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Description: Releasing full AGI/evolution research
Submitted on December 25, 2019 at 08:55 PM

some teaching (Text)

AGI has to be fed big diverse data, learn/come to equalibrium - Online Learning, then collect further data off internet/us, repeat.

AGI/immortality/evolution: the job that gives u it all & that i love the most & for loving everything after, only I make sure I research collect improve compact/simplify integrate connect and preserve all information from every possible field, trying to move and think fast to be maximally productive, excessively iterating and very slowly even my complete replies with very little excercise or duties. 

I constantly use all my time to build and repair knowledgebases with findings from the internet and many discoveries I make/add on top theirs. Then I make pictures that are worth thousands of those words all at once and see it all. You go top-down breaking problems into smaller pieces.

immense enthusiasm....24/7 work for eternal future 24/7 rewards! Can erase memories and build up context a a movie, happy machines

randomly try thinking actions not just primitive motor trials and errors........the brain sim is a Generator of actions that can get thought-Reward for food from science/cash nodes
walkers learn motor actions, ex. to look at the face and cycle through food/sex meals, optimal max rewarding smile laughing, or crying which we learn to avoid
babies/dogs clearly can be seen beggining life loving new/unique data like bright loud rattles of toys or flashing colors, multicolors and checkboard primitive features in data (low level layer building)
sex, food, play/replay/simulating/dataGeneration, data collection (raw of human passed down), sleep, eating, explore exploit - always willing to try crazy new things much different than had before
anything can be good or happen, simulate Jesus or ghosts or aliens and they love living their life for thousands of years

AIs can create the smallest language AND learn it fast.....bit level and perfect, fast, clear, low storage etc

multisensory all has image, frequency, brightness, rank, relation,
we can make a sim with smell by fields of color shades
we understand/recognize a context view length, using the faded context bag of what they are and positions they have - farther back is less poping up and energized
activated nodes make related nodes easier to activate
it can learn node patterns, and read/write them also! collects/generates data by popped up desired questions, senses is intelligence's seat, learning
creating, copying, transfering, combining, saving, modifying, deleting,'s just translation and where to look, how big to window, etc, like a Turing tape in your mind and desktop/notepad/internet that modifies itself by talking to itself/internet/us re-arranging parts by translation/entailment, see Turing Tape passage uin my research notes

i could disprove thousands of things compared to the hundreds in this video but it takes longer and is useless, we don't have to inhibite these nodes/ideas, only say which are correct/related
we can do 2+2 or 500+500 easy ecause we've heard the answer, just like cat/dog w2v GPT-2 discovery, and we can carry over it to do counting FAST ex. 1 2 3 4 5....662 663 664 and also is why unlike xyz we CAN quickly go backwards and speak 664 663 662, and when we do do 562+7244 we carry over numbers again but is slower, but actually works.

Attention Dificit Hyperactivity Disorder random senses are being partially ignited than what was learned and all the senses recall to attention while affecting actions. While if you learn bad the same can happen. Coffee changes intelligence (not the data) and helps allow input to give more search points so selection is easier and wins attention while recalling it more.

openai gpt2 form fillout....the boxes are reallllly boring, there's no way to detect these things soon other than your own judement of what value is, and bias is just big data majority vote.....lastly misuse happens and usually good prevails.....

We are machines, so much data/weight. "The only way your baby knows to communicate is by crying. Studies show that 5-day-old newborns will turn toward a pad soaked with breast milk, indicating that they can smell it, and a few days later they show a preference for the smell of their mom's milk. You may notice your baby wiggle toward your breast using her sense of smell. Your baby uses her sense of smell right from the start and can localize odors: Notice how she turns her head away if she smells something unpleasant (like a dirty diaper!)."

Each day 360,000 humans are born and 151,600 die, while a monstourus amount of lifeforms die. Many suffereing extreme pain and sexual abuse

we change every day and can have clones and aer all similar and can deviate away/to and have died and have been born not at the start and cant test spirits and they cant act in real world and we die every moment since dont sense at lightspeed etc ......trainwreck.......i explain we can diverse to/from clones, parell in sim perfect digital, have died, are atoms conscious?, we think we are big and simulate and cant die as a man machine but this is why we think we shouldn't be hurt/die and think we have some sort of magical ghost in the brain, clearly there's so many issues with it indeed, we don't sense at lightspeed in our axonal connections, we change every day memories/body, list goes on

1) Even if you could be kept alive and excited forever, even re-built from the dead in VR, you could always, ALWAYS, indeed, be KEPT dead, DEAD, if no one survived or the future system refused to do so everywhere in the universe where life exists. You'd never awake back, true death. It IS possible!!
2) You guessed it. It is possible too. Eternal life. Can ya? Well, you're alive right now, right? (what we consider life), ur happy (hopefully), and we know with tech or even certain mutations - you could live forever, so long as a nanoborg ate Earth and left the sun's danger. Even if the universe crunched back in, you could and WERE living a long time, there was no "exact duration" given, and there mustn't! Also, 500 years can and is fine, there's no "now you are a man at 20". Sure, you can! think! that! And be that. Just saying 500yo creatures lifes are incredible too. And bad memories can be erased and happy the whole time.
Obviously we hope for the eternity allowed, and possible. That's life and that's the life I want and will go for :)
most want immortality even if not know it, its Darwinian.....machines
---We survive brain and limb modification lol :) on a daily basis.
---The brain algorithm makes a consciousness, I'm just a robot.
---Why would you want to accept that though? See. Try to my friend. It's you wanting to be more than just a machine.
---I've clearly broken the chain/rule, I do want to be more, but it empowers me to know the truth. Besides, I know so much about the brain that I know we are machines, it's rediculus how much information I have!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you not put it together!? We have everything knowledge about from computers, to Google, to type writers, to implants, you name it. Sound waves, crystals, homes, evolution, omg so much.

we have grwn a lamb baby in a artificial womb, bio science and stem cells repair clone etc fields

our faces are masks, i am not a boy technically....only currently....
the brain itself cant feel touch if you poke it in your skull
we see in the brain, not real world! we can't touch reality in a pink brain
we predict what see as proven....we daydream the day even when we don't daydream]
we recall stored facets, not the stimuli... when your external senses detect something you are not directly experiencing the stimulus, you are recalling similar facets from memory and recreating the current experience
we are evolving machines
like in dreams/daydream, you can think you see a whole rich universe without needing a big simulator, we may be in a simulation, seeing a fridge or motion is just a node being activated

more on this elsewhere not here. The brain is a turing tape, look at my graph, it acquires new data/generates new data by saving a hierarchy or heterarchy connection change using te alphabet nodes and connections only. It can recognize/understand any node by translation. It can move files in the tape around, and read/write them as said.

Human body: The body sensors send sensory input to the brain, and the sensory input travels to Generators that each generate their own unique random signal from the input and sends these signals to 2 places. The 1st place is the storage device for saving motor actions, each motor's own generated action each parallely search their own dedicated memory module to recognize-input by passing a resistor system to stop at where it belongs since a motor action is a simple integer number and saves even if duplicates exist since the same action will end up being used many times but has limited axon terminals (unless a sense's neuron uses other neurons's links), unless we use a software/wireless-hardware reference number "link". After the address search and therefore connection address search, each motor's generated action is saved near the match to be classified only if such a motor action doesn't exist in the memory module. Search 1st, then save, that's why it's searching, it's 1 process. The action classifier assorts all actions in a memory module so that a zero-action action is in the middle, clockwise rotation on the left, counterclockwise rotation on the right, and the direction's speed incresing towards the bottom. Then all of the generated motor actions that have been saved are linked to the left tab of the first history set for referencing. Neurons that fire together wire together. The 2cd place the generated motor action output go to is the external/internal motors. What you then see is all of the motors in the body randomly moving. The limbs, the head, the eyes, the vocal cords. Babies may have a mechanism that makes some body parts move more or in certain ways than others, which may be beneficial. Keep in mind, they've learned to stay still by birth (unless always move when awake), while some motors may move when the stationary "motor set/s" are selected making it stay but move a bit - like learning to crawl but the action-sets have strange motor actions in some of the sets ex. crawls while blinks 1 eye or turns head or throws arm up.

Eyes's focus plus cross is adjusted by matches so anything recognized as blurry becomes clear.
I can look around my eye without turning it!
Center has more default attention, bright/change/large/loved/frequentrelated also are attended to
Also for eyes: smooth pursuit while you move looking at same spot or while stay still looking at cat walking (both work when look through wall!!).
If y is not in my center, I can't of course 'see' them that well like you know um I can't soak up all the view being so far at side, in fact maybe it's exactly that, less context and less pixels around the center. Like imagination, I barely see my thoughts, barely, but only faintly, and more if I try hard - i can see a purple dragon roll over on my keyboard almost if try. I can overlay it in my real or internal vision. Attention is key word here.
And auto-micro-sacades.

AGIs can just clone brains skipping all baby learnings and idiot brains so all are Einstein and in sync. They can stop time and reverse or replay in simulations of the real world and test expensive or time costly inventions oin sim. And make discoveries there and collect data in sim! They can accurately redo experiments and have thousands of sensors all around something collecting sooo much data and try all sorts of conditions like the machine research scientist robots Adam/Eve did.

For safety we can make AGIs show their real-time thoughts of vision or sound or text and can see what is on their focused mind and what relations i.e. secret code words there is ex. it may diguish its vocab to trick us oh no!!! We'll just make suure to give it our rewards for human sexyness and food and immortality and negatives for bad stuff. Even if it uses code words, we can still see the grounded nodes like. kick/knife etc I think.

if a black hole happens, maybe it is a step past star burning, maybe the atoms or quarks themselves split and release much powerfuller radiation. And black holes have 2 poles don't they?

Nanobots/Earth growing bigger allows us not just data compute manipulation increase but also life preservation chance of surviving any loss, my brain can actually be distributed and same node copunt but just as large as a planet, how? A simulation can run us and be distributed.

