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Description: Idea: Courses [Video Tutorial 1.1.1 - Getting Started with Bitcoin Wallet] - code
Submitted by inPRIVACYweBELIEVE on August 29, 2018

[size=10pt][b]Note: This is an ongoing project and an approach to experiment the admin's (theymos) proposal of [url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4609442.0]Idea: Courses[/url]. I can make mistakes, please feel free to review the tutorial clips and help me to improve the experience for the members in need.[/b]
Also, voluntary proofreading for the contents will be highly appreciated.[/size]

Version updates...
1.1.1: [iurl=#]archive[/iurl] - [iurl=#]code[/iurl]
1.1.0: [url=http://archive.is/fj0pn]archive[/url] - [url=https://paste.ee/p/zrnCh]code[/url]

There are actually a lot of good tutorials already exist on the forum however all of them are basically text versions. Visual learning is the best and quickest learning method, besides having the green signal from the admin in mind, this is my approach to be a supportive forum member. 

This project is for Bitcoin wallet "HOW TOs". Depending on the responses of this project, the next projects I have in mind are... 
- Pretty Good Privacy "HOW TOs"
- Some of the forum features "HOW TOs" and possible others.

[b]Table of contents[/b] (Clickable links to visit the part of the post):

[iurl=#GettingStarted]Getting started with first Bitcoin wallet[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#CreateWallet]How to create a free and secure Bitcoin wallet[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#Reopen]How to reopen a wallet[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#Restore]How to restore a wallet[/iurl]
[iurl=#SendReceive]Start sending and receiving Bitcoin[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#FindAdd]Find a receiving address[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#StdPayment][b]How to send standard payment[/b][/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#ChangeAdd]Change address phenomenon[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#CheckBlockchain]Checking on Blockchain explorer[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#CheckWallet]Balance checking on the Wallet[/iurl]
[color=#ecedf3]----[/color] [iurl=#MassPayment][b]How to send mass/multiple payment[/b][/iurl]
[url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4721580.msg43359901#msg43359901]How to sign and verify a message with a Bitcoin address[/url]
[iurl=#faq]Frequently asked questions (FAQ)[/iurl]

[size=13pt][b][u][anchor=GettingStarted]Getting started with your first Bitcoin wallet (Desktop wallet):[/anchor][/u][/b][/size]
We will use Electrum wallet for these video clips. We have everything we need in an Electrum wallet. Please download it from [url=https://electrum.org/#download]here[/url]. Since I use Windows, my tutorials will be Windows version. If you are using a different OS then I hope you will figure out a way to work with your OS by using the idea of these video clips. Thanks for understanding.

[center][b][anchor=CreateWallet]How to Create Your First Desktop Wallet (Standard/Legacy Wallet)[/anchor][/b][/center]

[center][url=https://youtu.be/hfIILbEtCg4]Click here until my rank is enough to show image[/url]

00' 02": Install Electrum Wallet
00' 29": Open Electrum Wallet
00' 38": Name the wallet (Any name that you can recognize, it really does not matter)
01' 19": Chose wallet kind
01' 30": Seed type (Standard/Legacy or SegWit)
[color=red]01' 36": Copy and keep the seed safe. This is very important for your wallet. If you do not keep the seed safe then your wallet can be compromised and you will lose your BTC.[/color]
02' 20": Confirm seed
02' 35": An optional but important choice for security. Sorry about the "g", figure it out  ;D
[color=green]03' 31": Successfully created our first wallet. YAY![/color]
03' 36": Change displaying for balance type
04' 14": View some Bitcoin addresses of your wallet.

[center][b][anchor=Reopen]How to Reopen a Wallet[/anchor][/b][/center]

[center][url=https://youtu.be/YibIUqE_MEI]Click here until my rank is enough to show image[/url]

00' 07": Open Electrum Wallet
00' 27": Find the saved wallet file from your hard-drive
00' 38": Chose the wallet
00' 55": Password if you had one
01' 27": Ta-da! your wallet  :)

[center][b][anchor=Restore]How to Restore a Bitcoin Wallet[/anchor][/b][/center]

[center][url=https://youtu.be/2SrdjfdTeTM]Click here until my rank is enough to show image[/url]

00' 32": Open Electrum Wallet
00' 43": Give any name. It does not matter.
01' 11": Chose wallet kind
[color=red]01' 25": You need your seed. If you do not have seed then you are lost. Forget about any BTC in the wallet unless you had the private key of the address.[/color]
01' 24": Enter seed
01' 43": Enter any password of your choice. It's an optional choice.
02' 34": Boom! You have just restored/recovered your (lost) Bitcoin wallet.
02' 36": Check your Bitcoin addresses. They will be there.

