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Submitted by cummy on October 8, 2021

he left it near his little trash can then went out with a friend for teryaki. she found it when she was going thru his trash for gay porn as we have been thinking for a long time that he is gay. i mean come on, hes 25 and still living at home, and has no girlfriend. also, it was one of those ass shaped ones so it isnt looking good.

she wasnt sure what it was at first as it was so small, so she left it on his desk. she wask telling me all about it before she went to bed. In the morning we are going to call a family meeting and also have a teleconference with all the extended family to discuss it with him, and then we might have a suprise coming out party for him. My question is, how do we find out who his boyfriend is so we can invite him along?