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Submitted by cummy on January 10, 2022

I'm having a casual walk down the street. I know it's not wise to do so late at night but the grocery run was essential. As I was walking back, though, someone came out of an alleyway and blocked my path. Although I was just gonna go around him, he suddenly produced a weapon."Whoa" I said. "Calm down, I don't want any trouble. I already spent all my money back at the grocery store." 

The goon sneered at me. "I don't want your material items. I want you to come with me." Although I was scared of being dragged away from witnesses into an alleyway, I didn't want to risk getting shot so I took my chances. Down that alleyway multiple other goons stood around, backs up against the wall looking very intimidating. One of them stepped forward. "We finally got ya." I was puzzled. "What do you want from me?" He produced 4 backpacks from seemingly nowhere. "You foolish pedestrian. If you care about your life you will fill these backpacks FULL."

I was a little more than confused at this point. "Fill it with what? I've got nothing on me!" That's when every member suddenly looked up at me, revealing red eyes that pierced the darkness of the night. Their teeth were sharp, and they had horns. "You must fill all these backpacks FULL of CUM. Or we will kill you." That immediately shook me. What on Earth were they talking about? As I stammered, trying to process what he just said, another goon spoke up. "You heard him, skinny boy! You better get wankin'!" 

The intimidating looks caused my fear to completely override all my logic and confusion, and I gave in to the wishes of the gang of evil beings. I ripped off my clothing in front of them all, and got to it. It was only after I started that I realized the frivolousness of this act. How could I possibly fill all of these backpacks FULL of CUM? I could barely discharge enough to fill a backpack pocket! My thoughts were cut short with my first load, the gang gave me a round of applause and told me to keep going. I kept yanking and wanking and beating and heating, eventually my dong started to get really, really sore and the first backpack was only half filled.

"Please just let me go, I can't do this anymore." I pleaded and begged. Upon hearing this, one of the biggest, most muscular gang members stepped forward. "Looks like you just need a little encouragement to keep going." He said, as he grabbed me with his gigantic bear arms and started to jack me off. It felt like he was going to rip it off my body, the pain surged like nothing I had ever felt before. After 30 grueling, painful minutes of food and water being forcefully inserted into my body, being converted into cum just to be discharged, I collapsed on the ground, naked and covered in blood, bruises, and scars. Barely conscious, I heard the last words of the gang. "See ya later, loser". And they took the backpacks FULL of CUM away, never for me to see again.