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Submitted by cummy on October 20, 2021

 I'm so sorry that in my attempt to find you something other than a test for finishing up the unit on chivalry and the Middle Ages I chose something unsatisfactory to you. I know it doesn't matter one tiny bit that I work 13 hours a day for my students, trying to give them things to do that are better than sitting through reading, lectures, and notes all the time because, unfortunately, that has to happen quite a bit in English classes -- unless you want to do all the reading on your own (and we all know that turns into a trip to the land of Spark Notes). Many students have such short attention spans that if they can't play with their phones or on their laptops and have to pay attention, take notes, do their own work, and study (which is kind of the definition of a student) that they don't know what to do with themselves other than to write nasty notes to the teacher under the guise of anonymity (yes, I found out who you are, by the way) or fall asleep. Perhaps you should start creating my lesson plans so whilst you're meeting the state standards for English, you're also choosing something that's more to your liking.   Most seniors are probably aware that they don't have to pass this class to graduate (under certain circumstances), but if they want to go to college at any point, senior English is pretty much an imperative. If you don't think you're learning anything in this class, and you have the credits you need, you are more than welcome to disenroll from this course. I'll sign the papers as fast as I get them.   What's particularly disappointing is that I thought we all got along pretty well in here; I wouldn't have been surprised if I had gotten a message like that from some of my other classes, but I'm really shocked that it came from one of you. In fact, it hurts, really. My stomach started tumbling around and I got kind of nauseated as soon as I saw it. And guess what? It lasted through lunch, so I haven't eaten since I had a glass of milk at 6 AM. Thanks for that.    So, congratulations. You have succeeded in proving yourself to be a self-righteous, unbounded, opinionated person who thinks that they clearly know what's better for themselves and everyone else. One day you'll find out you know very little about a lot of things. Or you say something nasty to the wrong person and you get your clock cleaned.