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Submitted by cummy on November 2, 2021

There are video games. Then there is Gex. I truly believe with this game humanity has reached the pinnacle of creation. Truly this game is a gift from the Messiah himself and he has granted us the beauty and grace of Enter The Gecko. The genius behind Gex has allowed the game to run at 8k 200fps with zero optimisation. But alas our pathetic human eyes are incapable of seeing the true glory of such an amazing masterpiece that we are forever kept from EVER gazing upon the true face of the beautiful lizard. I have played this game 69 times and I laugh, cry, and even rejoice because at last I have seen the living god and its name is Gex. There is not a single thing on earth or heaven that can compare to playing Gex because Gex itself is love and creation and power. The masterpiece of a soundtrack will move you to tears. The level are fresh fun and exciting and when our lizard friend said "This is like an all-nighter at Richard Simmons house" I literally died of laughter. But thanks to Gex I could never truly die and to thank Him for allowing me life again I have torn out my eyeballs for I can only see through the eyes of the gecko now. Humanity will never ever make anything that can compare to this. Even when everything has disappeared or been ground to dust there will be Gex.