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Submitted by cummy on January 12, 2022

So I'm a high schooler and I recently moved to a new school. Goodbye to my old friends😥. So I have been in this school for like 3-4 days so I think I'm getting used to it... But there's just a dude that seems kinda weird, he's new here too and the reason that he's weird is because of his fucking ass and belly, like I'm trying to think that I'm just imagining stuff but like his belly gets bigger everyday and his ass emits fucking toxic gas, he got a fucking Chernobyl aura around him bro! So yesterday we kinda bumped into each other and he started asking me why does everyone calls him fat? Dude because your fucking fat! I nearly vomit to his smells so I just ran away without saying anything. Today our school have a welcoming assembly for the new students including me and the guy... It was all going well untill that fat guy stood up and said "Fuck you all mfers for saying that I'm fat, Now eat shit irl bitches!" Then a extremly loud sound comes from his belly! It fucking sounds like a car engine!😨 People just laughed at him lol. But then he pointed his ass at us and shits just runs out of his ass like a fucking mini gun and pieces everyone killing them! People started panicking and running around while the fat guy was shooting them like bugs. Shits were covering the whole school🤢 It seems like he stored shit for today thats wy his belly was getting bigger soo fast. He then proceed to grab some dead girls body and do necrophilia with them🔥💯 He was cumming all over the dead bodies! I was acting dead. But SOme of his cum got into my mouth and it tasted..................... soooo good so I just ran to his dick and started licking it! After that we leave and I'm his femboy cum storage now.🥶😎