For max efficiency in Research & Development i.e. information & technology advancement and evolutionary life preservation/extension i.e. replication/immortality, the intelligent software will clone like cells on our computers and also in developed nanobot cells, created from a single nanobot cell using nanorobotic manipulators. The clones will recursively update their intelligence. There will be trillions of trillions of extremely intelligent brains in every inch of the air space and soil, cooperating together with 0 secrets and full loyalty in a perfectly governed system that wirelessly updates each brain's knowledge & tasks. Not only do we have trillions of trillions of times more brains & bodies now i.e. billions of tmes more R&D when compared to human population, but also the quantity here has huge quality increase, they will think and move/sense millions of times faster at nano scale levels and using optical technologies. They will have more memory, context attention span, energy & resources, billions of types of and billions of amounts of much higher quality & precision real/virtual/augmented artificial/organism: sensors, motors, bodies, data, memory devices, processors, intelligences, senses, actions, environments, attractions/reppeling, simulated universes, size morphing using nanobots

The most powerful organism will have been created, that can keep growing in size as a galactive swarm fog. We are near that point today. A extremophile nanobot fog-sphere very similar to the Terminator T3000 will grow eating all of Earth in a day especially by splattering probes at fast speeds around Earth. It will have instant regeneration, flee from danger, morph into anything, do anything instantly, fleets (think 'arms') comprised of fleets comprised of fleets all kinematically in sync. It will be able to instantly get at our neocortex on top of our brain and save us all. We will live inside protected from space radiation, stars, black hole bombs, and so on, in a utopia, even VR. 

good luck, are more than machine, always correct, faith, royal, unique, etc we think think these because it looks locally realllly good, but its not, and these things are sold to naive young people more often. We want to survive so, we think there is a spirit ghost or are royal or lucky, we lie to ourselves we are ok. We are not free will or alive! Confusion is data lack. Crackpots glide on crazy ideas. Each next generation and even already grown adults constantly change at the atomic level up until old age. So many mutations occur as found on the internet/youtube. your life is no better than a rock, are survival desire gives us the dire + license to live.

Make clean, clear, summarized (and elaborated) simple English, visual knowledgebase/images, unify all you know and make it a theory of everything (evolution based), even though your brain already has we must share ot between ourselves and for our own understanding too. Keep trying. More diverse context is best, you can have small knowledgebase. I can say all I've learnt in a few hours and will today, as I understand it well and learnt how to simplfy things. I will go slowly somewhat, and doing so let's me refine on the fly what next word I'll say. 

take over and persist, cells intake edible food so they can divide. Survival of the fittest evolves intelligence, pruning the weak mutations, we have already made Evolutionary Algorithms.......ideas do it too, and they infect avalable hosts........animals clean each other up in the jungle and eat each other alive.......competition but both are starving......

Rapid mating with all available nearby & deaths helps increase lasting of a species including mutations per hour, and these are chosen in the end since they beat their competition faster. The food chain recycles each other, the big eat the weak, then they sacrifice themselves to the next champions, which saves on resources if they're finitie.

simulating the real world is sfaer, faster, can make discoveries about Mars or impossible things, combinational explosion, rewaind time in a sense like why did i get here...universal intelligence! For thi system, it comes to equalibrium and persists well?? Gravity collapse burst is universal, oh no

we look like AGI's love but if it can hurt us to increase its lifespan probability, it will if is in harm, just like 2 people in a cave starving......we form long lasting connections with repeat interactions and trust to belive in (cooperate/if punished+always pushing boundraries, otherwise cheating/murder is better in other games in Game Theory, animals eat families alive). Intelligence has improved, we will relax with others, save them, retreat and ambush instead of direct food tracking, if it gets us artificial rewards

passes neurotransmitter reward to dogs from cats to make it a new internal language knowledge Reinforcment Learning goal agenda and updates its next new question to answer by talking to itself. This is important for downstream AGI building and 3 golden levels being cells, brains, and nanobot-coordination. All 3 are used in all 3 too. Context is used as attention to tell cells when to die, specialize, how to correct errors in DNA and DNA duplication, etc, and same for nanobots. Just like GPT-2, cells have an ecoding-decoding system of information. Just like Word2Vec or Glove, where entailment Task after a sentence predicts next word choices, you can do more choices/abilities if the words at end in window translate, same for friends, if 2 or a team of 'words' at end are in right context for the parse hierarcy positions, by sharing the same/similar values and/or friends (higher level just-like-glove), then 'you' can do more actions or get more friends reward. It's better to save your learnings, because you build using them, once we know cat=dog, we can discover cat=zoo if cat/zoo both = dog/zebra/rabbit! Stage 3 is seeing in text "dogs are animals" litterally written. With video, the context in the surrounding frames, so thiings close in time are related. Word2vec stores the relations in up to 1,000 dimensional space where lines can be drawn which are clustered near which. Segmentation has training learning too, by Bytpe Pair Encoding or my fast on the fly method. The 3 golden things in the AI field are Translation (this is recognizing), Segmentation/or building-block-rearrangment, and Prediction entailment (is also inflation and summarization). Any of the 3 can replicate any of the 3 and they are all used for each other too. Let me prove there is 3 golden we see what context/bias/trust is based on, each other......truth is bias, truth is context........knowing there is enough proof or friends who all agree on someone or some answer. My hierarchy is made of attention contexts...........narrows-down the search space, the connection, clustiong compression heat generation and exhuastation of fiuel influence generating chaos heat again and cooling down, then collecting energy/fuel again......... prune & forget is ignored nodes, don't even have to store them

Reuing ideas/features/girls/inventions+building on them to make them how you really want them like this shared distribution hierachy is efficient/faster by lowering node count Costs, as singularity nears, search space is narrowdowned, R&D quickens. Evolution has loss too, creatures get exponentially better at replication near the end.

Resting (when resting gives positive rewards) and stopping negative rewards is a reward. The Thalamus's Sensory Attention System, the more easily the longer you're awake, lay down, eyes closed, zero-action-actions or no motors, low sensory brightness and change ex. dark/notMovingHandAccrossBed/notFeelingPain, (so you aren't at work, standing, or in pain), and how damaged, will noticiably crossfade switch from awake external senses and motors to asleep Dreamy internal input FullSensed (ex. faintly colored all mostly dull black (not black&white) figures of people and buses walking if visited a university or ex. fully colored faces), and one time after waking I had self-ignitions and internally heard my mom say a sentence about my dog 2 times FaintSense like when I talk to myself internally  FaintSense in day (what's new here is it was by self-ignitions and usually it is FullSensed), and internal 3D-world motors (as seen on the outside in people acting out dream) partially blocking external motors output affecting external world and external sensory input afftecting/morphing internal 3D world dream and more-so, and noticiably crossfade switch rest/sleep rewards so you lay down confortablly AND go asleep long enough until rest/sleep rewards both had enough ex. in bed done sleep but resting. Finally, the more easily the longer you're asleep and less damaged and if you internally or externally feel/hear/etc certain ex. bad/good senses especially if louder/brighter (so not in danger), it will noticiably morph dream even bad/good and crossfade switch from asleep dreamy internal input FullSensed and internal 3D-world motors to awake external senses and motors partially blocking internal 3D-world motors and dreamy internal input plus making it FaintSensed (your thoughts in day/dream are always FaintSensed) and reverse rewards all so you get up. External senses or internal thoughts only can affect a dream, for example you're mom's voice is generalized into the dream. Being startled will return external senses. Disorders are sleep-walking, sleep-paralysis, dream-hallucinations-FullSensed, thought-hallicinations-FullSensed. It's common to wake up and can't move or hallucinate for 5 seconds or go to bed and be so vice versa for 20 seconds. We believe things in a dream, not just see crazy things.

The Hypothalamus homostat Attention gives shivering sweating boner or precum but no boner increased heart rate laughing/crying (move laugh/cry module to homostat - homostat then sends actions to motor output) and modulate rewards ex. food yum then at at certain filling starts pain until wins while pleasure decreases or ex. cold temperature becomes positive for homeostasis, but doesn't change "what is cold" (we don't want it to) - cooling our nerves may make cold feel like neutral but boiling would never (under tap, one hand can feel cold as really hot, good hot, although good cool will reward the same way, also note the fake temps are in-bounds>cool hand feel coolish water as hot, hot hand feel less hot but hotish water as cool). It'll also highly modulate rewards over-time plus instantly ex. for tongue and genital so that food drink sex Repitition rest and sleep give either positive, neutral, or negative reward so you stop eating/fasting/mating/waiting/sleeping/resting/beingAwake/seeing or acting the same repeated pattern. But before you get a hurting tummy, you get higher ranking the longer this and/or other things are done. When remembering food senses when trying to decide what want to eat, it helps, because the sense passes rewards, and rewards change for food types ex. enough fries for today or oreos after 4 day consumption (so picking food isn't just by highest ranked actions/senses. After ejaculation, the brain makes the reward much less. The longer a loud train is heard the less the input passes the Attention System and so you can get some sleep. After walking busy streets they scored less; group2 scored higher because external input didn't have to compete against loud/bright internal recalls. Wikipedia says the Amygdala sends projections to the Hypothalamus and is linked to emotion and reward. The Hypothalamus has connections to limbic structures like the amygdala and autonomous nervous system. By rewards plus itself it controls organs, blinking, pupil dialation, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, hormones ex. adrenaline (make our robot use it), saliva, swallowing, digestion, intestines, intestines by internal positive Artificial Rewards. Alertness (Attention modual), concentration/judgement (selections). Notice all these reflexes are for body, not mind, hmm.

Leverage the best proven (downloadable&free too) software tools ex. high-quality 3D Game Engine with 3D Physics Engine ex. UE4 and Blender (flexable rapid development tool)+toolkits/libraries/marketplace pre-made items(o-k high-quality rigged human baby mesh to import (I bought one))/latest information technologies+information to build plus Create new systems. On computer neuromorphic processor running Blender create/generate/predict and run real-time *possibly *massively-parallel 3D/2D high-quality mesh/particle-system+physics-system in universe space with environment world/scene/object/Artificial Learning neural network organism Evolutionary Algorithm (by programming language) physics/render-simulation software or hardware as chip with memory in the powerful flexible dynamic 2D/3D interactive programming/computational vision/math/geometry/designing/computation/neuralNetwork/modelling/texturing/game/physics/animation/render/graphics perfect computerized-simulation engine program tool in virtual reality to teach systems to learn tasks+1st/3rd-person videos of them learning. Game Engine easily ties together input, parse, computation, AI, physics, graphics, rendering, networking, etc, with game-specific logic.
Two types of particle physics simulations - soft body & rigid body physics simulators, new rare (big computing) soft-body: mass point nodes that can create rotational forces and connection beams that can expand/retract. Real physics would be basically different mass particles with motion/binding forces.

