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Submitted by cummy on January 2, 2022

Daisy Ridley is broken. After the role of a lifetime, the actress has been out promoting her latest film “Chaos Walking” to various media outlets.   
Missing has been her costar Tom Holland, his agents and the suits at Disney noticeably trying their hardest to distance their star player from this particular production.  
As for Daisy Ridley? She’s fair game. An expendable piece of celebrity fuckmeat with a career that’s not even close to being worth salvaging at this point. Some could say she’s being let off easy though — not a lot of past failed actors if needed could possibly blame their latest film’s failure on the existence of a global pandemic.  
Daisy’s particular situation still fascinates me though. The toll of the Hollywood machine is quite noticeable on every inch of her being. The woman is a visible recipient of an industry that has swallowed her and is just now beginning to spit her out.  
Such is life, in the Hollywood Hills.