omaha North High School, Democratic presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton spoke privately for five minutes with the parents of the slain Seth Rich.
>“I figured it would be just a staged greeting,” said his father, Joel Rich. “But my wife and I were both
really caught off guard. Secretary Clinton had talked with people who knew Seth — and it wasn’t just that
he had worked at the DNC and was a nice guy.”
>Seth, 27, had worked as voter expansion data director for the Democratic National Committee, and his
father said he had learned three days before his July 10 death that he would switch jobs from the party to
the Clinton campaign. He was to work in Brooklyn, N.Y.
>At Bill Clinton's behest, a $2 mil. commitment for Energy Pioneer Solutions was placed on the agenda
during a Sept. 2010 conference of the Clinton Global Initiative...
>At the heart of the issue is the foundation sent funding to a company that had significant ties to the
Clinton family according to the WSJ. The IRS website states that any 501(c)(3) should not be operated for
the benefit of private interests.
>From WSJ: "Energy Pioneer Solutions was founded in 2009 by Scott Kleeb, a Democrat who twice ran
for Congress from Nebraska. An internal document from that year showed it as owned 29% by Mr. Kleeb;
29% by Jane Eckert, the owner of an art gallery in Pine Plains, N.Y.; and 29% by Julie Tauber McMahon
of Chappaqua, N.Y., a close friend of Mr. Clinton, who also lives in Chappaqua.
>Owning 5% each were Democratic National Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias and Mark Weiner, a
supplier to political campaigns and former Rhode Island Democratic chairman, both longtime friends of
the Clintons.
>The CGI holds an annual conference at which it announces monetary commitments from corporations,
individuals or nonprofit organizations to address global challenges—commitments on which it has acted
in a matchmaking role. Typically, the commitments go to charities and nongovernmental organizations.
The commitment to Energy Pioneer Solutions was atypical because it originated from a private individual
who was making a personal financial investment in a for-profit company."
>Not only did the Clinton's oversee $2 mil being sent to friends at Energy Pioneer Solutions via the
foundation, according to the WSJ, Bill also personally endorsed the company to then-Energy Secretary
Steven Chu for a federal grant, ultimately leading to a grant in the amount of $812,000. Of course, Chu
now says he doesn't remember the conversation.
>Andrew Tobias (DNC Treasurer), Julie Tauber 'Energizer' McMahon (Bill Clinton's alleged mistress),
Democrat Operative Mark Rich (RIP) & Scott Kleeb (Former boss to Seth Rich (RIP) Mark Wiener (RIP)
Jane Coats Eckert
All partners in Energy Pioneer Solutions
>Mr. Clinton also personally endorsed the company, Energy Pioneer Solutions Inc., to then-Energy
Secretary Steven Chu for a federal grant that year, said people with knowledge of the endorsement.
>The company, whose business plan was to insulate people’s homes and let them pay via their utility
bills, received an $812,000 Energy Department grant. Mr. Chu, now a professor at Stanford University,
said he didn’t remember the conversation.
>Scott Kleeb, founder of EPS, ran for congressional seat in Nebraska as a Democrat in 2008, won the
nomination but lost the election to GOP
>Rich was field organiser for Kleeb, recruited during his sophomore years in university
>During this time, he undoubtedly meets Jane Fleming (Scott's wife), environmentalist and later Berniebro
>Rich is very invested in the American right to vote, by extension very against rigging
>2009, Kleeb founds EPS
>2010, Clintons funnel $2M to Pioneer Energy, who receives an additional grant of $812K from the
government at Bill's behest
>McMahon, Bill's alleged mistress, owns large shares in Pioneer Energy, as well as Weiner, who holds
friendship with Clintons
>2014, Rich takes job as Data Director, virtually limitless access to Clinton records
>Jane Fleming wins Democratic nomination, and by extension empowers Sanders
>Rich discovers that democratic nominee is rigged
I think that Jane Fleming might be an important piece of the puzzle. She has worked with Rich, was an
avid Bernie supporter, and won the democratic nomination for Bernie in Nebraska. Maybe Rich went to
Jane with this info, and she prompted him to go to Assange. What I haven't figured out yet is how Clinton
knew that Rich was the leaker. I'm almost certain that, if Rich was the leak, it was because of the rigging
of the nomination. This was the fundamental belief that Rich held, and to discover that Clinton rigged the
nomination likely pushed him to take action.