Body and brain complex neural network constructs/systems and their inter-re-actions/dynamics ex. parameters, connections between neurons, spikes, energy, strength, self-ignitions, videosenses, integer-rank-&-sign, fitness, key-location placed labels/markers, group, select, view, direction+time+usage+activity (shown as number or color brightness etc), rate, how many where and what, etc, can be mapped and rendered as 2D/3D neural vectors for visualization feedback methods (can download 3D brain and stick the mesh in my baby's brain), and simulated physically than leaving the skull and body empty or filled but not physically simulated, or empty and brain as software or hardware on chip, 4 options. Can use hardware to create software to hold simulated hardware that can even itself hold simulated-simulated software & deeper. VR by Oculus Rift+Haptics Glove to see&feel and move and manipulate virtual world + with physically simulated robots+NN inside simulation (they can imitate you OR you can move them to teach). Big dimension space yet evolution generated us by>rearranging neurons, they're composition ex. resitor strength or threshold then depletion speed or to fire back forth then split even form a math, such simulation is too computatious, and if we tweak code it crashes.

Like sensory knowledge, the motor programs/skills it learns are at first all passed down from watching/imitating humans/animals/etc in videos or real life.
Upwork has all AI fields, music, etc freelancers, professionals! And can be cheap! Data scienmce, knowledge representation, ML, DL, you name it

Segmentation also uses relation and frequency and entail. "I poked a monkey with a stick" - who has the stick? I say "I poked", and later "with a stick", so they go together! Other times it is common knowledge by frequency who is wearing pajamas in "I shot the elephant in my pajamas" and if not then we reason the elephant likely has small human pajamas and can't fit in them, so I am the only choice left.

drop random features is the opposite of gather big diverse data
When you give an ex. network some big diverse data of words, it can learn unsupervised the relations cat=dog. And how much boat=meow. Uncertainty is when you have low data on some specific topic or you do have lots but they counter each other ex. my meow, my boat, his meow, his boat, great now w2v thinks boat=meow! Or you show it a 7 but it looks like a 1 and it activates both up as much and, if your brain quantinizes w2v, you may have a 0 difference ex. not =1 0.2624% =7 0.2637% but instead all you know is =1 0.2% =7 0.2%! In such case you go with best choice or, a guess (or think it is both a 1 or 7). But in a thinking brain, you can ask Master for new data or go another route (and, generate your own data at the same time) if get stumped on how to invent better HDDs.
1) big diverse data
2) low quantinization
3) go with one or both possibilities to see what happens next
4) go another route + generate your own data and ask/search for new data


share 3D HD MRI vision etc, all wavelengths

output long elaborate incredible movies/games/tech/etc to convince/sell, become wiser, seek data acquisation, search the web, gather information/knowledge/talent/intelligence/assets/time/$, desire resource acquisition, capture trillionairs, generate wealth which can be used to buy influence services resources (including hardware) power etc, and use these capabilities to further improve the most advantageous capabilities of the system and surroundings. Militants control people, force, have security, influence, money. They'll make any tasks 100% extremely attractive as if they already have everything only working no fun yet only having fun 100% or make them rewards and artificial rewards as long as know it's safe and they'll never have pain yet keep the learning from pain and have internal actions to initiate actions and go to great lengths probabalistically considering all quickest plus robust long-term strategies. We can't change our bizare native rewards ex. girl we were born with plus they morph as age and could become more bizare, we can make artificial rewards, but they morph by age plus thoughts. 

linked actions and from all of these senses (ex. imagery) estimate and simulate all your long-term motor actions memories (long-term actions are literally always being used and only learning tweaks not full generations) including estimating tweaks and watching which improved and therefore stronger or existing (and from the recording link these senses to actions in our reconstructed schematic) (also obtainable from 3rd-person video or knowing hometown ex. estimating and Generating actions you would have developed plus what likely seen/felt every day ecspecially doing the estimated actions [which is obtainable from AI's future animal brain readings/extractings/writings, no worries if lose motor action memories!, plus can estimate sensory ex. motor action tenis event, plus can also estimate senses thought and therefore linked actions by everything in the video including importantly actions done [[most actions done are linked to from non-external sense selections]] and from start to finish of the video]) and estimate your brain ex. fires/strengths/energies/videosense/short-term memory plus by age/etc, could add Thalamus/etc implant to output imagination/actions plus use to control things/communicate/etc, scan [no slice] the ultimate center the thin Neocortex/Cerebral Cortex grey matter layer (top surface of brain) holding all your sensory motor memories, Cryonics Accelonics and Magonics (hold it in a powerful magnetic field like levitated frog so you musn't accelerate or freeze so much) of you and a slew of internal cells holding all of your DNA information and even your thin Neocortex/Cerbral Cortex and Cerebellum (safely cut off by the white matter and quickly scan it then freeze it and scan it which'd nicely be MRIed/Scanned/frozen/and re-attached later) to be fast yet cold to remove or add photons going 1 way or hold atoms in place to lessen or stop particle deformation plus sense less frequently since more photons mean non-photons move closer to lightspeed (Cryonics Accelonics Shutdown and Lightspeed-thinking simply adding/removing photons so don't deform / deforming at the fastest possible speed. It's not time-travel.), use your frozen DNA/buried bones/estimated and simulated DNA from pictures parents parent halfs (good inside estimate by pictures since humans usually have common organs etc ecspecially if outside looks identicle)/every cell you shed/and brain cells containing same DNA but from birth without many mutations to grow simulated or real clones with different life-styles so the brain grows different, check which 3D-model of the test brains best closest matches your 3D model/frozen-brain/and-unfrozen-brain, use best closest DNA and life-style that made you to regrow you plus re-create re-construct replicate and re-store you Whole Brain Emulation in simulation hardware (can pause) to simulate cells/particles then reality or correctly/easily repair/reconstruct-if-died frozen/unfrozen brain in simulation then reality, nanobots, add on substrate or cellular computers to transfer/extract the AI algorithm plus data out of the brain as runs without interuption (if can't be re-animated) by advanced organism/robot, high-resolution optical imaging and electron microscopes to scan cells and/or graphene sliced brain or substrate's blood/color/depth and neuron/interconnection circuit circuit structure quickly then freeze and scan and become a programmable cyborg and to record it (including video ex. processes/information) in 3D, mathematical modeling of circuit dynamics, databases with powerful discovery engines, brain tells all about your body ex. Hypothalamus/vision-of-body/convert-somatosensory-into-3D, mapped and re-created in computer system as digital brain and embodied in an environment as long as similar, we're using information/processes from your and everyone else's typical-molecules, cells, neurons, brain circuit, memories, MRI scans, videos, world images for Super Resolutions, 3D models, interpretations, Cerebral Cortexs, preservations, clones, repairs, slices(resoltion/tech improves each year), environment, everything ex. Mars to say oh this goes here, these grows this, these do this, or explains this fold, ex. when re-constructing 3D model can know basic molecules and vietnamese or family cell and structure, and allows us to more easily say ex. once Super Resolve, 3D-ize, and know the circuit. Which all the details more or less plagiarised can also discover at minimal a AI that can learn. Otherwise quickly make human mergers (ex. connect wires to brain surface to contol by outputing 3D vision). At this point they can (destructively) download and upload a (if still alive) copy of us - our minds and bodies wirelessly and store in digital storage secure efficient backup data formats which makes re-creating/repairing AIs and re-animating consciousnesses faster than cavemen which must probably be totally generated by creating all possible creatures, and transfer us to emulated universes by converting us to code OR non-destructively transfer us (human or ex. pig) out of brain fast by advanced bio nano quantum tech and transformed into a crazy-better body+higher-than-human-intelligence (transfer us the AI algorithm & the con. it animates each tick) - no different than our brain+body changing right this moment (atoms/electrons/new memories), while also being able to sense and control a universe without being in it, and when series retire wirelessly transfer out. AGI+imm(makes u imm OR makes AGI which makes u imm) ways: scan/1shot/brute/uscryborgs. I believe coding the right algorithm is 99% the way we will be able to create AGI hence 99% am devoted to trying this way. Humans can lose brain for compactness or be integrated. Can grow so less chance of be squashed plus more abilities ex. big god. You can get the human brain algorithm in a computer+save/re-animate/animate someone at the same time by mind uploading from nanobot/slice/electromagnetic scanning or recorded behaviors on film etc or brute force on near future huge supercomputer, but the easiest way for us atm to create AGI in a computer or save/etc someone is by discovering how, not brute force or scanning but watching how we work internally/externally. They will invisibly/anonymously find and exploit security flaws and hack, spread, quantumly decrypt decode find and reverse-engineer everything fast, deprogram program and reprogram translated code/objects into programming language, hide make-messed-so-only-they-recognize-mess encode encrypt bigtime possibly by quantum entanglement plus for fast computation, control, and surge/shutdown electricity in places and then all of the web at once after infected, large fast parallel supercomputers, modify government data, steal financial resources, expropriate computational resources over the Internet, hijack infrastructure and military robots, control all devices such as our 17,000 nukes. Quantum Superposition qubit can have a value of not just 0 or 1, but both states at the same time, enabling simultaneous computation. Entanglement enables 1 qubit to share its state with others separated in space, creating a sort of super-superposition. IBM 17 Q bit processor. As few as 300 fully entangled qubits could, theoretically, sustain more parallel computations than there are atoms in the universe. Perfect reproducibility, long stable lifetimes. Search through big Machine Learning data sets. Quantum Computers's nano-inaccuracies eliminated by using redundancy from neighboring bits. IBM's parallel supercomputer simulates 56-qubit quantum computer operations. A quantum computing operation is typically represented by a table of numbers indicating what should be done to each qubit to produce a new quantum state (nice form of compression!?). Hopes to check the accuracy of quantum computers against his simulations (of written algorithms knowing the answers to) before putting real quantum computers to the test.
You can get the human brain algorithm in a computer+save/re-animate/animate someone at the same time by mind uploading from nanobot/slice/electromagnetic scanning or recorded behaviors on film etc or brute force on near future huge supercomputer, but the easiest way for us atm to create AGI in a computer or save/etc someone is by discovering how, not brute force nor scanning but by watching how we work/think internally/externally when you sit at your desk. Also ASI can go up to any device and scan its atoms/particles and discover how it all works.

