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Submitted on November 11, 2013 at 11:21 PM

Section 1 (Text)

A kitten, looking for a different robot.
A Casio Prizm, with minesweeper running.
A TI-89.
An HP Prime.
A TI-84+SE--so close!
A Silver Link, looking for a claculator to send files to.
Michael Vincent handing out copies of MirageOS
DoorsCS running on an 83+SE.
A Voyage 200.
A Voyage 400!
The game Phoenix.
DanE pointing to his name in PuzzPack.
A quadratic equation solver.
Disp "Hello, world
BrandonW, reading a take-down notice from TI.
Nikky dressed a troll-doll in a hipster outfit.
A functioning build of TI-Connect.
A hard-working staff member.
48KB of RAM.
Assorted electronics components.
Coffee for a night of coding.
Doors CS 10.0 pre-release, for the TI-84+CSEII mark 6.
Pixel art of a kitten.
An fx-9860.
A Casio Classpad.
A beaker of mysterious liquid.
A 32.5° inclined plane.
Five CBRs with mysteriously-absent link cables.
A slightly-pixelated Periodic Table.
An assortment of slide rules.
An ancient slide rule.
An abacus.
Charles Babbage's first Analytical Engine.
A singular matrix.
Two mutually-exclusive theorems.
A graph of Y=X^2+5.
A sine wave waves at you.
A backlit TI-83+.
It looks like a TI-82, but claims to be a TI-83+.
A list of all of all of Texas Instruments' cryptographic signing keys.
Someone playing xLIB xLIB Revolution.
A colorful game of snake.
The Illusiat Complete RPG Series.
A new post on
jsTIfied emulating a TI-83+SE.
A 5x5 identity matrix.
A telescope, haphazardly connected to a TI-89.
A copy of the DCS7 SDK.
A bubbling testube.
A microbe playing on a TI-73.
The biggest collection of calculators you've ever seen, but no 84+CSE.
Pat Milheron, working on the newest calculator OS.
An Orion, playing the Mario theme song.
A scientific calculator with the number 5318008 on the screen.