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Description: Releasing full AGI/evolution research
Submitted on December 25, 2019 at 08:53 PM

great data (Text)


Too large planets are known to become very hot stars because they are too large/unstable and will shrink by giving off radiation. They are really hot in the middle because the combinational explosion effect of all particles interact with the core particles by their fields sharing heat/motion. So the attraction force of the huge planet is pulling in matter and Compressing, while the core particles feel all that gravity and get really hot and want to splurt out like in Boiling Water on a stove does, and the material will splurt off out at the poles where the field loops hold photons that radiate/travel along. On the sun are many local poles (some bigger strings are built of aligned domains, like a magnet) all around itself giving bursts off. Radiation. The field loops carry photons which carry material - if you move a magnet near a wire the field loops shed photons to the wire and generates electricity/heat inductively. The sun grew big, now it gives it back and becomes a dwarf, it cools down after burning up all fuel/energy.

This effect happens for atoms too. Too large atoms are unstable on the Periodic Table of elements. They leak radiation and become smaller. This is why nuclear reactions release so much energy from fossil-like fuel core rods. And when they do, it's a chain reaction. That chain reaction grows exponentially with nearby atoms, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and cells do this too, and fire does it, mammals do, the artificial nanobot cell will, the 1st AGI will copy/paste clone, ideas mutate and spread and are stolen. Even data storage on your memory device stores bits as 1s and 0s ex. 110 = 7 because 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111 - 8 combinations, each extra bit doubles it. Humans are agents like fire, nuclear chains, cells, ideas, we are food finders and replicators like Darwin says in evolution, we are little growing planets/atoms ourselves and even give off radiation, and we have competition and teamwork between agents. We start off random chaos really hot and fight (like domains on the sun, or in a magnet, the bottom layer of a neural network, and are self-centered with no friend connections yet (life extension/happiness improve later)), then we cool down and cooperate and align as brain waves on the hierarchy of human nodes just like brain neuron nodes, even like cell DNA maybe that correct errors and specialized based on nearby/global context. 64 metronomes in perfect synchronization https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v5eBf2KwF8. Like red blue dyes we infect others beliefs to nearby neighboring cells/brains. Humans have found out burning gasoline releases lots of energy, including nuclear generators, Earth's climate is getting hotter and the nanobots will likely utilize so much energy and will create Dyson Spheres in space to harness suns so they can find food, breed, collect data, compute, and experiment/implement the most . Earth might burn up all fuel like fire and exhaust, like a sun. Nanobot Earth will grow by finding planets nearby. Our AI agent food goal may Paperclip Effect and make us use up all fuel. Cancer results from too much cell growth. Evolution of Earth results in an Earth that comes to equilibrium (a settled state in physics) and is the most optimal form possible for this given system.

Atoms formed first after the Big Bang. Planets can get bigger before getting as hot because they aren't as dense together, hence a galaxy can be even larger. The atom types they are made of affect how large they can be too.

The combination effect also happens in knowledge, the universe has patterns everywhere because all particles have the same properties and all cats eat, drink, and sleep.Artificial Neural Networks take big diverse data and learn general patterns. It allows the brain to go past primitive motor learning for reward goals and instead simulate/predict what will happen or what is related (hierarchy, heterarchy). The brain can burn fuel and discover internally new discoveries with no R&D because each pattern learnt allows it to answer 10 questions. It can go delusional after a few iterations of re-using generated answers to questions, but if it has enough data, it can use analogies from all domains and never run out of fuel. Each word in the dictionary explains each other an can be placed on a large circle with inner web connections/relations with probabilities, and man made words up to begin with to explain each frequent quantinized observation, and groups ex. Animals. We love finding food and data (sight seeing or playing games) and mates because it allows us to maximize future rewards; collect data and see what happens next/what is what in heterarchy dictionary.

The effect also goes for galaxies, too large and they become a black hole where not even light can escape. Once large enough they leak Hawking Radiation. This might be what the Big Bang is. And may mean the Big Crunch happens too like how a atom or planet or galaxy collects food and grows larger. The universe's particles/space may keep expanding and cool down becoming less dense because there may be no universe wall, or may attract back together by gravity and heat back up.

