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Submitted by cummy on January 2, 2022


So many people have asked me the question of if my account is "satire". Every single time my answer will be a firm NO. My account is a tool to demonstrate my love and appreciate for Dream, if you call it satire you are calling my life satire. I would live for Dream, die for him, for he is the motivation I need to get out of bed, he is the one who has comforted me when my dad disowned me, and he is the one who stood up for me when bullies in school harassed me for my beliefs. No, this is not only a belief. It is the truth, it is who I am. I am sick and tired of having to constantly remind people that it is incredibly rude to assume I am being "satire". I have a purpose. Every Dreamsexual does. We will not stop until every single person acknowledges that Dream is the savior. Let me tell you about a vision I had last night. Dream, in his extremely masculine human form approached me in my sleep. I teared up in excitement and bawled like a baby because of the pure emotion overflowing inside of me. "It's been so long Dream...where have you been..." "None of that matters, Dreamy. I'm here now. And it's all that matters." Tears roll down my cheek as he tossed me onto my bed. It's been a whole year without him. I miss him. I love him. I have not given up my faith, not once, to the haters in my DMS. He flipped me over like I was weightless, and kissed my cheeks. All my cheeks. Then the deed was done. I scream as my fists balled up around the blanket I was holding. I clench my teeth. Anything for Dream, I thought. Even if it means giving him my life.


source: [https://twitter.com/Dreamy\_Weamy/status/1475702223317331969/photo/1](https://twitter.com/Dreamy_Weamy/status/1475702223317331969/photo/1)[https://twitter.com/Dreamy\_Weamy/status/1475702223317331969/photo/1](https://twitter.com/Dreamy_Weamy/status/1475702223317331969/photo/1)