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Submitted by cummy on December 4, 2021

TIFU by installing Windows 9 on my penis. Today, I (69F) decided to install Windows 9 (10M) on my (69F) 1-inch long penis. It worked, and I (69F) was able to watch my DOAWK hentai. After a few fapping sessions, I (69F) decided to engage in sexual activities with my (42M) wife. When I (69F) inserted my (69F) 1-inch long penis into her (42M), she (42M) fell apart. When I (69F) reassembled her (42M), she (42M) booted into Windows 8. I (69F) was unable to fix her (42M) failure of an OS, so I (69F) sold her (42M) to an unexpecting Discord Mod. After I (69F) sold my wife (42M), I had to go to my (69F) business job of washing windows. After I (69F) finished washing windows with my (69F) 1-inch long penis, I (69F) realized that all of the windows were running Windows 98. I (69F) was fired from my (69F) job, so I (69F) decided to go fuck myself (69F) and install Windows 9 onto myself. I (69F) am currently writing this to share my (69F) story and to warn others from also installing Windows 9 on their penis.