Our stomachs digest food by breaking down molecules to release energy radiation as well. The food we eat, like batteries, can be cold and motionless, but inside there is photons looping around somewhere. Then we grow fatter and take the molecule's lost size as our gain.

Earth comes to equilibrium exponentially faster by building upon the data communication technologies vital for repairing/regenerating errors in DNA, missing employees positions refilled, ambiguity or blanks in a sentence or image refilled by GPT-2, and sharing brain knowledge across the globe's nervous system the internet to update each other. We encode/share info/DNA and mutate ideas etc and compete/cooperate using ideas. Utopia for a given system regenerates from nothing by physics even if destroyed, it's self-organizing of course and is clearly seen to pull the cell etc together against odds by using a context bag of tidbits.

Magnets also repel and attract, you can see the field has heat in it because when you move a magnet near a wire back n forth fast it generates induction - electricity and heat in the wire. The atoms/domains in a magnet are aligned and send a brain wave through the colony and enhances it's speed or 'heat'. A laser is more focused. Once you learn the piano you can build on the hierarchy nodes in your neural network. Same for business/city. It's possible the snapping of the photon strings results in string release of photons. We see with antennas they release radio waves by turning on/off really fast or changing current directions fast, or even just moving forward in a wire or just staying still like in a unstable atom.
A traffic jam, circuit board, pipes in a city, blood vessels, nerves, etc act as field loops that have energy/material with the energy driving along them, each car only moves a crack but appears to radiate all the way to the end. Water waves in a pond are just going up/down and the radiation is only energy. "Due to Maxwells Equation, changing electric fields give rise to changing magnetic fields, and hence give rise to electromagnetic radiation." If you're in a car you are in sync until the car stops and you go through the windshield. So radiation is when change happens and becomes less in sync, expansion/explosion of planet or battery gives new energy by destruction.

Data Compression also shrinks your file's size, then extract the energy/radiation once again and Decompresses it for you. Computers can do it perfectly over and over again, simulating worlds even, clones, but globally and hence faster the universe/ system changes and is lost - universe cools down and expands too much to even interact, unless it compresses back together, then it must wait to replay a sequence perfectly again - a computer can digitally perfectly replay a simulation of water by using redundancy.

The butterfly effect is big bang expansion radiation, and the opposite of the butterfly effect is the Big Crunch where the black hole or planet or atom ends up the same state no matter the starting conditions, a cat can find a kibble anywhere in the kitchen and ends up back on its bed to sleep, and a pinball ends up at the bottom of the machine no matter the knobs.

All dictionary words explain each other, the more I learn the exponentially more I can analogy/solve. In AI terms, Big Diverse Data is key, and Dropout essentially does the same effect by randomly removing nodes. Online Learning utilizes Big Diverse Data even more to make it BigBigBig, but the AI field can't do it yet, they are trained algorithms that must learn in one step. Like a hierarchy's heterarchy allows it to learn unsupervised that cat=dog like in GPT-2 or Word2Vec, human nodes can re-use others to do a similar related job for them to utilize free energy. So can cells maybe. Everyday we lose neurons and employees and lives and cells but they fill in word blanks and re-Generates missing data back from nothing, emerging it, repairing it, and becoming immortal, possibly even dying again, cycling.

In a super-cooled strong magnet it will retain its motion around a magnet track and the energy stays in the loop unaffected for years if stays cold. The magnet gets trapped in the air to the field of the other magnet and is hard to move/it levitates. There is a bond like how a car or electricity flows along the road only, the field loop. The loops are closed and the atoms can't jiggle as much. Very little energy/radiation is coming in or going out, only the guy pushing it and the air at front/back where the track is, gravity doesn't affect it much.

A chain reaction happens in a cooled down bottle of water past the freezing point, you knock it and the freezing spreads to the rest.

Like word2vec, quantum computers use qubits in superposition that are entangled with each other, groups of words are in nearby relational dimension space and has an exponential combinational interaction affect.