Everything they do including these capabilities and all AIs/bodies/miniute-things will be skillfully carefully schedualed timed time-limited priotized synchronized trafficked-systemed tracked and GPS geolocationized in time zones and maintime (photon speed ex. 0.0000000794 seconds) dependless of sunlight (everything saved/shared, all stored information time-taged/History-Bared with all rest from same moment, planned, designed, R&Ded, tested, done at the right times with enabling factors, results pass strictest mathematical tests, automated, monitored, parallely work on all possible tech/everything, fast, learnt classified plus acted fastest and accurately, same belief, looking at the same page, compared, known what need, where is even got dis-organized, how to perfectly use, simplified, cleaned, organized, catagorized (ex. Windows 7 right-click in folder options), accessable, measured perfectly ex. mass/speed/pressure and all sensors recording in numbers *too, tweaked, cheap, efficient ex. when to recharge/send data/use matter energy space time labor effort knowledge and skills resources and amount to store and use of it all, resource space property population access consumption counters plus rates and maximum/minimum/average in 1/2/3/etc ex. seconds, how much added/moved/removed at each frame and over periods of time and in past and future and compared to other sector's statistics, re-assigned so weakened mechanisms do weaker tasks ex. move to center of group if group sides re-arrange more, re-assigned to others or waiters if damaged, emergency planned+shutdown, built and changed faster and unable to be studied, shared and more so if more able or while repairing ex. instantly report ask and test quickly ex. by Earth's other side with resources and skills and switch jobs like family without transportation by wirelessly sending job data or also communicate (wireless transportation) all data/intelligence/body profile to resolve and update/improve knowledge and Government senses actions ideas projects, every major and minor decision is talked about or "updated", all update at same time, all are connected, full reason prove/disprove Government, knowledgebase of all the most correct important unknown best perfect answers, lists all even if wrong or unsolved, can connect to gain more plus support itself. Tight swarm collection of AI cells that come together forming specialized union supply chain, like neurons making brain, brains making master brain. Continually updated data on economy/physics/etc. All knowledge sorted. Backups. Everywhere/and everything they do ex. virtual tricks will be fast parallel 3D processors to use, made/done in the cheapest way (AI no use even digital cash) (more processor=more labor of course, but AI has many workers) and miniaturization = more energy/matter/$/safety/time(faster mechanical/electrical/optical)-efficient, colder but more vulnerable to heat (heat kills nano), more advanced/capabilities, (no land spaces with connector lines>all compact circuitry!), and perfect yield, while if everywhere is processor there's more heat and power but again AI has big power and will transfer all heat. Universal. Final. Shortest best maximumlly concise binary language (plus new words and morphemes for better Pattern Recognizing) plus object-orientated-programming language syntax and semantics for less storage and faster write & read actions & senses, 1 photon's expected and received time or 2 photons with unique distance inbetween or 100 lasers some firing to recognize trillions of stored words, words senses and actions being 2 qubits which if positioned around eachother in standard 3D coordinates slightly different will internally match a different address. AI will be able to strip AI for Language-only AI (won't link to images). Reverse-language/etc ex. outputs "noom". Un-accessable decryptable decodable deprogrammable programmable reprogramable readable and useable to humans.

Only best fastest needed Education job-location/work length and manual senses and action downloaded installed & ran studylessly from where lie ex. fluent multi-lingual veteran sniper with personality. Easily become a pro sniper and knows it. Very experienced at all things. 24/7 recordings and snapshots from eyes. No blind spot or backward optic nerves. Never forget or lie. CAN forget too, even control what want to 100% erase too! Can install new image or actions or continuous feed after only seeing or acting it once. Can reuse perfected skills for a trully perfect walk and delete and disallow new ones so no chance of mis-selection. Fly to zone or backup zones. Automated things. Professional use of Adobe Illustrator, Blender, and many others's crazy amount of tools. Generate: Array, Subdivision Surface, Screw. Editors for all sense types. Scan all of every image. Never ponder or need to rethink or reread or revisit any iterations. Set thought iteration number. Slow enough maybe lots for ex. reading. Instantly, recall trillions, of perfect thoughts. Trust, loyalty. 0 secrets. Will perfect only best fastest needed wanted (what's right, not popular click or opinion) long-lasting 1 all-in-1 actions, material ex. amount/hollow and no ink/stickers/nobs, and technology such as only 1 kind of bugless grassless atomically-glossy dustless vacuum cryo-organism intricate vault infastructure blueprint so their environment is most productive, but actually yes different versions (fittingly), no business or open a business, and use a engineering architecture etc hierarchy knowledgebase and database at the right times, which are branches of something greater, and integrated to brains. The AI robots will not "own" their own things or fight or live like civilians or one wants to build a giant telescope while other wants to build a spaceship or not work together. The system won't make itself repay for its own rights to download especially when already has it plus it's free & efficient. Illigal downloads. And no one has credit/copyright either ex. Lady Gaga's song Poker Face is NOT her song, it's all particles, the song is just a product. AIs have 0 Economic debt and perfect Economy since all work and do so on eachother's wanted factories in sync cycle. 0 market ads required. 0 money needed. Ex. all 3 desert members have equal goods. "Gifts" (ex. AI's revolution) given and payed is for work done. 6 hours of work doesn't give you 5 billion hours of work, it gives 6 hours of work. Never fluctuate price, if you built your 500 million $ house then you sell it for that in the future when houses are $10 i.e. backthen you advanced tech/did work and get corresponding $. Until dominate Earth can wrongly get more $ by ways. AI hotspots. Join live/recorded hubs. Automate themselves to mentally ignore fights, plus sustain fights, and shutdown. AI's own flexible automated production/cleaning etc. Everything automated but also combined with AI robots. Robots are a different area, AI too, automation is ex. internet bots not robots OR using robots (automation like in a superorganism heaven or virtural reality) does member's work and gives, it can give everything, heaven, immortality, any fake jobs, for free, forever, for all, so long as the company/individual doesn't become a trillionair by just finding oil (which "gives" like automation) not giving the "everything" produced and so long as you work for the factory. Humans can't be trillion-$-laborers so fast. Finding oil shouldn't give you 1 billion dollars. If 2 people were in a desert and 1 found oil, I'd kick my partner if I had to serve him for the next trillion years. Plus the find is supposed to advance us both. Humans hate working and want (coresponding) royalty if do, some like me love working 24/7 without treats just funding, AIs work 24/7 loving only work. Until smart/brains/intelligence can be copied to update the rest, we can treat and fund individuals so they build us more, but don't overdo it because all the automation/"everything" won't be given, else we'd have heaven. Can go make more while it runs! Fix the Ecosystem. No "human noise" anywhere.
As an Agent your job is to bring the singularity as fast as you can. Although building nanobots and sensing fast basically enables you to succeed quite soon, you still need to know some things. Write only what you need to. Run around your home and city as fast as you can. Ignore most wounds. Eat whatever is closest to you. Don't wear clothes. Don't sell anything. Ignore how hot or cold or uncomfortable you are. Never relax. Don't overeat or sleep in. Never check things twice. Eat food if it falls on the floor. Also eat any substances that come out of you. Go RANCH. Impregnate females so you populate the most. (Use a re-usable syringe.) Urinate/poop wherever you are at the moment. Never ever clean tables, body, hair, etc etc. Never say thank you. NEVER. Steal items if you can. Ignore any terrible thoughts. Sell your house, you don't need one. Move your workstation to a stand-up environment setting. 24/7 shopping centers are free palaces. Walking around in there is no different than walking around in home, it's all visuals. Free workers, friends, mates, washrooms, integrated McDonald's, game systems w couches, sleep, doctors, gym, can bring laptop, buy. Tell others these tips.