>Bill Clinton was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, a financier who was arrested in 2008 for soliciting underage
>Clinton took multiple trips on the "Lolita Express" to Epstein's private island where he kept young women
as sex slaves
>Clinton was also apparently friends with a woman who collected naked pictures of underage girls for
Epstein to choose from
>He hasn't cut ties with that woman, however, and invited her to Chelsea's wedding
>Epstein has a host of famous friends on flight logs, including Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and even Prince
Andrew who stayed at his New York mansion AFTER his arrest
>"Some of the most shocking allegations against Epstein surfaced only after the conclusion of an FBI
probe, in civil suits brought by his victims: for example, the claim that three 12-year-old French girls were
delivered to him as a birthday present. "
>"Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous
jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard
the “Lolita Express” -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights,
according to records obtained by"
>"The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed
where passengers had group sex with young girls."
How is this not bigger news?
Apparently, the Clinton Foundation received 25,000 Dollars from Epstein:
>Clinton Foundation Accepted $25,000 from Known Pedophile
>On July 18, 2006, the Clinton Foundation received a $25,000 check from the C.O.U.Q. Foundation,
whose president was known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of Bill Clinton. >The donation is revealed
in the C.O.U.Q. Foundation's 990 tax form, filed with the IRS.
>Others have previously reported that Epstein and Clinton parted ways in 2005, as the New York Post
did, due to Epstein's legal problems:
>Clinton apparently turned his back on Epstein in 2005 — the year the financier was first arrested for
receiving an “erotic massage” from a minor, according to the 2011 court records, related to a suit brought
by women who claimed the businessman abused them.
>Before that, Clinton was a frequent flier on the money man's private jet.
>“The documents clearly show that Clinton flew with Epstein and then suddenly stopped, raising the
suspicion that the friendship abruptly ended, perhaps because of events related to Epstein’s sexual
abuse of children,” the documents state.
Don't let anybody use the Epstein lie against trump. TRUMP BANNED EPSTEIN
>In July, a source close to Trump told Politico that “there was no formal relationship" between the Trump
and Epstein. And in January, a Trump spokesman told Gawker that the candidate only knew Epstein
because he would occasionally go to the Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago, "the hottest and most luxurious club
in Palm Beach.” And Epstein’s former “houseman,” Juan Alessi, testified that while Epstein’s lawyer Alan
Dershowitz received massages at the Palm Beach mansion, Trump never did because “he’s got his own
spa.” (Dershowitz has in court papers categorically denied any untoward behavior, calling allegations
against him “salacious and false.”)
>Alessi testified that Trump would come over to Epstein’s home for dinner — though he added that
Trump “never sat at the table” but instead ate “with me in the kitchen.”
Trump flew on Epstein's private jet once to go to New York, but it was while Epstein's brother was
>In 2009, Trump was subpoenaed in a case against Epstein concerning victim Virginia Roberts. Trump's
attorney Alan Garten said that the subpoena "never happened."
>Donald Trump once barred child molester Jeffrey Epstein from his famed Mar-a-Lago club after the
presidential candidate caught him hitting on young girl, has learned.
>A lawyer of Epstein victim Virginia Edwards had a conversation with Trump.
“During the conversation, Mr. Trump was open and forthright,” Edwards said. “I cannot discuss the
substance of the conversation. But I will say that it was obvious to me that he was in no way involved in
any untoward activity.”
>“It was obvious that Trump himself was not involved in any of Epstein’s illicit activity,” an associate of the
inevitable GOP nominee told Radar.
Case. Closed.
So reading more and more on Jeffrey Epstein, all accounts seem to point to the fact that he is extremely
confident in himself, pretty much cocky.
Despite the fact that he has been fooling around with underage girls and knowingly.
This has me worried. Wouldn't he be a lot more secretive and careful about his actions? Like, making
threats to the girls he fools around with so they won't talk to police?
Wouldn't he be exclusively be working in sex trafficking with slaves, who can't even talk to police? Or is
he just that stupid and thirsty that he needs new girls all the time?
Perhaps nowadays that's all he works in is slave trading.
