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Submitted by cummy on January 15, 2022

Was this fun for you?  Hmmmm? Was it fun? Showing your true colors are we? What’s it like to have a brain so small that it’s difficult for you to keep up with “breathe in…breathe out” on your own, with out someone holding your tiny little hand and telling you what to do every minute of everyday?  You, well, you’re an idiot, and you’re also what’s wrong with this world. Ignorant lower forms of life like yourself should learn your place in this world and slither back under your rock where no one will know or care about your existence. You’re not needed or wanted. And what’s even sadder than yourself, is the fact that you can’t see that’s it’s you and your attitude that causes no one to like you, no one to want to be around you. Enjoy yourself, because that’s all you’ll ever have. Sad.