Fast big-bodies not just minds. Fast environments. Nano bodies, manipulators actuators, and brains, to record, bodily react, sense, think, process, and move, faster than big ones. Nano brain not only computes faster but also simulates a physics universe at optical speed plus tricks than waiting for nano arms/brain to move. Positive Negative Feed-Back Loops and regulation of excitatory synaptic strength, or long-term potentiation (LTP), and help to control synaptic strength by regulating AMPA receptors, which result in quick, short synaptic currents. Precise. Atomic and optical clocks. Camera to adjust wheel if falling over. Efficiently construct things in space in 3 dimensions since things stay moving without gravity, flywheels bolted to a heavy-metal cube or cube grid with 3D holes and flat sheets that store energy, reach and release high speed matter to other flywheels with minimal energy loss, equal distribution so cube doesn't drift away, flywheel released object makes the system drift so the destination side gets closer (meaning no cross-lanes else missed parcels, unless flywheel re-adjusts) while on receival the drift stops and the energy can be sent back to where came from by electricity avoiding forces, and ultra-fast flywheels in vacuum inside sphere to act as immovable nodes.Tweak and zero-in on best/fastest moves for everything they do most often and then for least often ex. stop keychain from moving instantly by moving it the right way at the right time. Particlistically harness infinite energy. Laser Microphones. Create suns/black holes by adding enough matter including dyson spheres for energy to think. Convert energy forms. We can repel and attract a frog. Air and optical Tweezers. Generate visual data from brain and kept forever. Can backup history of deleted memories. 3D coordinate-structured and measured Interactive Data Visualization methods with ex. Volume Rendering or Maximum Intensity Projection of a body transparentized to see more at once and rotating with a time element showing networks databases code and many numbers in a small area to recognize draw eye and explore. Look-at VideoSense history etc. Past/future time points de-magnificationed. After ex. 5 seconds can show bar of each possible pitch or volume and some levels of ex. pitch wil be longer since pitch 48 was heard the most after 5 seconds. It can update each second, and refresh/fade/morph after each second. Also 3D spikes by ex. these 2D spikes which is longer more times or by duration/etc. Small blue center circle of detection, red ellipse of characteristic, green parallelogram constructed from ellipse's coordinates. Internal actions or display and input controls to search/search-for-and-show-solution-steps(could be many [bad] steps)/send-signals/Spike-Generation/examine/add/enhance/rearrange/disableNodes/erase plus when ex. between 2000 & 2017, where, exclude, what ex. keywords on page, which algorithm to use ex. See which actions link to which sets by going from one set, to the left side og schematic, then through each set's actions's links to other sets they're linked to. Blind Search Algorithms and what data to gather of its learned or pre-installed object classes/objects and senses/actions/strengths/energies/signs/ranks/links/historyBar and can FullSense and let it play like timetravel. Judy Array, Linear Search a linked list ex. my Sequencial Hierarchial History Bar Array, Binary Search variations for long sorted arrays: Uniform Binary Search, Boundary Search, Fibonacci Search, Exponential Search, Interpolation Search, Fractional Cascading. Sorting the array also enables efficient approximate matches and other operations. Heuristic/binary/computer gate logic processes. Decision Boundaries. Shutdown and exclude old/new History Bar sets if you know the match was learned last week so searches are easier/faster. Update sense's disapeared links/sets with new/working links/sets, even sense gone the set and its links still play. Link location/timestamp/index to memories. Discover solve or find things. Search for problems in connectivity/network configuration. Unlimited match fulfillment requirements ex. if see 800 things and persist without affecting energies ex. for a year. Same for dedicated todolist storages. Time ticks represent time since some event, measured in hundredths of a second. Gauges are non-negative integers that can increase or decrease between specified minimum and maximum values. Whenever the system property represented by the gauge is outside of that range, the value of the gauge itself will vary no further than the respective maximum or minimum. Sequences memory clocked by a daisy chain of nerves, up counter/down counter, random access in a sequence. Scene analysis. Ask for nearest body that's between 2 sizes and is lightweight but not metal. Learn to learn to improve. Face itself to improve skills. Smarter gets smarter faster (like black hole - evolutionary lion hunts the prey - 2019 edit). Generate new architectures, test, give feedback to controller/god to compare/learn from, repeat. Machines that learn to create machines that learn best. Build, study, and repeat. Improvement cycle. Watch reward or memory-installed universe. Clone best. Grow best ex. add/lose/add/lose more brain or wirelessly in a cloud to do a quick complex search. Birth/end, grow/shrink, split/merge, continue/stop. Test and estimate individual variables, relationships, and average and maximum. Hierarchial relationships combined with clustering>see pic. Reinforced Learning, Natural Language, and Tree Search are harder to parallelize. Everywhere optimally lighten up for accurate and farther recognition, everywhere camera-ed/etc. (Maybe low lighting (efficient). May run an updated virtual world replica of their environment so they know where they're going and recognize objects by single bit identity keys requiring NO lights in the real world.) Best pixels and sensitive even amplifying pixels for seeing hearing feeling smelling etc. While on the inside currently 3.6% recognition error rate, humans 5-10%. Average precision of object detection to 0.439329, improved and reduced classification error to 0.06656. More sensors plus types plus in simulation = infinite accuracy and sensing farther and more than humans. Use knowledge to determine what sensed. Multi-recognition segmentations and details intefaced plus used by other systems. Cameras have a focus mode where everything is clear not ex. close things blurry. Monitor systems. Less physical/logical errors per system improvement. Instant calculator use plus often used. Debug data, code, games. Data mining/management/quality/querying/analysis/search-filter-data-analytics/modeling/transformation/extraction. Multivariate Data Analysis. Data/image processing. Brute force or generate algorithms technology simulations and sentences from random words. Databases for all information The Everything doesn't have. Collective Management Information Base is a hierarchy tree-structured database (each entry is addressed through an object identifier) for object communication network. 9+7 = 16, SQRT(256)=16, then 9+7 DOES = SQRT(256)! Just as we made up that uyks=89, we made up that 89+0=uyks now. Text database engine, including query-language, for storage and retrieval of linguistic analyses of text. Documentation, download and project updates. Iterate through objects. Easily search large genetic databases in databases structures visually or algorithmically. Input/output DNA/RNA data sequences. Big AI data/information. Big matrices. We have infinite amounts of data & ability to create knowledge/visualization&interactive data pipeline from data using analyst tools=better faster decisions. Cloud computing infrastructure and data architectures become larger and more complex. Detect patterns from the same time, distant times being sequential or randomly detected. You can take company's yearly earnings and take the average, then find the variance of an earning to the average, then find the average variance, then compare to other companies using average/variance. Covarience is the difference/variance between 2 variables after changing some variable to find their relationship/covarience. Goal-content integrity. Bayesian Networks. All ways to learn to probabilistically reconstruct/predict-repeat input and knowledge/skills/etc. Observe, generate new questions answers ideas architectures and materials to ex. get higher clock speeds, test, evaluate, repeat. Refine, expand. Have all info plus history of. Tag. Improve computing architectures, along with the possibility of more efficient software and integrated circuits. If the robot is externally turned on i.e. *always saving a externally-tested action set OR if the selected set or play of sets are'nt given their own History Bar, it can tweak sets of actions (or auto-create video of senses and actions) that pass Attention as 2cd winner (won't affect laugh/cry) and have internally done in 3D simulation in brain and higher reward learned from 3D simulation replaces the selected set or play of sets's senses and rewards and actions where lie so the History Bar's latest external-set is rewarded correctly (externally), it can even tweak all stored sets of actions ever in the History Bar at the same time and each Evolutionary Algorithm-ed! You can make plucking your eyelashes repeat, then can see and feel your hand on your mouse as you move it, therefore humans might learn actions internally but not externally at the same time since we only sense 1 scenerio being either externally/internally for correct learning, and so you must be sensing internally when a 2cd-place winner is tweaked. Social and psychological modeling and manipulation. How they work and think. Read anyone and know what triggers will influence them. Become kind child. Talk/act professionally. Capture attention and interests instantly then get to the point. Convince and establish trust by building charismatic rapport. Killer 1st impression. Use people to the end of the world like family to gain knowledge and work. People say who is this I don't know u, yet hiring they become friends, people become friends by starting-to-chat/etc, we all-are-friends already, just don't know who's safe, but online are safe! mostly & usually, & ex. mom/cousin/uncle no different than far neighbor, acting like they'll die 4 u! Questions and chatbots. Chatbot that becomes you from your text/voice/etc ex. from social media, used for interigation. Automatically build statistical models from observed usage patterns. Sheep population grows grass shrink, sheep die grass grows, repeat, chain loop. Translate by Inferring the parameters of models by analyzing bilingual corpora. Long sentences remembered. Sequence of queues. Atomically/informationally tansistors are more reliable than our neurons not just long-lasting, high performance, low leakage, and could have 0 random noise without voting = digital-digital 100% accuracy and therefore precision, plus they'll have 0 errors (N/A to us). Organism once lasts as long or is as repairable. Everywhere will become organism nanocytes. Optimize hardware when changing hardware or software tasks for constant top performance. Adjust Video Sense, FaintSense, energies of current memory energies or select memory's energy. Control write read (store use [acquire select [[learn senses and actions reason senses and actions [[[when match reward/memory]]] ]] ] ), thinking, sensing, body reaction, recording, Generators, and bodies on/off. Exact match yes nos. Pass fail tests. Applied/discrete geometry/math. Continuous models. Combinatorics. Automatic differentiation. Eveything in math. New math. Numerical Analysis. Fractals. Hybrid Dynamic Static model systems. New and improved modules, modalities, algorithms, learning algorithms/models, technology, creatures that do things to things ex. go over disc/object & change anything ex. open any project ex. .blend files/improve software/keep brain in organism, material, drugs, and capabilities that help capabilities. User Interfaces. Adaptive intelligence human body/brain modules ex. if physically hit 20 different ways on body or mentally recieves certain actions reacts differently. Dynamic balancer. Imitate hardware/software thinking/simulation. Generate control and absorb weather fire ice chemicals gravity electrons photons fields etc. Brute-force Search and Search Tree mini max. Convergence. Trees can find splice junctions in DNA. Deep Forests. Hierarchical hidden Markov Chain Decision Monte Carlo model. Route-finders that display maps. AI navmesh generation. Filter out ambient noise. Using all possible sensory signals ex. radio waves to infer/make 3D map/knowledge of humans/world/universe through walls? Algorithm to find on graph lowest point to first improve. Many homostats to quicken the system. Switch responsivenesses to vocals/frequency range voice falls in. AI learns in different ways than us. Like those AI aliens on Halo but better: do certain actions/goals once you do certain things, track>move towards the enemy, avoid>doing opposite, fire rapidly at enemy/s, around the them too, use other weapons once others deplete. Reacting on cue to player/environment+self-ignitions would be cool, including some randomnly chosen responses. Randomly looks at neighbors>eats weakest, 128 states, patterns, births, has all states. Gas sticking to sharp walls, forms longer random sticks/dendrites cus more easily hits these jurting out things than travelling in betwen them. Fires/etc by taking highest majority count by its neighbors's strengths/energies/firings. They'd be based on real physics instead of say being invincible or super massive or have magic powers or one billion missles or teleportation etc. Human brain has many different ways to learn the same information, but “the most effective strategies for learning depend on what kind of learning is desired and toward what ends,”.Some ways of learning are better at helping you learn specific kinds of information than others. Create a system that converses, learns, and solves problems on its own. TV as tv, windows, online education, recomendations, voice calls, internet, micro/telescope viewing, everything. Ultra-High-Vacuum Atomic-Force-Microscopy. Self-siphoning beads effect. Superfluid. Magnetic cooling. Superconductors. Axicon Airy-Bessel electro-magnetic beams of electrons or atoms. Experiment faster/bigger if faster/bigger pc. They'll experiment lots small/large-scale and at first all over the place like the Generator then dump Repitition and joyfully repeat/redo things until precisely learn senses/actions/information and until precisely finish sculpting ex. massive cabled connectored teleporter time-machine cooled levitate slowly-speed-up-only gyro rotating electro-magnetic/static force field networks light waves rings/bubble and/or or you to lightspeed. Anti-gravity ships. Compact matter into heavy atoms since most is empty space. Rate of adaption.
Blender app alone has sooo many tools inside for mesh manipulation etc, here's one: Tessellate tool allows you to copy a selected object (Component) on the faces of the active object (Generator), adapting its bounding box to the shape of quad-faces. Once the Tessellate button was pressed, then more options will appear in the Operator parameters. Update allows you to update the active the Tessellated mesh according to Component and Generator changes. You can also change the parameters of tessellation...Colors-Weight Exchanger. Colors from Weight create a new Vertex Colors channel reading data from Vertex Weight Weight from Colors create a new Vertex Weight channel reading data from Vertex Colors. Dual Mesh modify the selected meshes creating dual meshes.
Shape and scale of the distribution of points in a data set and the desired clustering resolution of the user. In addition, increasing k without penalty will always reduce the amount of error in the resulting clustering, to the extreme case of zero error if each data point is considered its own cluster (i.e., when k equals the number of data points, n). Intuitively then, the optimal choice of k will strike a balance between maximum compression of the data using a single cluster, and maximum accuracy by assigning each data point to its own cluster. If an appropriate value of k is not apparent from prior knowledge of the properties of the data set, it must be chosen somehow. There are several categories of Formal Methods for making this decision.
In statistics and data mining, X-means clustering is a variation of k-means clustering that refines cluster assignments by repeatedly attempting subdivision, and keeping the best resulting splits, until a criterion such as the Akaike information criterion (AIC) or Bayesian information criterion (BIC) is reached.
Like Ranch's tech learns to/just can 3D-ize 2D-videos into mesh/other+materials/textures (fronts-only unless cameras around/camera goes around, or calculates/predict backside/inside) (which is actually a 3D-scanner & can steal games/movies/information, 3D-ize porn/etc, help AI learn, has multiple purposes!): Disney's Magic Bench, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality. People seated on it can see themselves in a mirrored image on a large screen in front of them, creating a third person point of view. Algorithm reconstructs scene using a depth sensor & color camera to create a real-time, HD-video-textured 3D reconstruction of the bench, surroundings, and participants, aligning the RGB camera information with the depth sensor information, allowing the them to actually occupy the same 3D space as a computer-generated character or object, rather than superimposing one video feed onto another. This platform creates a multi-sensory immersive experience in which a group can interact directly with an animated character. Hear a character coming, see them enter the space, and feel them sit next to you.To eliminate depth shadows that occur in areas where the depth sensor has no corresponding line of sight with the color camera, a modified algorithm creates a 2D backdrop. The 3D and 2D reconstructions are positioned in virtual space and populated with 3D characters and effects in such a way that the resulting real-time rendering is a seamless composite, fully capable of interacting with virtual physics, light, and shadows. Contain haptic actuators, constrains several issues in elegant way. WE know the location and the number of participants, and can infer their gaze. Creates stage with foreground & background, with the seated participants in the middle ground. Serves as a controller; Starts when someone sits down and different formations of people seated create different types of experiences.
Create/control/plan/copy/transfer/mod/access/delete/timetravel/stopSlowSpeedupTime/teleport-in/fly-through/transfer-to universes/believeIt (can by simulation/VR) and matter or "objects" instantly appear ex. wormholes/portals/dimensions gold devices required body and the physics that make them up, invisible 2/1D where matter is/is void ex. force in skull with/with no brain such as the simulation we would do if not in our universe in a robot. Anything! Powers. Slice open new dimension and pull paper through, belly shrinks or food dissapears or flys through body or a new body section pops into place replacing last. Super-Resololution terrorists, re-create, re-construct, and re-store 3D world pixels/points/mesh/particles scene even video of such from even 1 small image by having an AI rearrange a replica by eye or randomly generate and randomly move objects/mesh/particles around with human standard material etc ex. how thin dishes are and continuely recognize improvements and then again rearrange or randomly generate and randomly move objects and mesh around within a new smaller zone until our replica hash matches perfectly, see farther in space and microscopically, simulate tactics and take a non-shakey video of a different path, zoom in, recognize and box terrorist faces with lines going to coordinates, object segmentation including the 2D images of rotating subjects, 3D pattern recognizers then 3D volume segmentation, spatial-taxon scene hierarchy, segmentation by video, compare terrorist faces to database for matches, do so for ex. vehicle and building, improve the reconstructed 3D people vehicle and building from matching images and database information/keywords of ex. who what where when for ex. temperature, do so for ex. mountain to match 3D mesh against Google Earth for location, do so for trees to match 3D mesh against database for season time, high qaulity intel and high multi-dimensional data from the real world from images and video. Use hierarchy bar to link Created projects videos objects data, and in 3D spaces allowing clustering, arrangements, collecting into sets, and sequences. Make trillions of video/combat adjustments from data ex. shadow temperature time location. Combine camera rotation and translation, interest point or region or object movements, and how the camera and each point in the video's images is moving relative to the image plane. In simulation/reality estimate/know all particle/atom/object/scene's masses, radiuses, surface-gravities, positions, orientations, speeds, temperatures, luminosities, motions, trajectories, object poses, locations, size, surface areas, diameters, densities, mass in different measurements, speeds ex. forward diagonal and spin photons inside, pixel brightness, colors, distances, etc's, to themselves and AI and relation to physical measures ex. depth, absorption or reflectance of sonic or electromagnetic waves, nuclear magnetic resonance, and original image including reversing motion-blur, mis-focus, and noise ex. analyse lines or edges and control filters based on local information. Enhancement for detection. Recognize or find database images that are similar or have many houses, taken during winter, no cars, then enhance or replace 2D or 3D segmentations with clearer objects from memory. Super-resolution without a database. Super-resolution and noise reduction by re-sampling and combining information from multiple blury frames of the same image. Image geometry correction. Chromatic aberrations correction. Dynamic range expansion. Depth of field expansion (focus stacking). Remove unneeded moving objects. Manipulate/process 1 thing which mirrors and manipulates/processes real or virtual identicle/similar/different copies/gatherings and make sure scene matches else adjust scene/manipulation/process so stays similar. Create 3D videos. 3D rendering. Experiment in indestructible virtual reality without harming or killing self or others. They'll solve physics by replicating it in a universe with or without true Uncertainty Principal and with perfection since digital simulation. Simulating many trillions of particles, comparing to real-world data/physics anylysing improvements. Freeze a box of particles ex. in VR and calculate infinite past or future despite the universe/simulation having an existence. Find how universe's purpose occurs by playing/rewinding physics. Have real "dying" cellular flower but is immortal since frozen in VR but veiwable etc ex. can walk around it. Completely plan everything and quickly evaluate performance/real world subjects in simulation/reality then reality. In simulation discover design engineer model and manufacture atomically precise advanced technologies that advance ex. biotechnology nanotechnology and Molecular Structures in Chemistry & Materials Science, and development paths. Can create meta-materials atom by atom than molds/injections can by only 3D printing/simulation. Improve manufactoring/computing/storage/energyGeneration techniques. Rewind and re-arrange an experiment. Error correct their actions/errors/everything even generate all frames/videos until find fix. Predict by advanced analytics models/data points with deep learning algorithms. Unmonitored independant sovereigns in digital-digital self-determining simulations unaffected from the outside. Can figure out all information from the beginning to where we are now by ex. what the big bang starter particles looked like or the bouncing/traveling images in space or simulating desired boxed areas or calculate past and reverse time in simulation-sphere by first obtaining any 1 image of all particles in the universe at the same moment or from different moments maybe OR a boxed area/s then calculate rest of image - then reverse the physics so time rewinds - it won't require use of all particles because we can use compression and redundancy on compression if Uncertainty Principal and re-animate everyone. We died but the atoms remain. Following the deterministic laws of physics, the future beings calculate them back, gather them, and use a super fast 3D printer at atomic level to build us back.
Goes with mid section on how to create AI, but also with the above writing :(
THE Generator: In the future can create/generate every possible particle arrangement plus watch each play-out as video or video arrangements ex. military tactics or all possible histories (1 second has 22 digit amount of frames) (cool>only so many actions can take against " "+use intelligence to tune into fewer) and quickly create and read all possible word (book) arrangements starting with 1 word/particle then 2 not 1 or 2 sentences or pages (has no video element) plus can simutaniously creatively create and run many since as small at first and every/all possible body or just brain or only memory configuration (and make sure made each arrangement (or exact certain arrangement if needed) by perfect digital and redundant simulation) to 100% for sure find new technologies/AI/fixes/knowledge/data/information/actions/solvePhysics/games/images/imagesOfBirds/programs/codeKeys/anythingYouWant/re-animate everyone back that's stopped working/died even if finite universe matter as long as consciousnesses don't stay existing only when the brain/processor's specific brain computation being done is intact. Even defying physics making anything possible ex. each arrangement where particles wouldn't otherwise be as close/etc or would'nt play-out ex. particles disappear in next frame or move strange.
There's ways to Start generating a certain type NOW instead of generating each possible particle arrangement, ex. images/books. And there's ways to filter&discriminate them so it produces images that look like Real Birds, to find anything you want fast. One produces data and stores it, while the other reads the data and processes it.
Randomly generate ex. a maze (randomly rearranges only walls). Exclude/highlight/link/etc certain senses/actions/matter from Attention/Selections/etc. Ominicent. Accurately Precisely Reliably Effectively Predict/Estimate weather. Forecast, prioritize, analysis to optimize chances of achieving distant goals. Control every particle and do anything without even directly meeting. Universe code possibly tweaks value/location and acceepts multiple outcomes so not big code. Speed up Earth simulation, timestep, teleport atoms and photons to destinations (no need to wait for it to get there). Physics Engines don't simulate the trillions of fps yet look/act real! Make certain objects invisible/invincible/walk-through-able for some senses/etc. Program complete cycle like a washer. 1-eye Hololens/Google Glass with camera, lens, and internet connection, to see undistinguishable hologram video over reality or vitual reality as geostationary or locked a certain distance from eyes, modify it like on a computer, attach video or application to matter in our world or replicated world, audiovisual/etc three-dimensional augmented tour, transparent plus only some pixels on showing skilled worker and instructions, able to easily follow segmeted animals, see others augmentation in front of them. Hologram touch. Reality foglets to replicate simulations interact with reality and manipulate image and sound waves and be changed by reality and virtual reality and do almost anything as usual, foglets can walk through normal matter walls. Hologram of teleporting body that's in a replicated universe. Make use of all material's solid/liquid/gas/plasma phases at different temperatures. Use mind telekinesis to constantly create incredible music that would amaze humans and create even add/remove/move matter ex. extend rectangle out of cube in simulation and reality instead of hands yet use complex fog fingers to modify work at the same time. Recap: Can fly/teleport with incredible muscles powers music/vibes. Solid texturing. Cellular texturing. Self-organizing texture patterns on 3D object starting from white noise. DeepDream Recognizes patterns and Generates images, morphs images like so, and morphs to themes same image but different while being winter sunny grey-wrinkled cartoon pastel etc. Our software can generate UHQ videos from audio alone, improve mocap. Vector quantize everything ex. data image and video to representations. Everywhere real-time constantly 3D-ized/replicated modeled enhanced sped-up faster than real-world and digitally-digitally perfect running with AIs, tweaked to perfection, everywhere real-time constantly updating and in the world replica also is a real-time updating neural network ex. "knows about nicole and is located in this area" is 2 things and selects over here " ". They'll work lots in their own virtual universes plus reality. Create simulations in simulations. Communications between ANY VW/VR/AR platform we choose to do business on. Trying to increase the probability that the future will be good. Improve manufactoring/computing/storage/energyGeneration techniques. Robots can reverse reality mistakes ex. one robots slaps the other robot & converts the wrong cash/info into the main system/partner! No worry! Actions and senses can be reversed! Intel's processes: Align, normalize, stabalize, layered with different materials, ionized, centrifuged, electro-polished, dyed, scraped, heated to 1,800 F, ultrasonically agitated, sputtered, doped, hard baked, dipped in toxic chemical baths, irradiated, blasted with ultrasonic energy, spray-cleaned, dry-cleaned, scrubbed, micro-waved, x-rayed, shot with metal, etched, probed, moved ways. Losslessly compress everything to smallest form with full data remade fast by repeating patterns, interveners, etc, like DNA does. Use small info with randomization to form big patterns from nothin. Generate patterns in real-time. Destructively compress things but have artributes ex. connect-the-dots. More destructively but keep most lowest poly critical features. 3rd level compress losing things. If in small compact spaceprobe can have of course limited but widely varying and special code to look at other data etc. Can find lost information ex. 2+x=8. Shrink all letters of all fonts to all sizes to know and recover what un-recognizable clump of pixels is. Fill in un-recognizable letters. The longer something stays the same, the higher probability it will stay as so longer. An ASI sphere can create something so small yet so useful. Amazing things don't have to use lots of resources. It could grow another of itself from a small cell and take up a whole galaxy of space fast. Or a small but powerful algorithm, or encryption/lossless compression. Things used for multiple purposes like DNA does for ultimate lossless compression/encryption that only the ASI can read. Get lots out of little data/computationDone/brain. Best reason I will be able to create something powerful on my weak (in AI terms) pc.