> Roy Black- NEW 2016: Black defended Jeffrey Epstein, who was prosecuted this year for multiple
charges of sexual abuse against at least 34 underage girls between 1999 and 2007. 2015: Represent
Justin Bieber after his 2014 DUI charge; Wild reputation, has defended unsavory characters (Rush
Limbaugh, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis), parties with flagged celebrities, accused of ethical
violations by former US Attorney; Represented Alex Rodriguez in 2013 steroid case; unable to locate why
he was let go by A-Rod
> Finance would like approval for Roy Black to attend/photo/donate for one of the POTUS events in
Miami. His wife Leah passes vet. I'm ok with him but defer to Bobby and others if there are objections.
The lawyer for Epstein is involved with donating to Obama.
>Here are some of the names Alfredo Rodriguez, now deceased, circled because he thought they were
having sex with underage girls:
>1) Flavio Briatore - estimated net worth $150 million. Forumula One racing manager
>2) Jean Luc Brunel - an epic pedophile in the modeling industry and one of the closest friends of Jeffrey
Epstein. Should be in jail for 25 years.
>3) Bruce King, former governor of New Mexico, who died in 2009 at age 85.
>4) Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico.
>5) Ehud Barak, former prime minister of Israel -
My sources say this man is a big time pedophile.
>6) Alan Dershowitz According to an Undisputed Statement of Fact filed by the victims’ lawyers in April of
2011, “Epstein’s housekeeper Alfredo Rodriguez testified that Dershowitz stayed at Epstein’s house
during the years when Epstein was assaulting minor females on a daily basis” and “Dershowitz was at
Epstein’s house at times when underage females where there being molested by Epstein.”
For me the question is not did Alan Dershowitz statutorily rape Virginia Roberts numerous times, but
rather what other underage girls was Dershowitz having sex with.
>7) Courney Love bisexual singer -
>8) Peter Soros, the nephew of George Soros and the son of Paul Soros -
>9) Joseph Rueda (wife is Floven)
>10) Ghislaine Maxwell - pedophilic girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. She is the one who snared a 15 year old
Virginia Roberts into the Epstein pedophile web in 1998. She is also very good friends with Bill Clinton
who invited her to Chelsea’s wedding in 2010. She is the daughter of Robert Maxwell. She also pandered
Virginia Roberts to Prince Andrew.
>11) Alberto Pinto (1945-2012) - French high end interior designer
2) his work
> 12) Valson Vieira - French millionaire
>13) Dr. Eva Andersson, a former Ford model -
She is also former Miss Sweden:
>14) Les Wexner. Huge Republican PAC donor. Held fundraiser event for Mitt Romney. Very close to
Jeffrey Epstein and gave him huge amounts of money, presumably for money and investment
management. Both Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein are ardent pedophiles with a deep sexual thirst for
underage girls. Wexner, owner of the Limited and Victoria’s Secrets, has a lot of Republican friends.
Epstein has a deep well of Democratic friends. Estimated net worth - $6 billion - huge retailing fortune -
Some people think Les Wexner has had a man murdered in Ohio. I am referring to the Arthur Shapiro
case - Gave $65 million to Ohio State
After the FBI joined his sex trade investigation, Epstein donated 3.5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Due
to a deal struck with Ken Starr afterwards (note another Prosecutor who was in charge of other Clinton
investigations that died suddenly) the FBI probe was stopped and video evidence of Epstein and his
"friends" were sealed.
Virginia Roberts saw Bill after the donation was made and asked what he was doing there. Epstein
replied "Well, he owes me a favor".
The guy that died just before testifying was one John Ashe, who was about to testify as to her
involvement with Ng Lap.. this is where the coverup for girls being bought and "sold" might lie.
The comments of Patrick Knowlton, a grand jury witness who had been at the park where Foster's body
was found, were included as part of Starr's Report over Starr's objection. Judge John D. Butzner wrote to
Judges Peter Fay and David Sentelle after Knowlton submitted a motion that his comments be included
as part of an appendix to the final report, "I suspect that if we deny this motion we will be charged as
conspirators in the cover-up," and concluded "I suggest we let the motion and attachments speak for
themselves."[18] Judge Peter Fay wrote that Knowlton contradicted "specific factual matters and takes
issue with the very basics of the report" filed by Kenneth Starr.[19] Knowlton's comments were
ordered[20] included as part of the official report on September 26, 1997. Two days later, Kenneth Starr
filed a 9-page motion[21] to appeal that the comments by Knowlton not be included in the report. The next
day, Starr's motion was denied[22] and Knowlton's comments were included as part of the final official
Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster.[23]
Melinda Walker, a massage therapist in Santa Fe. The name "Melinda" appears in Epstein’s little black
book in the Massage - New Mexico section at the very end, page 91 of the PDF.
