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Submitted by cummy on January 13, 2022

Sex 2: Version 1.0 patch.
Patch notes:
• Added the ability to change (don't ask)
• Added an new toggleable mode, Funky Mode. More details in a seperate blog post.
• Removed dreamsexual from the sexuality selection.
Bug fixes:
Bug #4278- Cannot perform the Triple fisted cumblast when you're above level 81.
Bug #3895- The Level 69 achivement cannot be obtained if one is doing Mission 37: Protect your purity.
Bug #211.5- Achivement 1: 'Welcome to the Cum Zone' can't be obtained if you change your contrast on the main menu just before.

That is all, enjoy Sex 2. This will be a long term supported version. Make sure to update your software before performing any actions.

-Sex Co. Copyright 2022. "Sex 2" trademark pending.