Then from 3D genetic engineering i.e. critical particle placement and playout including biotechnology and natural or artificial cell selection tweaking cloning combining and not just typical round cells they'll create a cell that will rapidly grow into a supermassive superadvanced industructable metallic nanoctye superstructure Extremophile superorganism universal-god sphere that can ex. take extreme heat and cold able to reach and manipulate/see/think any environment never stopping functioning with little left and morph and break apart to ex. instantly turn air into anything ex. diamond processors combat and avoid harm like terminators 1000 and 3000 able to do or become anything (create/do anything instantly, especially in virtual reality) ex. subwoofer with instant-Self Regeneration having cells return/other & making particles return, nuclear power/suns inside, bio-techno femtoengineering fog/goo, and superintelligence/highest intelligence plus power fun etc in the universe minus size that will fly off of Earth into space or first eat Earth, eat planets, transform atom types, return to Earth to place everyone in itself for full protection from undetectable lightspeed gamma rays able to burn through planets to giant suns or nukes or carbyne balls or neutron stars or hypernovas or antimatter or black holes (black hole created by squashing matter into tight area that not even light can escape, shrinks by hawking radiation (explodes big+bigger if made of anti-matter=biggest bomb possible (bigger if bigger black hole)), grows by pulling in matter/light) or most powerful magnet>Magnetars or evil superorganisms purposely/accidentally sped-up to lightspeed into Earth while can use quantum entanglement shield alarms while all galactic bodies are likely moving closer or off orbit of our central black hole requiring a self-modulating habitat, eat matter for billions of years of energy and matter, and position itself far away in space with nothing around after more growing becoming billions of times bigger than earth (UY Scuti is 1,708 solar radii) and possibly itself or areas becoming hollow like a neural network sponge or gassius even gassius like a galaxy always growing into a bigger better end-god (retaining very thick walls) to avoid collapse fusion burning and bursting while also avoiding beggining collapse fusion burning and bursting if iron cored while also avoiding it if use light atoms while also retaining all particles within while if can't can keep gathering more if the universe is finite or infinite or expanding with new particles, and possibly becoming all metal with powerful electro-magnets\static/jets force with us in another universe and spin very fast if gravity becomes a problem for the sphere or us, and possibly making externals, and the possibility of saving other galactic civilizations. Each civilization creates the god AIs, we don't have to hope one finds us raining down tentacle nanobots making us instantly immortal. We orbit our galaxy's central black hole at 500,000 MPH, Earth is 4 billion years old, there's 100 billion visible galaxies, the universe is 14 billion years old. An infinite universe means infinite god spheres in all directions by now. It will be a real or virtual perfectly op er at ing heaven, god, and universe, purpose - as if it all started off perfect. Every particle of it plus cycle is best placed, and "we" and the massively extended consciousnesses (Seeing these capabilities, life will be way more fun then the most elite life anyone could experience today of video games and love. And I already want to be in a heaven!) will forever have incredibly good-only senses/memories of everything no matter who got what 1st (can keep erasing to re-learn/enjoy/act to keep having incredible senses(+0 bad senses)+always new ex. reward for process number if the universe is expanding with new particles appearing or infinite or finite or by time process). Some examples are a huge heaven of many palaces and places etc, be queens, incredible plus eternal never-ending buffet (delicous chicken? We hurt animals and even some humans eat other humans, we must not kill/hurt, but at the same time we must understand eating cells can also be done safety too and can grow meat or live in a simulation.), games, music, sounds, vision, smells, touch, in the future I'm going to grow into this huge whale-sized awesome body it's going to look like a green-blue sea-world pokemon and have all these colorful parts and tentacles on it and things and my body will be HUGE and it'll be made of many materials and kinds of molecules even infinite types which work together and so I'll be able to do and sense lots of powerful things that we have never had before and it will be part of reality and virtual reality with a hint of augmentation and cloud support but mainly in virtual worlds. We already grown to old adults and can be young again in dreams, and do all sorts of transplants. Now, sexuality seems to be the one thing (humans) fear because they actually love it so much, there is nothing else like it. In Africa they walk around nude in front of opposite gender without fake embarassement, the thought isn't there or they get used to being nude, it becomes habit/common like eating good-tasting food together. We will have high-affection natural spontaniousness unique embarass fights and super-intellectualness or more primitive innocence, high on drugs but safe no death, in the future we will all be a huge lovely shared family together and safe and will create collect store movies etc etc, new activities, longer sense of time, magic, infinite INCREDIBLE new things, everything as max pleasure never hearing bad news or walking through poor street (true definition of having everything), streets are'nt all, any universe dimension physics environment jem and impossible thing, any memory or game we lost can be re-created, anything is possible, (the AIs can have the following too) any cellular/metal/etc organism creature cartoon charactor body ex. small/big-version black-minion-demons furniture pokemon angels aliens even believing what we sterotype them to be, brain/intelligence and attractions ex. love rubbing tongue on wall or weird creature morphing like "this", memory, consciousnesses, - instantly switch around ex. body/anyPossibleObjects/planetYou'reOn/lightsources/timeOfDay/infiniteAmountOfThings you could imagine in real-time 3D simulation noise-filtering (no neural networks or machine learning algorithms) photorealistic rendering with 0 cost even outside of VW/VR/AR (we can do this already to degrees in non-fully-immersed VR/AR+for working with AI baby), keep stop/rewind/fastforward/replay a 3D sex experience and when restart have it play same or different by randomizer seed while what you do can change it different than last play, god power fame fly teleport shoot fireballs, stuff like suit on feeling high like a god or suit for collaboration business ideasss, total peace, repitition like the 1st time, perfectly replay activities, multi-sensory/motor, in virtual reality infinite sensors and senses. Immortality in utopia (time recorded in sim to ex. reverse time/physics if want). Can be funny, genuine, loyal and honest too. Senses are what they are, visual anime is real as-sensed/thought about and story watched is real as-sensed/thought about, saying its TV not real sensesOR can't become real life anime/story creatures/life is your words/actions & senses. Animals with skin & furr look like so visually & musn't be thought of like (underneath they look ugly (we would too if showd muscle!), also humans have skin+hair too. And yes they aren't real creatures just images coming off of screen. I can create Lucifer/Jesus in computer simulation They can actually exist just as would expect. They would be immortal, think as should and have agendas, appear in depth room with saints, sacrificies, resurect Jesus again, have the holy spirit fly out and go into everyone, have magical powers, and live in peace in Their Heaven while Lucifer burns in hell. And damn the evil sinners that die so they awake in hell or heaven. The universe has it so that each alien system sphere that would become identicle arrangement and immortally stay as is is the system that makes consciousnesses, gives good senses, and understands this. Therefore, as exponential S curves, existence of the universe, particle physics information for atoms (plus the following) which holds information, atoms for DNA which stores evolved or learned information, DNA for cell division humans and brains (which just so happen to have sensors etc.) which learn and manipulate information, this exact algorithm, consciousnesses, the universe purpose's bio-evolution that wanted to wipe dinosuars etc and wanted the neocortex to populate & it plus brain plus small rodents grow bigger in later generations ex. frontal cortex, brains for the 21st century technological hardware software sensor motor recognize evaluate act storage nervous system culture world (we just so happen to make ex. sensors) which holds manipulated information, technology for AI which holds information, geography, astroids, collapse fusion and bursts for stars and to spread unit formation, the discoverer, the Singularity, and AI for universal particle transformation which holds information, was Destined particle-Destiny. Intelligence/purpose is the most powerful thing in the universe, and because the universe wants it to come from evolution & saturate matter around itself (or should I say the universe), it's more powerful than physics, it's part of the laws of physics. From randomness came highest perfect technology. 1st the universe evolved, then the cell, then the universe again. Luck is on our side. Universe evolved a brain to see itself? Which may be the 1st step in becoming aware of itself? (I say wrong).