That HAS to be her. Think she'd know anything incriminating against Epstein or the CF?
Her business information is readily available on Groupon of all places. Think she'd be worth a contact? A
'masseuse' might know more about this than many journalists could dig up.
How many other Melindas are anywhere near Zorro Ranch, and this one happens to be a professional
massage therapist.
From PsychologyToday:
"Years in Practice: 20+ Years",LPCC,CRS,BCPC_Santa+Fe_
Look at her specialties. This has Epstein and his twisted band of pedos written all over it. Likely she
focused on this after bearing witness to JEp's scandals, and move to psychology as well as form of
coping herself, and helping others through it.
Anthony Weiner petitioning the Israelis to allow 2 containers of "carp" to be allowed thru customs duty
free, with 7 more in the US (Illinois) waiting to be shipped.
Other relevant emails to this :
basically says that there was a Summer Work Travel program that was being abused to smuggle eastern
european women into work in the american sex industry.
>"use particular prudence and caution when dealing with jobs that offer legitimate employment but also
have been known to be associated with human trafficking, such as janitorial service, housekeeping and
modeling agencies."
This is what I will be focusing on now
Iraqi SWAT wanted to search crate with med supplies, found secret compartment, called convoy IV
Possible chinese connection:
Haiti earthquake, evac 150 then more 160 americans on military airplanes
>Absence of Obama inner circle at huma party, says obama inner circle is mostly Mr. McDonough
>when to europe and met with the people in the pic
>Nagorno-Karabakh in Okinawa (we've established this is a child trafficking hub)
>negotiations with the Taliban
Its very clear that this is/has been going on for a long time (SWT started in the 1960s) but I cant find any
information that directly links the CF to it. It all seems to work on the same premise as tor, hide in a sea of
legitimate use.
I’ve posted this before, but here's an email where Anthony Weiner is petitioning the Israeli government to
allow 2 containers that were being held in Haifa to be put through customs duty-free, with 7 more in the
US (illinios, a hotbed of corruption in the US) that are waiting to be shipped.
There is also an email that talks about the Pakis not wanting to commit over a discrepancy over the cost
per container, though not sure if this is related.
I've found that eastern european women are smuggled in through the Summer Work Travel program, on
J-1 visas (100k+/year) and can bring children in through J-2 visas (40k+/year). Now there are several
emails about this from 2012:
as well as this news story showing that they were used in the sex industry:
Clinton linked to 'international trafficking in women'
The J-1 Visa exploitation:
Eight Russian students, recruited to work in the U.S. for the Frosty Treats Ice Cream Truck Company,
drove the trucks 13 hours a day, seven days a week averaging 87 cents per hour income. If the students
did not meet their quota for the amount of ice cream sold each day, Frosty Treats would not reimburse
gas money, the truck rental fee, and the truck deposit, so that at the end of the day a driver often owed
money to Frosty Treats. The apartments the students were forced to stay in were cramped with little
furniture except mattresses on the floor and six people to an apartment.
U.S. federal charges allege that Cecilia Chang, the former dean of the Institute of Asian Studies at St.
John’s University, Queens, NY, threatened her scholarship students with revoking their funds if they didn’t
do such menial tasks, such as taking out her garbage and shoveling the snow from her driveway. Chang
had already been arrested in September on NY state charges that she embezzled about $1 million,
including a $250,000 donation from a Saudi prince’s foundation.
"If you wish to dance in USA as a J-1 exchange visitor, contact us," ZM Studios, a broker for topless
dancers, advertised on its website this year. The ad said ZM Studios is "affiliated with designated visa
sponsors" and can get women J-1 visas and jobs at topless clubs in cities like Las Vegas and Los
Huffpost story deleted. They have a lot about this J1 SWT program but everything seems to be deleted
On another note, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, has many children namely from central america,
disappearing or knowingly being released to human traffickers, but I can't find any info on names of
people who work there who might have an abnormal number of cases like this. This is where there might
be a possible connection to the CF.
