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Submitted by cummy on November 12, 2021

After seeing it on moviesuggestions where a poster marked it as his favourite i figured it might be worth a watch. Well... worth a watch in the literal sense it was. Because omg, this movie kicks mega ass in sucking and also in, though in a lesser degree, pretention.

Im never a fan of ghost movies, but see intro. And the setting/vibe seemed realistic. But thats just about the only positive i can say about this movie. Let me pick this apart in a couple pieces.

It starts with the family living in a nice house isolated in woods. They are going to a funeral of grandma. And the young daughter is being awakened in the house tree hut. Wow, really. Wihtout a sleeping bag in the cold? Yeah ok. She looks like second hand Drew Barrymore. She also kinda acts like her. The absolute boringness of this movie already establishes here; somehow this already seems like we have to be impressed with these boring attendances. Why? Because scary music plays in a couple scenes where absolutely nothing happens, thats why. Yes u read that right: absolutely nothing. BUt hey mayb its preparing us for whats about to come, right? Wrong. Or it tries countering the boring family. The brother doesnt seem to have much live in him either. The father even less. The mother seems to be a borderliner (I AM YOUR MOTHER!). After some boring half hour of asbolute nothingness, other then charlie, the young daughter being aware of some sort of ghost light which sort of hypnotises her. Its really scary! As the music tells u so. She walks of in the garden and then looks into a fire suddenly appeared in the woods. Wow, so cool. Het mother gets her, doesnt see the fire and gets angry at her for not wearing shoes.. ok. And thats that.

Then brother asks if he can borrow the car for a party. (i can eat here... i said im not gonna drink!)

And his mother asks if he can bring his little sister with him, well its not an ask, she insists. Because you know, thats what brothers do: they take their little sister to a party where she has nothing to look for. And i mean absolutely nothing.

Somehow she starts choking up on some of her weird gumballs or something at the party and brother speeds her to the hospital or whatever. She opens the window to get some air. Peter (lets call him that, i forgot his name) then sees a roadkill and steers away from it. And thats that... or is it? No... its not. Because Peter keeps on speeding with his sister still hangin out of the window and then telling his sister to "look out!" there is a pole right in front of us! If u keep your head out for 5 seconds longer u might hit it! Sister is like really? 5 seconds? Ok, i can do that. 5, 4, 3, 2... oh yes i see it! Its right in front of me! Wow so awesome. Ill keep sticking my head out so i can smash it. Or something...

She hits the pole and (apparently) gets decapitated. That poor tomboy girl barrymore. Peter is a bit upset, but yet keeps driving. No blood anywhere. Its all good. Then goes to bed... because u know thats what one does after witnessing decapitation of your sister. And hearing ur mother scream in agony with (supposedly) a headless body in the car of their family member. So sad for that mother, what does she all have to go trough! After all SHE IS PETERS MOTHER! We see a scene of her goin in a mental cry down at the funeral and... wel thats that. Now their grandma is dead and also their youngest child. Ok.. wel what else is there in store for us? Awesome scenes like: the dog coming in Peters room keeps standin in front of him. Although its completely normal for a dog to just being a dog, somehow we mustb very excited bout this scene! Because u know, scary music. Peter keeps looking at the dog as if there should be something wrong with it, however i couldnt figure out what that could have been. THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN! TWO ARMS PULL PETER TROUGH THE BEDFRAME! WOW, such happenings! Then his borderline mother suddenly stands in his room asking wtf is wrong? The arms suddenly dissapeared so Peter is blaming his mother for doing so. His mother denies... and thats that.

At this point i really started fast forward. Some fat woman starts appearing giving ghost reads or somethin like that. And at one point Peter is havin some sort of hypno walk in where he sees this woman telling him to : "GET OUT." Wow so thrilling. Many more scenes of fat woman giving advice and then a scene superscary scene where Peter is sitting in his class! Yes... and he starts making weird faces. Wow Peter, are u allright?? No, man im not. And starts smacking is head hard against the table. Then he starts screaming, apperently overcoming some sort of ghost attack, in agony, disbelief and insanity. Poor Peter. This was about the most exciting scene i saw in an hour of fast forward. It ends like the whole movie kinda is: in nothingness.