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Submitted by cummy on November 26, 2021

fakedles (Text)

FakeJacob locked Cuddles in the basement, terrified, Cuddles scratches and bangs the door, whimpering for mercy but then the door unlocked. FakeJacob entered with a boner and pulled his pants down in front of Cuddles and told him to suck on his big schlong, he didn't wanna die so he did as he as told. Sucking on it so good so pleasurable he pushed him down to the floor and positioned his pp to his tight rabbet-hole, pushing it all in, Cuddles moaned in shock 

"Ah-ahhh~" Cuddles moaned. "Fa- Fake Jacob~ it's longer than your hair- I- I- can't take it" Cuddles screamed as FakeJacob thrusted harder "a-ahhhh~" Cuddes made his huge pp go deeper into his rabbet hole and hit the prostate spot " AHH ~!! R-RIGHT THERE ~! NGHH ~ ", he covered his face as FakeJacob penetrates harder and faster into him " OHHH ~!! I'M SO CLOSE ~!! " Cuddles screamed before they both cum at the same time, FakeJacob shot so much cum into Cuddles his stomach grew slightly bigger

And they both fell asleep on each other