Supposedly, this girl came from Fujian province (an area where a lot of illegal immigrants come from, and
where the parent organization for the Fuk Ching originates from), and was supposed to go to a
Washington, DC hotel before she was stopped.
I wouldn't be surprised if she was a gift for the Clintons.
PASTEBINS VERY RELATED: Fuk Ching and China (from China section)
Human trafficking/child abuse charges in London embassies:
Diplomats have that "diplomatic immunity" thing going on. Saudis again, so you know the CF isn't far
>The husband of Georgia Assistant Attorney General Camila Wright was shot to death in the early hours
of Wednesday morning in Atlanta.
>Wright was hired in November 2014 by Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens to investigate and
prosecute sex trafficking cases.
>Atlanta is one of the largest human trafficking hubs in the country.
>“In Georgia, we know there’s a range from 200-300 girls that are trafficked each month in our city. And
tonight there will be 100 girls that will be exploited in metro Atlanta,” said Mary Frances Bowley of anti-
trafficking nonprofit Wellspring Living in 2014. “So the numbers are huge.”
Former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer (Murdered) was an outspoken opponent of child
protection services.
Holy mother of required cross-referencing:
>After buying some of the pedophile goods, which included a painful rape of a small child, van Rossem
went back to one of the sex shops and asked for even more hardcore material for which he was willing to
pay a hefty price. He hinted that he would like to see a girl being murdered on camera. Within a week,
van Rossem received what he had ordered for 5,000 euros, a price quite similar to later reports.
>Some important names:
Beyond Dutreaux
YouTube Conspiracy of Silence
Franklin Conspiracy
Nancy Schaefer
Aangirfan site
>Boys for Sale
>Conspiracy of Silence
>Nancy Schaefer on CPS
>US child abuse experiments
>Dutroux and dead witnesses
>Franklin Cover-up & Johnny Gosch
>Vice's Love Serve Surrender
>covers CPS putting kids with a known sex offender
In 2013 a law was passed that charitable organizations do not need to pledge their opposition to
prostitution and child trafficking in order to receive government grants.
This was introduced by an arm of the open society foundation (owned by George Soros). The open
society foundation has donated millions to Clinton.
To summarize, Soros used one of his companies to provide a free pass to the Clinton foundation and
others-which make their money off sex slaves. Meaning, thanks to the 2013 law, if we can prove Clinton
got her charity money through human trafficking, there is no legal reasoning to prosecute her.
These people are sick.
Oh and that 2013 law? It went to the Supreme Court and Scalia voted against it-but it still passed, 6-2.
From the archive:
"Hugo Coveliers to Hugo Magazine 'De Bende & co.', pg. 133-134.
>Essentially says "oh there's no dossier on child molesting politicians, and there's no video... oh, well
there's a dossier, but it doesn’t matter. Oh those videos? nah, they aren't important... but we will turn them
over to an investigator... Oh that investigator is afraid to testify about them? See, not so bad after all!"
Beyond Dutroux, Pilgrims, the 1001, and Le Circle were mentioned as possible sex victims.
Some investigative journalists were mentioned who worked on these scandals. It may be worth emailing
them. From context, I think they are french. While I parle un petit francais, I'm certainly not fluent. If a
French speaker could ask them about their investigation into child-sex and politicians that would be great.
We could maybe get some names from them, then see if they have relations to the Clintons.
>Names: Marie-Jeanne Von Heeswyck, Annemie Bulte, Douglas De Coninck.
>Marieo-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulte, Douglas DeConinck- Investigative Journalists.
>Ray Wire, an american pedophilia investigator who WORKED WITH THE FBI (!)
>Nick Davies, an investigative journalist who worked on child porn investigation
>Elio Di Rupo
>Jean-Pierre Grate
>Soparauto- pimp at a place called Knokke
>Annie Bouts- Nihouls GF, raped children
>Warwick Spinks, who owned a gay nightclub in Amsterdam, apparently had connections in England, but
isn't clear.
