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Submitted by cummy on January 2, 2022

While playing the best of 5 against Wong the Great,

I lost two games straight.

Wong was really giving me his dong,

and i knew what i am about to do was wrong,

but i cant handle the pressure in game so long,

took a break to listen to a song,

Noticed the Wong,eyeing my wifes thong,

My eyes immediately went to his Schlong,

Holy hail,

I devised a plan for his epic fail,

Encouraged my wife to throw him off rail,

As he boarded the train which couldn't bail,

I opened the door for his Queen to flail,

His wife forced divorced - Gambit to sent ,

Wong the great king became peasant,

He saw me & started to rant,

I looked in his eyes and said,

Google En Passant