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Submitted by cummy on August 30, 2021

AITA for kicking my brother out because of his piss tub party?

That title might sound disgusting. It is. My brother is a tiktoker, and weird. He partakes in all sorts lf stupid challenges, including cum jars and all that bullshit.

Hes been living with me while he looks for an apartment and such. He has done alot of shit i dont like and alot of stupid internet crap. This was the last straw, he pissed in my tubs.

I have 2 baths and a shower, a relatively big house with 4 bedrooms fyi. I left my house like usual for work at 8 and thought it would be like a normal day. Spoiler, it wasnt. Fast foward to 7 and I come home with the smell of piss and booze in my house. "Oh, the little shit through a party", I thought to myself. I look around and see no one but my brother passed out on the bed, "what the fuck?" I ask, nothing, motherfucker is out cold.

I was ready to shower, wake him up and yell at him, i walk in the bathroom to find my bathtub halfway filled with hot fucking urine. I flipped. I ran down stairs to the uther bathroom feeling like shit and see my other tub OVERFILLED WITH PISS. I didnt know what to do, why would he do this?

I grabbed his shit and through his drunk ass out on spot. Turns out he did it for a tiktok and a girl's bet and invited some dicks (figuratively and literally) to piss in my tubs. I guess he went to our parents place and he and them are calling me an asshole for "an easily fixable issue". I feel I am warranted in this action but am I the asshole?