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Submitted by cummy on January 2, 2022

yeah I know where you come from, getting fucked in the face and then thrown on with shit.

I once was lucky to get a domina use me and her shit was mostly fluid (i believe she did an enema even though she said she didn't) and it was hard but it made me so hot that I managed to swallow it all.

Now ma few years later I got a girlfriend and after a few years she finally agreed to shit into a bowl for me and I was able to put it in my mouth and lick it also was able to cum with it in my mouth but I wasn't able to actually eat more then just a tiny tiny little piece.

I also had to wash my mouth a few times after that ... still would like another experience but preferably "forced" as I am monstly interested in scat as means for rather hard domination / degradation