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Submitted by cummy on January 15, 2022

I do legitimately mean this when I say it, but I have read suicide notes that were a better read than this.

Nearly everything about it is awful. The characterization of every single character is horrible, the pacing is awful, the main character is the very definition of a Mary Sue, it uses script format, the crossovers make no sense, the story is uninteresting, and it just reeks of trash.  

A good crossover uses all the characters the writer can to the fullest. This just throws them everywhere like they're playing with a game of 52 card pickup. Except instead of 52, there are 100,000,000.

Also, it copy-pastes stuff from wikipedia articles, and most of the stories are exactly the same, save for a few characters and words, like it's a game of ad-libs. None of this is interesting, and it's extremely cringey. Worst of all, it's a damn titan of a fanfic.

PLEASE take your time when you write. Just because you can produce quickly, it doesn't mean you can produce well. More importantly, please take some writing lessons.

Finally, last but not least, don't copy and paste things from wikipedia, it's incredibly hard to read when the story keeps getting cut off by some wiki definitions that could didn't have to be there.