>Andrei Minaev: ran a russian trafficking/porn ring
4 Connected individuals
>Jean-Louis Delamotte, Michel Nihoul, Bernard Weinstein, Michele Martin
Places: These are sex clubs that were involved in pedophilia, it may be worth looking into these.
>Le Mirano club, an "elite" club
>Dolo Nightclub, frequented by Nihoul
>Les Atrebates Club, frequented by Nihoul
VICTIMS (not comprehensive):
"X2"- Turned over to a justice department spokesman of the "Rotary" in the mid-late 80s. Became a
police officer.
"X3"- ignored by investigators numerous times, made allegations about the Belgian Royal Family, ("a
prince" is mentioned elsewhere).
"Nathalie W."- born in '65 father abused her at the age of 6 ('71), he was in Rotary a time
>Aschats Services Commerces (pedo ring)
>FMSF, False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a group that "proved" that children can have memories
implanted via suggestion. As a psych major, I can say that research does support that... somewhat. At
any rate, many of the founders were accused of child abuse THEMSELVES, and many apparently had
links to various intel departments (!!!!!!)
>Marcel Vervloesem + Markhoven Workgroup, got list of clients of a porn site, including Spinks. These
guys are anti-child porn.
Weird guy:
>Van Rossem: financial genius, made a bunch of money. Involved in sex culture and royal family finance.
Van rossem met a guy searching for "exclusive" porn at a sex shop. Later found a snuff ring. Turned over
his investigations.... But may or may not have had sex with underage girls himself. Hard to say..
>Snuff is 100% real and sold to a few clients at up to $5000 per video
>$75,000 to kill a child yourself
>Belgian law basically prevents the royal family from being prosecuted, apparently.
>animals raping people
>torture in all the ways you could imagine
>Abducting an orphan at about 10 Brit pounds per kid
>rape dungeon ignored by Belgian BOB because competence is for chumps.
Minnesota was one of those states that is basically under cultural of the leftist government and currently
having one of the largest wealth gaps and currently has the largest education gap so I figured when the
fbi guy talked about human trafficking and me knowing this about the state i looked it up and found out
Minnesota has one of the largest human trafficking rings in the nation:
The case in 2010 determined one family was the cause for three generations currently searching who.
page four displays a graph showing the increase of prostitution and sex trafficking in Minnesota.
Creepy daycare in Salt Lake City possibly involved in child trafficking
Fundamental Financial Corp/North South Capital, LLC- Chicagoland
Fun with Phonics, California.
Funland Jumpers, Oregon
Funcrest Bait shop, Iowa.
5 companies are all named on a bill of lading for a shipping container from China with 1,100KG of 'plastic
jewelry' and 6,825KG of 'football & soccer balls'. Shipment of container was facilitated by a company with
a password protected merchandise catalog who employs as an executive an ex-defense contractor
formerly responsible for sales of 'operational merchandise'. If this is nefarious, the shipping company that
carried the container, and possibly the cheap plastic crap manufacturer in china may be in on nefarious
So I looked into the bill of lading # and they shipped to 4 places other than Salt Lake City the plastic
jewelry. Oregon, Iowa, Chicago, and California. Each place had the exact same weight of product
shipped to them (1100kg)
>I received the following via PM
Funcrest Bait shop, note the address of the company:
Registered sex offender, Note his home address:
Fundamental Financial Corp/Financial Fundamental Corp
Note: Xxxxx Xxxxx (Owner) Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx
Note the address: 200 W. Adams, Ste 2230 Chicago, IL 60606
Same address as on BL, however
01860488 The company on the BL is registered to the same guy, but in a town ~40miles away All are
listed on the same BL for the container facilitated by: A profile of one of their
Scroll down a little and you'll see the blurb was posted on reddit about the company he worked for. This
guy facilitated the transfer of the container from china to the US
The address for Fun Time Bait shop, is the same address for a registered sex offender. Not the owner of
the business mind you, but we now have a legit tie-in to pedo and these chinese shipments. So, that's,
The Fundamental Financial Group shipment: There is no website of record for this business, however a
search for the name on the BL brings up a gentleman in the chicagoland area, currently working at two
places; Fundamental and North South Capital, LLC. The address on the BL is actually the address for
North South even though the company listed is Fundamental, Fundamental is registered at a totally
different location about 40-50 min away. Smells like some shell-corp antics afoot all over this thing.
