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Submitted by cummy on October 10, 2021

Is being circumcised so painful and incredible physical impediment that you'd be helpless in a fight? Would it actually be possible for a single man take on a room of over 50 guys just circumcised few days ago and defeat them?

The question sounds silly but after reading the story of Genesis 34 where two guys Simeon and Levi slaughter an entire city of guys who just got circumcised like a week earlier all by themselves with blades, I am very curious just how painful and physically handicapping it is after you are circumcised. Is it so debilitating even after a few days of rest?

Would it be easy for you to defeat someone of say Bruce Lee's physical prowess and fighting skills easily after they rested a day or to and get released from the hospital but with bandages all over their penis and they need to avoid exhausting physical exercise like jogging despite being released from the hospital?

Would it actually be possible for like 5 men to wipe out an entire  small suburb of males just circumsized five days ago? Even a small entire circumcised town with just two people? Maybe even a city of circumcised dudes with one man?

Or is this utter complete BS from the Old Testament? Is there any truth tot he story at all regarding the consequences of circumcision?