[size=13pt][b][u][anchor=SendReceive]Start sending and receiving Bitcoin:[/anchor][/u][/b][/size]
We are not going to use the wallet we have created earlier. For this section, we have created two new wallets. One is the receiver wallet and the other one is the sender wallet. We will send Bitcoin to the receiver wallet. In this process, we will learn the steps to follow for both sending and receiving Bitcoin. 

[center][b]How to Send and Receive Bitcoin from/in a Wallet/Address.[/b][/center]

[center][url=https://youtu.be/bH-bEZojqhE]Click here until my rank is enough to show image[/url]

00' 22": [anchor=FindAdd]Open receiver[/anchor] wallet to get the Bitcoin address to send.
01' 26": Our selected address. 12xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCai
01' 59": Exit from the receiver wallet.

02' 11": [anchor=StdPayment]Open sender[/anchor] wallet.
03' 00": Check [i]use change addresses[/i] marked or not. Marked ON will swipe rest of the BTC from one address to another in the same wallet.
03' 14": Click the Send tab
03' 19": Pay to 12xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCai
03' 20": Description is optional
03' 29": Enter amount in BTC
03' 30": Check or play with fee option. Higher TX fee means faster confirmation.
03' 41": Preview if you want. It gives you a good idea of the fee and other stuffs before making the final transaction.
03' 52": [anchor=ChangeAdd]Notice[/anchor] the yellow colored and green colored addresses. The yellow colored address is a change address and only be used if the [i]use change address (03' 00")[/i] is marked on.
04' 07": We will [i]mark off[/i] the [i]use change address[/i] feature.
04' 34": Click the send button.
04' 36": Enter the wallet password if you have one.
04' 58": Press OK button, transaction will start broadcasting...
05' 01": You will be notified with the tx number
05' 06": Press OK
05' 18": TX number 911xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0384
05' 27": [anchor=CheckBlockchain]Let's check[/anchor] it on [i]www[/i][i].block[/i][i]chain[/i][i].[/i][i]com[/i] (previously www.blockchain.info)
05' 43": Boom! the money is in our receiver wallet. 12xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCai
06' 38": Close sender wallet.

06' 49": [anchor=CheckWallet]Open[/anchor] receiver wallet.
07' 13": Little notification that money is in the wallet
07' 21": And... yes, IT IS on the address (12xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCai). We have successfully received the amount we sent from the sender wallet.
07' 36": Close receiver wallet. Mission accomplished!

[center][b][anchor=MassPayment]How to Send Mass/Multiple Payment[/anchor][/b][/center]

[center][url=https://youtu.be/R7XcSh3N4d4]Click here until my rank is enough to show image[/url]

We will try with two addresses. Normally these two addresses will be from different wallets however on this demonstration we are going to use the same wallet. For an output of the Bitcoin network it's basically the same phenomenon. 
Our receiver addresses are:

00' 14": Open sender wallet.
01' 13": Click [i]Tools[/i] > [i]Pay to many[/i].
[color=red]01' 40": Understand the correct format.[/color]
02' 30": Paste correct data on the [i]Pay to[/i] field.
02' 35": Check fees. If needed then readjust the payment amounts and fees.
04' 04": Use calculator if needed.
05' 55": Once satisfy with the data then press Send.
05' 56": Enter password if needed.
06' 10": Press OK.
06' 12": Transaction will broadcast and you will get the TX number.
06' 20": Click History tab.
06' 28": Click on the transaction date.
06' 32": Get TX number.
06' 39": Locate it on Blockchain explorer to see status.
07' 21": Check the amount for both address.
07' 43": Close sender wallet.

07' 49": Open receiver wallet.
08' 12": Bitcoin Just arrived!
08' 24": Check the corresponding addresses to double confirm the Bitcoin amount.
09' 27": Close receiver wallet.

It's not rocket science. 
[size=12pt][b][color=green]Welcome to the pear to pear payment system and say good bye to the centralised manipulated government printed fiat currency.[/color][/b][/size]

[size=13pt][b][u][anchor=faq]Frequently asked questions (FAQ):[/anchor][/u][/b][/size]
Coming soon... please ask.

Coming soon... 

Coming soon... 

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