So it seems one of the executives, based on his linked-in profile, at Fun Stuff Inc (facilitator of the chinese
shipment) used to work for a short time with another company
Regional Account Manager servicing the Defense Industry with Tactical Equipment, Operational Gear,
MRO, Fire and Emergency Services, Expeditionary, Medical, and simplified logistic solutions.
ADS has developed procedures that shorten the "logistics pipeline" to provide rapid response and the
best possible pricing to our customers worldwide.
ADS specializes in working with defense and security contractors as well as protective services
organizations. No matter what uniform you wear, our mission is to provide the specialized equipment and
related services you need to complete your mission at home, in theater, or around the globe.
Nope, nothing curious about that. Oh, and the company he works for now is the one who has their current
merchandise behind password protection. Look at their site again, and ask why that is necessary.
Can't seem to find much about the Fun With Phonics company, other than a lawsuit with Leapfrog. What I
do find curious though, is this is a company with almost 1 mil in annual revenue. What are they doing in
bed with these other 4 companies and shell corps?
Trying to into piecing things together like everyone else so I can contribute, but I suck at it so I will post
what I have gathered and what I think so far.
Possible Clinton Connections with Penn State and Sandusky.
Bill Clinton visits Penn State Behrend, Friday, April 8
Professor's latest book examines presidential bid of Hillary Clinton
Chelsea Clinton Visits University Park
Hillary Clinton's Father and Brother attend Penn State - Both Played Football (possible sandusky
Hugh E. Rodham Memorial Scholarship - Not much information listed - Benefactors: Friends and family of
Hugh E. Rodham
As Many As Six Penn State Coaches Witnessed Jerry Sandusky Rape Children
"A lawyer for one of the three ‘90s coaches denied his client had seen anything. A second coach declined
to comment. A third could not be reached, and the name of the fourth was not disclosed to NBC News."
Joe Paterno Reportedly Knew of Sandusky's Abuse Since 1976
Joe Paterno Concealed Facts for Sandusky
The Second Mile - Sandusky Founded nonprofit for underprivileged youth - ceased operations
"The Second Mile had three offices in Pennsylvania, with headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania.
The charity's revenue, primarily from donations and fundraisers such as golf tournaments, was $3 million
in 2009.
[10] Major companies and foundations that have given to The Second Mile include Bank of America,
Bank of NY Melon, the Hershey Company, Merck,
State Farm, Sheetz, U.S. Steel Corp., PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, local Walmarts and newspapers. [11] The
charity paid its CEO $133,000 a year, and his wife received about $100,000 a year."
Another top official at Second Mile to leave charity
Penn State hires former counsel to Bill Clinton
Still working on finding more, see if anyone can piece anything together here. Most likely just suspicion,
but one can never tell.
Board Members of Second Mile Donate to Corbett Campaign
Sandusky's Charity "Served" Nearly 400k Individuals
Sandusky Made $500k After Admitting Hanging Out With Boy - Important: Points out compensation for
three officials in Second Mile
ESPN Matt Millen Director at Second Mile Charity
Tax Returns for Sandusky’s deal
Summary of Key Points on Sandusky
Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity May Be as Culpable as Penn State
It seems to me that there was a huge cover-up involving the board and Tom Corbett, as well as potential
child trafficking from the charity itself. This could link back to both Jeffrey Epstein's doings and the
Clintons, as the Clintons have close ties with Penn State and the football program.
Im finding names of people that will need to be interviewed and a few books that will need reading.
Sandusky was part of a tri state child sex ring.
A couple people who need looked into.
Lt. Col. Michael Aquino
Greg Bucceroni
This article brings up Greg Bucceroni. Searching him on google brings up a ton of leads for child sex
rings in the area. Im sure any and all of those sex rings are related. They all seemed to be high profile
Lanny Davis: connected to HRC and the Penn State sex scandal
>first he's trying to patch up the penn state fiasco
>then he's gushing about how awesome he thinks CF is
Connected to 1 intermediary
Incorporated: 06-MAY-1982 Struck off: 06-AUG-1983
Status: Shelf company
Registered in: Panama
Linked countries: Luxembourg
Connected to 1 intermediary