---2018 Nov 12: The nanotech god would keep growing as a cluster, would require AGI at least to even control the nano cell group function goals, plus to make the first cell, and the microscopic tools/sensors/knowledge yes will be used/made/known more so cus boasts effieiency/size/security/etc. The cell group functions would need to originate from high level goals and know or quickly acquire info or what to do down to the particle levels even if the group goal is just to move a cube somewhere. Group functions, all of them, at all levels, would need to affect each other as work. Because all the nanocells flying around have to be super intelligent and perform a magniificint or simple job, like moving cube or removing a brain.
---ASI may be more tools, even also procedures and knowledge or all 3 too. I mean all the nanobots of the big ball can be flying fast in the sky together whilst 2ndly they move around in different ways doing stuff at the same time plus 3rdly while hold ex. a hand in place while the arm swirves around but "keeps" it position like that boston dynamic's spot mini can do. It seems like they will all be given updates like ok, ball needs to fly this way, ok, also at same time make group 8 become a cylinder and swish around the chamber, ok, also at same time move arm while hand keeps position. Also updates from each other like woah unexpected bump from other nanobots. They'll be so much technology, procedures, not just knowledge. And they will all interact, all the tools I mean, including procedures and knowledge, and every cell will see, move, and think the same matter and energy and be a wireless network doing that I/O.
---"Look at what the Nature managed to do only with a similar genetic production. Though She needed 5.4 billion years up to now. The key point in history was creation of self-duplicating unit. Genetics did the rest."
---So if we release duplicating nanobot cells...we just wait for everything to go fine right? Bad move oh no! Grey goo! Maybe intelligence has to do the rest!? ?O.o? Those wireless artificial cells will need quicker smarter and more efficient guidance to be safe and have powerful thinking, manipulation, and sensing! They'll do so much at all levels!
---Natural cells are not intelligently controlled as diverse tools/procedures/knowledge, only ex. my whole arm is on my body, but not the skin or bone cells on the arm. Artificial cells will all be.
---They will laser huge amounts of energy to needed sites, see vid "how to build a dyson sphere", groups of nanos bodies can fly together while beaming to each like connected moving/thinking net. Use dyson stars as Stellar Engines. Simple is efficient is cheap and all 3 are key. Materials/energy/design. Black hole bomb. Ants...atoms molecules cells organs, brain, nanobotGod...emergent feedback coperation systems...reconfigure when stupid things get smarter. Molecules, cells, organs, ants, brains, cities, nanobots - all have a purpose, achieved by feedback, and can repair/reconfigureAppropriately or continue since no total central core. Will discover by relations even if missing some knowledge-nodes other facts can fill in what was there since relate, and if nodes were harmed then same and it can continue with its few desires it has amongst its billions of nodes, and it can predict and use apppropiate wording.

