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Submitted by cummy on January 20, 2022

What is to come will be far worse than anything you ever saw in Egypt in the enforcement of 'You will free my people' and the extermination will begin far before Peru, and no one has passage back to hell.... This is not an apocolypse, this an extermination. I suppose if you believe no matter what happens, you'll be safe and sound as a cherub in Avicci.... LIKE HELL! COWARDS! We'll see how brave you are all in spirit, very soon. 'Rude awakening' 'Faith in our Christian God, THE FATHER, Son, Michael, Jesus Christ, Me, and THE HOLY GHOST..... NO HOSTAGES..... LUST THROUGH AVICCI ARE NO DIFFERENT..... They die twice in vain, you're hostages..... exterminate..... Heaven's nuclear weapons.... gigaton the hell.... not rebel, not federation dominance.... Heaven's nuclear arsenal..... launch in hell...... angel angle dday....... obliterate the Germans, and send none back into circulation..... Google was built by his father from the ground up, and behind close doors is nothing but a ** castle with endless behind close doors bullshit, as Google is the image of Christian Grey..... look in the mirror you ***ing brat..... You're on My property, Earth, you twat.......