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Submitted by cummy on August 31, 2021

What's up guys today we're gonna be talking about top 5 features that Mojang should add into the game lets get into it


5. Burger King Foot Lettuce, Burger King Foot Lettuce would make an amazing addition to Minecraft and would be super useful but I put it at number 5 because it's pretty unrealistic to have lettuce in Minecraft

4. Jeffrey Epstein Island Seed, this has to be added to the game or at least I want to see it in, there should be an entire biome dedicated to our true hero Jeffrey Epstein

[3. Black](https://3.Black) Slaves, this is obviously a must have for Minecraft, building is simply too hard and we should have a black save mob to do all the work but I can see why they haven;t added it yet because it'd be too hard to code their fat cocks

2. Hamood, there's no other reason this shouldn't be added, it's Hamood and Hamood is God, please bring Hamood Mojang


1. DaBaby Potion, we absolutely NEED this in Minecraft, how cool would it be to have a potion that can turn you into DABABY that's crazy!!!11!1