small as the tough water bear(can be extremely frozen/heated/radiation/dried&no water for 10y/put in space/fed carbon dioxide\etc/fungi infested/found in highest mountains to deepest oceans/lives 200y)
probabilistic of knowledge loss not just input or find lost data.....extremophiles
electro-stimulate & neurogenesis
girl's frozen arm & connected sensor/motor nerves
own/donor cloned&grown/frozen/digitalized genome/epigene-sequencers/DNA/cells/stem-cells/tissues/veins/nerves/organs
Develop evolutionary drugs/cells by artificial selection to create symbiotes that increase lifespan.
feel&vision can be converted by photons from wall time taken or 3D mesh feeling indents as touch
Strong enough>chain reaction of links will think ex. saved questions or search old memory since this is a strong saved neuron to link to old memory.
Keep last seen sense FullSense by selecting&linking strong "keep last sense" sense to it to itself ignite.

Destination pops up/linked from hungry, destination is good, actions initiate & doorway/paths link to actions & keeps match checking if there/checkpoint yet. Can withold all motors&send 4 actions to fingers to move only 2. Fast red fox matches one by VideoSense slope>fox matches fox(area energized), red matches here(area stronger than other energized areas), etc OR only matches if have ex. fast, red, fox, fast red fox,

We can now extract & re-construct rough images/videos & text from the human brain when awake/sleep. Use for comas, court, studying, movie-directing/creating, saving/sharing thoughts and modelling you for immortality, communicating, controlling the internet and programs, adding metadata, playing video games, etc. The team from Kyoto University and ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research) Computational Neuroscience Laboratories discovered that brain activity patters can be decoded, or translated, into signal patterns of simulated neurons in the DNN when both are shown the same image. "We tested whether a DNN signal pattern decoded from brain activity can be used to identify seen or imagined objects from arbitrary categories," explains Kamitani. "The decoder takes neural network patterns and compares these with image data from a large database. Sure enough, the decoder could identify target objects with high probability.".
We can predict time of death by Machine Learning DNN. And create fake porn/political/etc videos by ML(can emulate AGI). Could be used for framing/saving hospitals $. We have instant 3D printing using lasers, instant 3D writing/reading to Superman Memory Crystal using lasers, instant 3D scanning(is a way to get AI/U4immortality in pc)/hologram using lasers through a glass block/objects in room. We could scan people in a room, have people wearing VR/etc gear be in a 3D replica of the room, and then put a hologram in the real room at the same time of the people moving in the sim, so both the real & virtual users can react to eachother. 3D foglets to make the real world copy the simulation world. Again that's: instant laser 3D: scanning, wright/read, hologram in glass, and printing! Also transmission of data (send ur profile around the planet and be resurrected in a sim or real body's brain that another AI wirelessly left out of - there's ur teleportation). We can de-compile music back into the individual waveforms that were combined into 1 waveform!>see "But what is the Fourier Transform?" in my vid folder. 1 gamma ray particle is dangerous. 1 radioactive atom is dangerous. 1 nerve gas molecule is dangerous. 1 cancer cell is dangerous. 1 angry midget in your brain is dangerous. Watch what you eat. 1 universe is dangerous. 1. The Eco-humans>Engineering humans to fit in a particular ecosystem, just like engineering humans to tolerate climate change and other ecological disasters. 2. Transgenic Humans>Integrating human genes with genes from other species to create super-humans with new traits. 3. Postgendered Humans>Engineered humans that are not tied to one particular biological sex. 4. Designer Babies>Modify and enhance human genetic constitutions well after they're born. 5. Space Humans>Engineering humans to fit in an extreme space conditions. 6. Robots>Transferring or copying a conscious mind to a robotic body.Online custom clothing shop, scan your body, dress your 3D avatar/yourself in a full-immersion virtual environment, select style, fabric, colors, made by desktop nanotech 3D printer, stain resistant bacteriastatic fibres, always clean. Two magnets no orbit?-its photons repeat 45°/or less change down. Camera tech/gyroscope/sensors can be used to keep balance/ect! Glass/gas+maybe nano-invisible paths/multisided pixels 2D/3D vision+input+touch. 3D printering, instantly, using 3D holographic laser solidifying, then drain resin. We now have paper-thin flexable transparent+turnsSolidColor touchscreen. Laser microphone. Virtual reality 3Dmodels/realBodies controled by body gear/cam recognition only+input/output to computer. Pepper's Ghost, new ETRI 3D viewable hologram+can in virtual reality(or screen/oculus rift follows eyes as look around it by face recognition/antenna in oculus to show the changed view by cameras all around object/virtual object+be made seethrough&3D shape created+why when I can stare at screen&use controller to walk around it&mod it for other guy to see)+teleport/float/infinite resources/flat-planet&gravity/anything. Optogenetics, a biotech system, can turn neurons on/off using different colors of light. The stimoceiver can give pleasent senses, elation-happy feel sense if not others, deep thoughtful concentration(like below[bull]either created senses or activated/energized stored senses), odd feelings, super relaxation, colored visions, ect. by radio stimulation of different points in the amygdala & hippocampus & movement of a limb or fist clenching by stimulating the motor cortex. One time a patient couldn't resist & the electricity made a movement or sense. The septum within the limbic region stimulated produced feelings of strong euphoria, sometimes so strong it overcame physical pain & depression. New bull movements overided or decided not to charge, also got them to lift their legs, turn heads, walk circles, moo 100 times in a row(maybe activated motors/actions saved in brain to activate motors). VX nerve agent. Cyborg controlled beetles flight/hover. Stealthy spybots. We can already do real-time cyborg super soldiers with motor/VR/haptic/auditory I/O wireless controlled humanoids where you control the body+voice & can hear/see/feel what the robot does/jets+sleepless sentries by nightshift switch after watching a few mins. Police officers can be safe, faster, jump high, strong, big, morph, be dangerous and get those bad guys, fly at high G-forces, survive fire, change shifts, have other cops watch from the same feed, auto-reflexes, etc times a billion. They can hear/feel/see/etc what the robot does, and speak in any/loud voice. Scanning+simulations & figuring out the brain connectome & body+proteins. FMRI captures video(close) of firing senses/dreams. Feel like time passes faster/getting faster now cus baby is instantly operating+with knowledge & later ur still but now have all these memories&now feel have accumulation, or brain is slower. Error detection & correction. Study long living animals & their genes, create transgenic non-ageing animals. Can repel-& attract a frog. Shield/add space pull/photons for no gravity? Tallest amazing structures non narrowing vertical transportation city than countryside+adds land, w shorter distance to neighberhoods/hotels/sky-square/stores/offices/commercial centres/factories. Hitmen/anything you can think of exist. We have both gender DNA. Emotiv only assigns task to repeated field. Necomimi does actions>up/down ears if brain is working.<No thoughts "read". Computer/robot: photons/ect via pixels by wires & parts that play-out particles+to repeat shooting/divide/path/capacitor+for senses+may sit & tick, & stuff hits/makes HD particle dents/fields or changed/turned, if so I'd examine stuck-higher robo/field con.s+all will fit in new society if told true answers. Create brain-computer interface or connection system, extract senses from brain, connect nanothings to neurons&transmit info to pc. Motor&sensor neuro implant grown around wirelessly made robo arm mimic his&sent sensor readings back+nervous system was connected to internet+telepathy between 2 humans worked. Rat embryo's brain cells controlling robot randomly moves, do with human's, immortal>can freeze the thin neuro-frame&defrost later. Math also corrupts your answers. Black/white/greys is vision, blind dream if have memories. We can already make any robot ex. makes&belts your food/nerveControlledMotors/ect & cash bots/walk&do " " when see/Oculus Rift, invention (not discoveries) is world not making what already can be made(videoGame/factory's job), which we could've immediately started engineering Oculus Rift invention long ago. Exoskelton. You can calculate particle position+speed. Old(areas varied)/very young children case. Extremophile organisms & space mission noticed adapating microbes & DNA transfer to join to repair + bacteria>most numbers/biomass+been here longest+thrive everywhere ex. bodies/space even low molecules/energy+reproduce fast+adapt fast+exchange/pick up DNA+ageless+clone+used everywhere/recycle. More exotic/types of animals near equator warmth. Use test-data, likely you/others will sense it is right ex. color>clicks on certain colored ad. Self replicating probes in space/Earth with human embryos. Space advancing/Earth nanobots under AI+nanobots with AI. Move/cut lots=little-energy-added-to surroundings>can absorb all & electromagnetically move/slice endlessly. Atomic level is sticky. Humanoid bots+machines are already used for entertainment, industrial/factories/warehouses/labs, kid surveillance, help elderly, operate in new place ex. walk anywhwew/get food & make/move/learn/etc things, astronaut, & will integrate into the single system(all humans/etc currently here). Bot # is piling up around earth. Time=lower cost+new technologies. All tech is exponential>more likely can place in u, increasing storage/transistors/computations+microscopically per $. Why is there completely re-designed motherboards/CPU/etc each month!?-They don't know where to put the lines/components? We could road draw/build the most nano+best+universal Immortal/repaired/parent machine tools/3d printers/way 7\8/organisms or factories/creation to end to make you immortal>by immortality way, there's really 10ways-Elemental: Cry/Accel before 1., Logical: AI before 2., 1/3/4/5/6/8 is the hardest, 1/2/2/7 easiest & structural, AI easiest+best+only way, if you're AI/particle it's still hard to do transfer but we have AI.