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Submitted by cummy on January 16, 2022

So, I was looking through rule 34 and decided to watch some futanari porn, as it never disappoints me and is overall pretty nice porn in general in my opinion. I found this nice video and started… uhh you get it. Just a dude being a dude to some futanari. 

Literally right as I’m about to finish wanking, my fucking father comes in to tell me breakfasts ready. 

I don’t know who looked more traumatized and in shock. 

And when I thought it couldn’t get any fucking worse, I came. I fucking came all over my keyboard. It’s like we were both paralyzed with fear. He left a few minutes after standing still in fear, disappointment, and sadness. 

Breakfast was as awkward as it gets when you catch your son jerking off to futanari rule 34.

That was about as awkward as it gets when you get caught jerking off to anime chicks with dicks. My dad was in the military so he’s pretty tough and will probably get over this. However, for some odd reason I think this might just be more traumatizing than watching your own friends die in combat. 

I fucking hate myself and want to die. My friends are gonna bully me so hard if I tell them, and yet I feel like I need to confess about what happened. I think I can take being bullied by Reddit.

Bisexuality has its cons, and one of those are being caught watching futanari girls by your dad.

TLDR; Got caught watching hentai chicks with dicks, and I might get disowned.