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Submitted by cummy on December 3, 2021

disliked (Text)

 "No, this can't be happening, I'm literally shaking and crying rn", I exclaim, as I'm shaking and crying. I reach towards my usual form of self defence, the dislike button, the tool to protect myself from the intimidating presence of such a bold and powerful opinion. Its strength has waned with time, and I see myself facing the demons of terrible takes on this god-forsaken platform with much more frequency. But even in these trying times, it's always been by my side. My rock, my weapon, my tool to finally show the people who make these points pay, to give them their just desserts. But when I reach towards the button, confident that it will aid me, confident that it will be the light to pierce the darkness... I realize that It's gone. Why is it gone? Why did it leave me? The dislike button had always been at my side. Had I abused its power, using it only to serve my self-righteous quest of vengeance? Had I been rejected by its gracious will, never to be allowed to wield such a weapon again? It couldn't be true. It had to be a lie, an illusion to trick me into thinking I was powerless. It surely was a test, right? A test of faith and might, a test to see if I was truly willing to put up my arms and fight for its cause... I desperately searched for it, my beacon of hope in war, as I was swiftly overwhelmed by the hordes of terrible takes. But no matter where I looked or what I did, the dislike button did not appear. It was gone forever. I went mad because of the realization. Was I truly unworthy of the powers of opinion? Could it be that in my attempts to fight back, I had found pleasure in drawing the blade of contempt and disapproval, complacent in the web of lies that I had been crafting for myself? Was the dislike button even real to begin with, or was it a twisted dream of my imagination, desperately trying to distance myself of the blood I drew with each and every confrontation? I sat down to ponder, as my reality collapsed around me. I had no dislikes. I had no power. And slowly, but surely, I was lost to the darkness... And my name became a mere memory, as I had lost everything I stood for, and the only thought in my mind was of the person who had robbed me of my identity, of my existence.