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Submitted by cummy on October 14, 2021

It is hard to explain why it feels so erotic, so delicious, so good to have a man’s straining cock in my mouth when we’ve found a way past the awkward small talk, past any feelings of confusion . . . when we realize that it’s just so natural and undefined, and so intimate. For me, I love burying my nose and tongue in his sack, tonguing and licking it, losing myself in his musky scent, feeling his flesh growing, straining, and I especially love it if I feel him moaning, giving in to the feelings. It’s a kind of connection where I don’t know who’s being passive. And when I taste the precum I’m in another realm, craving his release. God it feels so natural, so erotic when the spasms come and I taste his sticky seed squirting, coating my throat. And then I love the lingering taste as I swallow. And I love kissing the tip, teasing out every drop, then working his ball sack again. Sometimes I’ll keep sucking that flesh after it’s spent, wanting more :)

It is so erotic and liberating to sensuously take someone over that edge, losing myself in the moment, my taste buds bathed in his cream as he gives me everything he’s got. As long as he’s not acting weird or disconnected, if he goes with me over that edge, it is beautiful and mysterious. And natural. And for a man like me who’s always wondered how I could not feel a strong attraction to a male, not feeling “gay,” I’ve always wondered how the act of sucking cock can feel so natural, so special.

I can’t explain it, I just love it :)